Prahlad Kakkar: “I Take Only Dropouts In My Company”, An Interview

Posted on August 21, 2013 in Interviews, Media

By Sagar Vishnoi:

Last year, during convocation ceremony of my leadership course, I got an opportunity to become Guest Co-ordinator of Ad Guru Prahlad Kakkar for a day.

Prahlad Kakkar

In conversation with the creative Big Daddy, he not only shared inside stories of Bollywood and the advertising industry, but also talked about his life journey and lessons learnt as well. Here is the short interview I had with Prahlad Kakkar, a scuba-diver, a restaurateur and among one of the most interactive human being on the planet.

Sagar: Why this black kurta and dhoti unlike your hat?

PK: I wear clothes as per the occasion and surroundings. Moreover, I can pee by just holding dhoti upside unlike chain.

Sagar: Justified reason! (Laughing) So, we have seen so many ad films made by you, what difficulty have you been facing from day 1 in this industry?

PK: Ideas get stolen very easily. Even before the script is being written, sometimes the same copy is in front of you being aired, and you can’t even stop this. What will you do? Sue the person in court? Nevertheless, its only original ideas which have clicked and shall keep clicking.

Sagar: What should be the quality one must possess, I mean skills to enter, especially in genesis?

PK: If one can copy, he can reach heights. All matters at the end of the day is how well-versed you are in writing & imagination. Being creative is about writing copy. I only prefer Drug-addicts and dropouts for my company. Reason: the only thing they can do is being more and more creative, and they have nothing else to do in life .

Sagar: That sounds different, drug-addicts and dropouts, and what is your take on Social Media seeking good growth?

PK: Digital media/social media is just a part of the industry. Like my grandmother used to think that I glue posters on walls, while I used to make ads. So that time, we only had print. Whether it is print, radio, digital etc., all have place in this big country, but what makes the most impact is TV!

Sagar: How did you enter in the industry and what path do actors follow?

PK: After graduation from Pune university, I did a few campaigns for the Indian Govt. with Shyam benegal, my work got appreciated, I did a few more projects and then started my own company. Well, Hindi cinema is being run by only 6-7 families. Its a family business. So, there are very less chances for the person from outside, you see, Ranveer Singh, he worked for few years as an assistant with Aditya Chopra,brought his own money into the film and then AC( Aditya Chopra) gave him director Manish Sharma. He became the hero for Band Baaja baraat. So, if you are an aspiring actor, do you have the money and talent too to back that up ?

Sagar: Sir, we believe because we have heard stories about SRK and Akshay. What about professionalism of actors?

PK: Oh, Shahrukh was from upper middle class, Akshay did have a good struggle but he was very talented. If I talk about professionalism, Amitabh and Shahrukh are the most professional people there, if you call them at 2 pm they’ll come at 1:50. Govinda is the least, he’ll come the next day giving you excuses (laughing)

Sagar: Any advice for youth?

PK: Live your dream and live on the edge.