Dear Narendra Modi, Mallika’s Wonderful Performance Deserves A Response

Posted on September 18, 2013 in Specials

By Soumya Raj:

Narendra Modi has the capability to get anyone’s knickers in a twist — whether they love or hate him, they cannot ignore him. And then there is Mallika Sherawat; whose love for NaMo is so great that it cannot be contained, and anyone who saw her clip singing “Haappy Burrthday Narendra Modi jee” would agree with me.

Mallika Sherawat

Let us face it, she is an international actor and he, one of the brightest Prime Ministerial candidates for the 2014 elections. The pair is ideal — such a brilliant amalgamation of talent and power cannot be ignored. So when Miss Sherawat posted the video on her Twitter page, the audience gulped it down hungrily. She is a sizzling siren and he, in her eyes, the most eligible bachelor of the nation. Her adoration is genuine, one can make out her emotional stance through the breathy, raspy birthday wish that she croons for him.

The global star that Sherawat is, it is a prerequisite she joins the likes of historical Hollywood icons in order to establish herself in the league. If Marilyn Monroe could sing “Happy Birthday, Mr. President,” way back in 1962 for President John F. Kennedy, how could Mallika be far behind? After all, Modi deserves an exclusive birthday celebration and since he is known not to celebrate his birthdays much pompously, it fell on Mallika’s hands to make the day a wee bit extra special for the Gujarat Chief Minister. One must absolutely not take this whole episode up as a publicity stunt, for the suggestive, sultry tones that coat Mallika’s well-practiced, sometimes fake, American twang seem genuine enough to melt anyone’s heart.

Sitting on a red love seat, clad in resplendent rhinestone covered pink clothes, in the voice of an angel, all set to promote her new reality dating show based on US’s “The Bachelorette” — “Mere Khayalon Ki Mallika”, I’m sure she won everyone’s hearts in BJP. Poor Rahul Gandhi, he’s lagging behind in this race, too. So far he was the unconquered Pappu, the most eligible bachelor in the nation, the most adept PM candidate, and now what, a sixty-three year old man overtakes him and his sex(less) appeal, tramples on his thunder and also earns a birthday song from a hot-shot item girl? What does Modi have which is so outstanding and his half-Italian genetics don’t?

Although Mallika has left no stone unturned in her very brazen and viral display of love, Modi is yet to comment on the whole gesture. Are you shy, Modi jee? This is why people love you. Because they can convey their deepest, darkest, most beautiful (and sometimes grossest) opinions to you and you always have a fancy/witty retort. Some even hail you as one of the most exemplary speakers in contemporary politics. So why don’t you speak now, and accept this kind act by Miss Sherawat?

It may be a form of omen, since history has a way of repeating itself. The US President John F Kennedy had an essentially powerful tenure as an office bearer, and this act might be a premonition of Modi’s (mayhap) victory in the upcoming elections. Let’s hope the same doesn’t apply to Mallika Sherawat, for Marilyn’s birthday wish to Kennedy was the last public appearance she ever made.