For The Beauty Of Sound: Here Are Top 7 English Music Videos Of All Times

Posted on August 23, 2013 in Media

By Ridhi Murari:

I’m pretty sure most of us listen to music daily, having considered it a necessity for sheer joy and emotional expression. Keeping in mind the beauty of sound, here’s a compilation of the top 7 music videos of all times which stand out for me and can be heard over and over again:

Artist: Jim reeves Song: I love you because Genre: Country music

He is an artist immortalized by his work. The beauty of simplicity touches one through the slow, country music presented by Reeves. Old is gold reverberates through the lyrics. Just the perfect song to express your love with soft and gentle care.

Artist: Michael Jackson Song: Heal the world Genre: R and B

Through this song, Michael created a revolution of social change. At a time when the world was losing hope, heal the world gave rise to a collective vision of healing through togetherness or unity. Michael was an artist whose songs provided diversity. This was his R and B version of brilliance. His song holds true even today: Heal the world, make it a better place, for you and for me and the entire human race.

Artist: The Beatles Song: Across the Universe Genre: Psychedelic Rock

The Beatles is a band of musical genius which has managed to inspire not just the common man but musical journeys long after they came. Across the Universe, transcends you from the world above to the world below with its musical genius. Sad though it may be, it manages to strike a chord amidst hearts all across the universe.

Artist: Bon Jovi Song: Thank you for loving me Genre: Pop Rock

A love ballad of its time, Thanks for Loving me, is part of a Grammy award nominated album. It was inspired by Brad Pitt’s character in ‘Meet Joe Black’. It talks about the confessions of a man in love, open, clear and revealing his inner most feelings. A dream comes true by itself from one of music industry’s topmost legends, Bon Jovi.

Artist: Enrique Iglesias Song: Escape Genre: Pop

Spanish singer Enrique’s album and song Escape broke the record office when it first released. His voice stands apart and even now makes your heart skip a beat. Escape shows how the quintessential phrase, “Set your love free, if it comes back to you it’s yours or it was never meant to be” echoes throughout the lyrics and makes any girl’s heart warm up to the man of her dreams.

Artist: Celine Dion Song: My heart will go on Genre: Soft Rock

People recognize her mostly by the movie Titanic. Her song epitomized Jack and Rose’s romance and reminds people all over about the serenity and surrender of love. Like a poetic prose or a midsummer night’s dream, her voice stirs open the heart and breaks it into a million pieces all at once. A legendary piece worth listening to in every era.

Artist: Madonna Song: Masterpiece Genre: Pop

Winner of the Best Original Song at the 69th Global Golden Awards, it is one of Madonna’s best with amazing lyrical content and vocal performance. It topped the charts worldwide. A moody ballad of its times, it stands out as a masterpiece, justifying its name.

Eternal music of different times, reflect a constant joy of the heart through one common thread; the thread of love, the heart and sound of music. The universal message of music remains, no matter who the artist or what the songs or genre, the vibrations created through the diversity of melodies, tones, and intonations produce a love beyond words representing the world through creativity of senses, unabashed.