A Hilarious Satire On Finding Your Soulmate The New Way #BookReview

Posted on July 7, 2013

By Neeta Iyer:

When did you last see love? In your mother’s eyes this morning, as you were feasting on her affectionately made ‘aloo ke parathe’? Or in the heart-felt smile of that new intern at work? Or on

find-love-comOur parents’ generation was very sorted. The boy with his parents met the girl with her parents, usually at the girl’s residence. Parents discussed the essential matters. The prospective bride and groom just managed to smile at each other, the only conversation being “chai mein cheeni kitni?” to which the boy replied coyly, “ek chamach”. In some cases, photographs were exchanged and you got the ‘live’ view of your life partner only at the ‘shaadi ka mandap’.

Times have changed. When Swati Kannan awoke to the rumour of the world ending on 21st December 2012, she had just one unfulfilled desire — to experience marital bliss before calamity struck (though many believe that calamity strikes the minute you decide to get married!). It’s a busy world and with sales targets, traffic jams, demanding bosses, friends and family, 24 hours just don’t seem enough. This was never the case with Swati though. As a radio jockey responsible for a 4 hour time band, she had all the time in the world. So, she decided to have a focussed approach, find love and get done with it. An impressive matrimonial bio data was prepared and after careful editing and re-editing, uploaded on all the Indian matrimonial websites ever known to mankind. The display picture for these sites was the most liked profile picture on Facebook, 142 likes to be precise. With a Punjabi mother and a Tamilian father by her side, Swati set out to find love.

However, she believes in bells chiming and violins playing when you meet your very own Prince Charming, also referred to as the ‘ghanti bajna’ feeling. Apprehensive Anurag is followed by Notorious Naveen, Vacillating Vikram is next. Naïve Nikhil, Rockstar Rohit, Amusing Amit, Shuffling Siddharth, Ambiguous Ajay, Gregarious Gaurav, Roving Ravi also join in the queue. There are many varieties available in the matrimonial ‘mandi’ and this adds to the chaos.

The twelve chapter book is a satire on the new-age way of finding your soulmate. Will Swati’s ‘ghanti’ ring? Will she find love through the ‘dot com’ ?, published by Jaico is a hilarious roller-coaster ride where you will laugh, learn and grow with Swati through every chapter of the book.

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About the author:  Indian or Chinese cuisine? Science or Commerce? Left turn or right? Red or black? At every step in life, Neeta Iyer has been in a dilemma, ‘confusion’ being her middle name. After dissecting rodents in the Bio lab at school, Neeta gave up on her ambitions of using the stethoscope and instead experimented with her ability to selflessly serve passengers as a cabin crew. Unfortunately, before the airline operator she was associated with, could call it a day…Neeta realised that she suffered from air sickness. Thereafter, an article in the newspaper about the voicing industry inspired Neeta to try her luck here as well and after seven long years with leading music stations in India, lo behold…she has now awakened to her hidden potential as a writer! So here it is, Neeta Iyer’s debut novel…!