Sinful Pleasure Without Guilt: Chocolate Without Calories Now

Posted on June 25, 2013 in Health and Life

By Lata Jha:

It could be the stress buster you need in the middle of a chaotic day. It could also be the midnight snack you suddenly get these cravings for. Chocolate could help you celebrate, cheer up or just while away time, but there’s no denying that it is a great high. The only trouble with it is the baggage of calories it brings along.


Which is why this news should make chocolate addicts like you and me very happy. An Indian origin chocolatier claims to have come up with a low fat chocolate that has only as much as 20 calories a bar.

London-based Aneesh Popat’s chocolate recipe abandons high-calorie ingredients such as butter, cream and eggs. Instead, he combines flavour-infused water with cocoa to create The Chocolatier, which contains as little as 20 calories a bar, a pleasant surprise for even the most cynical among us.

Popat claims his chocolate is as tasty as sugar-packed rivals and comes in flavours as diverse as fizzy cola and strawberry mint to chai tea and apple pie. He believes chocolate can be good for health if made in the right way. Not surprisingly, his low-fat chocolates are already taking the culinary world by storm. After support from thousands of visitors to his stall at the BBC Good Food Show in Birmingham, Popat is hoping his prized creation will hit the open market. It is already supplied to Michelin star restaurant Apicius in Cranbrook, Kent, and five star hotel Le Meridien in London.

Since these treats boast of such low calorie levels and high water content, they are quite likely to be lapped up by those wishing to indulge themselves without feeling guilty. The chocolates cost 11.95 pounds for six truffles and 7.95 pounds for a bar.