Are You Scared Of The Monsters That Discourage Your Dreams In The Pursuit Of Success?

Posted on July 18, 2013 in Specials

By Neha Mayuri:

Ever thought what your dreams mean to you? Ever thought about how happy you will be when you finally get what you always wanted to achieve? There is nothing more comforting than the realization that you made it, despite all the obstacles.


But do you remember that moment when you wanted to be something and someone laughed at you because they could not relate to it? Found it absurd and mocked at you, made fun of your beautiful dream? That was the moment you gave up, because you thought you could not do it. You shunned the thought, feared its existence. Remember the beautiful moment you wanted to pursue your hobby and make it a career? What stopped you? Fear of acceptance or ridicule?

There are three such monsters that tend to discourage and ridicule us in life. Monsters that we must fight.

First Category of Monsters: You wanted to make a career out of something you were passionate about. You were discouraged, they termed you insane. They were the first category of monsters. Many of you gave up at that point, thinking about the absurd amount of ridicule you would face if you do not succeed. These first category of monsters made you believe that you were wasting your life by following your dreams.

Second Category of Monsters: The rest of us rise above those people who always find a way to ridicule our precious dreams. So what’s next on the list? You decided you want to pursue your dream and you’ll make it happen? But have you forgotten about the second category of monsters? People who are too jealous to see you succeed? People who see you as a threat? Are you prepared to beat their plans? Maybe you have prepared yourself well, but you are not aware that these second category of monsters are well armed with all the sarcasm and negativity, and are gearing up to shatter your hopes. They will not let you breathe your dreams. They’ll try to break you till the point you cannot think of success. Demean you, lower your self confidence, and bask in the glory of their negativity.

Third Category of Monsters: In case you manage to escape from the second category, then there is the third category of monsters that is full of glittery show offs. These people are honchos. They are very successful in their field and they have everything except a heart. They recruit people. They have money, they have power. And they see you as a puppet, a puppet made of rubber which they can twist and shape according to their whims. When you are on the verge of getting your dreams fulfilled, your heart is unable to deal with all the negativity and you shatter to pieces. These third category monsters will suck your dreams like a leech. They will make you believe the absurd fact that you are inefficient. And, your world comes to a halt.

The voices echo inside your head, make you ponder whether it was worth all the pain. All the criticism, ridicule and mockery you went through. So, where are you heading? If you give up, nowhere. But, if you choose to follow your dreams with dedication and hard work, these monsters, though big and powerful, ugly and negative, can not harm your soul.

Panacea to this never ending cycle of monstrous ugliness is “you“! You are the only one who can rise above all and pursue your dream. The dream which means the most to you. You can change your own world by banishing those monsters to enter a territory which solely belongs to you, and don’t give them the right to destroy your world.