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Gandhi Used His Position To Sexually Exploit Young Women. The Way WE React To This Matters Even Today

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By Rita Banerji:

Note: This letter is an excerpt from a collection of Gandhi’s letters which have been compiled into a book titled “Mahatma Gandhi’s Letters on Brahmacharya, Sexuality and Love” by Girja Kumar (Vitasta Publishing, 2011). More detailed citations and references on the chapter on Gandhi in Rita Banerji’s book “Sex and Power: Defining History, Shaping Societies,” [pages 265-281, Penguin Books, 2009].

It is a fact. Gandhi had young women in his ashram, some of them still teenagers, one of them his own grand-niece (Manu Gandhi), sleep naked with him in his bed at night. This was an aspect of Gandhi that I had not read about before, and it surprised me at first. I was researching for my book “Sex and Power” which looks at the history of sex and sexuality in India, and it was important for me to investigate this further.


My initial tendency was to regard this as ‘gossip’ but then some of the biographies confirmed it as fact, but also hurriedly dismissed it as something that we all apparently should accept as the eccentricities of ‘great men! That’s not a logical argument for me and so I began to dig into archives for more information till a complete picture emerged. And that picture upset me. I saw Gandhi as a classic example of a sexual predator — a man who uses his position of power to manipulate and sexually exploit the people he directly controls.

Most angering for me, was reading about the psychological and emotional trauma of the girls and women who he used for his ‘experiments’which is what he called these incidents. The word ‘psychotic’ repeatedly came up in various documents with regards to these women’s mental state. The women, most of whom were in their late teens or early twenties (not surprisingly, given he could have ‘experimented’ with the older women or even his own wife!) were repeatedly described as depressed and weeping, and seemed to be completely in his control. Besides this, some of the archival references lead me to believe that Gandhi may well have been practicing the traditional, historic form of Indian celibacy which hinges on one thing only — and that is control of ejaculation. Everything else is permitted.

What I could not understand is why school texts and biographies have selectively edited out this information because it was a big and explosive aspect of the inner dynamics of the Gandhi ashram and its inmates for the last 10 years of Gandhi’s life. It eventually led to the partial break-up of his inner-core circle.

But Gandhi is long dead. So why should the naked girls in Gandhi’s bed matter today?

Well, because the issue goes way beyond Gandhi. What really matters now, and it matters deeply, is how we respond to what Gandhi did.

Today we like to believe that we are far more progressive in terms of recognising and condemning the abuse of power by men for sexual exploitation and abuse. And yet, I repeatedly find every time I bring this up (for eg. in this article Gandhi to Asharam: Who Empowers the Sex-Crimes of Gurus?) most people’s responses are defensive and regressive!

But this is what surprised me the most! Compared to our reactions and responses today, the people in Gandhi’s time seemed to be far more progressive! They not only recognised that he was abusing his position and power in a way that was unethical and depraved, but they outright condemned it, confronted it, and eventually forced him to stop.

On March 16, 1947, Nirmal Kumar Bose, one of Gandhi’s closest associates wrote a letter to Kishorlal G. Mashruwala, another of Gandhi’s close colleagues, saying, “When I first learnt about Gandhi’s experiment in which a girl took off her clothes and lay under the same cover with him and he tried to find out if any sexual feeling was evoked in him or his companion, I felt genuinely surprised. Personally, I would not tempt myself like that and more than that, my respect for [women] would prevent me from treating her as an instrument in my experiment.”

N.K. Bose’s letter was only one of the many exchanges among Gandhi’s closest associates and friends in the first half of 1947, about this practice of his, that angered and upset many. These included prominent leaders of India’s freedom movement such as Vallabhai Patel, J. B. Kriplani and Vinobha Bhave. Many of them confronted Gandhi directly, and others stopped associating with him.

This 1947 storm in the Gandhi camp was set off by R. P. Parasuram, a young man from Kerala, who for two years had served as Gandhi’s personal secretary and typist and watched his personal affairs from close by. Like many students in India at that time, Parasuram too, had idolised Gandhi and after his studies, had travelled to Gandhi’s ashram to live and work with him, and help with India’s freedom movement.

But two years after working with Gandhi, Parasuram quit the ashram and his job. Before he left, he wrote a 16-page long letter explaining his distress at what he had witnessed in Gandhi’s behaviour with girls and women in the ashram — which included other things besides his ‘experiments in bed. He said that as much as he had worshipped Gandhi, his conscience did not allow him to stay silent any longer. And that in order for him to continue, Gandhi had to concede to five of his demands (all of which dealt with Gandhi’s physical interactions with girls at the ashram) which he listed in the letter. [See the letter below.]

On January 2, 1947, Gandhi responded to Parasuram’s letter with, “I cannot concede your demands. Since such is my opinion and there is a conflict of ideals, you are at liberty to leave me today.”

Parasuram did leave as did some of Gandhi’s other close associates. But others, especially those who were in more senior positions as friends and associates, continued their pressure on Gandhi to stop.

One of the things that was a big issue was Gandhi’s hypocrisy and manipulation, to what seemed to many, to serve his own ends. Gandhi had made an unwritten rule of celibacy for all the inhabitants of his ashram. Oddly, he would even make married couples take this vow because he believed that this was central to his philosophy of non-violence. Sexual stimulation of any sort, he preached, evoked violence in one’s thoughts and behaviour. He would tell them that even touching each other was unacceptable. He made the life of one of his own sons, whose wife got pregnant, absolutely hell, angry that they had had sex when he had forbidden them to! Yet he was free to do as he pleased. He was so confident that he wouldn’t be challenged.

Swami Anand and Kedarnath in a question and answer grilling from March 15-16, 1947, shot off questions like, “Why did you not take your coworkers into confidence and carry them with you [into] this novel practice?” and “Why do we find so much disquiet and unhappiness around you? Why are your companions emotionally unhinged?”

The Congress President J. B. Kriplani told him that he was simply, “exploiting human beings as means rather than as ends in themselves.”

N.K. Bose suggested this course of action for Gandhi: “… he should not allow Manu [Gandhi’s great-niece] to sleep in the same bed with him until he had tried enough to educate the public into his new way of thinking, or the public had got all the fact[s] about him and clearly expressed its disapproval. Then he [can go] back to his practice with the full brunt of his suffering for the opinion which he held right.”

Vallabhai Patel told Gandhi off to his face. He said what he was doing was ‘adharma’ (immoral). In a classic, egotistical way Gandhi retorted to Patel by telling Balkrishna Bhave “for me Manu sleeping with me is a matter of dharma (moral duty).”

But under this onslaught, Gandhi eventually conceded defeat, even if not willingly. He said he felt like a “broken reed.” His ego and narcissism had been broken by people around him who fortunately understood and did better than we do today.

This is the question that I’d like to ask everyone reading this: Why is it that it’s hard to say that Gandhi, the hero of India’s freedom movement had also used his power and position to sexually exploit/abuse girls and women who came under the mantle of his leadership?

Below is an extract from R. P. Parasuram’s 16-page letter to Gandhi just before he quit. He called it his letter of “indictment.”

1 January, 1947

Revered Bapu,

I write these lines in sorrow and pain. You know how shy and unforward I have been these two years. You must imagine to what depths I must have been agitated then to overcome my shyness and become bold and that too with a man who is considered by many to be the greatest man living.

You must also ponder over the fact as to what it is that has made me bold and say things so boldly. It is because I feel I am so clearly in the right and you so clearly in the wrong. It is the cause that gives me the courage.

It is not that I did not know these before. I knew and kept quiet. I thought, “Why should I bring these to him?” There are men like Kanu [Gandhi], Kishorilal bhai [Mashruwala], etc., experienced men and men knowing you fully.  And then I had not the courage. I have come over my shyness with you.

When [at] first I came to the ashram, I came with high respect for the ashram and its inmates and its way of life. All that was knocked off in 24 hours. After coming here I must confess to having lost a portion of the respect I had for you. You are the Father of our Nation. You have taken us so far along the path of freedom and independence. You must see the hand of God in the fact that I have overcome my shyness.

I object to your sleeping in the same bed with members of the opposite sex. In February 1945 or so, I was given the draft of a statement to type. I was shocked by the contents…I must tell you that even before I know of this. One day Amin-bhai came and told me that he was shocked to see Manu [Manu Gandhi — Gandhi’s own grand niece] getting into your bed.

In those days I was more shy than I am now. My only friend in the ashram was Amin. Even then I came to know of the discussions about this affair because the ashram people are so careless and can’t keep their mouth shut. Everybody objected to your doing this.

Apart from the question of any affect on you, what about the effect on girls?

There is something of other wrong with them [the women who sleep naked with Gandhi]. [The] Punjabi girl who lived opposite my room in Matunga. She used to weep unrestrainedly and that not caring whether others saw her or not. She laughed also unrestrainedly. And then here is Dr. Sushila-behn [the 24-year-old in-house physician at the ashram who Gandhi also used for his ‘experiments’]. How many are the days when she has not wept? She is a doctor and yet she is always a patient, always is ill. Who has heard of a doctor who cries out at night?

Even then the whole thing is considered wrong by the world. I do not like it. Nirmal babu [Bose] does not. Sucheta-behn [Kriplani] did not like it and said, “However great he may be, he cannot do such things. What is this?” You must admit that there is something in our objection. You cannot waive it aside.

As for blood relations [this is in reference to Manu Gandhi]. The world is sceptic even there. There have been cases of immorality between father and daughter, brother and sister.

I object to your having massage done by girls. When I was studying in college, I read a report saying you were being massaged by Dr. Sushila-behn. And now I find you do get yourself massaged by girls.

Those people who know that you are naked during massage time say that you could at least put a cover over it [his genitals].

The same objection I hold against girls coming to the bathroom when you go there. Ramachandran saw you like that and said you had fallen a little from his estimation. However great you may be, you cannot do these things.

Your placing your hands on shoulders of girls. You had written once that you gave up this practice because others intimated you with evil intention. I have not come across any other writing saying you could resume it. So it was strange to me why you resumed it. During the two years I have been with you, about 50 letters or so objecting to this practice from admirers and calumniators came. None of them got any reply.

Your being seen naked [during his bath and massage] jars on the mind of strangers, admirers though they might be. Ramachandran did not like it. He said it was the limit.

Ever since the 17th December [1946], when in the small hours of the morning you made those dreadful sounds, dreadful because it came from you man of such eminence, even otherwise unbecoming for any wise or old man, my head has not been at peace. I have heard of another such instance from Mr. Ramachandran of the API [Associated Press of India] when you told Sushila-behn to leave you. I have seen such another instance at Delhi. But this event shook me to my depths. I said to myself that God and the nation would not forgive me if I kept quiet.

You commit Himalyan blunders. But you refuse to see these things and when told, you are irritated. I say you are conceited and constitute yourself to be the repository of all the wisdom in the world.

And now to my charges. Unless [my demands] are fulfilled, I [will] depart. I beg to differ and go away. Your actions to which I object:

1. Your sleeping with any member of the opposite sex.
2. Being massaged by any member of the opposite sex.
3. Allowing yourself to be seen naked by any member of the opposite sex.
4. Allowing yourself to be seen naked by strangers and even by people who are of your party who are not so intimate.
5. Placing your hands on the shoulders of girls when walking.

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  1. Avdhesh Tanwar

    You would never understand the purity of his ideas because you have no knowledge of yoga or celibacy and his ideals. It was not for sexual satisfaction or our of some wrong pervert ideas else he would not publish these. Stop criticizing something you don`t understand. He himself said, people of smaller mind cannot understand me and they are enraged by what I am doing. If if he was not having sex with them and not even those thoughts then why are you enraged.

    1. roona

      even though one would not understand the purity of our respected bapu’s ideas like you say, making his companions an(his) experiment subject is not acceptable either….

    2. sai kiran sharma (@wolf1711)

      I think this letter may not be authentic. I mean, the term “Himalayan Blunder” did not appear in Indian English until 1962 Indo-China war. It is after the 1962 Indo-China war we started using the term Himalayan blunder.

    3. Linkesh

      Gandhi had used the term Himalayan Blunder to describe his early nation-wide Satyagraha campaign, which devolved into riots and bloodshed.

    4. sai kiran sharma (@wolf1711)

      It was Himalayan Miscalculation, not Himalayan Blunder. As I said, himalayan blunder did not come into existence until 1962

    5. Mahomed Ali Jinnah

      Actually Himalayan Blunder was in common use. ndeed Azad speaks of Himalayan blunder in his book India Wins Freedom. And Azad died before 1962.

    6. South Westerly

      Agree to you. In fact the whole construction of the sentences reeks of modern day writing styles, even the use of dots (…) within sentence to accentuate pauses. The only possible explanation I can think of is that this letter was reconstructed with the gist or translated from another language.

    7. Dilip Bam

      I believe even today (2015) there are all kinds of “babas”
      from all religions charged with sexual exploitation who are going to be tried in court.

    8. Yognik

      Factually incorrect. Gandhi himself used the term ‘Himalayan blunder’ in the context of mistakes that he made. In fact let me quote him verbatim: “I am conscious of having made Himalayan blunders, but I am not conscious of having
      made them intentionally or having even harboured enmity towards any person or nation, or any life,
      human or sub-human”

    9. janardan

      good point

    10. Shawn

      There have been many written reports that there was much competition between the girls, as to who would get a chance to participate in the experiment (sleeping naked). This even went to the point where the women got jealous of each other, because some of them didn’t get the opportunity. It was hence consensual. So these arguments doesn’t make sense.

    11. orly

      Says a man.

    12. Harsh Shah

      Say the girls, Manu even published a book. Apparently they got a mother like vibe from him.

    13. Helen

      Seeing as they were GIRLS it was still wrong no matter how much you want to go on about how they “wanted it.”

    14. Mkmm

      Consensual sex with a married man is called adultery.

    15. just saying

      You have a master, and several slaves… the slaves fighting each other for having time with the master in order to have a better life… consensual ? really? they were imprisoned psychologically. It’s the same with women saying they freely want to wear a hijab or burka. they say it’s their own choice… they were programmed for it. they had no choice at all. they can’t see beyond the imprisonment because they were made belief that that system is the correct one. and who doesn’t want to be correct? accepted? valued? it’s a points based system. you could choose no to sleep with him, not to wear a hijab, but you wouldn’t get points and therefore value.

    16. RUSHNA


    17. ibis

      If that’s your argument, then we are all conditioned to Wear clothes. How is that sacrosanct? Will you be comfortable being naked along with your family members ? Don’t bring in hijab without thinking it through. Who decides which is the appropriate level of dressing ? …. Just Saying.

    18. lalit

      Fine, it was consensual. But let the people know what happened. Let this message spread far and wide. Let people know what this apostle of peace was really like

    19. Vidyut

      What it was for is completely irrelevant. The basic fact is that he had a duty of companionship to his wife, which he shrugged off on whim, and a duty toward the young girls, which he misused in their exploitation. Regardless of the purpose of his experiments, they did harm to the women around him. Harm that never bothered him. This is the classic thinking of a sexual predator – the complete dehumanization of the women as a canvas for his will. Whether it is to arouse with intimacy and withhold sex or to force sex against the will. Regardless, what the women wished was never a factor.

    20. gogo

      So u r trying to say a man shd slleep wd a non performing asset ,so its better to sleep alone, ur trying to say even if a woman is giving consent we shdnt sleep wd dem , a women at 35 is of no use for sexual purposes but men even at 90 can procreate children n wd crave for 25 or less whats big deal about it .If ur not interested dont come wd men but u people r selfish u need money n youth n power everything which is not possible in one man. n honestly saying women r redundant after 35 even at 30. even a man at 60 wontlike to sleep wd a woman of 35

    21. PN

      “a women at 35 is of no use for sexual purposes” – what on earth are you talking about!? oh my god the ignorance!!!! what a jerk.

    22. AD

      If I ever run into “Gogo,” I hope to have my brass knuckles and pepper spray in hand.

    23. carvaka

      Err, you are making no sense. Women over 35 can very well have sex. There is also nothing wrong about older men having sex but if it’s non-consensual sexual activity then it is abuse. Do you understand consent? The post is not judging Gandhi for sleeping with girls, it’s wondering whether this was mutually agreeable. It seems he saw the women as instruments in his experiment. Did the women want this? These teenagers seemed to have been deeply in his control and their emotional turbulence points to the fact that this might not have been consensual. Having mutually agreeable sex is fine, using vulnerable youngsters in your experiments is quite different from that.

    24. gogo

      i can really appreciate ur dare to underestimate people ………………….

    25. gogo

      ha ha ha i dont understand consent Prabhu! let me know u learned person open my eyes i m an illiterate person , n gandhi i didnt know about gandhi u people ta ught me who i s gandhi what sin he did …..ohhhhh …chchch people r jeorge barnard shah,Milton ,shekspear n we the village people even cant speak hindi HAHAHAHHAH

    26. Sunita

      Hey gogo
      U consider women as an object d same way ur idol here did.. Its not smethng u r supposed to b proud of!!! Women r not stepping stones for u to reach some kind of delutional ”greatness” u r waiting for!! Men r known to not get a frigging thing right if der is not a woman to point u at it!! On the otherhand women nly need men to get babies in their bellies.. Wen i meet ppl like u, i wish god should have given d ability for us to reproduce by ourselves so that f*cktards like u neednt exist for us!! N dont get all pissy because you are never gona be as great as gandhi..or however great u claim him to be!! 1st of all because even in your words u portray simple n extreme violence..
      and your stuff about sex btw ppl of different age.. Obviously a man who wants to hav sex wid a younder woman or vice versa cannot b blamed foor their drive.. But obviously it wil b for nothing but pleasure.. Nothing else can come out of it.. But sex is not all abt pleasure.. Its also abt sharing, caring and loving which wil nly happen between 2 ppl of the same age group n der is no doubt to that.. Y?? Beacuse there r a lot of factors dat will come in between.. Like pride, money or watever.. A younger woman is never gona b satisfied wid an older man nor is a younger man satisfied by an older woman for long.. Any other kind of sex is just not worth it.. And I dont doubt u r scoffing at that since u dont understand those words (sharing caring and loving). N dnt let me hear u use d word ”love” again.. It sounds ruined wen it comes frm ur mouth! N wen 2 ppl r in love n hav sex, its gona stay like dat for a long time.. But, u wouldnt know dat either!!
      So shut up ur dirty hole n learn to respect woman.. Or u r gona get slammed on your head by some female till u bleed to death!! N i hope to god i get to meet her so that i can make her my idol!! And honestly dont get married.. Or I might die of fear for her unfortunate soul!!

