The Darker Shades Of ‘Incredible India’

Posted on July 25, 2013 in Society, Specials

By Bipasha Saikia:

Where do I begin from? Since ages our country has been plagued, looted, tortured, tormented and what not. It resembles an ailing victim struggling for life, for vibrancy, for richness and for some health to regain its lost glory. Scanning down the annals of history, the number of scams has become manifold in the last six decades. Corruption in all forms has spread like an epidemic. Corporate, political, financial scandals have blotted our country’s image. Almost every day, allegations are framed on one minister or the other accused of misusing funds. Crimes against women are a hot topic where such stories sell like hot cakes while completely ignoring the trauma faced by hapless women.


And the strangest thing is even new borns are abandoned in our country. They are brutalized for their gender, left on railway tracks etc. And our most respected leaders with a modern view do not even take actions in most of the cases. They simply like to ‘condemn’ such shocking incidents. Perhaps it’s the only country in the world where poor kids lose their lives in bore wells and open drains. It’s the country, where most of the media coverage and reporting is done with the shameful intent of garnering television rating points. Thousands of unsolved cases lie abandoned in some files of our courts.

Incidents like the Gujarat riots shall never fade in the political history of India. Our parties relish the blame game and whenever occasion arises, they love to indulge in ‘tu tu main main’. Some of the most tainted ministers hold high posts in our country. Issues like reservation have always been debatable as people believe it sidelines deserving candidates. Population soars so rapidly that we are capable of producing an Australia every year! So what if hockey is our national sport with 8 golds, 1 silver and two bronze medals, we worship cricket and presumably don’t know the players of our hockey team but we have every little detail of our cricket lords. The city that has been historicalled as ‘dil walon ki dilli’ has been tagged as the ‘rape capital’. You see, how ironical our culture, society and its behavior is.

We have a magnificent system called the caste system in place. It is indeed a very interesting concept. Humans are put in categories based on their occupation, once you are born into a particular caste, you are trapped for life. No doubt, with the growth of information-age, this practice of social stratification has reduced, yet it is an indispensable part of our nation. We are famous the world over for those big fat weddings that hog so much limelight. More than a half of the nation is Below Poverty Line on one side and on the other side, unbelievably, we have billionaires chucking out billions in high profile weddings complete with ‘thank you gifts’ to invitees!

People starve on one side and perish of hunger while grains rot in storages! And mind you, you post anything controversial in facebook and your friend happens to like that status update, believe me, you are under arrest. We are proud to have an army of 1.1 million, the second largest after China. And the laudable thing is, it has kept itself aloof from politics. Ours is the land that has given birth to the wonderful science of Yoga. We endorse the concept of Dhaba- quick and tasty food that every Indian loves. And how does one forget Bollywood the fun place where party never ends? We are hardcore film buffs.

There may be disturbing reports in the newspapers every day. But, undoubtedly, our country is developing amidst this. The value of our currency has now depreciated to an all time low. Yet, we believe it will rise again. We have been quite successful in hunting terrorists and perpetrators of the most heinous terror strike in our country’s financial hub. It seems, things are improving, voices are getting louder, and people are shedding inhibitions, calling for protests and demanding justice. The country is making its presence felt in the Olympics and we hope those medals keep coming.

The youth is not just condemning damnable happenings but doing every possible thing they can to bring horrible incidents to light. We may condemn our education institutions but going by surveys, they are increasing their standards. Our cuisines are satisfying taste buds from various parts of the world. We may complain of the hundred and one things turned wrong in our country, yet it relishes the glory of being the largest democracy on Earth. Our country has adopted the policy of ‘love us or hate us but you cannot just ignore us’! Cheers to such a disturbing yet heavenly country.