The Other Side Of The Flashy I.T. Industry: Confessions Of A Disgruntled Employee

Posted on May 8, 2013 in Education, Health and Life

By Vishakha Dahiya:

With emergence of the latest I.T. “trend” in our country, many brilliant minds have fallen prey to it. I am not saying that employment in I.T. Sector is negative in anyway. Youth is more influenced by what they see on television or probably because of how “classy” the whole idea of I.T. sector is. The reality bites after a college graduate finally steps into one of the most sought after professions — Software Industry.


I too had big dreams of my career. In the last semester of college when I got placed with one of the biggest IT giants of India, my happiness knew no bounds. I had a passion for programming, hence this was like a dream-come-true for me. I had huge hopes on myself and I started my journey with loads of hope and bucketful of “dreams”.

What we dream of a “white collar” job is far from how it actually is. The cubicles are mini workstations where the employees spend most part of their day. You need a cup of coffee every few hours to keep your brain running. The worst part is that you will feel like seamlessly running into the rat race which you had never dreamed of. You cant ignore it because that’s what company demands. In the race of achieving a good skill set, we often get away from the real “skills” of happiness. No matter how harsh it might sound, we can’t deny this ugly truth. Our contribution seem like a pebble thrown into the ocean.

I hope the software companies be a little more diligent in how they handle their employees and learn that people work best when they are happy. A company’s biggest asset is its employees.

Ending the article with a lighter note;
The best way to describe an I.T. professional: “Stressed,depressed but well dressed