Soul Searching In Times Of Existential Dillemma

Posted on August 26, 2013 in Specials

By Pratik Mantri:

As the day falls over and night begins, you start thinking about the various turns that life has taken; you cannot help but feel frustrated and ask yourself, “Why was I brought into this world?” You meet people who have discovered their passion and true calling. You find your friend celebrating life after having been through a life threatening illness. Sitting quietly, you think about a near and dear one who is no more with you. You go deep into the things you possibly could have done better in your life and at the same time, recalling those beautiful memories bring a smile on your face. All of a sudden, you decide to begin life afresh and vow not to look back. This is really the story of life, all of us, some day or the other, go into this soul searching mode. If you are going through all this now, then you are not alone for there are millions who have experienced this at some time or the other.

soul searching

The quest for the ‘soul’ or the ‘truth’, that little thing inside us catches up at different points of time, at varying ages. The answers often push us towards some more questions probably more complex than the previous ones. And since life is difficult to comprehend, how we interpret and relate to it is extremely significant in becoming the individuals we ultimately become. During the course of exploring and discovering, there may be lots of confusion, hassles and disappointments in dealing with the challenging circumstances. This confusion may have serious implications. But a person who derives a lesson out of his experiences, education, relationships and other such events is likely to be closer to their soul and can easily connect with their soul.

Sometimes, I feel life’s truths lie in small, insignificant events which occur mostly in innocuous settings like the words and actions of a child, putting your head in your mother’s lap after a hard day, reading a good book while the breeze is gently blowing or helping an old man to cross the road. The beauty of life can be easily felt once we feel all these moments. Also, going through the rarely visited memories, talking with long lost friends, getting a hug after a long time from your siblings brings out the magnificence and the essence of life.

But, it is very important to draw reflections from each and every event whether good or bad and in the process there might be some feelings of regret, guilt etc. But as a person, you need to clear the mind, apologize and leave behind the irrational thoughts. Once you find your true calling, your soul searching in all probability will come to an end.

In the end, the ability to draw conclusions and observations coupled with a desire to improve remains the only way for all of us to become more evolved.