Will Pakistan Ever Get A Stable Government?

Posted on June 6, 2013 in GlobeScope

By Meher Inayat:

The government is a body that is designed to basically govern a state and is run by notable persons whom the citizens trust, who are chosen by the citizens upon casting their votes. Whenever, I think about the ongoing situation in Pakistan, I feel terrible because it is not something that is happening naturally. This on the contrary is something that has been created by number of people in the past as well as in today’s times. At present, the country is trapped inside a multitude of problems which are hindering its growth towards development. In fact, people are being deprived of their basic necessities of life such as electricity, water, and food. Rich people can manage somehow; the common people are the ones to become the victims.

pakistanThe question that often strikes my mind is what our government is doing in this regard? If the government will sit idle, who will then resolve these issues? At this point we cannot even think of the major issues of development such as education, economic growth, etc.

A terrible situation occurred in Lahore few days ago which was shown on Geo News. It said “A man on a bike has snatched ice from another man in Lahore.” The situation is terrible, that for saving his family this man had to snatch ice from another person. It is not the mistake of the person who had snatched the ice but the government who has not been providing electricity in all parts of the country; people face power cuts for as long as 12 hours a day due to which no one can use refrigerators and also cannot get water. The question arises yet again, who do we blame? Well, obviously, the government.

Moreover, people are not getting their salaries in public organizations for the past one year due to which they are unable to support their families. A person living in a city is totally dependent on his salary; if he does not get it even for a month he naturally has to suffer. One can only imagine how he is supposed to support his family for the whole year without any income. For this reason, many social crimes have cropped up in the country – snatching mobile phones, kidnapping, stealing electricity and other expensive things. One needs to think over these crimes and their origin. If the leaders will use the taxes for filling their own pockets then the common people will find ways for filling their stomach. Many Pakistani politicians buy properties in foreign countries and once they are out of power, they leave the country and go abroad. From where did they get so much wealth all of a sudden? There obviously is corruption in the government sector that has made the situation absolutely pathetic in the country. Politicians love power because that makes them wealthy.

We are being ruled by families for the past few decades and we love being ruled by them. How ironic is that? We know our situation but we are not ready to accept any change. If Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was a great leader then it does not mean that we will all have to follow Zardari. The same thing goes for the Sharif brothers; if PML-N has developed Lahore then it does not mean that the whole country is developed. Despite that, people are not ready to come out of this chaos. The thing is, these parties love being in power because they only care about themselves. If they had cared about the country they would have brought Pakistan out of the sad situation rather, they would have never let the country face this situation. Indeed, the citizens need to be more critical towards their approach. If we want to have a peaceful country, we should only support the leader who is nothing but honest.