This ‘Naala’ Tells It All: Here’s The Real Picture Of Delhi’s Dwarka #PhotoNama

Posted on July 23, 2013 in PhotoNama

By Neha Raman:

Dwarka, a place situated in south west Delhi, is an extremely fast-growing centre of attraction for many. With the evolution of Delhi Metro, if there was one place whose value (in terms of asset prices) has risen gigantically, it has to be Dwarka. Dwarka presently has over 23 sectors and around 13 metro stations and a few more are under construction. Yet, there’s one side of it that has been overlooked ever-since its inception. Behind the fancy apartments of Dwarka lies a place that has been untouched for years. This place in Mahavir Enclave is just behind Dwarka Sector 1, hardly 100 meters away.


Being a resident of Dwarka for the past 12 years, I’ve seen that things haven’t changed much in this area, although the rest of the sub-city is developing at an exponential pace. The mess near the ‘Naala’ has been this way for ages together. This sewage line has always been uncovered and people have been living right on the edges of it. The present season is already very epidemic-prone. Thinking of the situation of the people who live there makes one feel dismayed. If we sit down and start the “blame-game”, the list shall never end. But a rather pitiful fact is that even people who live there have become insensitive towards their own hygiene. They throw all their garbage in the sewage line.

A tree has fallen right into the sewage line in front of a house. It has been more than a week since the incident but nobody was bothered to take it out. During heavy rains, these lines are almost full, the whole place stinks most of the time and walking via that area gets extremely dangerous for there’s a fear that one might slip and fall into the sewage line. The other parts of this place have concrete roads, tall multi-storied buildings and what not. But nobody has taken any initiative to get this sorted since ages! This “Naala” is more of a landmark now!

Pointing fingers at the government officials is possibly the easiest thing people can do when it comes to situations like these. It is time we look deep into our conscience and take the first step by ourselves. We need to behave responsibly towards our environment for it will cost us huge losses in future. We better buck-up!