[VIDEO] 300 Families Living In Darkness: Will You Help Them?

Posted on May 9, 2013 in Video

Dharanidhar Sethi, a resident of Patpura village, Kujang block, Odisha has spent a better part of his life living without electricity. The Government of Odisha is meant to provide electricity–at least 1 bulb and 1 fan to each family living below the poverty line. But 3 years after this electrification scheme of the government was announced, come nightfall the 300 families living in the area continue to be plunged into darkness.

Dharanidhar tells community correspondent Anupama Das that his two sons failed their exams as they could not study by the feeble light of a kerosene lamp.

They have now been forced to leave the village to pursue their studies elsewhere – a costly affair.

Watch this short video to see for yourself!

Call to action: Please call Mr Rabi Narayan Singh, Assistant Engineer of Kujang Block on 9437555801 and pressurize him to provide these 300 families electricity.