Towards An Inclusive Society: Bringing The Differently Abled To The Mainstream

Posted on May 9, 2013 in Education

By Anwesha Ambaly:

There is a great challenge before India, to make necessary changes to build a more inclusive and generous society. The call of the day for India is to create a society which enables children from all sectors and classes of the society to come together and have a barrier free education.


It’s time to examine the relationship between them and analyse a particular form of knowledge production in order to further an understanding of disability and the struggle for a more inclusive and equitable society. Education of children with disabilities in India, as all over the world, has moved from segregation, special schools to integrated education. As a system, inclusive education should be flexible.

Its principle should be education in the regular classroom whenever possible. Inclusive education must respond to all pupils as individuals, recognizing individuality as something to be appreciated and respected. Inclusive education responding to special needs will thus have positive returns for all pupils. All children and young people of the world, with their individual strengths and weaknesses, with their hopes and expectations, have the right to education. Therefore, a country should ensure that the education of persons with disabilities becomes an essential part of the educational system and an integral part of national educational planning, curriculum development and school organization.

Lets pledge for a barrier free society, let’s say YES to all children.