Much Ado About Nothing: Of Narendra Modi’s Pipe Dreams

Posted on September 24, 2013 in Politics

By Gayatri Raghunandan:

Have you heard about the famous sexagenarian Indian political veteran who has no idea how politics in India works? Meet Mr Narendra Modi, an openly saffronized nationalist who is yet to learn that Prime Ministers in India are not directly chosen by the people. Only a single Member of Parliament from each constituency is chosen by the Indian voters. Now that I have succinctly made this point clear, I would like to trouble Modi ji with another pertinent point. He must realize that while his ambitious challenges to his adversary, Manmohan Singh for a one-on-one debate may evoke cheers from his cohorts, owing to the former’s oratorical skills and the latter’s visible absence of the same, it is nothing more than a high school popularity contest. What matters in the end is only how many seats and allies the NDA will be able to garner in the forthcoming election of 2014.

Narendra Modi

It is now clear that the question of Modi obtaining Prime Ministerialship is frivolous unless the NDA emerges victorious. How will the BJP be able to woo her allies with an inflexible and openly communal Chairperson of the NEC spearheading the election campaign? With the JD(U) leaving the NDA, the void left is ubiquitously visible. Notable economist, S.A Aiyer writes, “He can’t even bear to wear the traditional Muslim cap offered by a muslim. Indian Muslims hate him for complicity in the killing of over 1,000 muslims in the 2002 pogrom. They do not believe the leopard will change its spots as Prime Minister.” Modi’s recent remark, comparing those who were killed in the Gujarat genocide to ‘puppies’ delineates his utter disregard for the blatant human rights violation and an ignominious lack of eloquence expected from a proclaimed Prime Ministerial candidate.

Next, I shall humbly attempt to discredit the ‘development’ rationale that peppers Modi’s sycophantic support base. The Hindu states that figures of the Gujarat Government show that MoUs for FDI worth $876 billion were signed between 2003 and 2011. This value overtook that of China, which was on $600 billion. However, latest figures of FDI flows for 2012-13 show that Gujarat ranks 6th in the country with Rs 2,470 crores or a mere 2.38%. With the state’s share in FDI spiraling downwards with the passage of each year, the notion of Gujarat becoming the engine of India’s growth is widely contested (The Hindu: April 13, 2013 09:27 IST).

While the country gears up for the election of 2014, some individuals are ready to set off on their post-modernist urban yatras and some more believe in the politics of palmistry. Populist policies of dividing society around communal lines and bedraggling despairing societies by farcical development have been doing rounds. Amidst all this hullabaloo, there exists a man who chose our nation’s independence day to immortalize his own propagandist agenda in the form of caustic speech against the country’s neighbors and a competition of who runs a state better. I respectfully decline my support for this talking pillow that rests on a bed of lies.