Forget Godhra, Would You Answer These Few Basic Questions For Me Mr. Modi?

Posted on October 3, 2013 in Politics

By Chaitanya:

So, hearty Congratulations to Mr. Modi for being nominated by BJP as their Prime Minister candidate bypassing the all-mighty LK Advani. This is really a very important development for India. A ‘chai waala’ rose through the political ranks to challenge the dynasty which has long ruled the country, or should I say which has always ruled the country, to challenge the name after which every other award, every other road, every other development scheme, every other street has been named in India and to be in a position to challenge this dynasty in itself is a no mean feat.

Narendra Modi

Kudos to Mr. Modi for his performance over the past 12 years as the Chief Minister of Gujarat, for making a rich and prosperous state ‘more rich and more prosperous’.

True, his election campaigns, or rather should I say his election campaigners, have been very successful in the past in creating a media wave. True, Mr. Modi is an excellent speaker and his speeches are very inspiring. True, the entire youth of the nation is looking to him to get India out of this very tight situation. True, he is the most popular political leader in the country right now. But still I have my doubts, which I would like our Prime Minister candidate to clarify.

No, I am not going to talk about Godhra here. I understand it was more than a decade back and that Gujarat has come a long way after that. Though, the ghost of Godhra still haunts him and he has not been able to get a clean chit on this till now but still I would not go into that territory. Why, because each and every one of the skeptics is asking him the same and I feel this one question has prevented people from asking Mr. Modi about the more current issues.

So Mr. Modi, I know this is probably not the right channel, but still I would be very happy if our Prime Minister candidate can answer some of my very silly doubts.

1. Mr. Modi, this morning I read that your government did not have a single Muslim Minister in the past 12 years and in fact, you did not even field a single Muslim candidate from any of the constituencies in the past decade. Though, I can presume that you might not have found a single Muslim who was eligible enough, but in a state with 10% of Muslim population, which has given India leaders like Azim Premji, this presumption seems a little too farfetched. What do you have to say on this Mr. Modi?

2. As I said before, your speeches have been excellent and whenever I listen to them,  for an hour I feel like ‘dude what you are doing here, go and change the world, it needs you’. And you are spot on when you say that what this country needs is more employment, better infrastructure, tapping the renewable energy resources, and the list goes on. And I hope you have thought of the ways in which you are going to do all this. You know, Mr. Modi, India has come a long way, people are very aware these days and even a 20 year old like me knows what needs to be done. Now, that you have shared with us the what part, can we please know the how part of the story? I know we should create more jobs, but how are you planning to do that? I know, we should take a firm stance against terrorism but how are you planning to do that? How are you planning to tackle the Kashmir issue? What are your plans to prevent the fall of the Indian Rupee? How are you planning to make more than 300 Indian districts Naxalite free? And yes Mr. Modi, I did not happen to hear what you feel about the safety and security of women, about your thoughts on the Delhi rape case. I hope you at least recognize that rape is an issue both in bharat and India. I know Mr. Modi that you have all these answers and you must be waiting for a perfect time to tell these. And believe me, the whole India is eagerly waiting for that perfect time.

3. I do not hear anything from you, Mr. Modi, on inclusive development. I am sure you know of the fact that around 26 crores of Indians live under poverty line, which is defined as low as the value of Indian Rupee. Still, more than a quarter of Indians live below that poverty line. What are your plans to elevate this section of society.

4. And what about our foreign policy Mr. Modi? Apart from the statement that we should tackle Pakistan seriously, I have not heard your views on anything remotely close to being called the Foreign Policy. How should we deal with our much mightier neighbor China, Mr. Modi? How are you planning to deal with the Iran issue? And though your party left no stone unturned to stop the ‘123 Pact’, I do not remember anything from you on the subject. As an Indian, it will be a very proud moment for me if I can see India as the permanent member of the Security Council. I am very sure that you have a strategy for that Mr. Modi.

5. Now let us talk about the Indian Economy. I am a huge fan of globalization Mr. Modi, just like you and your party. But I forgot what you said about FDI in India. And though your party initiated this, but still I saw a stern opposition from you on GST in Gujarat. From the minimal knowledge that I have, I understand that it will be a positive step to bring in Foreign investment in India, but I am sure you must have some reason for opposing GST, apart from the fact that Congress was the one in power when this thing was happening. Can you please share some genuine reason for your stance against GST Mr. Modi, for ignorant people like us?

6. Gujarat and the rest of India is very different Mr. Modi. Your work in Gujarat has been phenomenal, no doubt, but bringing in investments in Gujarat and in some other states, say Bihar or Jharkhand, are entirely different things. My friends say that he might not be able to repeat the Gujarat story at the national level. And I tell them that though Mr. Modi has never spoken about it, he must be having a plan up his sleeves. Can you please share your plans with us Mr. Modi and shut the mouths of these ignorant people?

These are some of the questions I would like each and every person who aspires to be our Prime Minister to answer, but since you seem to be far ahead in this race, I was sure you must be having answer for most, if not all of these. So, I thought better start from you and get the answers of all the doubts I have in my mind. And I hope Mr. Modi, that in the coming 8-9 months before the next general elections, I would be hearing answers to some, if not all of these questions from you and from all the Prime Minister candidates; it would help me make a wise decision in the coming general elections. See, the thing is I am bored of casting my vote on the basis of caste, religion, region and all these factors. I need something new in my life, so I thought let us try and change the election propaganda this time to something real. And I am sure, our most popular politician has answers for all of these. And yes, from the word caste, I remember, I did not hear anything from you on ‘Reservation’.

– From someone going to cast his vote for the first time