Thanks Maa, For Being You And For Making Me Who I Am

Posted on May 12, 2013 in Inspiration

By Achilles Rasquinha:


…and a glimpse of her innocence appears to our conscience. The word itself is as strong as the powerful “Om”. God exists, and it is truly her, for she is our creator. Her omnipotent love and her omnipresent care shield us and continue to do so for eternity and beyond. Women are mystic beings, but she is more than just a woman, she is humane. And these are just some of the many words of truth for our creator, as we celebrate her day.

Her womb is paradise. During parturition, she provides us a symphonic beating heart; a heart to live, a heart to love, a heart to forgive, she taught us all. Goodness will be carried forward and let us all aim to leave the evil bug perished behind. During maturation, she fosters you, cuddles you, vitalizes you, guides you and protects you from the evil jungle. Her love, it is sacred, compassionate, constant and contagious.

Watch the photo carefully and witness that the woman wears no sandals. She has a hard-life and walks on the warm streets barefoot. But she has made sure that her child wears sandals
Watch the photo carefully and witness that the woman wears no sandals. She has a hard-life and walks on the warm streets barefoot. But she has made sure that her child wears sandals

Her lap remains softer than snow but warmer than rouge-blood, and it continues to remain our heavenly cradle. The warmth in her embrace is an addict, being nurtured and nourished by her wrinkled hands, it is mystic. Feel her palms; it is rougher than stone. But these rough palms have softened and eased our stressed nerves. The same rough palms have nurtured us, moulded us into fine piece of cellular art. The same rough palms have sharpened every corner of our structure and it is truly magical indeed.

We were born on her land, a land where all my brethren play together and we’ve learnt it all from her. I wash myself with her fertile soil and feel blessed in abundance. I quench my thirst with her tears of joy. The dirt over her is our sacred dust. She taught us to remain humble to all, to the birds of the sky above, to the ants below, to the men and women of the earth beside and to the world around, she taught me to respect them all.

She stakes her sweat and blood for our living; the world injects you with its venom but she washes it away. She is the giver to us, a receiver of our worldly happenings. She is the stone on which greenery blossoms. Her simple touch blooms all life on this grand watery sphere. She is just another synonym for love, she is love. She is light, as she lights our soul and enlightens our minds. You can conquer the world with all her benedictions; you can change the cosmos through her wisdom as you are beatified by her divine love.

We rejoice today, for it is her day. It is a reminder to us all to be conscious about her as we remain sub-conscience in this obtuse world, as we remain ungrateful to her at times, for the times we unintentionally hurt her. Let us praise her name together, for our dear mothers of the earth, and earth itself.

This beautiful gift of life you have bestowed upon us, there shall be no equivalent worth to it. And so Maa, I stand today high and firm, a man of courage, a man of humility, a man of respect, a man with respect, a man you just wished me to be. And with all these gifts worth a king’s ransom, all I could and shall ever say to you is,

“Thanks Maa”

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