This Is Your Chance To Interact With Anna Hazare: Share Your Ideas For A New India

Posted on August 15, 2013 in Specials

Once in every generation comes an individual who changes the course of history. Holding government to account using methods popularised by Mahatma Gandhi, Anna Hazare has changed the way India thinks of politics and governance. His Lokpal movement saw India rising and coming out in support in huge numbers.

In partnership with Gram Vaani and Youth Ki Awaaz, OurSay is proud to launch the “Ideas for a New India” forum with Anna Hazare. Come and share your thoughts on what your idea for a new India is and the most voted responses get an opportunity to interact with Anna.

Gram Vaani coordinates a voice-based social media network called Mobile Vaani, for rural and low-income communities in Jharkhand and 5 other states. The Mobile Vaani network will extend the OurSay campaign to over 250,000 non-Internet users via voice on mobile phones.

Click here to be a part and interact with Anna Hazare

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