Reality Shows, The Perfect Solution For Your Dry Eyes!

Posted on September 20, 2013 in Media

By Salma Sultana Ahmed:

Weekends in India are synonymous with reality shows as these are the days when you cozily snug up in your bed and start the battle with the remote. The TV industry is generous enough to offer a myriad of programs which are conveniently categorized according to various talent sets. From food shows, quiz shows to the more popular dancing and singing shows, one is for sure booked on Saturdays and Sundays. In-fact, the scenario is such that people schedule their outings in a manner that their favorite shows aren’t missed. No doubt the broadcasters run repeat shows but who wants stale bread? The joy of knowing whether the contestant for whom you voted is the winner or not on the day of ‘Grand Finale’ is a different feeling altogether.

Shekhar Kapur

While there are many who do criticize these shows yet always manage to grab a sneak peak. There is also no dearth of various ‘sources’ such as our friends, the radio or the invincible internet to give us updates. So, whether you hate it or love it, one simply cannot ignore reality shows. While there are many reasons to love these shows, I timidly want to make an addition to this list. Of late, I have discovered that my eyes have been hugely benefited by being hooked to these shows. In-fact, they are the best eye care one can ever get especially for those who complain about dry and itchy eyes. Two episodes down and you will find your tear glands being stimulated like magic.

According to Wikipedia, there are around 187 pages which have been categorized under the “Indian reality television series”. I must say I am not surprised because in a country like India, there certainly isn’t any dearth of talent. It is imperative to have multiple platforms to represent these talents. But rather than being genuine representations of talent, the channels or the producers are keener to be Godfather/mother or Santa Clause. They want to usher happiness and change the life for the ‘poor contestant’ because they believe it is their divine right.

Tears have become an integral part of these shows because every contestant is backed by a heart wrenching story. Rather than appreciating the fact that they are storehouse of talent, the judges are busy digging the well of sadness. It seems like they are trying to incorporate another reality show into the already existing one. It is quite saddening to see that gone are the days when people actually won recognition based on their talent and not their sad story. Hence, I wonder if all the tears that fall on the stage could be harvested just like rainwater. It would not only save India but the world from the daunting situation of water scarcity. This way, the producers would be doing some noble deed and be blessed for the same.