    27. gogo

      are gadhe sunita aur anita mat bano point pe aao samjha ….ladkiyan tumhare jitna gadhi nahin hoti ,u look at ur logic ur contradicting urself , but by mistake if u r a woman , maam please analyse ur own words , n i m sure ur under 18 ….cuz ur contradicting ur own statement even a fool can reply u efficiently ,i dont need to do that………kahin tum log is lekhika ka TRP to nahin badha rahe ho , pata nahin main kun is ghatiya site per hun?

    28. Rhodian

      “n i m sure ur under 18” ….. what does it matter to you ? …. Stop being such an @rse that u fail to understand that these women were NOT CONSENTING ….. This was pseudo consent ….and, by today’s law …. clear sexual harassment.

    29. gogo

      Abusing someone is also a wrongful act! and you can be penalized !so are u following the law?But u r expecting others to follow the law!,Secondly ,u r telling that” according to today’s law !……”. my dear, a person can be held guilty by existing law at that time ,so even today, Gandhi can’t b convicted , secondly their is no any conclusive evidence about the said allegation , only letters cant be the base of evidence .Suppose a woman seduces or induces some boy to sleep with her ,the boy ll be held guilty for adultery .So can u dare to say that it was a forced consent ?.We talk about gender equality , so why do women customize ‘consent’ according to their compatibility ………..

    30. T

      I m totally agreed to you carvaka and gogo just to fulfil your fantasy of doing sex with young woman you cant treat a old woman as instrument. And ol dose who think lyk you dnt hve ryt to marry or get in a realationship wid anything….its btr for you to jus leep doing sex whole of your life cz ds mentality doesnt deserve a partner

    31. gogo

      i wont marry cuz women becomes redundant after 10 years , n every body is free to lead his life in his own way ,when women say, they have right to sleep wd younger persons u appreciate dere views n when a person expresses similar opinion u start opening ur stinking mouth , if women r free to have sex at any age why men r not allowed to have free sex ,
      n i dont need a life partner ,ok!wife is also a kind of prostitute who sucks our blood for whole life …………

    32. Burk

      don’t be bitter just because you can’t get any woman willing to lower her standards enough to marry you.

    33. Kazoom

      Are you from planet Earth gogo? Guess you didn’t take your medication today either.


      “Gogo”. EN BREF: You make me VOMIT.

    35. yuvika yadav

      sir you are talking about father of nation.everyone expects only moral things out of him otherwise he cannot be given this honor ..and talking about women been not apt for sleeping with after 35 i should tell you that kareena kapoor is 42 yrs .its a shameful thing to say about females

    36. Regina

      ….I TOTALLY agree with your statement here. His motives and intentions may have been to prove his own “Purity” and mastering of his sexuality, but he misused and exploited these girls and women (and it appears even men) in the process of his narcissistic experiment. If he was a “master of his own sexuality” he would not have to continually prove it to himself. If someone had told me this without explanation, I would have figured that he was also just a victim himself, a victim of a culture which practiced misogyny in often very brutal ways. (and to this day still does though to a lesser degree, maybe) — but it appears that (fortunately) many people, including men, objected to his practices. So it couldn’t have been “all about derailed cultural practices” It is really sad to think that a person with such an inspirational attitude about non violence, equality and justice for all, could in his personal practice and way of life exclude half the human race . I heard such similar accusations directed towards Martin Luther King (allegedly sleeping with only white prostitutes and having affairs with females in his movement, though it is hard to know in this case how much of this was gossip and/or slander) ….

    37. Sameena

      thank you Vidyut for that comment. After reading the nonsensical – sometimes borderline psychotic – comments on this forum, I needed a comment like that to clear my head. So much harm has been to women by narcissistic men who are allowed to view women as objects. When I first read about Gandhi’s celibacy with his wife, I would struck at his cruelty towards his wife, her needs were completely brushed aside. But on second thoughts, a man this egotistical would hardly any taken the time to pleasure his wife in bed, so maybe she welcomed the relief from bad sex 🙂

    38. Mrid

      People like this gogo are the reason why India winning it’s freedom has been counter-productive over the last 60-or-so years…. typical ignorant sycophants who want to argue over trivial issues, and yet refuse to even make an effort to deliver a valid point or to even bother to type in a concrete, well formed sentence….. Wether or not you are a follower of Gandhi, gogo, your ideals are ill-founded and represented in a blunt and non-nonsensical way…. You may think of yourself as a snide intellectual, but in reality, you need help…. and maybe a grammar coaching class…..

    39. manisha bhadoria

      serosly??? no man on this planet is immune to sexual pleasures..if he is then hes a saint…n we all know gandhi wasnt one of them.. he was so arrogant n naive that he gave all the power to that nehru who was exactly like him..havin affairs with every woman he sees.. vallavbhai patel was side lined because of his moral views.. whole world knows that gandhi made terrible mistakes for which we are still suffering.. yes he helped in independence.. but others were also there.. bhagat singh, sukhdev, rajguru, subhash chnadra bose.. etc men whose only intention was to make this country a better place.. what do u know about his experiments?? were u dere??? no yoga in our history teaches to sleep with naked girls. he was of smaller mind. such a disgrace…

    40. gogo

      u women r really pathetic ,if a man u think is old why do u go to him to serve ur own purposes shd a man die after 50 , if he cant enjoy den whats the purpose of life ur trying to say dat a man of 50 shd like to sleep wd a woman of 50 its just a joke den why wd we like sex better muster bate else sleeping wd a 35-40 year old woman

    41. arvinda

      But if you’re talking about ‘serving your own purposes’, he mustn’t have banned other people in the ashram from having sex, which he did. He considered himself an exception and that is something that was clearly left out of popular texts.

    42. WishIUnderstood

      Why wouldn’t a 50-year-old man want to sleep with a 50-year-old woman? Are you equating the ability to have sex with the ability to procreate? Do you believe that the only reason to have sex is to make babies? None of your comments have made any sense.

      Women tend to have (and give) more satisfying sex the older they get. Also, women tend to age better than men (and live much longer), so I do not understand your issue (other than the obvious one of understanding).

      Whereas men can have issues with erectile dysfunction as they age, the equivalent female part does not suffer from age in the same way…so I do not see why aging would ever be a bad thing (sexually) for a woman. I wish that I understood what you are referring to.

    43. gogo

      Now u r joking ! r u trying to say dat a woman ll remain beautiful at any age ,age erodes beauty n her body sages wd time ,its another thing, but why ll a person sleep wd a women who doesnt have power to procreate ,when a man beds someone he falls in love wd her n he wants a baby wd her r u trying to say dat a man only loves ejaculation ,he can do it manually he wants the company of beauty ,sex is the last part n optional, i ll prefer to just kiss a beautiful woman dan to sleep wd an ugly woman irrespective of age this is the power of beauty n beauty cant b imagined at old age ,age erodes beauty as death takes away life ,u ll again say men also ages but its ones opinion if he wants company of beautiful women u cant take him to jail for his preferences ..Intention is not a crime n if it is everybody is a criminal ask urself honestly ,women also want to sleep wd younger persons n actually they cheat on dere husbands but no one says anything so whats bad if a man prefer younger women .

    44. AN

      Age may or may not erode beauty but it surely has eroded your brain cells, your ability to write complete words and come up with a sensible and logical argument.
      Oh and it has also eroded your ability to differentiate between right and wrong, between consent and sexual predator.

    45. gogo

      so abusing the father of d nation is a very sensible thing ,n u people harping on his one allegation which is yet to b proved n cant b proved if u have gray matters u can use ur time for doing sth practically for d people n actually u can seve people , u can work positively for d betterment of downtrodden without being gender biased n yes i have studied d full article ie crap why u people demonize some people on d basis of sexual desire ,ask u people from urself dont u have sexual desire ,law says every person is equal before law n unless the guilt is proved he is innocent before law so tell me ur a judge ? or these fools who r making allegation against the god!at least brush up ur history ,i cd write a very competent reply but this article is so blasphemous dat i lost my balance cuz of dese useless women even such a big person can be tarnished …….we men achieve some position due to hard work n our ability n dese women in one second devastate our whole existence so why shd we come close to a woman …..Even Gandhi ji is being abused by these sinful women ,why ?,Bill clinton d smartest person n president the most powerful person of d world had to face impeachment because of a clerk monica ! why only men r blamed .Its obvious if a person is big .women ll pursue him ,if u dont like his company just go away why r u after him only for ur own benefit ,if d women who were sleeping wd gandhi didnt like his experiments dey were free to leave him as d letter describes , but it was symbiotic relationship which lured them to cooperate him wd his experiments ,even today u can see d cases of kanda , tripathy ,chand dese case r direct example of women’s lust for power dey r ready to sleep wd elderly people in order to enjoy his power but when dey see he has other affairs too dey become victim ,madam ji ye public hai SAB janati hai …..kisi ko bewkuf nahin samjhen aap khud bewkuf ban jayengi yahan to gawn ka napadh admi bhi aapse jyada rajniti aur samaj ko samajhata hai ,humlog chizon ko anubhaw kerte hai aur aplog fiction ki dunia me rehte hain bus apna lekhani chamkana hai aapko aplogon ko bas politicians ki tarah auraton aur mardon ke bich fut dalwana hai unka ghar todwana hai aur aaplogon ka koi kam nahin hai .I m not here to b a writer n i ll be serving society in real manner u people r concentrating ur energy in one way dat is u want to blame men for ur all failures….

    46. jiggy

      Your amusing… Iam sure as hell you never had sex … probably that’s the anger your venting.

    47. gogo

      ha ha you hve got d point man!……… what bad in it, have i committed any crime ?One side ur laughing at a man for being virgin n other side ur bashing a man for being a celibate n for his experiments why r u delving into d subjects u cant understand i must say ur an engineer/mca/science student or professional u cant b a social science student cuz when writing bug bites to an engineer he writes about d subjects he cant understand….

    48. Somnath

      Gogo, stop jerking off and get a life, you perverted piece of shit.

    49. Suubz

      He’s not jerking man. Please stop saying these things on public forums.
      If you got a valid point to counter him, make…or else shut up.!!!!!
      Cuz, starting to abuse makes look like, that’s your last resort, as u r out points to put in front of his logic.

    50. arvinda

      Well. You show me his logic and I’ll counter that. For the things he’s been saying, Somnath has said the least!

      Actually, I’m getting a feeling that most of the anonymous supporters of gogo are just fake handles used by gogo himself!

    51. gogo

      so ur dat confident , Machiavelli!wow! learn to defecate first u moron ugly creature ……..why did u past ur ugly photo better change wd some film star , u r nauseating ,change ur photo ooyeeeoyeeeeee ………

    52. SK


    53. Satish

      So you mean to say that we should respect Hitler because we could not understand his idea of a perfect world ?? People are not ‘experimental subjects’, however high and lofty your ideals may be !! Why not just accept that it was one facet of his personality ??
      A better way out of this would be to accept his greatness where he was ( freedom movement ) and see his folly in this matter .

    54. arvinda

      Actually, read mein kampf and you might start respecting Hitler’s idea of a perfect world. His methods were wrong and downright unacceptable. But his vision, an ideal world, was something HUGE for a human’s aspiration.

    55. gogo

      u r right man i have read it ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,n even world history can give u a rough idea abou Hitler n in the end u ll support Hitler ,he was once nominated for novel peace prize in 1945…..u people might not believe but its truth……

    56. sourjyadutta

      FYI : Joseph Stalin was an unlikely nominee of the 1945 “Nobel” Peace Prize …I think you are mixing up facts. Please refer to for details. And the topic of Mein Kampf just proves that its your actions and not words that actually portrays your true self. Here I truly feel that discussing Hitler as a comparison to Gandhi is disrespectful.

    57. gogo

      ye it was 1939 i confused i dont use Google like u people na …..u people use Google to get information even for writing this kind of bullshit article , …… dont ask about details u can Google it…………..

    58. Suubz

      OK gogo..u were going well with ur earlier comments.
      But this one about praising Hitler. cmon…r u kidding us !!!!!
      What u say about Gandhi being our Father of Nation, sex, women in general, fine (though they r debatable)….but this…please rethink what you said…!!!!!

    59. sc

      hey gogo,u just make me vomit !. haha what an alien

    60. Tom

      It is stupid to equate Hitler with Gandhi.

    61. lalit

      Gandhi did not get us freedom. The British used him as a conduit to channel the freedom urge of the Indian people into unproductive uses like his satyagraha nonsense.

    62. gogo

      proud of u man u have said d truth

    63. Bharat Kumar Solanki

      You should either worship Asharam and lick his feet…..

    64. carvaka

      It does not matter one bit what the ‘purity’ of his ideas was or wasn’t. If the girls he used in his experiments were not fully consenting and happy with it, then it was abuse. When your spirituality affects another human being, their well being is more important than your idealism. Manu Gandhi had as much value as a human being as Mohandas Gandhi. If she felt abused by his actions then it was abuse, no matter what his intentions were. This is not about ‘smaller’ minds, I would that even the smallest mind should understand that there were more people than Gandhi involved in these experiments and hence his intentions are not all that matter.

      If he was only practicing his ideas of ‘purity’ by himself, then it didn’t matter what he was doing and no one had any right to judge him. That, however, was not the case.

    65. Singh

      If this is the case then will you allow your sister in this experiment?

    66. Ben78

      Stop talking nonsense.What is the purity in making girls sleep naked with you to see if you can control your sexual urge?This is nothing but a deed of a pervert.Would you compel a relative of yours to be a part of a similar experiment to however a great a man he maybe?.He could have very well carried out his experiments with his wife.

    67. vyankatesh

      If u have the knowledge of yoga or celibacy whatever can u sleep naked with ur daughter or sister for such experiments?

    68. Samtxneo

      think about your relatives doing that to some ‘high-profile person in today’s world ….prepare this “small”..”pervert” mind lecture for that time

    69. pasha

      so him making those girls cry depicts the purity of his ideas..whatever may be the reason other than sexual satisfaction…its not cool man

    70. soumya

      Your comment clearly and sadly show, as do some of the comments below, how deep-rooted the disrespect towards women is in our Indian society and how easily we condone it. And clearly the message of this very article is something that you, and some others below, are ‘criticizing while they don’t understand it’. Doesn’t it cross your mind even once that even though they might not be having sexual intercourse, what horrible mental impact his actions would have had on those poor women?

    71. Sourav Sett

      Dude even though I don’t understand his I ideals I know this one simple fact that such people exist even today who take advantage of their position but they eventually end up in jails or sexual rehab centers, not in ashrams. And you being a guy of the 21st century and supporting sexual exploitation of women and incest, oh!! boy that is gross.

    72. Ashish Agrawal

      Can you do the same with your sister what Gandhi did with other ladies?
      I hope, you (people who highly understands the above ideas of Gandhi) will not find my question abusive.

    73. Suubz

      OK…that’s not something a rational person would say. By saying this, do you mean a scientist, much ahead of his time, a person of much larger mind (like Gandhi), can use a human life for his experiment, and kill her/him in the process, and still deemed as respectable and honorable.

      What you say about Gandhi himself said this and that, then I think, you must be a FAN of Adolf Hitler (if you can understand what I mean).
      No developed society..OK…leave society (cause the term’s funny to use when it comes to India)..Developed Nation, should allow such nuisance acts to be committed.
      And what’s more astonishing and funny at the same time is, people still are supporting it.

      Yes, that’s us marching ahead towards a BETTER NATION.!!!!!!!!! :0

    74. Kitaabi Keeda

      purity of his intentions loses ALL meaning when he involves impressionable young women who cannot adequately stand to his persona and the glorious fan following he garnered. his experiments involved sexual abuse of people and not just his own body or mind…so unless you think it is okay to exploit others for your experiments (perverted or not, that is a matter of individual perspective)

    75. Char

      You say, “stop criticizing something you don’t understand”. I say, there’s really no way to mis-understand what happened. Everyone, even the most spiritual, God like individuals are susceptible to temptation. Asking girls and women into bed for the purpose of an “Experiment” invites sexual arousal. We all are natural men in this world, who possess God given desires. It’s just that simple!! Too bad he didn’t change his platform after he decided to to experiment. I think he would have been respected for his honesty.

    76. carn

      It’s not about him or his intentions. It’s about the girls. Shift the focus of the conversation from the powerful to the powerless and we will get much farther.

    77. megabookfreak

      COMPLETELY AGREE! Thank you…finally….that was the point of this article that it seems everyone missed!

    78. Akshita

      Spot on. Reading the arguments has seriously blown my mind up.
      What would an author achieve out of bashing the reputation of a dead man? All she asked us to consider was, are we willing to take a man off his pedestal for the sake of the people victimized by him?
      How far can one take their unacceptable beliefs and actions, as long as they are also acting out for the greater good?

    79. Netta

      Defensive and repressive, you are indeed! As soon as someone exposes the truth a bunch of small-minded little brats freak out and complain about it.

