Almost There: 6 Awesome Indian Music Bands To Look Forward To

Posted on July 14, 2013

By Pranjal Begwani:

The Indian music scene is an exciting space today — it is thriving with upcoming rock, metal, pop, Sufi and fusion bands. Let’s take a look at some bands on the verge of making it big.


1. Rock Veda
Till two years back not much was known about this progressive fusion band, but with performances at the Jaipur Lit Fest, the World Sufi Spirit Festival at Jodhpur, LSR and Audacity (Ambedkar University’s fest) this band has firmly shown that it is not one of those fireworks which sparkle and then die out. It has created a niche for itself with the contemporary mix of Indian classical and strong Sufi undertones, led by the lead vocalist Kabul. We will see a lot more of Rock Veda, a Delhi based band in the coming days.


2. Tetseo Sisters
This is a four sister band from Kohima, which in the recent days has come into the limelight with spellbinding performances in multiple Indian cities and extensive media coverage by India’s top media houses. And not without reason! Exponents of Naga folk fusion, their folk renditions have drawn much acclaim. Their voices are complemented by traditional Naga instruments. They have performed in all four of India’s metros in addition to performances in Bangalore, Ahmadabad, Missouri, Tura and Bangkok. Most recently they performed at the India Habitat Centre, New Delhi on the occasion of the Handshake Concert.


3. Papon and the East India Company
An Assamese electronic folk fusion band, its led by Papon (lead singer and guitarist) of MTV Coke Studio fame. A six member band formed in 2007, it has since come up with some riveting numbers awash with a native Assamese flavour.


4. Them Clones
A Delhi based rock act, it is a regular on the Delhi rock circuit. Formed in 2000, it has since belted out hits such as ‘Zephyretta’ and ‘Awaken’ with lyrics that aren’t simply superfluous. They have won the best band at Jack Daniel’s rock awards two years in a row (2006 and 2007) and have been previously featured on Channel V’s Launch Pad in 2005.


5. Nicotine
An Indore based metal rock band, it is known for its originality. It is one of the best bands in recent times, to have come out of the heart of India, Madhya Pradesh. It has gone from strength to strength mostly through college circuit performances and competitions in regional cities, but it’s a band which has the potential to come up big on the national stage.


6. Sledge
A thrash/death metal Hyderabad based band, it describes its music as liberating noise with inspirational intensity. It’s not afraid of sending out strong political messages through its music either, tackling issues such as political corruption, social order and religious insanity. It’s a band with a difference. No wonder then, that it has a firm fan base.

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