Ritankar Das, The Wonderboy And The Lessons We Can Learn From His Inspiring Story

Posted on May 31, 2013 in Inspiration

By Spandan Ghose Chowdhury:

Have you ever wondered about the key to reach success faster? It basically is all about knowing the real stories of success and deriving inspiration that guides you through a voyage of happiness, hope and a complete sense of individuality. Positive stories provide you an incentive to stand on your feet and walk towards fulfilling the dream that you were dreaming while your head was on that soft pillow of yours.

ritankar_dasHere is a story of a teenager who, despite growing up in the same surroundings as most of us, made his life an extraordinary chronicle by achieving something that the whole world can be proud of. Now, who is it that I am talking about? You certainly must have noticed his name in the media because he has been featured everywhere for his credulous feat.
He is known to the world as Ritankar Das.

Born and brought up in Calcutta, Ritankar took up a double major in Bioengineering and Chemical Biology and a minor in Creative Writing from the University of California, Berkeley. And at the tender age of 18, he has become the youngest graduate topper of the prestigious university in more than a century. How amazing is this piece of news? He is the first student from the College of Chemistry in the last 58 years, and the first ever from the Department of Bioengineering to earn the honour which includes a USD 2,500 scholarship. He has started his research at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, also in the United States. He presented his results across the three continents and has been awarded with much recognition.

When the whole world is busy polarizing its students by labelling them with tags like ‘humanities’ and ‘science’, Ritankar has successfully broken the stereotype — the thick wall that exists between these fields. He got his poetry published and taught several courses on poetry, hosted and judged competitions such as the ‘Bay Area Poet Laureate competition’, organized by Mayor Jean Quan and Edwin Lee. He is the author of the book ‘Silent Moon’, and his poetic works have appeared in several anthologies including ‘Namjai’. And when science and arts come together, they probably become the best amalgamation for the world to witness.

His story does not stop here. You will be astonished to know that this genius has also founded an NGO called ‘See Your Future’ at such an early age. The NGO uses digital learning techniques through YouTube and Skype to tutor and encourage disadvantaged students. For people who argue that they do not have time to support a cause he can certainly be a role model.

It’s a proud moment for India as we have presented the world with another piece of gem. But this gem, unlike many others, did not let the system bog him down, but evolved in ways like no other. Ritankar, with his excellence in his interests and every field you can possibly think of, can truly encourage thousands to make an effort into becoming exceptional human beings.