    80. Ravi

      Testing your celibacy is an idea that makes sense. But sleeping with minors is a whole different story. A child should not be forced to look at a naked adult man. If you have a daughter or son would you let them sleep in bed next to a nude adult male? Even if they were a yogi or sadhu would you let their innocent eyes view a nude adult male testing his celibacy? That’s nonsense. If Gandhi wanted to test his celibacy he could’ve slept next to his nude wife or a nude consenting adult woman – why a girl who isn’t even old enough to drive a car?

    81. Brig Virender singh ruhil

      Testing your celibacy or fecundity are two side of the same coin,namely, sexual obsession. Using morally and socially subordinate people for such a hoax speaks poorly of Gandhiji. I say hoax because he would have known his status and no experiment was required. If we approve of this then why not Asaram and NDT. I think it is just a frustration generated perversion. It does not deserve so much of space. Adieu (on this).

    82. Dev

      You sound exactly like the self-justifying child molester/ pervert that I warn my kids to stay away from.

    83. Meera

      would you allow any of the girls in your own house or family to undergo this trauma of sleeping naked with a man (holy man or whatever the bullshit you call)? We need not believe the stereotype responses that are made to be believed. It is important to understand that there are innocent human beings involved in giving this man a fame of ‘father of nation’ who are never mentioned or acknowledged. Let us be practical and think from mind and not heart.

    84. Krish

      I can’t believe you are supporting an insane idea. Even if it’s not for sexual pleasure, what about the mental agony the ladies (whom he insisted to lie with him) had suffered from???

      Bloody, which philosophy, which culture all over world permits you to impose your stupid, funny, insane idea on others.

      Whoever supports this is even worse than who did it.

    85. Anon

      I can’t see any purity or yoga in being massaged naked by females of the ashram or even bathing with them.

    86. shiva ganesh

      I want to ask you that what is the purity in the idea of gandhi sleeping naked with the opposite sex even after being so called father of the nation and belonging to a great country INDIA…

    87. Lettisha

      Pardon me, but “You would never understand the purity”, “If he was not having sex with them and not even those thought then why are you enraged” are such weal justifications.

      It doesn’t matter if he was or wasn’t having sex with them. It was the fact that what he was doing was wrong, which is evident from the way the women were reacting to it. Not many people might know about what Gandhi’s ideals of yoga and celibacy might be, but I, for one, do know that no women or person, for that matter, should be treated in such a derogatory manner to uphold it (His ideals).

      And you should note that he worked side by side with our county’s most progressive and radical thinkers. Freedom wasn’t a one man movement. They all had degrees and education. And even they couldn’t put up with this side of his.
      And his calling of people who refuse to accept his twisted ideals as those of “smaller” minds further brings to light a more condescending persona. Let’s just call it what it is: A blatant misuse of respect and nothing else.

    88. sweta

      so you dont have a ‘smaller mind’ right?? so you support his activities?? that means you will sleep with your grand niece one day? naked?? that means you sleep with girls naked under the sheet??? that means you can get a body massage while you are naked, from a girl, right??

    89. Sandy

      See, the thing is that Gandhi kept fucking Hindustan over and over again.
      His GOTO rationale was that simpletons won’t understand him or his ways.
      WE can also argue that simpletons blindly followed him and turned a blind eye to all his faults which eventually drew us further apart than bring us all together!

    90. Ruchi

      All of what you said could have been justified had it been a consensual affai. Problem here is not with his so called noble experiments but that he forced girls/woman into it and made them suffer and go through depressio.
      After reading your comment I somehow could not control but reply.

    91. Ajay

      If the girls or women would do it with their consent then his practice and experiments would be considered moral and right… May it be yoga or any divine practice, he has to have permission… Or else it’s nothing but harassment…

    92. Bornika

      ” If if he was not having sex with them and not even those thoughts then why are you enraged”.But nowhere does it say that he didn’t. “Ever since the 17th December [1946] when in the small hours of the morning you made those dreadful sounds, dreadful because it came from you man of such eminence, even otherwise unbecoming for any wise or old man, my head has not been at peace. ” Wonder what those sounds could be? Agreed, the author of this article is slightly presumptive, in that the phrase “[the women who sleep naked with Gandhi]” is obviously her own addition, but don’t we owe it to the many girls and women who MIGHT have been sexually abused EVER to at least not shoot down such arguments or allegations just because the alleged abuser is a respected figure?

    93. gill

      You’re Crazy.Imagine your daughter being used as an experiment. If you’re okay with it…you’re still crazy.

    94. Helen

      Congrats, you fell for another manipulator’s cover up just they he would want you too.

    95. Sina

      You could’ve easily made the same argument if he killed people. It’s not like “great men” can do whatever the hell they want just because they’re perceived as “great.

    96. Sa

      Haha. Such a sick peronality.

    97. yu ku

      why not you also try to practice similar type of yoga and request your mother, sister and daughter sleep naked beside you.

    98. SamratBee

      Your words sound of right-wing buffalo nationalism. Another dumb worshipper of a rotten legacy. As for purity ( get real who is pure and who are you to decide that ) and as for celibacy . Its utter bullshit ! Well known fact that M.K.Gandhi had sex with his grand nieces repeatedly. Also in his Tolstoy Farm he reigned as King to make men and women, boys and girls indulge in his stupid autocratic ideas of hindutva and a caste based society. Dr. B.R. Ambedkar busted him and his ideas outright and with evidence. Get real man, get over this bullshit … We dont believe in no Mahatma.

    99. Dev

      Agree with most of what you said but couldn’t slot the “right wing buffalo nationalism” and “hindutva” into this jigsaw puzzle. So who was the guy who bumped off this piece of shit?

    100. Juhi

      Seriously?? Are you fucking kidding?!? And what of the girls??

    101. Santosh Moharana

      I dont know your age at this point of time……if you are a father of a girl child then please imagine that your offspring is sharing bed with a respectable person of the nation for his physical satisfaction. And by the way, peoples’ saying that bigger mind is required to understand them !!!!!!! what a shit….. Shame on That bloody Gandhi. I think we should work on 2nd October every year boycotting the national holiday.

    102. Dev

      It’s pornography. You may not understand it because you could be numb in the pleasures of such sexual perversion in your wet and slippery dreams. Hey, relax buddy…it’s natural. Sexuality is something you don’t try to put a lid on. It doesn’t work. Gandhi went overboard with whatever he did. It makes him an extremist and a bully. Don’t understand it? Well, here’s a familiar phrase – “people of smaller mind cannot understand me…” chew on it naughty boy. 🙂

    103. Samriddhi

      I never had an idea that getting intimate with the other sex is one such practices being taught by yoga. N if u yet consider any such person who exploits ideal ; i have a kind request sir..that you better make efforts to release the rapists behind bars..they must be innocent too..or possibly driven by yoga.

    104. Dave

      What would you say to him if he suggested to sleep with your daughter naked and to touch her body in a non-sexual way? I’m sure you’d understand him greatly

    105. Reason

      Dude, would you allow your relatives for this experiment of Gandhi?
      Would you allow yourself as object for such experiment if some great lady of nation of old age controls you for it?

    106. Ashish Doneriya

      In any puran and in bhagavad gita it is not written anywhere that their is a process in which you have to sleep naked with young girl.
      in Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna calls that type of persons demons.

  2. Jyoti

    I got to know about Gandhi’s sexual experiments from a book by OSHO when I was around 15 and held great respect for him. It shook me too, just as it did to you. Later, I realized that most of the people who knew about Gandhi, knew about this fact too. It isn’t difficult to find as many books mention about his experiments. So,I learnt to take it easy. Respect the man for what he did for mobilizing the Indian population towards achieving independence from the British rule. But, he wasn’t GOD. Neither was he a very good man. So, don’t idolize him in totality. People should be credited and respected only for the good they do, not in totality. Like you said, he deserves to be condemned for using his power to sexually exploit young women for his own experiments. In fact, I feel, if he existed in today’s times, we might have been more critical about it, punishing him for his behaviour and not let him get away with it.

    1. gogo

      So you r trying to say a man even if he is capable of sex shd avoid sex at certain age u people r really pathetic man ,for every thing u look american people n when it comes to man u start looking in indian ways a rich man in america at 70 have a girlfriend of 23 yr why wd he earn money sex is the only motivation to earn money can u imagine sleeping wd a 40 yr old women ?at any point of time even ur 90 no way!for what we love dem dere anatomy otherwise what do they have dey r nothing cuz of dere vital stats dey attaract us even at 70 we ll like to sllep wd a 20 year old women otherwise ll remain alone dis is a fact……….

    2. gogo should go

      You Mr gogo, are a real ass. You can’t write one sentence properly and you want to sleep with every 20 year old. You sir, got dumped by a girl, and rightly so, who would want to be with you anyway, and are now walking around with your pathetic excuse of a life. You need introspection, and to shut up.

    3. PN

      ^ Thank you. I completely agree. The guy is an absolute jerk.. “a women at 35 is of no use for sexual purposes” — i’m still reeling from this comment! oh my god.

    4. gogo

      ha ha ha frustrated woman ur turning 30 that is why u have reacted in such a manner ………ha hah hah u people dont know how to defecate n question about gandhi ,a man of 60 yers shd hve sex wd a woman of 60 yrs r u crazy!

    5. arvinda

      Nowhere in this article are we talking about ‘SEX’ So, open your Fucked up eyes, and actually read through the whole thing. But seeing your poorly written posts, I have a feeling that you could really use some help with english tutoring.

      Anyway, back to the point, It’s not about whether or not he was capable of sex. Certainly so many other people in the Ashram were also capable of having sex. It’s about banning others while taking advantage of his power to exploit younger women, that we’re talking about. If you cannot actually debate and want to take it personally on women, attacking their sexuality and an age, I believe you could also use some mental help too.

      Also, I can’t help but mention that you’re so turned down about women turning 30. I can’t help but think you had a ‘personal encounter’ with a woman losing her sexuality by her age of 30 leaving you desperate and frustrated.

      Before you conclude that I’m yet another women who just turned 30, I’d like to clarify. I’m not a women. I’m not 30. I’m just another guy who happens to have this thing called ‘Common Sense’ which you seem to be lacking pretty pathetically!

    6. gogo

      so u have dare to find errors in my sentences ya it may b casually written but i m really impressed at ur dare ……just tell me the wrong sentences i want to see ur grasp on english…..i m not here to improve my english i know its better dan u , i dont have to worry about it n i have proved it n i dont have to prove it before u ,u can understand what i m talking about , i m here to protect people from wrong information……………..n it was my reaction u r not 30 so i can imagine ur level of knowledge n ur qualification . it cant be more dan me if it was u wd b an IAS…n if u understand hindi then i can write hindi also ……………….

    7. What Are You Saying

      Gogo I know this is just a message board and not a place to make the most beautiful sentences, but you do not know how to write in the English language. It is really a problem. Your posts look something like this: “lugf 37465o8137y fsdygflqwyg !!! iquwgfr;1uy7y3282o8ur.” At this point, gaining the ability to write in a way that makes yourself understood is more important than proving your point about Ghandi. (Which none of us can understand since we cannot understand your writing).

    8. Suubz

      You r soooo damn wrong.
      Once in India, the SATI practice was considered something very COMMON, til one man challenged it.

      SO, if none of you can understand what Gogo is writing, and what he means by his logic, people have real problem, and am living in a very wrong surrounding, INDIA.

      It’s better to keep shut, if you don’t understand a point, than to say ” I don’t understand what you say”
      There are other topics where you can use your expertise 🙂

    9. gogo

      why r u deleting my posts? if u dare just let it publish ………….

    10. gogo

      i can see ur common sense ……

    11. gogo

      u r so ugly man ,i hate ur fucked up face even u dont deserve to stand in front of me in any manner doesnt matter ur 30 or 20 u r an ugly person u r born ugly n ll die ugly ur whole life is a waste man!

    12. sima

      Perfectly said!

    13. Soumya

      Perfect reply! 🙂

    14. jaredpurdy

      There is little that is common about sense. Just ask any woman in India, or in most part of the world for that matter. And, no, it is you who has it wrong. This entire article is about sex. It’s about infidelity, it’s about some idiot making a comment that a woman is [sexually] useless past 35. Your problem is that the “common sense” that you have, few here want to subscribe to.

    15. Rose

      Angelina Jolie is almost 40 years old and she still has sex with her husband Brad Pitt who is considered to be the sexiest man alive. What’s your point gogo? Finding it hard to get a woman? Venting put some kind of moronic frustration? Pfft.

    16. Sourav

      Who is this sex crazed nut? A member of the hindutva dumb brigade?

    17. gogo

      ha ha i cant control my laughter on ur comment what has to do with right sentence in sleeping wd a woman …………perhaps u have only grammatical skill which is of no use for dese purposes n i wont care about my sentences for ur crap site ,i write here to save people from ur craps …………

    18. Rose

      These are grammatical errors in your above statement:
      – First of all, punctuate.
      – The pronoun ‘I’ should be capitalized.
      – You should have started each sentence with a capital letter.
      – ‘Your’ not ‘ur’
      – ‘With’ not ‘wd’
      – Grammatical skills not skill (should be plural)
      – ‘Can’t’ and ‘won’t’ have apostrophes in them.
      – ‘These’ not ‘dese’
      – The word ‘crap’ has no plural form, therefore ‘craps’ is as crap as you are.

      Now we also have a reason to laugh. Hahaha.

    19. gogo_bar

      So true…
      Can’t help but notice personification of an ass.. 🙂
      More shocking than the article is the fact that gogo exist on planet Earth, and is called a human not a sex crazed zombie. 🙂

    20. Linkesh


    21. Jeff

      LMAO! You sir are a hero!

    22. Monica

      Age of the male matters more than the age of women for ultimate sexual gratification. during sexual activity women is usually inactive and male is supposed to be active that is the reason why women find men who are under 30ties more attractive. 30 above males are useless for sex as they start getting physically weaker and are just not good in bed.

    23. gogo

      I want u people to chose ur partner of ur age but unfortunately a man below 30 cant b as powerful as ND tiwari so some women ll b sleeping wd him for a ticket n when her purpose gets served after a few years dey ll allege him to b a sexual predator, triya charitram purushshy bhagyam daivo na jana kuto manushyah….

    24. someone is going to get hurt real bad

      So gogo as per your theory you will be having more than 3 mothers as of now ????Coz your father needs 20 years girl every time his wife reaches 30 .isn’t ?? Shame on who gave you birth .I think if she read this she will kill herself.

    25. gogo

      i m an orphan !but it seems u have so many fathers cuz ur fighting for a great cause for women ,right to have so many bed partners of dere choice…… u shd provide so many guys to ur mother…………….

    26. grow up gogo

      Mr. Gogo, fact is that Gandhi ji had a wife, and fact is that it is morally and lawfully wrong to lure unwilling women and young girls to sleep with you no matter what an otherwise great person you are- it is called sexual abuse. This article is merely discussing an aspect of Gandhi ji’s life that is usually omitted or ignored. Having sex is a personal choice and women as well as men are free to choose who they will have sex with and at whatever age, whether they are in their early twenties or whether they are in their seventies. I would advise you to read and educate yourself a little bit on the subjects of reproduction, where you will undoubtedly learn about the fact that most women even in their old age are capable of engaging in sexual activities and intercourse. You seem to be defending the use of young women by Gandhi ji for his sexual experiments, which in my opinion is wrong, because no women should have had to go through that. Here it is not very obvious whether the women were free to leave if they were unhappy, or if they actually were lusting for Gandhi ji’s power, as you had mentioned earlier. You implied that men don’t want to sleep with or have sex with a woman above the age of 30. I daresay that it’s just you. (I believe that you have made the right decision for choosing not to marry because I shudder to imagine what your wife would have to go through.) You, Mr. Gogo, do not represent the entire male gender. I can’t help but feel that your way of thinking is pretty much twisted. Everyone is beautiful and beauty remains even as both, men and women, age. Both genders are of course at their best, with regards to reproducing, while they are in their twenties and early thirties, however, the ability to engage in sexual intercourse gets even better as both the sexes age. Maybe you can try and do some research regarding this matter and not throw your illogical and unintelligible arguments about “ages erodes beauty” and how anyone can abuse and manipulate young girls. We appreciate Gandhi ji’s wisdom and fight for freedom, however, we cannot turn a blind eye to what had transpired behind closed doors and drawn curtains. Anyone, no matter who he or she is, is free to experiment with anything and everything as long is it does not involve immoral actions, abuse, and disrespect. Women are not possessions or “objects” of experiments- sexual or otherwise. Women are human beings and deserve love and respect. Women are mothers, daughters, teachers, wives, among many other things. I would strongly advise you to educate yourself on the subject of reproduction and learn to have respect for women. That’s all. Also, if you do happen to someday marry, I will pray that you would have grown up a little, as a human being.

    27. Suubz

      For you people, who talk so much about about inner beauty and equality in beauty..blah blah..
      just explain me on two points:

      1.) Why are the matrimonial (both papers n websites) are sooo much in demand (for your say, these should be abolished, right)
      2.) Why actors like Manoj Bajpai, Ashutosh Rana (all superb actors) find it hard to stay in the film industry, while shits like Salman and Ranbir who can’t act.
      If you can give a logical counter to this, OK, your point accepted. Till then, don’t say such things.
      Gender equality, color equality, blah blah..WOW..they are awesome to hear..awesome to debate, but please..take off the veil formur face and see the world.
      India has some real issues….Will Smith can boost of being one of the highest paid actor in the industry, same thing can’t be said by Nana Patekar.
      Therefore, when you give such nice long speeches sitting in India…which itself is a very much lost nation (pondering on the fact what to do…to cope blindly the WEST…or to follow your own traditions)..your comments look out of context and useless!!!!

