10,000 Children Will Experience The Joy Of Giving And Make Delhi A Compassionate Place: Here’s How

Posted on September 1, 2013 in Entrepreneurship

By Prakhar Mishra:

One small experience is enough to transform an entire life. The mere sight of old-age, sickness and death led Buddha to question the essence of life. It is important for us to be conscious of our surroundings and lead a meaningful life.

“Compassionate Delhi” is based on the idea of a mutual exchange of handmade gifts and letters between the students of two different schools that traverse the barriers of class, caste, creed, socio-economic status. Kids will also prepare a Manifesto about “How they would like Delhi to be?” and we will release the final combined manifesto on 14th November, Children’s Day, which will represent the voices of 10,000 kids.

Jennifer Cruise has said that, “Values are not buses. They are not supposed to get you anywhere. They are supposed to define who you are.” Values are an integral part of our life and what better way to learn them by doing. CD gives them the opportunity to inculcate a strong value system and learn by experiential exposure. The idea is to make kids respect both the differences and the privileges that we have got in our society. If we can make our kids sensitive and nurture them to be empathetic individuals we can solve many big problems that are currently plaguing the society.

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The program is divided into three phases:

Phase I: Prepare handmade gifts; write a letter and a Manifesto for the city
Phase II: Representative kids from each classroom visit the buddy school for Gift Exchange and a reflection session
Phase III: Post Exchange Reflection and Final Manifesto Presentation on 14th November

Compassionate Delhi Final