Why Nurture A World With Fake Feelings And Loveless Marriages?

Posted on July 15, 2013

By Saumyata Joshi:

“It is a truth universally acknowledged that single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife.” This famous quote of Jane Austen’s novel Pride and Prejudice with all its sarcasm, contains that certain amount of truth that rings true throughout generations. Globalization is bringing the world together. But are things happening only at a virtual level and none of this is really true? Love and marriage are losing their significance; they are no longer the pure sacred relation which binds two people. It is becoming more of a planned economic deal. We are no longer hunting for love but for wealth. We are contriving for love which is not true.

Unconditional love’, quite a fictitious word for the contemporary times, means loving a person irrespective of his flaws with no limitations. Falling in love with a person keeping in mind his caste, creed, class and most important of all his ‘financial status’. Is there really unconditional and true love or we all are just becoming ‘gold diggers’? We are brought up in a conditional environment; then is ‘unconditional love’ really a possibility?

Hand in hand

Religions are considered to be the various paths to reach the same god. Then how can the people walking on those different paths differ from each other? Modern age media influences the society but it definitely sells what buys, it is no longer changing the social structures but rather helping it grow more parochial. One advertisement says “Are you worried that your daughter might marry someone outside your community” the poor parents nod their heads in agony as if the ‘other’ community people are not humans at all. So the solution to their big problem is a matrimony site which will help them to find the perfect match for their beloved daughter in their own community.

It is not necessary for either love or arranged marriages to be successful and I guess it is not for us to decide that, some things should be left to goddesses of destiny also. The crux is that parents should believe in the upbringing of their own child and should trust his/her decision. But the truth dawns upon you and it is sad to see that we will live in a world where love isn’t true and marriages are made.

Love exists, all it needs is a chance to bloom, don’t enshroud it with your hypocrisy because regrets stay for life.

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