    28. Really?

      1)Matrimonial ads mustn’t be banned because every once in a while, a person wakes up to the fact that their prospective spouse must be more than just the sum of their height, build and complexion… ye sab to Taj Mahal ki meenarein bhi hai, go marry one of them!
      2)Perhaps it’s just because of the kind of cinema they choose to do? They’re ready to NOT rake in the moolah for doing masala flicks and would rather do what is termed ‘arthouse’ cinema (or as I would say, the one with the equally good stories but a smaller budget)

    29. Ravi

      Gogo you should go have sex with an 80 year old man already. You seem to be obsessed with having sex with really old men. Good luck to you!

    30. gogo GO!!

      Literally agree with You!!

    31. Singh

      I have the 100% same view…

  3. Vidyut

    Long overdue. This side of Gandhi cannot be criticized enough. In my view, it has also left a lasting eclipse on the dignity of the women of India. When a man the stature of Mahatma Gandhi treats them as mere objects sans value, it also becomes a role model. Very well written, and I use blunter words to say that whatever else he may be, Gandhi was an exploiter of women and has done immeasurable harm to how women are seen and the fact that this is dismissed so easily reflects on how little value women hold in the Indian mind.

    Apart from the exploitation of young girls, the man was unspeakably cruel to his wife. She was not consulted when he vowed celibacy. Her opinion did not matter when he made such a public tamasha of sleeping with other women and perhaps the worst public insult was that in testing himself against temptation, he deemed his wife lacking attraction with his pursuit of other women to test his celibacy with. Regardless of how great a man he was, the women around him were human and if a great man cannot have basic sensitivity, the greatness is worthless.

    The father of the nation indeed. Is it any surprise that women are not valued today with a father like that?

    1. Abhishek

      Although in spirit I seem to agree with you, but you just irritate me with your careless choice of words and mindless over-generalizations, such as: ‘When a man the stature of Mahatma Gandhi treats them as mere objects sans value, it also becomes a role model.’ or ‘so easily reflects on how little value women hold in the Indian mind.’ or ‘Is it any surprise that women are not valued today with a father like that?’. I guess you love a lot of needless volatile drama. Why can’t you say the simple truth in simple words such as: ‘We will have to agree Gandhi was a sinner’.

    2. Rita Banerji

      Vidyut — You are right. This was only one of the things about Gandhi that was deeply misogynistic. And not surprisingly so, given his fundamental view and treatment of girls and women. He was a wife beater, but had no issues about it. He said his wife ‘learnt’ from it! He first forced sex on her and later celibacy. I’m astonished how many biographers, even western biographers, have said, his wife had no issues with it, so what! He sympathized with men who killed their daughters who were raped, and when people objected he said girls should spare their fathers this terrible task by killing themselves! His views on prostitutes, on tribal communities and their openly sexual ways, on children in orphanages (all products of ‘sin’ apparently) were outrageous! There’s no end to it. For me what was puzzling was that there was a vociferous, and powerful women’s movement emerging in the late 1800s and early 1900s that suddenly went silent. They understood ‘bodily integrity’ the way even today the mainstream Indian feminists in academics and heading women’s organizations don’t or don’t talk about it. And I thought what happened? And Gandhi happened! He was so powerful he changed the vision and direction of the women’s movement — and I can see how his view of women and women’s role in Indian society underlies the kind of stuff that women’s rights activists have been spouting for the last few decades since independence. This way of redefining and formatting it within some kind of a cultural context. Of making it women’s jobs to be the ‘mothers’ of men, and bearing the ‘burden’ of everything– violence, discrimination etc. patiently. Talking them into ‘giving’ them rights instead of demanding it as a given to each and every citizen. That’s not to say that everyone should have followed him blindly like dumb cattle. But unfortunately we did!

    3. sai kiran sharma (@wolf1711)

      Rita, The term “Himalayan Blunder” did not appear in Indian English until 1962 Indo-China war. It is after the 1962 Indo-China war we started using the term Himalayan blunder. So, was this letter translated? At which date? definitely after 1962?

    4. Rita Banerji

      Sai Kiran Sharma — This letter is from N K Bose’s collection. Parasuram had clearly approached Gandhi’s close associates with his complaint, perhaps for their help. It’s also in Girja Kumar’s compilation of letters to and from Gandhi ‘Mahatma Gandhi’s letters on Brahmacharya” Gandhi himself used the term “Himalayan Miscalculation” for other decisions he made. No it’s an old English term, (tallest mountain and blunder) and they used type-writers to write letters (Parasuram was Gandhi’s typist) so they were communicating in English unless Gandhi hand-wrote letters to some. Notice how Parasuram mentions he was made to type one letter that upset him very much. The 1962 reference is to a book actually that the Indian govt did not like because of it’s references to the Chinese invasion etc. and banned the book. The title was meant to be a pun using an English (English) phrase.

    5. sai kiran sharma (@wolf1711)

      Am not a Fan of Gandhi. Good riddance, thanks to Nathu Ram Godse, else the country would have been divided into 5.

      I have a professional history with country’s Defence research area, DRDO et al. So I accurately know what “Himalayan Blunder” is. And the reasons behind why the term “Himalayan Blunder” came in exactly. And not only that, I even know why Brig. J.P.Dalvi titled his book so. Well you would know it, if you know why R&AW came into existence, why ARC was clubbed with R&AW and why certain DRDO’s divisions are clubbed with R&AW and ARC.
      As far as the letter is concerned. I am only pointing out to this one sentence:
      “You commit Himalyan blunders. But you refuse to see these things and when told, you are irritated…I say you are conceited and constitute yourself to be the repository of all the wisdom in the world…”

      Also, the use of “…” between sentences is highly doubtful. Usually teenagers use “…” or people with extreme impatience use it. This is not even my detailed analysis.

      As an initial conclusion I would say, the best way to shame any leader or public figure in India is to shame him sexually. Reason being, sexual escapades are seen as a taboo in the present Indian society. As far as past of India is concerned lets say a 3-4 centuries back, we were quite an open society. It was not an issue at that time. Read the book by Flavius Arriana(Greek traveler) on India. According to that book, Even arranged marriages were not widely followed in Indian society. He also says, it was not considered wrong to whore yourself for an elephant.

      I dont care what Gandhi did or didnt do. The truth is, Indians are presently following every bastardized version of their own traditions.
      We have stopped questioning authority. And we make anyone a messiah who shows a little different approach. He is idolized by the general masses, without a second thought. Examples: Gandhi,Nehru, Asaram, Arvind Kejriwal(literally reminds me of a parasite which grows on another host’s body and leaves).

      Now I hear they are going to implicate Ramdev into sexual scandals too. goodness they havent yet gotten onto Sri Sri Ravishankar.
      And if these things go on, then that time will also continue. Where new heroes and monsters will be created by media everyday. Actually it is happening.
      My only point being, this letter is not authentic. Gandhi has done things which may not be appropriate. Thats immaterial at this point.
      I am only focused in the authenticity of the letter.

    6. Rita Banerji

      Sai — Shame is an over-used word in India. No this more about whether or not we — the public understand that power dynamics that sustains sexual exploitation of women and girls. We clearly don’t yet. But there’s hope! The use of quotation marks is purely academic to indicate direct quotes. I tend not to worship anything or anyone. And really evaluate each historical figure as a living museum piece. My conclusion on Gandhi was that he was critical to India’s independence movement but not for the reasons the movie cites! I think his one and only effective strategy was the swadeshi movement — economics is the reason the British left. I have to tell you that your comment also made me think about something that I took for granted and didn’t notice while doing my research. Almost all the communication between the major leaders of India’s freedom movement was in English. I wondered was this because they dictated letters which were typed on typewriters with english type-face. And then I realized — no they were from all over India. Parasuram was from Kerala. He wasn’t going to write in Gujrati. Nor Gandhi to Tagore in Hindi or vice versa in Bengali. English it had to be! It’s a revelation for me. So thank you 🙂

    7. dinesh

      And we certainly don’t hear less virtuous certain women who pro****** themselves – aren’t they mentally & emotionally sick as well? Those who come and take whatever they fancy from a man! There is a term for it…

      Show me one person on earth who has not sinned? Has one not had sexual urges – come on we are human and to err is human. Think/ponder yourself before you waste time asking stupid questions…easier to twist facts now that the person or his/her legacy is long gone….as for sex…what about us people who kill in name of honor, or Nathuram Godse’s book telling of how systematically women and children were abused, raped killed later during partition…and to point fingers at one individual for it – easy to make him scapegoat for collective sin isn’t it? think!
      (ps: Thanks for writing this stupid article IMHO based on revelations or facts – that is the controversy).

    8. sai kiran sharma (@wolf1711)

      Hi Rita,
      I only asked if this was written in English, because of the usage of the term “Himalayan Blunder”. As far as language is concerned, there were enough folks in Gandhi’s ashram from across India. or Gandhi had enough access to folks from across India who could translate may be from Tamil to Hindi, Tamil to English. Or Bengali to Hindi and vice versa.

      Question you need to ask yourself is, before the English came into India or Mughals came into India, there were people of the subcontinent still interacting with each other. And if someone is of an opinion that India is a British creation, then let me remind her/him that India existed under Mauryan Empire as one piece, how were people interacting with each other then between 322 to 185 BCE that was more than 135 years? So I guess that was a non-issue.

      I pointed to the second thing was usage of “…” i.e. three dots. I used to see thing being done a lot by Teenage school girls(not in a sexist way, boys act like trolls). I even saw this three dot thing used by my Ex a lot, she was not a teenager either. But then these three dots appeared in her break-up email(the day I won my freedom back 😛 ) too.

      As far as Gandhi winning us the freedom, well I have issues with that. My Grandfather was in the British Indian Army and then was captured by Nazis in the North African theater, later under Subhash Chandra Bose he joined Indian National Army. My Dad retired as a SSC officer from the Army. So I know that it was the Kohima War which was won by British by as much margin as a Donkey’s hair. Court Martial of the captured INA officers at the Red Fort led to the Mutiny of Indian Soldiers all across the British Indian Armed forces. We were 25 Lakh and they were just under 1200 in numbers. This aspect was also pointed out by Colonel Bakshi in his Talk.

    9. Linkesh

      Sai, I agree that the use of … is strange. It’s a literary use which means that some parts of the quoted text were omitted. However, it doesn’t seem that any text was omitted while reading it. The ending of the letter is also rather abrupt and does not seem to me to be the true end.

      The term Himalayan Blunder, I believe could be linked to Gandhi’s use of the term in reference to his early attempt at nationwide boycott of the British, which devolved into riots and violence.

      I ẃish the author would disclose the source of this letter.

    10. sai kiran sharma (@wolf1711)

      Hi Linkesh,
      As far as I know of Gandhi’s usage of the term it was “Himalayan Miscalculation” and not “Himalayan Blunder”.
      Also, yes, thanks for bringing the point to my notice that, the letter ends abruptly.

    11. Ram Chadalavada

      Ok Rita. In your monomaniacal perspective (at times tending towards feminist extremism and one bathed in a rather west oriented worldview), you go too far in your comment to Vidyut. Please provide “credible” evidence for each your allegations on Gandhi. If you’ve noted my comments to your earlier article and this one, you would find I’m neither “regressive nor defensive”. I look forward to a reasoned debate based on evidence and facts focused on issues, not misplaced iconoclasm. As perhaps older and wiser women advocates might ask you, where do you think you’re going in portraying Gandhi as deleterious to Indian women’s movement?

    12. sai kiran sharma (@wolf1711)

      As far as the letter is concerned, its fake. Who uses “…” except for the lazy teenagers? And “Himalayan Blunder” didnt appear until the book “Himalayan Blunder” by JP Dalvi. Alas one of the many internet hoax. As much of as a hoax as the famous imaginary letter exchanges between Ghalib and Marx.
      Actually in India the only way to shame a national figure is by “sexual” scandals, if the figure under question is a Male.

    13. Ravi

      Hi Ram, it’s funny that you call it “feminist extremism” I am in support of you disagree with the author or even her accusation, nothing wrong with that. But men are the majority of criminals on this planet – they are the ones filling jails, starting wars, fueling government corruption, raping and molesting children and adult women, murdering, etc. etc. You should be a little bit more worried about extremist men who think violence is normal. So-called “extremist feminism” is not really a big threat to you or me. 🙂

    14. Ram Chadalavada

      Hi Ravi, I used the term feminist extremism to denote what I perceive to be the intellectual prism with which Ritu Banerjee views Gandhi. I’ve not read a broadbased criticism by her about Gandhi anywhere. So, your reference to men being criminals etc is not really relevant although I of course agree with it and do protest against that as well.

    15. Soumya

      I completely agree with you Vidyut INCLUDING your choice of words. They are not dramatic but very much spot on. It is a sad state of affairs that a lot of men in our country cannot see the truth of this statement. When someone is idolized, his actions and way of living all become ok, something to strive for, even. Also I’m surprised that he associated sex only with violent thoughts and therefore sex seen is a bad thing. Is it so hard to imagine that sex may evoke feelings of love, passion, mutual surrender and togetherness?…Oh wait, in order for those thoughts you would actually have to respect women..

    16. Rina Mukherji

      I only have one problem with the write-up. How does Rita claim that Gandhi ultimately stopped exploiting young girls after he was confronted by several followers and leaders of the time? Until the end, we had Abha and Manu on either side of him being used as his walking sticks. The letter quoted was also brushed aside, according to Rita, with Gandhi refusing to concede to the demands made.

      As for the immorality of his experiments, it has been the standard practice to gloss over these as one of his eccentricities. Probably, it is the result of our feudal/colonial hangover which believes in ignoring what is unpalatable. Anyway, high time we confront reality and show the ” great ” in their true light!

      Finally, I would also like to question his family members on this; after all, no family would like a grand-niece or granddaughter-in-law exploited thus. Why did the family not stop him ?

    17. Harsh Shah

      Please dont believe whatever you read, look up the facts. Manu and the doctor in the future described Gandhi as a motherly figure. If it was consensual to such an extent that it helped the girls, and well that it was agreed upon by both parties (consensual), why make it a big deal, infact it only makes the differentiates a Mahatma from the rest. Ideally he didnt differentiate between man/woman and neither should you. God, f*****g extremists.

    18. Akshat P

      I agree with Vidyut, she has the power like her name.
      If these aspects of Gandhiji’s life are true with evidence,its really shocking and
      hinsa (voilence) against faith and trust of his devotees.Why he needed to
      experiment like these which were of no use to other Indians nor the need of the time as he was a leader for masses for freedom fighting not a sex guru .He just misused his position in this aspect.I respect his ideas and ways he implemented
      them to gain freedom and respect from masses with the resources available at that time but for this I have objection too.Because if the whole society starts
      following his practice like that Indian society will be totally disturbed.

      But the fact is still people who are popular misuse their popularity to enjoy some personal pleasure as law and people support them blindly.blindly.

      We should not blindly follow a person for everything he does if logically we find it bad.

  4. Dr R K Mohanty

    This is all non-sense.It is only to hurt the sentiments of Indians.Please stop this.See the soul of a man who was walking on this earth with flesh,blood and bone.

    1. Abhishek

      It would hurt my Indian sentiments to not condemn the wrong. By condemning the wrong in a man, one doesn’t take away the goodness in him. What Gandhiji has done for the country is, perhaps, uncomparable. But what is wrong is wrong and it needs to be noted. One would be too fragile, if someone equated the admonishing of the darker side of Gandhiji with the shattering of national sentiments. One ought to learn to live above mere metaphors.

  5. SANJAY RAJ S/O Dr R K Mohanty

    Once upon a time,the greatest scientist of the world told that People may imagine one day whether a man called Gandhi was walking on this Earth.
    See his spiritual way of living.

  6. Smt Kadambini Rout

    My Dear People
    Never try to write in such way.Respect SEX because It is the source of creation & Destruction.We should worship Sex.

    1. arvinda

      Then why did Gandhi Ji ban sex in the ashram?

    2. dinesh

      Show me one person on earth who has not sinned? Has one not had sexual urges – come on we are human and to err is human. Think/ponder yourself before you waste time asking stupid questions…easier to twist facts now that the person or his/her legacy is long gone….as for sex…what about us people who kill in name of honor, or Nathuram Godse’s book telling of how systematically women and children were abused, raped killed later during partition…and to point fingers at one individual for it – easy to make him scapegoat for collective sin isn’t it? think!

    3. Nadeem&co

      “we should worship sex(^_^)?”

  7. Gloria Greenwood

    If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck it’s still a duck no matter how much “bigger” his mind is than others. Have you ever read the story about the king’s new clothes?
    Quit deluding yourself and ignoring the truth. He abused his power and he abused women, it doesn’t matter what he called it.

  8. Sada

    We all know why countries spends more money on war and fight than eradicating conflicts, poverty etc. There is a answer that lies at the very micro level i.e basic individual level. Society is composed of individuals. Because we human being love negative things, this micro nature reflected in the macro level in the function of community, society and states. We invest enormous energy in exploring negativity. Digging negativity in everything even if it requires wild and pervert impossible imagination. This is the reason why society does not progress, because majority of minds are busy in digging only negative things.I surprise why such efforts are not made for good things. This is the world where media, writers many so called talented spend their powerful minds to dig deeper into all that is negative for publicity purpose and also some earning income. They throw venom on everything that they dislike ideologically and personally, writing and speaking skills are used to motivate the public. Somehow these days the trend in research is going deeper into all that is negative and very few have time to do research on something valued and positive. I doubt if this writer can write a single piece of article to inspire people positively! From few anecdotal letters (one does not know the motive behind these letters) the author could generalize too much! Some violent people who are not peace inside don’t like Gandhi’s ideals often retaliate in a very cunning manner. The author is an example of those….mush like RSS!

    1. arvinda

      So are you suggesting that a really healthy and stable society can make progress by brushing negativity under the carpet? Strange reasoning. Enlighten me there please!

    2. gogo

      wow! man its a mature reply………..these cheap people even dont know how to respond r challenging Gandhi i cant stop laughing about the author n her supporters they r trying to spit on sun …….i must think about dere dare!

