Let”s Make Our Life Worth Rewinding

Posted on May 27, 2013 in Inspiration

By Vinati Bhola:

I have heard people say that one should live each day to the fullest. I have heard dialogues in inspirational movies guiding us to make every day count, for life is too short. And as a child, teenager and an adult too, I have always had this strong will not to have any regrets in life. And that regrets wouldn’t fall on our way if we do what our heart seeks and if we give every little opportunity a shot to comfort us and immaculately craft new memories for us.


As I write this article, all I have is sheer amazement in my heart. I am amazed how immensely my belief is now resting in the most unfathomable part of me.

There is a huge difference when you hear such heart-warming teachings of life from just another person and from someone who valiantly battled the most malignant form of disease till the last breath. The impact is deep! So much so that it makes you feel pretty small and all you can do is admire the person’s strength and calibre while making an attempt to look within.

Recently, due to an unfortunate event, I lost someone close to my heart. He was a very brave man and a lot more than an inspiration to me as well as to the whole family. All through the months, even in immense pain, he cradled a positive outlook while wearing a bright smile. He knew how to seize the day. As per his closest of friends, he was the charm of the group. Always cracking jokes and making the mood light. Even in the most painful days, he knew how to keep calm. When we lost every little tinge of hope he said that even if he has a year left, he can make every day count and live longer than those who die at 80 or 90 because ‘it’s not the years in life, but life in those years that counts’. It hit us strongly! I was moved as well as awe-struck to see how he made things look so much easier. Teaching us a very simple yet worth remembering thing that one should not fall in love with one’s body but with one’s soul, he gained profound respect.

In his battle with Pancreatic Cancer, I watched him learn the art of meditation and step onto a higher level where he was able to understand the absurdity in chasing the shadows of dented desires. The dented desires which we all keep on bringing out from our baggage, thinking that this is what we are supposed to do, uncovering the disturbed thoughts and cursing life every now and then. I too get indulged in issues of everyday life, eventually to forget my own pledge. I too surround myself with inane worries that I forget there is something more meaningful out there. But now as I think of it, all I want to do is step onto that platform where my brother believed that trivial qualms cannot penetrate the walls of peace, where he had gathered contentment with the undying and unflinching support of his lovely wife and where he smiled every time he watched his little daughters sketch some amazingly gorgeous pictures, telling him how much they love their father who was a hero.

Instead of cradling hollow and empty promises, tagging mush and love with shadows of jagged desires, inanely worrying to fix trivial qualms and fears of either past, present or future and seeding a passion to sketch success and happiness for all times to come, I want to walk on the lines which lead to a happy life. I want to learn the art of meditation because my brother used to say then whenever life is tough, keep calm, meditate and face it. Life will be good again.

And in the end, when I lie on the death bed, I, like him, would be full of contentment for I would have created a beautiful journey which shall be worth rewinding.

Photo Credit: © 2006-2013 Pink Sherbet Photography via Compfight cc