An Open Letter To The Prime Minister Of India, On Behalf Of An Adviasi Teacher Who Was Raped On Police Orders

Posted on August 26, 2013 in Specials

By Gayatri Raghunandan:


I will tell you a story. A story you may have heard of. A story, versions of which are being circulated everywhere. The story of Soni Sori. Kindly do not stop reading this for I have just mentioned the unmentionable. I have mentioned her name. Please read on, for I implore you to read on.

Soni Sori

I will tell you the story of a school teacher who was brutally raped on the orders of a police officer, Ankit Garg. He was the Police Superintendent of the Dantewada district. After the atrocity he committed against Soni Sori, he was promoted to the post of DIG. This is the story of a woman who was subjected to tear-jerking circumstances. Stones were forced into her private parts and she was beaten black and blue. She writes, that one day, she was beaten so hard that she fell unconscious on the cold floor. Sir, is it correct for any woman, any citizen of our country, to be treated that way?

More recently, her husband, who was initially in police custody in the Jagdalpur jail, succumbed to a stroke. She was prohibited from attending his last rites. Her three children have nowhere to go now. I ask you, are they to be burdened with the consequences of actions they have not committed? Are they to be put through such cruelty? Three little children, Sir.

Since, in comparison to you, I would consider my political knowledge almost emaciated, I will not dwell into whether these arrests were rightful. You would know. But is this the treatment citizens of our country will receive? Are these the brutalities every prisoner of political conscience is bound to receive? Sir, is this what the truth is and will always be? The nation is watching and isn’t very happy. This is the story I wish to convey to you. The story of a woman, whose rapist has been awarded a bravery medal in the state of Chattisgarh. Do you think his acts of bravery are indeed unfeigned?

Yours sincerely
A student