Is India Safe For Women?

Posted on May 14, 2013 in Society

By Sree Sudha:

Looking at the recent attacks women are facing in India, I would definitely say a big ‘NO’. According to UN Sexual Violence and Rape Statistics, India is ranked 2nd in the highest number of rapes since 2003, it doesn’t include the unreported case or else I bet India would have been topping the list snubbing USA to the 2nd place!


Society’s Views:

Women should not be dressed provocatively
Support death penalty for the rapists and speedy fast track courts
Why do housewives and school going girls need mobiles? It encourages them to make futile small talk and get connected with people outside their homes

And the suggestions, advice, opinions and a lot more start featuring in the newspaper articles, media’s live coverage shows, talk-shows, strikes and what not. These all vanish after a few days as soon as the event is snubbed by another breathtaking issue. Yes, nothing in Indian media or say, in recent times seems to be perpetual. Looking keenly at the political leader’s suggestions or the Baba’s opinions or women leader’s approach of motto just after such incident occurs makes me more worried. Why don’t they perform all this drama when nothing has happened? Why don’t they think that Indian legislative should have by now made strict rules? Why there isn’t punishments till now or why is it that as soon as such event occurs, one thinks of the dress code of an individual? Why could they not realize it the day India started westernizing itself? Why do politicians promote globalization? Why? Why it is that one has no issues if a celebrity wears a western costume but if a fellow Indian does, it is suddenly an issue? Why does one doesn’t ban the movies showing vulgar dresses? Why is it so? I need an answer for all my questions!

Yes, I am fed up with the social-media, the newspaper articles and the society which blames a ‘girl’ for being herself and they say that it is ‘the world’s largest democracy’!

Educated Vs Uneducated:

The question that strikes one’s mind is that if an individual is educated, they would never ever commit such crime. My dear friend, that  is not the reality. Be it an educated person or an illiterate, one’s commitment for doing or thinking of such a deed in their mind arises only when their sense of morality is not correct. The society one is raised in maters a lot. How many of us know that the Manipuri tribal girls have complained about the Indian army Jawans raping them? Do you think the justice has been provided to the girl’s families yet? Don’t you think they are one of the most respected individuals of the country as they treated as the saviors of India?

One of my close friends, being a single child and a pampered-guy at home by his parents, grandparents and the entire family, especially the momma-kid, doesn’t value girls, even after studying in the most premier institute- IIT, he doesn’t have the understanding in him that a woman is not just for satisfying him. He feels woman are just for serving and kitchen purposes and the girls studying higher-studies are of no use as they end up in household works as his mom says so to him! What can one say about this now? I could no longer bear the way he used to speak about girl’s way of dressing, the way he used to describe fellow girl students in the campus with such filthy comparisons. I raised my voice against it, and the consequence is just the way expected, gossiping about me started in his family premises! I’m the new topic of discussion. I doubt they labelled me as a slut as well, I do have male friends that doesn’t mean I sleep with them but a wicked thinking society can think of it!


One woman is raped every 20 minutes, according to the government statistics, well, I think there is a need to rephrase it after such an incident has occurred in the recent times. According to a report compiled by National Election Watch and the Association for Democratic Reforms, it has been declared that more than 260 of our so-called politicians who have contested elections in the last five years, the ones who are to shape the county for its betterment are facing charges on rape, assault and outraging the modesty of a woman! What can be said about this? May I please know why is that the political parties are recommending such contestants. Yes, I would take my part of the blame as well by voting for them because in India, more than 90% of the votes are influenced either by cash or kind. And of course, today complaining about them makes me no more a brainless idiot! But, in this context I would like to bring upon a few issues — Since, the state is so much involved in corrupt practices that one could become an MP or an MLA or any other representative of a political party if he had good backing, in terms of money and assets, and the most important ‘political’ support from the existing leaders or the pioneers of the country! And what outcome could you expect from these, who have been facing the assaulting charges, contest and win the elections as well?


It all needs to be there in one’s mindset. Be it an educated or an uneducated person, nothing matters really. If you have the right set of morals in you, you would definitely not take part in such kind of incidents nor will you ever support them. From eve-teasing to torturing verbally to raping and murdering, I don’t find any difference among any of them as one may lead to the other gradually. If one is not able to raise the voice in the initial stage itself, the devil or the ‘shaitan’ as my 4-year friend points out, starts waking up. If we just neglect it by “ho jaata h yar kabhi kabhi- sirf maze lene k liye hi toh karte hain”, then, my dear friend, you are the one who is promoting these kind of incidents indirectly! And yes, you are equally responsible too!