‘Yes, I Wish You Failure. For Your Own Good’

Posted on August 2, 2013 in Inspiration

By Sofi Ahsan:

You must be calling me mad or insane for wishing failure to you. But I still want you to fail.

Positivity and failure may seem to be two opposite ends but if you know how to keep them together, you can achieve anything in life. Failures deject, but they can encourage too. Failures inspire when you look at them the right way. Failures introduce you to your mistakes and let you correct them. Failures are a beginning to larger successes. Don’t fear failures. The more you antagonize them, the more they will hurt you. They may distress you, but don’t let them kill your dreams and ambitions. Face them and turn them into your stepping stones to success. Remember, failure is not the end of the world.


There was a guy who repeatedly failed in his Class XII exams. Obviously he felt sad and bad about it, but he didn’t lose hope. He worked hard, remained steadfast and excelled at last. What is it that made him win? He befriended his weaknesses and turned them into his plus points. Don’t let negative thoughts overcome your mind, just tell them to go anywhere else. Change the way you think and see how different the world is.

If you don’t fail, you may never learn. Failures are essential for effective learning and important ingredients of life. Would you walk today if you hadn’t fallen repeatedly when you were toddling? Failures are great teachers, even better than those at school. Failures can guide you towards success, if you know how to deal with them. Erring is human nature. No one is perfect, but failures coupled with positivity have the power to lead you to perfection.

Success comes to those who are ready to learn from their mistakes. You cannot taste the fruit of success if you allow your failures to decide your journey. Roadblocks are everywhere, in Kashmir they are comparatively more, what matters is how you make them disappear. What antidote is for poison, positivity is for failure.

Success means mental satisfaction. It is an unending struggle between optimism and pessimism. Don’t let failures determine who you are. Just because you could not achieve anything you had wished, does that mean you can do nothing else? You have got the potential, only you need to know where it lies and how to use it.

Succeed, not by fearing your failures but by embracing them.