A Gym Routine Should Have Less Risk And More Health: All Gym And No Diet Makes Jack An Ill Boy

Posted on August 20, 2013 in Health and Life

By Ridhi Murari:

The rising health consciousness is a positive indicator of how significant people consider maintaining themselves no matter what their age is. The gym phenomenon in particular has been rising amongst the masses rapidly; since the gym is a perfect place to de-stress, has all the equipments in one place, music, ambience and the freedom to work out at your own pace. I do see people though, who end up taking fitness a little too literally. They end up spending hours at a stretch in the gym and become addicted to the gym in unhealthy ways. They’ll starve themselves or exert themselves to the extent of nearly hurting their bodies. The problem is the attitude of wanting things to speed up or hurry.


The gym alone is not the direct path to fitness. It needs to be synchronized with an effective diet plan and a trainer’s guidance. We often either underestimate or overestimate what we can or cannot handle but we are incapable of seeing ourselves as we are. We must therefore, ensure that we allow ourselves the liberty of being guided to the path of proper fitness through the trainer’s instructions and by making sure that we treat our body as the storehouse of all that we’re capable of doing. Bodily processes like eating, drinking, sleeping or even breathing won’t be possible without a ‘body’.

It is important to realize that the stresses we carry along with us each day tend to build up in the one place where we actually go with the intention of letting it all out. Purging your insides out is not really the most appealing thought and a strenuous time at the gym will spill over to other areas of life too.

So I’d like to request all those out there at the gym to take a deep breath, talk to your trainer and fix a schedule according to your body type, plan a diet chart and follow it for best results. ‘Organizing’, works wonders to discipline the mind and body to function at its optimum and it’s better to make an informed choice than randomize our choices beyond our understanding.

All I’d like to say in the end is have a daily dose of exercise with less risks and more health.

Stay fit, stay strong.