Our Urgent Need To Discriminate By Stereotyping!

Posted on May 3, 2013 in Society

By Kunal Arora:

Stereotypes___by_Loserology_by_breaking_the_moldsWe live throughout our life with some labels fixed to us. Life without any label seems to be somewhat perplexed. But what if it becomes the major part of our life when we enjoy it, love it and get excited about it? Yes, it happens even when we find ourselves in some good situation. Labels, like the sex of a person, caste , creed, color, generic name, religion etc. get attached to the person from the time we are born but sometime later in our life, we realize that living to the best of anything is living a label less life, the pathless path.

The labels create a situation of separateness in us. The sex of a person makes him/her to distinguish with others but whats the use of that distinction that separates us from our family and friends? Live label less. Label creates a degree of separateness and distinction in us. It’s because of the label we bear that we invite problems in our bowl of life. Label of sex creates separateness between humans, problem of not accepting the people as they are, like the case of homosexuals, pansexuals, asexuals, transsexuals and many more. Label of accepting others brings the problem of not loving the others.

If we just love the way others live their life and not accept anything in return from them, it can solve numerous problems. Label of caste , creed and color have already created a lot of mess in many people’s lives and we all know that very well but to love and live label less will be quite wonderful and totally new. Those who preach God with love, heart and devotion knows that labels have been created by humans, God gave birth to this world with eyes on everyone, no distinction, nothing at all. Meditation brings a state of thoughtlessness in mind which brings a condition of label less nature in our mind and person starts accepting the things in the form of soul and power, sound and light, heart and feelings, nothing more than that.

All the problems of the human world can be solved just by accepting the concept of a label less nature existing in this world.