4 Brilliant Alcohol Rehabilitation Centres In India: You Can Build A Better And Independent Future

Posted on September 12, 2013 in Health and Life

By Kavya Vidyarthi:

Alcohol addiction is almost synonymous to drug abuse, just, more often than not, it is a more self-inherited form of abuse. Alcohol dependence is most likely a slow process. It grows with time. Similarly alcohol rehab too is a gradual process. It frees you from the fetters of alcohol dependence and helps one lead a more sober life- not to forget a more hale and hearty one too.

Alcohol rehabilitation centres are often mistaken for places where tough treatment is endowed on people and they are almost kept as captives. However, today, alcohol rehabilitation centres are more like discussions, meeting in a group of people from different walks of life, facing similar issues with alcohol dependence or even alcohol withdrawl. You would not be subject to any kind of inhumane treatment or any other traumatic experiences.

Some well-known alcohol rehabilitation centres in India are:

alcohol rehabitilation

Safe House Wellness Retreat: It is a de-addiction centre located in New Delhi and is unlike most other rehab centres. It keeps you in the comfort of a luxury resort and is one of the most luxurious rehabilitation centres in not just India but also in the world. It offers services like a 12 week 12 step treatment, detoxification, substance abuse counselling etc. providing luxuries and a comfortable lifestyle. It also includes in its treatments Yoga and meditation, Discussion hours, Storytelling making it a more interactive and interesting treatment.

Barasat Phoenix Foundation: Another luxury de-addiction centre located in Kolkata, West Bengal. Alongside common services they run corporate programs too and also provide free treatment sessions. It is one of the better places to get rid of alcohol dependence and leading a more sober life and they take both residential and outside patients for treatments. The Nasha Mukti Kendra is basically the cell responsible for the rehab treatment.

Om Beach Resort: Located in Kunta, Karnataka it is surely a paradise in the name of rehab centre. It is a beach resort where rehab is provided as though you are vacationing. They have special Ayurveda treatments for alcohol de-addiction and also run programs for smoking cessation. They provide a less medicine based and more nature based therapy to stall re-addiction and an almost no side- effect treatment. The treatment prices might seem exorbitant to some but if you can afford it, there is no better place in India to take rehab treatments.

Arel Hope Recovery Services Private Limited: This setup is based in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh and is a luxurious residential rehabilitation centre in India. They provide family treatment, early stage counselling, youth substance abuse counselling, talk treatments, discussion therapies and detoxification as well as yoga and meditation therapies. A general public opinion of the centre is reputable and it is one of the more successful rehab centres in India.

The centres listed above are only a very few of the many that provide alcohol rehab services in India. Rehab centres are not for people losing their sanity. They are for people subject to substance dependence in their life. Those people can be You, Me or anyone else. Shying away from them is no cure. Also, if you are unable to find a convincing rehab centre in your city and you are unconvinced about taking the treatment in other cities consult your physician and get together a rehab group of your own with help of doctors. Though the treatment might be slower but beginning somewhere is only good. And maybe you would not need a rehab centre at all. Do not consider rehabilitation treatments without consulting a medical officer/ doctor.

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