I Was Robbed, Of My Valuables By The Thieves And Of My Rights By The Police!

Posted on July 17, 2013 in Specials

By Abhishek Sharma:

July 13th, 2013: I woke-up and came out for a jog at 5.25 AM. Usually, I run from Lajpat Nagar to Chirag Delhi. As soon as I reached Nehru Place, I saw four men on two scooters coming towards me. I was not able to see their face as they were wearing helmets. Suddenly, one of them pointed a pistol towards me and said, “Don’t you dare make any noise”. Another guy snatched my IPhone and forcefully removed my gold rings and sped away. There was no number plate on those scooters.


I went to Amar Colony Police Station. I told the constable that I was robbed. He asked “how and where”? I gave him all the details. Then another Khaki gentleman came and again asked, “How and where”? Once again I narrated the entire incidence to him. I thought he might  inform other policemen through the wireless but he started asking some bizarre questions. He asked about my monthly income, my family and my date of marriage. I said, “Sir, can we look for those dacoits”?

He stood up and said, “This matter does not fall under the jurisdiction of my Police Station”. ‘Then where should I go?’ I inquired. He answered, “May be GK Police Station or Nehru Place Police Station”. When i asked “What do you mean by may be”? He again said, “I will accompany you to the right Police Station”.

As soon as we entered the Nehru Place Police Station, I saw someone sleeping at the reception. I made some noise and broke the beauty sleep of that constable. He woke up, looked at me and asked, “What happened”? I narrated the same incident for the fourth time. Then, a sub inspector arrived. He asked the same question, “What’s the matter”? This was the fifth time i had to narrate the same saga. He asked me, “where exactly this incident happened, on road or on the footpath”? I was surprised and asked him, “How does it matter”? He said “If I was on road then it’s a matter of Nehru Place Police Station and if I was on footpath then it’s a matter of GK Police Station”. After a series of idiotic questions, he confirmed that this matter falls under his Police Station. He further asked me, “What exactly do you want”? I replied, “Please get my belongings back”. He smiled and said, “You should thank God that you are safe. You should not be worried about those valuables”.

Now he started explaining the consequences of filing an FIR. I would have to come back to the Police Station numerous times for identification. I can be summoned by court to prove that I was really robbed. He told me that since I had not seen the face of any of those theives and there was no number plate on their scooter, I will not be able to provide any evidence. Moreover, this case might stretch for four or five years in court. I was helpless, should I register an FIR or not?

I understood that they didn’t have any intention to catch those robbers. If they can’t catch them then what’s the point of filing an FIR! It will only become more troublesome for me. I did not file the FIR. After leaving the police station,  I was still questioning myself. Did I done the right thing? My inner self knows that it was morally not correct but I was forced to take this decision. I am a common man who doesn’t have any influential background and I have to think about my family too. The police will not come forward to help me.

I pay taxes from my income only because I use to think that my taxes will contribute to the safety of my family. I want to remind those police men that their salaries are paid through my taxes. I lost my faith in the judicial system. I am not worried about those dacoits or my belongings but I am worried about my police force.

If this is how the police works, do we really need them?