Talking About Homosexuality Is Banned In Russia, Watch How This Amazing Gay Journalist Defies The Law On Live TV!

Posted on August 27, 2013 in Specials

Reporter James Kirchick was supposed to talk about Bradley Manning on Russian TV but the discussion took an entirely different turn when he suddenly put on his Gay pride suspenders and started bashing the Russian government’s anti-gay laws. “Being here on a Kremlin-funded propaganda network, I’m going to wear my gay pride suspenders and speak out against the horrific, anti-gay legislation that Vladimir Putin has signed into law,” Kirchick said.

He continued speaking on the horrific environment of homophobia in Russia even when the hosts tried to cut him off. He ended by saying “You have 24 hours a day to lie about America, I am going to tell the truth with my two minutes”.

Watch this amazing 2 minute video clip of the program where James Kirchick takes on the Kremlin funded TV network and talks about Gay rights on national television even when it has been banned in Russia!