    3. DMS

      Does your comment change facts?

  9. Ram Chadalavada

    I interpret your writings invoking Gandhi’s example as an attempt to raise outrage against female sexual abuse in the current generation by contrasting their apathy with the protests by the very inner circle of Gandhi.
    But my concern as a Gandhi admirer would be that younger generations and/or those neutral towards Gandhi would be put off in totality by this and ignore what he genuinely represented and accomplished. Hence I prefer more broadbased and nuanced views on this subject:

    I would also like to quote from an article by Achal Mehra (especially relevant is Gandhi’s attitude towards Parashuram’s dissent):
    Whatever else we may know or not know about Gandhi, of this we can be sure: He most surely would not have discouraged debate or criticism of any aspect of his fascinatingly complex life. On quite the contrary, he would have actively encouraged and engaged it.
    Lelyveld points out in his book how Gandhi rebuked his interpreter Nirmal Kumar Bose for “glossing over in his Bengali interpretation his attempt at one of his prayer meetings to offer a frank public account” of his controversial practice of sleeping with naked young women toward the end of his life.
    Even more remarkably, when his stenographer Parsuram quit over the sexual experiments, expressing concern that the resulting gossip would undermine his public image and social objectives, Gandhi wrote, “I like your frankness and boldness…. You are at liberty to publish whatever wrong you have noticed in me and my surroundings. Needless to say you can take whatever money you need to cover your expenses.”

    Those words alone are eloquent testimony to Gandhi’s genius — and greatness.

    That being said I agree that Gandhi did not have any right to coopt or abjure anyone for what were primarily his own experiments.

    1. Anoshka

      The great man of India is in fact a pedophile..All his statues in London should be removed..If he was a great man for Indians…he is no more great for people around the world…why we Idolize such a man when horrible truth of him is disclosed.

    2. Anoshka

      Gandhi statues in London should be removed… he is a pedophile and I do not think anyone would idolize such a man any more at least outside of India.

  10. Indian

    Gandhi’s nakedness and such practices are because of Jain influence. If you read about his family and childhood, you will find how strong was the Jain munis’ impact on his family, mother and him. In Gujarat, Jains have a disproportionate influence because their money and ‘vegetarian values’. While shwetambaras wear just white dress, digambaras who are more numerous in other states remain naked in their ahsrams and also on the streets. These ‘vegetarian-austere’ values give the feeling of ‘superior morality’ to a large section. Under the garb of this, such things happen. Eating meat is not immoral but it is made into such an act. However, if you look austere and vegetarian, you are seen as a person of high moral value and you get all privileges, sanctions….

  11. Abir

    i wonder if this idiot who published this article has read Gandhi’s book “control of the self”

    1. someone is going to get hurt real bad

      And I wonder if you read the above article completely ..Before calling someone as Idiot ,kindly go an look at the mirror.
      oKAY think if your one of your family member was his test subject ,would you have supported him then ??.

    2. Yes I am quite a feminist!

      I’m sure this “idiot” you are talking about has done way more referencing than you have with that one book of Gandhi “control of the self”…
      you’ll need to realize he was a hypocrite with absolutely no values……………n we call “Gandhi”-” the father of our nation”!…lmao….so that’s the basis to the values of our country…..what else can we expect from the men who are such strong believers and followers of that old man…kudos to the men of our country who preach him despite all his misdeeds unveiled!…………….u have the qualities somewhere in you to become the next Gandhi….or might I say….a rapist!

    3. Ravi

      you can control yourself without lying nude next to children. If you think it’s not wrong go ask any parent or if you have your own child, and ask them to sleep next to a nude yogi. You will get slapped for asking such a question by the parents

  12. Nitin

    This man is obsessed with relating Sonia Gandhi to KGB –; there are theories of Muhammad being pedophile; there are large number of followers of a ‘Flat Earth Society’; and if you write something on blogs/news sites/ forums etc. against muslims they will come up with all sets of wild theories and historical references of how Islam is better than any other religion.

    It was India prior 50’s and only source of information that flowed was through writing and mouth. The man was worshiped, followed and idolized for his soul and principles. The only possible way to defame was to create fiction between him and his female helpers, and thus whatever articles and notes you mentioned. So if you start similar digging, you may find Hitler a saint, and Draupadi a whore. Point being if you come across something which only handful of people believe in, its better to ditch it.

    Now there are things about us men, which you being a woman wont understand. It will be hard but try keeping yourself in his shoes. You now carry the burden of fighting for independence, avoiding participation in world wars, showing hope to billion people, bringing equality in society, sticking to your beliefs and principles and be ready to walk 80km for it, go jail several times, etc. and that too without raising a single arm. So now will you( remember you are a man now ) ever do something to jeopardize all these things. The answer is no.

    1. carvaka

      I would suggest that you reconsider any argument that needs support from something as baseless as ‘Now there are things about us men, which you being a woman wont understand.’. On what basis do you imagine that women can’t understand men or vice versa? What nonsense. Do you also believe that men’s sexual urges and uncontrollable and women’s aren’t? There isn’t actually much difference in male and female brains. In fact, maybe surprisingly for you, some men don’t understand other men either. It’s called being individuals.

    2. arvinda

      Rightly put. I have a hard time trying to reason out what I’m reading on the comments here! Seriously guys? That’s all evolution has brought in us?

    3. Nitin

      No there are differences between men and women. Women believe in self respect, while we in honor. They aim for top positions, while we respect hierarchy. Men are known for breaking boundaries and rules, them not, like fast and rituals women follow, different(same) attires women wear around the world(bikini in brazil and burkha in bangladesh). There is a reason why we love our mother and respect our father. There is actually a nice documentary by discovery on this. So long answer short, there exists difference between men and women.

      Understanding opposite sex ain’t rocket science. But there are things about your own sex which you can understand( behavior – logical/ irrational, reasoning, etc.) better.

      PS: Sex is overrated.

    4. carvaka

      These differences might be your personal experience but I have not come across and research pointing to these as facts. For example, you say ‘we’ respect hierarchy and assume you speak for all men while I know many men who don’t like hierarchy. In fact the Indian culture and many eastern cultures are highly hierarchal but many western cultures aren’t. So are western men not male then?

      There are many recent papers cited in this article about how male and female brains are actually just ‘human’ brains. Many gendered tendencies that we see as differences are down to cultural conditioning. I don’t think there’s anything about men that women can’t understand or vice versa. Male/ female doctors and scientists are perfectly capable of treating or researching the opposite sex. It really isn’t rocket science, on that I agree with you.

      Sex might be overrated but so is gender. We are all individuals.

    5. Nitin

      Gender is overrated?? Ok this debate is now going south, but who cares. You may be right, in differences due to cultural upbringings, which however is supporting my reasons. About brain thingy, why will there be a difference in human brains. We both depict human emotions and the counterpart can relate to them(saw gravity today). I m talking about different sets of feelings both sex possess, making it hard to understand others. For example we like cars and they diamonds. We like star wars, they twilight. Its hard to find a man who wants to be a home maker, and hard to find a woman who is a loner. There is nothing much to understand, the question is why.

      Also hierarchy means, the ladder one needs to follow to reach top. We can be tamed to follow orders, respect seniority in pyramid, and know the group we belong too(based on social status not lightness of skin), while women always eye for the person/ position at top of the pyramid. Both work hard but there approach is different(no sexual reference).

  13. Bharat Kumar Solanki

    Great workout by Rita banerji…!!! I feel to kick out all my school text books for embedding all fabricated nuisance in my mind…History must be revealed with proves but not over sentiments…lets don’t be biased…btw there was mass protest by Shikh community when Tharki Asharam was compared with Shri Guru Nanak…and obviously that will happen when one will really overlook the most desirable character to be compared with that Pakhandi Asharam….!!!!!!!

  14. carvaka

    Excellent post. Very well written. I have heard of these ‘experiments’ of Gandhi off and on but never quite got to enough detail to know that the girls were made to be naked or that Gandhi might have been practicing the ‘no ejaculation’ celibacy. It is rather sad that we are incapable critical thought when it comes to our ‘heroes’. These issues with Gandhi are sugar-coated, Modi supporters are incapable if admitting any wrong from him in Gujarat riots, Asaraam’s supporters went out on the streets to protest his arrest despite the many children’s’ dead bodies found in his ashram, nevermind the girl’s alleged abuse.

    Moreover, as you mentioned, brushing over Gandhi’s potential abuse of these girls as ‘spiritual’ or ‘pure’ basically says that we don’t a man abusing girls as long as we like him. It is dishonest. We can appreciate the bits of Gandhi’s philosophy that worked and criticise the bits that didn’t simultaneously. These things are not and should not be mutually exclusive and this is the mature way to go about it. Denial of even investigating the abuse here simply means we don’t value the lives of young women as long as the men toying with them are ‘great’ enough.

  15. Raj

    I have come across the article on Gandhi’s celibacy experiment many times before, in fact there is was a hand written letter on Manu ben published in India Today giving detail illustration of her feeling and her mental state, but nowhere you could read there was any sexual connotation. I wont agree the blogger calling him a sexual prediator. But ofcoz the content of his experiment is subject to debate. Again a ‘sexual prediator’ will keep such story underwrap but Gandhi was always very open about it, he had many times openly discussed and wrote about this experiment in his own newspaper Harijan. Also , the blogger is seem little aware of the recent news on controversial book biography Great Soul: Mahatma Gandhi And His Struggle With India . Which share the letter Gandhi exchanged with his a German-born Jewish lover boyfriend Kallenbach. Which clearly indicate he was gay.

  16. Ankush Kumar

    there are two interpretations here- one is yours ..that’s Gandhi was pervert or a child molester and he abused 13 year olds etc.
    the second may be one… he tried to say in his defense.. that he was testing his something he called “ultimate purity”.. what you think were instruments according to him.. were may be his disciples actually for him….. whom he was trying to teach how to control their sexual desires… and obviously if this is taught from earlier age.. it would be a easier thing.. and now what you call a ” physiological trauma” ….feels really big deal for you ..because no matter how much you think open minded you are……. “sex” still stings you somewhere in deep.(wondering how shitty that book would be “sex and power”~~ LOL)
    If you treat this like a subject or something that you are trying to learn for example when if someone learns to swim.. and if on some bad day accidentally if someone stay drowned for a sufficiently long time.. some people develop like dead hell phobia for water … what’d ya call it …water is abusing you or the coach or the friend who asked you to learn swimming. Like this … these things happen everywhere where you suffer from many traumas and shit while learning.
    I am not taking any sides here .. I mean seriously fuck Gandhi!! who cares !!…May be he just found explanations ..After he did something stupid.
    OR may be he was just trying to do something new in his so-called spiritual experiments which society strongly condemns ..which was a bold step ..some idiots like you and others which you have mentioned can’t understand it… I think in this experiments the only thing that matters is his “intentions” ..which looks right if you see his other works.If you think intentions were wrong.. then… i don’t know ..what to say!!!
    G2h..die in hell !!

  17. Kalpana Sharma

    These are made up stories for cheap popularity. It’s been constantly observed that our great leaders are being defamed especially by weaving sexual exploitation stories stories. We Indians are being robbed of our great leaders so that we loose our self esteem. There is no comparison between asaram and any of our historical leaders.

    1. X

      To add to that, these arguments can be made for anyone. There is a saying, every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future. Gandhi at one end, did what he did for the country. That doesn’t make him a good man, it just makes him a patriotic man. In his work for the country, there were loads of contributions. In his works otherwise, it is disputable. But do we remember him for his personal life, no. So raising this question is stupidity.

      If you want to talk about rape, woman abuse or even feminism for that matter, talk about that and don’t route the ideas from the character of Gandhi to this. Two different stories, keep it separate.

    2. Biju

      In line with what Kalpana said. There are lots problem we face at the moment. Let the writers focus themselves on current issues where and when we live rather than dig into the past. If we try to solve the problem of the past we will never reach the present. But if we try to solve the problem of the present we will reach future.

    3. Sam sundar

      Wonderful logic. So should the same be applied for example to the abuses by the Church and other religious institutions over many decades,the killings by the Nazi’s, the arrests and disappearance of thousands in Chile because they took place in the distant past?. When some one attempts to correct a twisted historical record and banish the “selective approach” to defining history you attempt to come up with a flimsy argument about the present and future. Your approach to the past clearly shows how the present and future is going to be dealt with. Clearly you are advocating for an institutionalised denial of the past to preserve the holiness of an individual while urging the writer to address the present and future. Only a hypocritical writer will do that.

  18. Nogo

    As disturbing as the blind side of our history books, this guy ‘gogo’ has taken male chauvinism to new disturbing heights. Whatte dickhead in all sense of that word! “No sexual purpose?” No one ever said anything about having sex or the contrast in age. What troubles is his high minded experiments didn’t happen with a complete will of the woman. And please for god’s sake gogo, stop addressing women as a commodity. Furthermore also get yourself a ‘wren and Martin’ textbook; it will definitely help with your English.

    1. gogo

      I dont need ur expert opinion n i know ur a shakespear n i can understand ur level of english its not a literature class n why shd i take care of grammer for dis rubbish feminist article .U people r abusing father of the the nation den ur committing a crime u people shd b hanged , i have said truth n u people got hurt ,its my personal opinion n u people r not osho or gandhi dat i shd pay heed on ur opinion. N i can understand ur maturity level……..look at u man ur nothing who cares about u ? Ha ha teach me mr.shakespear u r a learned person ha haha…….For me women r only commodity n a sexual objects ……so what!


      mr.gogo, i wont use cliched words like mpc for you, you are much more vile than that!!!! Know this (coz you are obviously ignorant) you came out of a woman, try pulling a baby out of your stuck up ass , that’s right, you cant!!! women are superior to men in every way possible, they sacrifice 7 days of every month for the progression of our species , you cant make that sacrifice can you? you cant even type complete words let alone give away 7 days!! so i think you should keep your views to yourself and not get into conversations which is obviously above your understanding , but i wish you would try to work on improving common sense in the time to come. i hope no women has the misfortune of being your wife or girlfriend. And i definitely hope you rot in hell .

    3. gogo

      U didnt say we serve in d lonely siachine glacier to serve our wives, to provide food n shelter n other amenities for our wives u didnt say we join police forces to serve our wives ,we can die any moment when we die our job is transferred to our wives n dey get lots of money n dey again get married n again dey start dere lives but we! we r dead in service of our wives ,i was reading a case ,a woman eloped wd her past boyfriend she again returned to his colony(same locality) n she started living wd her paramour she bred children in front of him n her husband died in frustration after regular excessive consumption of liquor, when he died she returned to inherit her property ,she was also a woman n this case is actual ,so what say ?,n i have practically seen d callousness of women towards dere husbands so dont try to teach me …..n i personally have examined d chastity of women so dont make me fool ………if u havent seen these instances i can say u r living in fiction n i announce i hate women ,n u talk about teasing a woman i wont give this pleasure to them as i m a conspicuously handsome man ok!

    4. gogo

      i must say u r an illiterate person , u dont have d knowledge of biology , u cant differentiate between d tissues of vagina n anus even u dont know about the hormones secreted during pregnancy period , So u can think who is ignorant, anus is not attached to uterus its sole purpose is to excrete wast product ……i wont give more explanation on ur ignorance cuz u people r deleting my reply …. U cant even understand our sacrifice ur little brain wont b able to sustain dis trauma ,hope u ll understand now!

    5. DD

      Hey GOGO dancer! You just said “why shd i take care of grammer for dis rubbish feminist article”.
      Dude, if it’s rubbish… why waste your time and energy in here? Go to a brothel and lose your virginity. It will be a boon for all of us here. And not just us – OH MY GOD! YOUR LIFE WILL GET BETTER AFTER EJACULATION. Do it man. We are all supportive of your Penis, penetrating a Virginia to Fornicate-Under-Consent-of-Kingkong Gandhi. Just remember, rape is a punishable crime. Have fun.

  19. Biju

    Your senses can deceive you at times. We know who Gandhi is and is not from books and his writings as none of us were present at the moment. If at all we had the luxury of the present digital world we would then had better understanding of who exactly Gandhi was. Remember when tall trees falls many small ones are affected and are known by many. Books written on prominent personalities at times are biased or with certain intention. Who exactly know what is right or wrong?

  20. shashi

    Since beginning I don’t like this old crap Gandhi .It was Subhash Chandras Bose who was the wonder man responsible for India’s freedom. Anyway my point here here is Gandhi was genius powerful asshole of his time.

  21. Kingsley

    First, I agree that we should be aware of, and discuss Gandhi’s treatment of women as sex objects, same as we should be raising a sceptical eye towards Subash Chandra Bose’ partnering with the Nazis. All of our leaders had deep flaws.

    You make a very important core point, but it’s marred by the accusations of hypocrisy. Gandhi described his experiments with young women in “My experiments with Truth”. The fact that you don’t seem to have researched that primary material also reflects poorly on an otherwise well-written article.

  22. sunita

    I think u r the most worthless woman in this world who hates men because they do not like u,so why u r pointing on the “the father of our nation”.U have no any othet work except exploiting a great man who brought us freedom from british rule,hm?U r not going to get reward fot it.Jamana badal gaya hai.

  23. Anil Zankar

    All points well taken. Funnily, even though they had all along being eliminated from all official texts, the fact that he experimented thus was common knowledge even to the school boys in my growing up days. It has been pointed out by scholars that his deep-rooted feeling of guilt was due to the fact that when his father died, he was engaged in sex with his wife. He apparently never got over that. One found echoes of this in Deepa Mehta’s film Fire, when the husband tells his wife that he wants to do his ‘agnipariksha’. You are right in saying that people did oppose his ideas. Master Vinayak even satirized him about prohibition in the film Brandi ki Botal in 1939. Rationalists have all along had problems with many of his ideas and practices. The fact that he was respectable in many ways does not mean that questioning some of his practices and ideals and means is not respectable. The world has moved on and such critical examination of historical figures is very much a part of the social agenda.

