Not At All ‘Aam’: This Is How One Arvind Kejriwal Has Rocked Delhi

Posted on September 26, 2013 in Politics

By Saumya Sahni:

He came into limelight after his association with Anna Hazare. Critics both lauded as well as criticized him when he parted ways and formed his own party i.e. Aam Aadmi Party. Yes, I am referring to none other than the very charismatic Arvind Kejriwal. According to the new C-Fore survey Arvind’s Aam Aadmi Party is all set to make a grand electoral debut in the upcoming elections by capturing 20 percent of the vote. Indeed this is a big deal for someone who has no godfathers from the political scene. His only weapons are his headstrong values and a stubborn mindset which make him what we know as Arvind Kejriwal. His aura speaks of his worth.


Be it his split with Anna, or his verbal spats with Sheila or his feat as an electrician who cuts of the electricity bill reading wire, Arvind has always been proactive at what he intends to do. He has become that voice that speaks for the aam aadmi! It is no longer news that the whole Delhi is pissed with Sheila Dikshit’s administration courtesy the numerous scams, the indifference to people, the staunch remarks on women, a lagging approach towards issues concerning Delhi and constant bickering with Kejriwal.

Although he has been quashed by various party leaders for his words or his actions many a times, but Arvind surely knows the trick: Keep it low profiled. He has all the qualities which make him a suitable candidate for the post of the Chief Minister- his popular personality, his ability to make claims and fulfil them, take on Sheila fearlessly, not paying heed to the nonsense which other leaders put him through all day long.

Arvind is a highly knowledgeable person himself who knows how to make decent use of the media. The media cell of the Aam Aadmi Party is a perfect example of keeping things clean. Seldom have I come across pieces or telecasts that have gone overboard with his achievements. It is a both a positive aspect and a negative aspect which makes Arvind all the more transparent. It is affirmative because when it comes to politics, it is better to let your work reflect you and it also has a grey side to it as people might notice the pain and toil which he is putting in to make Delhi proud of him! But hats off to him on having balanced everything flawlessly. Be it the media pressure or otherwise, he has stood to the test of waters always. Whenever there has been a media outcry, Arvind has always been there himself to clarify his stand unlike others who ask various party leaders to defend them. A leader is a leader in the true sense when he takes the responsibility of his own actions. No wonder he is number two on the list of preferred Chief Ministers!

Arvind’s party symbol i.e. a broom itself is powerful and speaks volumes of his capabilities. His decision to announce Aam Aadmi Party has set new challenges for him especially after his split from Anna Hazare. Who would have thought that a tour manager of Anna’s team with no financial backing can actually form a party on the basis of sole charisma? If one carefully studies Arvind’s political journey till now, it is interesting to note that he has never gone on to perform mudslinging. Not for once, he has ever discussed about his past meetings with Anna Hazare, an aspect rarely focussed on. As someone who is a novice in the field of politics, it is heartening to hear him saying that his thinking also evolves with each issue (Lokpal Bill and Anna Hazare). Again very contradictory to our much elder and “supposedly sensible” leaders who know the blame game a tad too well.

Also what is highly imperative in a leader is his understanding about core issues beyond his area of expertise. We all are aware of Arvind being vocal about Robert Vadra scams, the electricity bill fiasco, the water bill goof up in parts of Noida, expose scandals of big names like Mukesh Ambani and Nitin Gadkari, you name it and Kejriwal has always made his presence felt.

Arvind has a dynamic team which does not have a President or a Vice-President but committees of members who are not associated with any of the political parties. This makes this party all the more unique and innovative. Not at all aam!

With so many qualities to boast of in his kitty and still staying grounded is truly being Kejriwal. The only hurdle which lies in his path is his lack of experience in the field which is quite evident when critiques take on him regarding this aspect. AAP needs to gain a strong foothold over Maharashtra and Delhi to brighten chances of getting elected 2018 as well. I am optimistic about this leader who has risen from the aam. This quality I am sure will make my leader go places if he retains it. I am so looking forward to the time when my leader becomes everybody’s leader.