  24. Namit

    Baseless allegations; i used to think the same way before reading and researching. Now most of the so called anti-gandhi will like this post, because they think it is cool to abuse gandhi; even when you dont know nothing about the man. I agree he was not a perfect man but these allegations are absolutely non sense.

  25. J P Sundharam

    Hindu culture from ancient times was not just diverse by language, culinary taste, and social hierarchy (caste system to patrilinieal/ matrilineal systems) but also by religion (atheist, Buddhism & Jainism which were agnostic, tribals who were animists – and Puranic religion of Vishnu & Shiva which had subsumed the Vedic religion of Brahma & Indira).

    In this melting pot (which we now call Hinduism) sex was seen as one among the many paths to attain nirvana or god. How do we know this? All we have to do is look around and we will see ancient temples full of larger than life nude statues in various positions of sexual union – not just between men & women but also homosexuality & lesbianism and bestiality liberally thrown in.

    In those days going to a prostitute was considered ‘good’ sexual education and her trade was plied openly in the middle of the market. ‘Chinna veedu’ (literally small home – where a man keeps a second wife) is still prevalent and accepted in most of south (all that the Hindu Marriage Act did was to force Hindus to convert to Islam to legally marry again or hide the marriage itself)

    Many Indian dance forms largely came from devadasi (temple prostitutes) who at one time were revered as no less than goddess. Even today worship of the union of Shiva’s phallus with Parvati’s womb is still prevalent and celebrated with great joy and respect. Transgender and hermaphrodites (commonly referred to as Hijras) were welcome and accepted in society. In fact those of us remember the Ayyappan story know that we even have our very own transgender god (Vishnu) who changed form into Mohini to have a child out sexual union with Shiva. LGBTs in the West are only now gaining some level of acceptance.

    The Hinduism that we now see is a fairly recent development of the last 700 years (assuming we accept the Sangh Parivar’s story that Indian culture is 5,000-10,000 year strong/ long). It took less than the 500 years (from the Slave dynasty to Mughal rule) of Muslim rule for Hindus to adopt Islamic culture of purdah, child marriage and unfair treatment of women. After just 250 years of British Raj, Hindus took even less time to conform to the Victorian Christian moral outlook wherein sex was considered as sin, the concept of a Unitary God gained ground and the morality of Abrahamic religions became dominant.

    Sadly most of us Bharatvasi feel ashamed of our own ancient heritage post the acceptance of the morality of the Islamo-Christian culture. Hence there is little doubt that many of us today, like Rita Banerjee, who feel a sense of moral outrage and sexual exploitation in the act of Gandhi. I neither uphold nor condemn Gandhi. He’s dead and gone. What is important is to:-
    • first understand how much warped is our own sense of morality and
    • then not use it to sit in judgment over others.

    1. sai kiran sharma (@wolf1711)

      Hello Sundharan,
      A very well written post. Reminds me of a Milk shake being served to me. but, just before it was served some one spit into it. This spit refers to your reference to Sangh Parivar. I guess Sangh parivar and RSS have always stressed on Hindu a 5000 year long strong way of life, but not a religion.

      Your post reflects upon your in-depth knowledge and excellent observation. But, you failed to observe Sangh behaviour? In Andhra Pradesh, Sangh and RSS are demonized. For reasons I never understood. I remember everytime I used to travel to Vishakhapatnam from Bhilai. my relatives would be damn angry on me for being a part of RSS.

      Whatever, you observed in your post, literally was pointed out by RSS activists in their books.

  26. partymonger

    Oh look, a sexually active man who likes to experiment. Lets take him down.

    Hilarious article. And hilarious letter by his assistant. “Dont touch women, dont put a hand on their shoulders”. Seems something right out of the Victorian era.

    There is no proof for any of the accusations you make, just hearsay. You have based it all on the extremely and overtly narrow-minded judgements of people who had one idea of Gandhi and were shattered when the reality was in contrast to what they believed he would be like.

    There is no credible proof that-
    1) He did this without consent.
    2) That he harmed these women in anyway.
    3) That the crying from women was anything but condemning them selves as per the narrowmindedness prevalent during those times where a woman could not be sexually independent.

    The guy in his letter is shocked over naked male genitals. LOL

    I wonder why all you activist types predate on a sexually independent man. And when you have nothing to say, like @Vidyut , you go on to sentence them for being unfaithful to their wives. Who knows what arrangement they had among themselves? Maybe she liked to watch? Maybe she liked threesomes? Maybe she had her own affairs. What does their private sexual lives matter to you? Why do you have to sit on judgement over it?

    Its hilarious how you think prodding and demeaning someone like Gandhi using patchwork research gives your invalid and narrow-minded thought process some sort of credibility. People like sex. Get over it.

  27. arvinda

    Reading the last few comments Gogo, I think he’s not worth talking to or talking about. He’s beyond reason and is proud of that fact. Should we just leave that poor bastard alone and move on with our more important lives? It’s a sad little fact that there’re a lot of similar people in our country and this bunch of morons best ignored. We indians unfortunately have to outwork these scumbags to lead India to where we see fit.

    1. gogo

      ur the biggest bastard i have ever seen in my entire life , what was d need to write above instructions ,if u were a prudent person u wont made such type of senseless comments against me u r trying to tarnish d image of gandhi do u even know about gandhi u ugly moron !First learn how to DEFECATE properly den raise finger against venerable people …….

  28. teampatiphotog

    Ben Franklin was also a perv, and Martin Luther King cheated on his wife. Nothing surprises me any more.

  29. Jared Purdy

    I’m not sure why it should be so surprising that he slept with a cadre of young girls, he’s as much a product of sexism and patriarchy in India as any man, and to top it off he had considerable political power. It also comes as no surprise to me that that part of his life is omitted from the school curriculum. Many people treat him as if he was a god, and sexual indiscretions don’t sit well with “god-like” characterizations. To this day, Japan’s invasion of China during WWII, and the subsequent sexual enslavement of thousands of Chinese women is totally omitted from school curriculum in Japan. Why? It’s painful and casts dishonour on a people treat honour as a cornerstone of their society. As for the “purity of his ideas”, that does not exclude having sex with lots of women of girls. Life is full of contradiction. Religious people of all denominations engage in sexual misconduct. Wake up man!

    1. sai kiran sharma (@wolf1711)

      There are a few observations I need to add for you to rethink and for all of us to rethink:
      1. The term “Himalayan Blunder” has been used in the make believe letter, this term did not come into usage until Brig. J.P. Dalvi’s post 1962 Indo-china war book “The Himalayan Blunder”.
      2. Exactly who uses three dots “…” in the letter? Teen age school girls or else my ex, she used three dots in the break up email(the day I won my freedom back 😛 ).
      3. Before the Brits or the Mughals came India was a very much matriarchal society. observe the ancient temples and Hindu religious texts.
      4. The letter ends abruptly.
      5. Gandhi died in 1947, good riddance thanks to Nathu Ram Godse, else India would have been split into 5 nations.
      6. Read the articles related to why Nathu Ram Godse killed Gandhi.

    2. Rose

      The letter ends abruptly because if I’m not mistaken, the article stated that this was just an excerpt of a 16 page letter. Or am I missing something else?

    3. sai kiran sharma (@wolf1711)

      What about the other points i pointed out? Have easily ignored them, eh? One wonders whats there in the full letter? why only excerpts? Its like a TRP hungry news article , eh?

  30. gogo

    ohohoh so u ll lead INDIA !The above topic is just a crap ,so it doesnt worth my reply so i have written such kind of strong words against women ……u dont worth my time why m i wasting my time ,i m not here to improve my english dear i dont have to b a writer,, Shakespear like u but if u people ll b advertising feminist philosophy i wd b dere to oppose ,I have never seen any topic on this site which is different, everyone is harping on same thing men r demons n women r victims …

  31. DXL

    F*ck your stupid ideals if it is outraging the modesty of a woman. She was born equal, she is not an asset or an incident.

  32. Youth Ki Awaaz

    Dear Readers,

    This article was posted because it gives an opportunity for discussion and for opinionated people like you to either support or disregard this opinion. It’s all about creating those conversations on our platform. So please agree to disagree and engage further with an opinion you disagree with. As mentioned above, Youth Ki Awaaz is an independent platform and the views of our writers don’t necessarily represent the views of the platform. We encourage all views and all sides of any particular subject. However, if any person disagrees with the opinions expressed, you can talk about it in the comment section. Other than this, you can also write an article stating your disagreement and your opinions.

    Tanaya Singh
    Executive Editor, Youth Ki Awaaz

    1. Ram Chadalavada

      Hi Tanaya,
      While I have commented earlier, I’d like to know how to go about writing a rebuttal article on your platform. I’m afraid I’ve lost my sympathies for some aspects of Ritu’s iconoclasm after reading her polemical and rather strident views in more recent comments.

    2. YouthKiAwaaz

      Hi Ram, you can send in your article at

  33. Sumegha

    Where is this statue located?

  34. MNK

    Such an absolute jerk you are, gogo. Really shocking that assholes like you live on planet Earth. More shocking than the article actually. Do you even know what the article is about? Its not about men or women or age or any such shit. Its just as plain as this – how can a person (of any sex) use another person (of the same / opposite sex) for his “experiments” or sexual pleasures without his / her consent. You need to open your fucked up eyes and read and understand. Else you need to shut up.

  35. Jerk Gogo

    Well I am a guy.. There is no justification for the way Gandhi Behaved.. Gogo is a disgusting human being.. I don’t know if such people can be traced down.. But it is important for such creatures to be traced down.. It is scary, such people might tomorrow end up raping women (Coz women after 30 are of no use.. Ass hole).. This is what you leave behind for your daughters and sisters.. women is not worth spending life with post 30 yrs of age.. just take a moment and look at what you leave behind as a legacy.. just because you use anonymous identity doesn’t you write such crap.. please trace this guy and take him down..

    1. gogo

      so u r a judge u r abusing a great personality which is direct case of defamation n ur abusing me personally so i shd trace u ,n u try to trace me n seek legal recourse i see ur stamina u fool if u dont know the law at least search google ,i need to trace u people n lodge a complaint against u there is no law on certain opinion unless it indicates someone personally ,u fool!

    2. sima

      well said……………….

    3. gogo

      the same question i asked above shd a man stop living after 30 or 50, u feminists if ur a man i doubt ,if u people want equality why one way onslaught on man n ur talking about i may commit rape ur sure a dick head ! even if i say i m a rapist i cant b prosecuted unless a case is lodged against me n ya u have to adduce evidence n prove in the court dont u have a little common sense ,why r u wasting time here u dont deserve to even talk to me ur words stink of immaturity …………

  36. jhjh

    I find it amusing when People Google content or pick up the latest trending topic(Book on gandhi) and then claim to do “Research” and “digging through archive” ..

    No I am not saying what you are saying is right or wrong, but please stop pretending to be an intellectual.You are not an intellectual, and your article ads no value to the debate. You just google content and copy paste it here.
    Also if you REALLY wanted to discuss ,your discussion would be incomplete without mentioning the ideals of Celibacy that Gandhi supposedly was following.

    And PS: This information on gandhi was available on Wikipedia since many years, Sad that for your “Research” , you never really read it.

  37. krand

    Wow! Scandal, scandal everywhere! While it’s to be understood that no one is perfect, I think it’s time to take these people down off of their pedestals and tell the whole story, just as it’s time to make the ‘demons’ of human history human. No human is a god and no human is a demon. We’re all human, the great and the small, and full of human frailty. Hitler loved someone or something just as Mother Teresa hated and loved someone or something. That’s life and the truth will come out eventually about them all.

  38. Sreedhar Did Mahatma Gandhi’s Vedic Horoscope Point to Deep Emotional Frustration And Urge for Unconventional Sexual Experimentation In His Life?

  39. fridaythe1300

    he is known as the father of our nation… he just might be father to most.

  40. An Avid Reader

    Rita Thanks for kicking up a storm of useless conversation as can be seen below. why bang up a man when he is long dead and gone. I am sure you and no body else would have the courage to do this when Gandhi himself was alive, It seems so wicked to research and publish opinions now when we cant put the man himself in the dock.
    Would like to see a well researched post on a man of power of this age. I am sure there are many more to have and who will lay siege to this aspect of Indian morality and you would be doing a service to Indian Women and the society at large by preventing any subjugation’s and violations of a living women than writing about the past. waiting for this effort from you!

  41. E.Sasidharan

    The myopic views of a typical Indian gender activists…. these people do more harm to gender issues than any good. The extracts are selective, and many places out of context. Being a gender specialist is not a license to denigrate men of honour.

  42. Nitum Jain

    This is a very nicely put article on the issue and something I have been looking up for the past two years. While I am not denying that side of Gandhi’s life, my point here is how come the women – part of a revolutionary era, many of them literate – never wrote and spoke about it? Can we consider a scenario where the sexual relationships/experiments were with mutual consent. I refuse to believe free-thinking women would simply be passive victims to his sexual predator.
    You have provided compelling evidence but markedly its mostly writings and condemnation by men. Even today, when a woman is experimenting with and exploring her sexuality, condemnation comes pouring in from all kinds of patriarchal set-ups. What if all these men couldn’t take that their Mahatma wasn’t the ideal ‘pure’ saint-like man that they wished to worship? That targeting him would put an end to such ‘illicit’ explorations?
    I am not taking Gandhi’s side here because he was a married man, who had no business to be involved with other women or make himself a harem of female followers. But my point of contention is how the women are robbed of agency. If we shift these supposed powers of manipulation Gandhi possesses, from his sexual life to his politics, then aren’t men the same? They got brainwashed into a nationwide revolution because this man seduced their minds?
    All I wish to say is that the women were just as mindful of their acts as the revolutionaries, and not passive victims. It would be prudent to see into what the women have written in the era to make a clearer cohesive picture.

    1. Soumya

      It is said the women he liaisoned with were repeatedly crying. Does that spell ‘consent’ to you?

    2. Nitum Jain


      With all due respect, that is exactly what I am asking here. More on the situation vis-a-vis the women than just alleged accounts. You say that the women were known to be repeatedly crying, then I will accept it as long as you provide me with a credible source.

  43. nikita Jain

    the harsh reality of india is that we know everything we just dont say it out loud. And when some people come forward to say it they are back fired. People live here in a dream world and dont want to accept the truth. They can live with a lie but they just cant accept the truth. No doubt this man had done so much for the country but he was not a god he was not perfect. We have the right to know what was the real face of all these so called heroes that we had created.

  44. Lizzy

    giving him the benefit of doubt : it might have been his spiritual experiments. And 4 experiments a lab rat is necessary.No harm in conducting them If it’s a
    wILLING HUMAN lab rat. But If the letter reports & sources are true that he knew of their distress, it was indeed unacceptable. But it can be understood that his companions were of that bygone era & must have been very very conformist in their thoughts an the sources they generated could have been carried away/ biased by this. & in a society that was in upheaval, unstable by itself & continuously prone to movement destabilizing forces..there is an even greater chance of istortion & lack of acceptability in a society that was also striving 2 find its identity midst divided/split identities & loyalties.of colonial upbringing,..,

  45. Sourav Roy

    without agreeing or disagreeing, here are some points i feel worth mentioning for a healthy discussion –

    1. none of the actions gandhi did was forced on the women. it was consensual. he didn’t have sex with them. he slept with these women to test himself as a brahmachari. we may disagree with what he did, and we have all the rights to do so, but there are 1000s such stories to undermine every great man we have heard of. i feel that a man’s greatness must be addressed through his actions and not his personal life.

    2. none of it is hidden from public. it is well known for public discourse. according to wikipedia ( Gandhi’s behavior was widely discussed and criticized by family members and leading politicians, including Nehru. Gandhi discussed his experiment with friends and relations; most disagreed and the experiment ceased in 1947.

    3. i have not read enough and hence have no opinion on the matter. but according to Religious studies scholar Veena Howard Gandhi made “creative use” of his celibacy and his authority as a mahatma “to reinterpret religious norms and confront unjust social and religious conventions relegating women to lower status… Gandhi developed his discourse as a religious renouncer within India’s traditions to confront repressive social and religious customs regarding women and to bring them into the public sphere, during a time when the discourse on celibacy was typically imbued with masculine rhetoric and misogynist inferences… his writings show a consistent evolution of his thought toward creating an equal playing field for members of both sexes and even elevating women to a higher plane—all through his discourse and unorthodox practice of brahmacharya.” again from the same wiki link.

    4. it is unfortunate history books don’t deal with many subjects which must be discussed and debated in public. but i am not sure what 15 years old students will make out of such a subject

    5. i condemn this article because it is pure noise. trying to understand or condemn people like gandhi through a specific prisms is insufficient. it is not difficult to write such trp hungry explosive articles and gain attention, especially when the data and information is publicly available. a more mature writer would rather go into the details of the what practices of yoga go into such subjects, what scriptures speak about celibacy and then draw conclusions 🙂 🙂

    1. Ram Chadalavada

      Thank you Sourav for restoring some balance to this discourse. I agree with all of your points and have learned something new from some of them. Would you be interested in collaborate with me in writing a detailed rebuttal on youthkiawaaz to Ritu Banerjee’s article? Since you appear to be an experienced blogger/writer, I request you to take the lead and proportionate credit.

    2. megabookfreak

      lets start with your first point…how do you know it was consensual. You believe that these teenage girls were okay sleeping naked next to Gandhi?

  46. Linkesh

    Gandhi, like all of us, made mistakes. This, I think is a particularly heinous one.

    HOWEVER, when we talk about Gandhi now, we must remember that “Gandhi” is no longer “Gandhi the Man”, but “Gandhi the Idea”.

    Though his life journey had many dark spots, still it was a journey, and we are left with was where he ended the journey. The same for all of us: Life is a journey, and we are what we make of it.

    I am not the sins I have committed in the past, I am the wonderful person I am right now. In the same way, Gandhi is not the sum total of the sins and virtues of his life, he is the person who existed at the time of his death.

    From “Gandhi the Man”, we can learn two things:
    1. Even great people can make mistakes.
    2. Even a person who has all the vices (smoking, drinking, extreme sexual appetite – fortunately restricted in the physical to his wife, etc) can transform himself into a votary of Peace and Unity.

    From “Gandhi the Idea” we learn very practical lessons of Peace, Unity, Non-Violence, Community, True Leadership, Democracy, Localized Economy, Equality, and so forth. “Gandhi the Idea” is the father of our nation, not “Gandhi the Man”.

    We should condemn the evil in “Gandhi the Man”, and laud the greatness in “Gandhi the Man”.

    But we should study, promote, and learn from “Gandhi the Idea”.

    I feel that this distinction is important to make, and I hope that the author of this article considers it.

    India as a country is known the world over as the country of Gandhi (the Idea).

  47. Prasmit

    Sex is god gifted and very natural desire, its individuals decision how they want to enjoy it. What wrong do you see in that ?

    1. Sudarshan Kumar

      @Rita, It very easy for anyone to charge allegation to someone who is not alive to defend and its glamorous too if that someone is of the caliber of Gandhi Jee. But as a responsible writer, which I assume you are, You should check your facts multiple times before getting into the character assassination of Gandhi. I don’t want to get into relevancy of getting into such act because as a free citizen and more ever as a free women you have every right to express your opinion, but at the same time its your responsibility to do proper research before expressing it . Since you are not an eyewitness to any incident and digital media was not so developed at that period, Its natural that you will use text letters and books from other writers as your reference. Gandhijee was the most popular leader of that period and as with every popular leader there must be some opponents who might had try to malign his image with all those letters and texts ( I am just adding one possibility) . It would be great if you could provide reference(book name, online links) to all the allegation you have put to Gandhijee so that reader can judge its autheticity as well its interpretation. ( I don’t remember Gandhijee admitting beating his wife).

  48. Soumya

    Dear critics of this article,

    I’d like to point out that you all seem to be overlooking that if there is no mutual CONSENT in these activities, none of your arguments hold good and in fact, your whole plea in favor of Gandhi in this matter gets toppled and buried.
    1. ‘He didn’t have sexual intercourse with them, so it’s all ok’ –> If a woman is touched, leered at lecherously,forced to be naked AGAINST HER WILL, then the person doing so is an abuser. If only you knew how bad ‘even’ lecherous stares or lewd remarks can make a woman feel..!
    2. ‘He was just trying to be a brahmachari and thus had a spiritual goal, so it’s ok’ –> Would God condone that if the self-respect and mental state of a woman, also one of his own creations, was compromised?
    3. ‘He did a lot to free the country so these actions should be overlooked’ –> Is abusing your power to force women into sexual acts that leave them crying and psychotic not in direct contradiction of the non-violence Gandhi preached?

    Lastly, it saddens me to see what a large share of the critics of this article are (young!) Indian men. Our men continue to have a mindset ,even in this day and age, where any advocate for abuse and violence against women must be silenced as soon as possible. It is this attitude that is at the root of a society that hush-hushes rape as well.

    1. Nishu

      Dear Somya; I want to ask the legal authenticity of your allegation can you prove the same in court , and only a court can deliver justice who are you to decide ,you are not a professional advocate , we only assume certain person guilty when allegation against him is proved in the court of law .If the above allegation cant be proved in the court why you people are tarnishing the image of a saint ,and we follow his ideals for our own benefits ,for the benefits of society ,even if he has done something wrong with some person have you asked yourself you have never given any problem to someone in your life or will never do any wrong against any man ,your husband ,some boys ,girls etc.we study Gita and because of gita we know about Krisna and we learn life skills from this holy book ,in the same manner when we read the thought of Gandhi on different subjects we learn the power of non violence ,his thought on education governance ,economy is simply incredible no one can think like him .And no one is 100% pure . We should concentrate on good things of a person and its of no avail ripping the old soars .If you cant prove the allegation in the court you dont have right to assassinate someones character and someone should serve a PIL against the author then she will learn some lesson ,…………..Do you have any conclusive evidence against above allegation ,there are lots of political rivals who make baseless allegations against budding politicians its quite obvious you can compare current scenario as a common public we dont have right to believe any thing unless a person is held guilty by court ,For allegations and deliverance of justice judiciary is an authentic institution, you don’t have right to spread rumor against any person .Being young doesn’t mean we should forget the contribution of our superhero and tarnish his image and by the way what is the existence of the author before gandhi ,who is she and what has she done for public she is only spreading hatred ……

    2. P.K. GHOSH


    3. P.K. GHOSH


    4. megabookfreak

      There’s a lot of crimes that can’t be proven or solved in court…that doesn’t mean it’s not a problem or that the problem is made up. It just means the rules of the legal system are against you. Lots of rape cases go to court but you can’t prove them or the man will bribe the judge, etc. So saying that this is okay because the court didn’t punish him means nothing.

  49. Archana Srinivas
    Gandhiji’s sex life or rather his ” lack of it ” was public knowledge, as he wanted it to be. Also, he was one of the people responsible for the thousands of lives lost due to the partition. His role in our country’s independence was just that he stirred up and created so much trouble that the British Raj decided it was no longer worth it to stick around. Besides which they had sucked India dry of most resources by that time. Like I said, Gandhiji is or was as much a boon as he is or was a curse to our nation. He did not value his family , he did not respect his wife, or women in general. He might be considered the father of the nation today, but he was the worst of fathers to his own sons. In a way, I respect what he did for the country. He brought us out of slavery for sure. But I personally have more respect for Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Subramaniya Bharati, VO Chidambaram Pillai and Sardhar Vallabhai Patel. The role played by Patel has been grossly underrated by the nation. If ever, a nation of men were to look for a role model , I suggest they find it in Sardhar Vallabhai Patel , a true hero , because he’s the man who united the nation in the end , after the mess and shambles left behind the partition and made it what it is today. I wish more men like him were born today. I strongly condemn splitting states into more factions instead of uniting them!

  50. Joe Hewlett

    Wrong, gogo, women are better in the sack after 30, and just as beautiful at 35. Plus, the love and respect you feel for your partner enhances the pleasure. Sounds like Ghandi didnt respect these women, and didnt deserve to be within arm’s reach in public, much less alone at night.

  51. Brian Mahesh Farrell

    Thank you for your very interesting and informative article on Ghandi. I read his autobiography and was never impressed by this man. I was struck by the realisation that in S. Africa he was only really interested in helping the Indian people to better their economic situation and was not at all interested in raising up or helping his fellow (African) human beings. It also became very clear to me that Ghandi’s peaceful protest movement allowed the Brits to plunder India for at least thirty years longer than necessary! In my view his foolish actions and selfish behaviour brought about the partition of India and the death of countless millions.
    If he had allowed Netaji to implement his plans to fight the British then India would not be in the mess it is in today. His corrupt sexual behaviour does not surprise me at all, the man was a megalomaniac posing as a pious monk!

  52. P.K. GHOSH


  53. Paddy

    Gandhi was a recruitment agent for British in their World War. He recruited Indians to fight for the British, against the Germans. Killing British was a no no, but Killing Germans was Ok. Such is the fallacy of the great apostle of non-violence.

    1. Nishu

      when you cant understand politics ,political equations , balance of powers , polarization of power ,study world war deeply and world history if you haven’t studied these subjects then why do you have to say something which is beyond your reach. Yaar, before making any comment do your due diligence properly the same thing i am suggesting to author……………..

  54. moon


  55. siju

    Yoga says “One should preserve his semen for his longivity”. Ayurveda says “There are 13 emotions (one of which is Kamam) should be controlled to get will power. According to the author, Gandhiji has done the both thing perfectly well because even though the presence of a naked girl at night on his same bed not provoke his sexual urge. HE was just preserving his semen acc. to yoga and controlling Kama Acc. to Ayurveda shastra (If the author was sure about gandhiji’s night activity). But what about the girls who are sleeping with a man. All people are not Gandhi. When thinking of others side What Gandhiji done was absolutely WRONG. People are not experimental subjects.

  56. k v v Satyanarayana

    i am unable to understand why people dig the graves of great people like Mahatma Gandhi to find out some thing which is not going help the nation or the world in any manner. Such findings, investigations are nothing but waste of time and energy. I feel sorry for all those (including myself), who read the article and commented. I am making this comment out of agony as i have come across this article while browsing for something else. Please think. What did we gain by forgetting all the good and positive things of Gandhiji and search for negative aspects of him, who died 65 years ago.

    1. megabookfreak

      I think you missed the purpose of this article. The author is saying that even today, many male leaders of inspirational movements like freedom movements get a “free pass” like Gandhi did. It matters how we feel about Gandhi after knowing all this because it tells us something about how we feel about these other leaders doing stuff like him. Just because Gandhi was a freedom fighter, does it give him a free pass to treat women however he wanted? If yes, then we are saying that any pervert has our permission to violate women in whatever form they want as long as they are fighting for a cause on the side. THATS why it’s important. The way society responds right now to what Gandhi did over 60 years ago directly reflects on society’s views about how much a leader in today’s world can get away with before we react and do something.

  57. Sandeep

    i havent read all this shit but I know it should be related with Gandhi ji behaviour …. suppose its true if Gandhi ji were loving to slept with nude womens/girls every night then still whats your fucking problem? U never ask for Bill gates/barak obama /Hitler life … Gandhi ji is known as revolutionary man for making India independent and he succeeded in that .so i think thats more important for us to raise and respect for this.Today you can post this freely just bcoz of that Gandhi
    Its true that behind every famous personality their are many haters/jealous failures like you” U cant do anything else except posting these shits in net so remember it Mrs Bangalin this is not “youthkiawaz” n Just for money or users you selling ur country oath …SAD

    1. P.K. GHOSH


    2. Nishu

      So you think that Bhagat singh was able make india free n subhash chandra bose ,they were immature persons like you .Atleast know there date of births …

    3. P.K. GHOSH


    4. gogo

      So u dont know the difference between wisdom n knowledge …………once again read history n dont read only, imbibe n after churning of all the facts u ll make a conclusion that no one can compete wd Gandhi ,u need to learn a lot a lot more seriously n not just read u need to analyse for at least 5-6 years n i m sure after 10 years u ll start understanding gandhi cuz i was same like u a few years ago . but when i started reading Gandhian thought i realized that i was an illiterate , n u r in the same phase, increase ur knowledge about gandhi u ll get enlightenment ,i m sure ,n contact me after a few years when u ll have a great command over modern history n Gandhian thought ,,GET WELL SOON!Ur kid can know more about computers but he cant know more about politics n society than u ,there is huge difference between a scientist n a politician,,,,,even a kid can b scientist but he cant b a politician he cant b a leader ……..n no one ll accept his leadership ……….cuz he may b specialist in some area but a leader is all rounder he knows all the arts

    5. P.K. GHOSH


    6. Debnandini

      Here is what I have to say: I am 26 (telling you so that you don’t think I’m 35 and over the hill) and I am a phd candidate in theoretical physics in a world famous university (telling you so that you don’t trivialize my comment by considering yourself more educated, as you have been doing so far). First of all, you need to realize that Gandhi was just a human and a politician on top of that. He clearly has made a lot of errors. Get out of the “hero worship” mentality and learn to analyze the person objectively. The experiments he did were wrong. He was not having sex (unlike what u think he was doing) he was disrespecting those women by doing so without their wishes. Also…here’s the common sense you lack: those women could not go away at will because, they were probably brainwashed by him and his supporters or they were poor women living at an ashram and had nowhere to go. What he was doing is rape (no it doesn’t reflect any higher mind and is punishable by law). Even the so called “father of the nation” is not above the law.
      Now lets come to your case. Let me ignore your pathetic knowledge of English for now. If you have learnt so much about Gandhi, how come you speak so violently? is that what you have understood in “10 years”? Clearly you either have a mental disorder or erectile dysfunction (or other disorders that prevent you from enjoying sex.) The problem is not in 35 or 40 year old women, but in YOU. Go to a doctor and a psychiatrist. You are suffering from a rejection you cant forget. So you have chosen to deal with it by hating women and stereotyping them. You may be an IAS, you may work in Siachen and protect the country, but you are not above the law of the land. Those positions do not give you the right to disrespect women or trivialize their actions and contributions to society. Let me remind you one more time, India is a democratic nation, so everyone has the right to speak the truth. Also, no father is above the law of the land. otherwise you cannot call India a democracy. So Rita Banerji is only sharing the results of her research and deep study on the subject (unlike you , who is merely uttering things you have heard others say or things you have read in ill-researched books). She is not a feminist. This article is no blasphemy but possible truth.

    7. gogo

      i m not impressed …………………….rubbish! ….i dont need to reply ,n i m not underestimating u ur underestimating me ………….get well soon!

    8. Debnandini

      you are not replying not because you dont need to, but because you have nothing to say now. THe best way to give YOURSELF the right estimate would be to accept defeat and not to speak on a public platform the way you are doing right now. Also, we all know you got your “get well soon” from Munna Bhai MBBS. That is your learning of Gandhi. Did you say that took you 10 years?

    9. gogo

      n yes i m impressed that being a student of physics ur teaching me law…….wow !…….n brainwashed ! i can reply u but its of no avail u ll again start ur one sided story ……..n i didnt ask ur age ? but u dont say any thing when all men r branded as rapist u didnt say any thing when a woman for her promotion or other benefits sleeps wd her elderly boss! again brainwashed! drug abuse- brainwashed! ,sleeping wd n no. of rich kids for enjoyment, brainwashed !,,nymphomaniacs ,brainwashed!,n ur a mere researcher i dont recognize a person unless he commands some official position so stay wd ur pride ……..n dont show ur expertise before me as u even pick holes in Gandhi den u can think how many holes i can pick in u ,in every sentence n in every logic……ya u didnt mention the name of ur university ?

    10. Debnandini

      why do u need the name of my university? why does that concern you?

    11. Debnandini

      Also, what is your claim to knowledge about law or about Gandhi, are you a historian? are you a lawyer? what “official” position do you hold?

    12. gogo

      You are a PHD candidate ,it does not give you right to abuse a person as you allege me to have been suffering from “erectile dysfunction” ,You are a physicist but at the same time you are proclaiming yourself to be a psychiatrist ,psychologist ,a law specialist .You are trying to be above than common people ,you are trying to scoff at me by different means .You have asked about my qualification ,in reality i haven’t studied in world’s top university ,i am a village person n i have finished my education from a village school ,still i am communicating with you and you are responding me.You are talking about constitution and constitution talks about equality ,socialism ,secularism ,dignity of a person ,sources;preamble of constitution .Now ,you are talking about law ,which law allows you to abuse me with such a filthy word ,perhaps you don’t know you have hurled the biggest abuse on me .You harp on constitutional right .Right to live with dignity is my constitutional right ,right to express my opinion is my constitutional right ,Look at you i am only one person and you all people are trying to abuse me .You talk about law ;If i say certain thing about some special class it cant be penalized, for example ;i said women are redundant after 35,its about a class ,like you people say men are dogs and we don’t react thinking that she is not indicating me in person ,you people call men ,Rapist! Most of the people don’t dare to look at women ,more than 60% men have never given any trouble to a woman ,still you people consider us as a molester.Do you people think we have only one task in life ie raping a woman .We are also honorable people, we don’t need your love or body on the cost of our honor n dignity.

      you are claiming my English to be pathetic, i accept it ,it may not be up to the level as everything depends upon comparison , suppose i may be topper at my school but if my marks ll be compared at lickert scale i might not be the brightest student.You might be very good at English ,as you have been studding in a foreign country its obvious your level of English should be better than me , but it does not give you right to insult me ,You talk about equality , are you practicing equality , are you following the path of democracy where each n every people ll have same rights .Language is for communication, not for impression ,you are trying to impress me with your flawless English ,You told me that i had got the knowledge of history by ill researched books , I am giving you some references ;vipin chandre ,hc verma, AL vasham , thapaliyal , Romila thapar , Dutt and sundaram ……etc .Du you think these books are ill researched .And the most funny thing;you thought that i was trying to quote the punch line ;GET WELL SOON! considering no body ll recognize ,YAAR! its’ really heights of your hypocrisy!.

      Some people talks bitter but in reality they are sweeter and some people ll talk like honey but their deeds ! you cant imagine, every people today are talking about the emancipation of women ,every guy talks about women should be given rights but only these people in reality exploit women cuz we are not living with women , and if we are not living with women as i hate them or what, how can i give problem to them , my world is restricted to my self , i do my work ,come home and next day again same thing ,no woman ,no exploitation but be cautious about the people who r with you ,they can only give you problem .You are right why certain person hates some person there must be some reason , but in the world tell me only one person who loves everyone.

      I dont want to pick fault in anybody , We study history to understand the contemporary society ,administration ,status of women different cultural practice ,and these knowledge are useful for the administration . I have nothing to do with the fact ,”what Gandhi did in the closed room” , i have to study his different movement , how did he mobilize people , various uprising and revolt took place in Indian struggle for freedom but What was special about Gandhi.We cant trivialize the achievements of a person for some common women , In wars many people are killed have you ever thought about men who sacrificed their life for the nation but why you people become sensitive when a few women get some trouble ?

      Now come to celibacy ; celibacy is not about only abstaining sex ,its about controlling once mind .Think about that , i watched Kareena Kapoor in the song “YE MERA DIL PYAAR KA DIVANA” but because of my mental command i didnt have any lewd feeling about her ,it becomes immaterial whether i watched her or not ,its mental command !suppose i looked at a kid (girl) naked do you think we ll have any lewd thinking about her, no! likewise a person who practices celibacy is like a dead body without any lust so what difference does it make when a naked woman is sleeping with him .You can consider Jain sadhu , they have different philosophy n they r very strict follower of Ahinsa!,these sadhu remains naked , n i have seen ,even women visit them, do you think its any kind of exploitation ?
      Now i dont want to write any more ,please ,dont reply , i have other works too! , and i did not want to reply you and i know you people are trying to get more and more comments so that u people can become popular but now i am not going to cooperate you with this.I have lots of things to say but time constraint!and i cant concentrate on my grammar, punctuation or spelling as i cant edit my content , ,so if , u find any mistake ,please forgive me.I didn’t want to reply you but …..

    13. Nishu

      I agree !above piece is more inspiring n written by a prudent person than this bengalan who wants to attract attention by writing this kind of bullshit ,she is jealous of gandhi ,who knows she might have exploited so many boys……If we start investigating her personal life then she can understand ,what a lonely woman do in the lonely nights ,everybody knows its not a hidden fact!.

    14. megabookfreak

      your argument presents no real facts or logic and it simply tries to “make a point” by just trying to making the author look bad….by saying complete rubbish. “who know maybe she exploited so many boys.”

      try to understand this article from a rational way. How would you respond to this article if it wasn’t Gandhi…what if it was just about the experiments that some random person in the world conducted…then would you still defend this practice? If you would not defend that practice being done by them, then you shouldnt excuse Gandhi from blame either. That’s the point of the article. Just because it’s Gandhi doesn’t mean you can let him do whatever he wants..

    15. Nishu

      Random person! are u kidding me ?who has power to test his celibacy ,no one is celibate today you know the reality well ,perhaps you don’t know about celibacy !his test of celibacy made him such a powerful person ………………..You cant imagine his power, even at old age he could control his ‘Kama’..

    16. megabookfreak

      you are missing the point, my friend. great…he has the power to maintain his celibacy. It is great. The problem is that he conducted these experiments without the consent of these girls. You CANNOT use women…especially little girls as guinea pigs in your experiments. If these girls has willingly given their full permission to Gandhi, then this experiment would be okay. The problem is that he conducted these experiments without giving them any say in it. That is taking advantage of them. What if it had happened to your mother, sister, or daughter without their permission and they were traumatized by it afterwards?

    17. Nishu

      Acoording to law, a free consent is necessary before making a sexual relationship ,, a free consent means a consent without inducement or without enticement, tell me any one relationship without inducement or enticement .I have never seen any girl falling in love with a rikshawpuler .She always ensnare a person with a big bulge in pocket .Sexual rights are biological rights its a need of a person but these women have made their sexuality an asset to earn money and power .They always have a menu before choosing her mate .And when a rich guy leaves them ,they lodge a complaint of exploitation ,i am asking where is exploitation, you got attracted by money n power and with your own consent you slept with that person and again you are making allegation ,For men even intoxication is not an excuse for a crime and for women even if she gives consent it can be termed or molded as induced consent ! why? We talk about gender justice is it gender justice?Always onus goes to males .In the case of adultery; if a 40 year old woman seduces a 20year old boy and if the boy is caught or someone lodged a complaint against him only he is going to be convicted .A woman can stare/ogle at you ,she can touch you she can bump on you ,but you cant complain ….. Do you think women are pious ? I have personally seen their piousness ,n if u haven’t seen, it means you are unaware of the dark side of women ,they are same corrupt as men and they can do anything for money and power ,so be aware,.I If a woman is cooperating some one in the activity which is illegal she is also liable to b convicted ,if certain activity is considered to be illegal .Suppose due to some urgent need of money i killed a person for other person ,although i didn’t want to kill that person ,so tell me ,i should be absolved ? no! .And time changes , practices changes ,recently law has been defined in terms of sexual assault ,At that time the ambit of sexual assault was constricted ,and only rape was considered to be crime , you are seeing the act of Gandhi with the spectacle of current laws in favor of women .At that time people were not that much aware about modesty and honor and other fictitious words which in fact doesn’t exist in the context of money and power.

    18. Ravi

      Nishu, who’s talking about women? This article is about TEEN GIRLS. Are you going to blame small girls kidnapped from villages and sold to brothels and say “well they’re prostitutes b/c they’re not pious” A grown adult woman can consent to whatever she wants – a teen or a child cannot.

    19. Nishu

      Tell me the age of consent in different developed countries , it ranges from 13 to 16 .In INDIA even now the age of consent is 16 that comes under teen age ,do you think that women sleeping with Gandhi were less than 16, one was a doctor. ,Now you people never said Gandhi was married at the age of 13 , so shdn’t a complaint b filed against his parents for child marriage .Moreover at that time age of consent was not defined and it was less than 13 years , i don’t remeber but even in Ingland age of consent is perhaps 14-15 years , i can’t remember ,u can check on net..Gandhi’s act is looking u a shameful although no any substantive evidence has been adduced,,because at that time it was not a very ugly act , people at that time were living in superstition , various i ll practices were prevalent , like SATI pratha ,and child marriages etc but reformation took place by our leaders n with the passage of time we learnt a new way of life . Even today , think about it ,, incest was prevalent in india eg ;Budha , Krishna , arjuna married with their cousins ,now its an unlawful act ,,, Asur vivah was the most honorable marriage for xhatrias ., Krishna , Arjuna , prithviraj chauhan with sanyogita of medival india , etc. .Now can u convict Krishna and arjuna for Asura vivah , can u convict KUNTI (woman) for making draupadi a SLUT..Although kidnapping is a heinous crime n i ll condemn every type of crime but if certain thing is happening with consent ,i can’t say any thing ,Court can decide better………….., .

    20. Ravi

      So basically two wrongs make a right? If a country is doing something wrong we should forgive it or ignore it. Because Arjun married his cousin we should not criticize incest? Great logic

    21. Nishu

      Do u think its all hunky n dory in present life , no one is suffering .?But we cant see what wrong is happening because we don’t analyse situation with others perspective , after 60-70 years the present law can be considered draconian , at that time law was not developed , so religion was prominent ,still law allows cousin marriages in Maharashtra, tamilnadu , Andhra etc .U ll again say that law is wrong ,And who we r to decide what is right n what is wrong .The terrorist in INdia is considered crusaders in pakistan .It depends upon frame of reference ….We eat different animals ,can it b right ?, we r killing a living being for our survival , but people used to kill animals when agriculture was not developed can u prosecute them under animal act?No! certain practices were prevalent in certain time cuz it was d demand of the hour n that slowly becomes a rule , as we progress we get to understand things n we do away with the inconvenient practices .Please try to understand my above said things rationally…….. We should focus on present, what wrong is happening ?

    22. megabookfreak

      You just went completely off topic. I don’t know where this whole argument about what women want in a man, whether they are corrupt or not, etc. even came from.

      There is one basic issue here. Gandhi conducted sexual experimentations on these girls without their consent. That’s all. The question is: are we going to let him get away with it because he is a “leader” or are we going to deliver justice? If you truly “condemn” any kind of crime, then having sexual relations with somebody, regardless of your status in society, should be condemned as well.

      This is not about the character of the women or whether they liked Gandhi or not. It’s a very simple issue…there’s no need to bring other topics into it.

    23. Nishu

      We are not diverted from the topic;first of all ,Gandhi ji was not having sex with them ,,allegedly he was experimenting his celibacy , and there is no any substantive evidence that can prove the consent to be forced or induced.A woman can be raped without her consent but how is it possible to sleep with some one whole night without consent , it means the woman can’t sleep whole night and since physical force is not applied on her so she can remain untouched.Even after that she could have lodged a complaint against him , if she is not complaining so no case can proceed against him .This is the simple case of character assassination which is itself a crime , unless you prove some allegation in the court you don’t have right to say anything against a person ,if you are dishonoring a person you are committing rape on him cuz honor is the existence of a man, the trauma of being prosecuted for rape or molestation charges are not less than the pain felt by a women after being raped .Men get more devastated if such charges are labeled against them n women can’t understand this , they only know how to make allegations, have you ever imagined the trauma of the person who has been falsely implicated in assault cases , you cant even understand!

  58. Aalisha

    the whole world is manipulated, especially India. I did some research on this long way back…. I seriously feel ashamed that such person is known as the father of nation… Its not only him, even there are other stories which are far away from the truth. . I have written this book to explain few other similar things

  59. saket

    R. P. Parasuram must have been gay

  60. Rangeela Gandhi

    Gandhi was Pedophile and bullshit man

  61. Prakash Tendulkar, San Jose, California

    I am glad that Ms. Rita Banerji finally opened a lid over a subject that has been a closely guarded secret.

    Nothing is new. Except for Indians, the rest of the world knew that Gandhi was a sexual predator. One should read a book, “Gandhi” by Mr. Stanley Wolpert that exposes Late Gandhi in depth.

    He is a man who refused to administer antibiotics to his wife on flimsy reasons while he had no problem accepting antibiotics for himself.

    He refused to talk to his son when he embraced Islam with name Abdullah while preaching Hindu – Muslim Bhai Bhai.

    Had Mr. Gandhi tried his sexual experiments in Britain with British ladies, he would have been convicted as sexual predator and would have to register accordingly with police after his release from jail. Needless to say, he would have lived longer life behind bars in UK and so would have his assassins..

    When Mr. Wolpert wrote a book, Gandhi supporters accused him about timing; the movie Gandhi had just been released and Gandhi supporters claimed Christians in Western world did not appreciate Godly status accorded to Gandhi.

    Whatever the motive may be, what Mr. Wolpert wrote is true so none of the supporters nor any one of those several so-called grandsons of Gandhi dared to sue him in US courts. That speaks for the truth.

    1. Rita Banerji

      Prakash — You are spot on! These are some of the arguments I make in my book too. In fact I found that this method of manipulative functioning extended to everything else he preached about. He preached one thing, but happily went along doing exactly what he wanted. His whole poverty scenario. His closest allies were the wealthiest families. He died on his way to Birlas house! He’d write massive checks to buy off people he was politically at odds with. Like trying to convince Ambedkar to build a Buddist temple instead of demanding Dalit representation by giving him a huge cheque. I thought where did he get all that money — just like that? On Education. He prevented his own children’s education. Technology — he said it was “evil” and spread diseases and communal disharmony! But used the rails for his campaigns. Warfare (the reason we have more than 1 million Indian soldiers used by the British in WWI and later in II, was because Gandhi encouraged them to go fight. He thought that might convince the British to lift the weapons ban on Indians). I think a lot of resistance even to this piece of information is because it it’s that piece of twine that comes undone, and you pull at it and the ball comes undone. And it’s just so convenient to have a human substitute for a non-existent concept of peace and total self-sacrifice isn’t it?

  62. Jezebel

    What Gandhi did for India and their independence is definitely a major contribution that he made during his lifetime; Gandhi’s struggles and efforts throughout his independence endeavor were remarkable. But that still does not change the fact that Gandhi himself did not adhere to his ideals and allowed hypocrisy to define his life.
    The burning issue here, however, is the fact that all of history has been filtered. I mean, why aren’t children in middle school taught about Gandhi’s perversion? Why is it that all we hear about Gandhi and in fact, about all other men of history, is that they made remarkable contributions to society? In fact, is history censored? Seriously, how is this not THE major issue here? What we’re seeing now is a possible picture of a dystopian society; possibly an Orwellian society. Although articles like this (much respect, Rita) address Gandhi’s psychosis, a lot of this remains unknown throughout our lifetime and possibly our children’s lifetime too. And what does this further contribute to? Building a society in which all of information is censored: an Orwellian society. Why are we defied our right to information? People should be presented all information in order to derive their own judgement on any topic; that is a primary necessity of human civilization. But this necessity is has been subjugated by information presented to us beforehand, information that brings people like Gandhi in the light of great men, remarkable men: Men who were always right, ideal men. This is unacceptable.

  63. sabapathy

    that is why one said gandhi should not be called as mahatma. he is also a human being sex is common to all. next generation will not remember him. now gandhi means sonia.. so don’t bother

  64. Seva Healing Studio

    In a flash response my only question would be the consciousness of the women. Had they been fully conscious of their sacred vehicle giving conscious consent from that space then this happening may simply be part of the grand experiment of life and not ghandis secret and ghandi only longed to awaken. But if stuff need called out tis important for a coming into full view. If he need take responsibiity from the grave for unconsciously lewering unconscious women to engage sexually thats an interesting persective. Not sure what corrects itself in that way. Or But not to point fingers and only shed light. Be the change.

  65. Cara

    I feel that the reason we find it hard to accept the fact that the “great” Ghandi sexually exploited young women is because we were raised to believe that he is a hero and would not have any wrongdoings whatsoever. I think that a human mind tends to reject the idea of change, particularly to something that we have believed for a long time.
    For example, if a girl accidentally drops her ice cream due to a man running into her, and the man later buys her another scoop of ice cream to accommodate for the accident, everything would be fine and we would perceive that man as a “good” man. But what if we later learn that the man was actually someone who had committed a serious crime. Would we still be thinking that the man was a “good” man, or would we ignore that fact about the ice cream and simply perceive him as a “bad” man from then on? just because we were raised to believe that everyone who has committed a crime is “bad” and does not follow morals.
    I would think that this critical information was left out of textbooks and the such because we don’t want to tarnish his already well-built reputation. His position itself as the leader in the Indian Independence Movement already serves as an excellent example of heroism for future generations and humanity in general. If all his actions were exposed and people were to stumble upon this information concerning his interactions with women, then it would contradict with his heroic image.

  66. Nicky Collins

    This article has led to one of the most distasteful discussions I have ever seen in this forum. Even more shocking is the fact that a few people here have actually tried to defend Gandhi’s actions.

  67. Brig Virender singh ruhil

    I think except for some specific groups, ironically less literate, we do not have a healthy attitude to sex. There is plain frustration which is mainly due to pretentions of impossible chastity. Basically problems in sexual practices arise out of the perception of women as a commodity like any other,meant to be used for a pupose by the owner at the moment. The sentiments of the commodity are inconsequential. Sex with a girl is patently unethical because by nature she is not in a position to state her objection, leave alone resisting, as she is physically in awe of a stronger and belligerent male. Sex with anyone by coercion, threat, intimidation, temptation,deceit or any thing, other than willing mutual desire is immoral and unethical. Sleeping with a girl on the pretext of an experiment whose outcome should be evident to a grown up male is wrong and deceitful. It is wrong to lift any human being to levels of divinity and part of the blame should go to such followers,colleagues and worshippers. In particular the common man distorts the mindset of leaders by undue adulation and sycophancy for petty gains. The long history of subjugation has made us prone to lose our mental equilibrium both in misery and prosperity ,defeat and victory. It takes time to learn to use power gracefully.

  68. Miriam

    Is it true the same is said of APJ Kalam and several bolly wood directors, actors etc? They also exploit girls in abuse of their power?

  69. Saujanya Sarkar

    cmon……Gandhi started his celibacy experiments after he crossed seventy. Which person need to conduct these experiment after reaching 70. If Gandhi cared so much about all this celibacy crap then he should have started trying them lot earlier. 70 ke baad toh insaan aise hi kuch nahi kar paata hai.

    1. Brig Virender singh ruhil

      The issue is not about the potency of amn at a particular age but the Neccessity and desirability of an experiment whose results are already known. It was simply a deceitful trick to obtain sexual gratification from a gullible girl. A man can have sex at 70 and a few years beyond if he has a bewitching partner.

  70. reeshikandhari


  71. P.K. GHOSH


  72. Brigitte Lechner

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I have heard rumours but took no notice in the absence of evidence. I am not surprised to see he was an ordinary man who, like many men in positions of power, abused this power to his shabby gains. Of course, we should talk about it; no man or woman is beyond reproach should they deserve it.

  73. Conor Fagundes

    Having read much of Gandhi’s own writings, this article so fiercely angers me that my heart palpitates. I recognize that there could be truth to these rumors, and if they are true, then I of course would consider Gandhi in the wrong, but these sleep experiments are contrary to his own ideals. He espoused the ideal of the genders sleeping separately, and for a man as devoutly religious as Gandhi, I can only imagine the shame Gandhi would have felt if he ever even -thought- to attempt such sleep experiments. Even so, Gandhi was a great man and he committed a great justice for the world by his way of life- such greatness cannot be diminished by such speculation but only in the mind of those so ignorant or careless to believe it.

  74. May S.

    gogo is just a troll (someone who purposefully wants to get people pissed off and likes the attention… Just like the westboro baptist church. So, don’t pay them no mind. They get off on making people mad.)

    avdhesh must’ve been a reincarnate of gone-di (I will no longer respect him and spell his name correctly) because those are same lame excuses that a sexual predator would say. It’s more like, YOU don’t understand what a predator is. I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re doing exactly what he’s doing for power, experimenting and seeing what you can get away with. You’re sick and you should seek professional help, immediately. Using your power to take advantage of anyone, even if the person doesn’t verbally say, “no.” is wrong because it’s still apparent to everyone that she doesn’t want to be in that situation. Admiring someone you look up to, it makes it difficult to say no to them, even if they’re going to spiritually, emotionally and physically harm you.

  75. May S.

    gogo is just a troll (someone who purposefully wants to get people pissed off and likes the attention… Just like the westboro baptist church. So, don’t pay them no mind. They get off on making people mad.)

    avdhesh must’ve been a reincarnate of gone-di (I will no longer respect him and spell his name correctly) because those are same lame excuses that a sexual predator would say. It’s more like, YOU don’t understand what a predator is. I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re doing exactly what he’s doing for power, experimenting and seeing what you can get away with. You’re sick and you should seek professional help, immediately. Using your power to take advantage of anyone, even if the person doesn’t verbally say, “no.” is wrong because it’s still apparent to everyone that she doesn’t want to be in that situation. Admiring someone you look up to, it makes it difficult to say no to them, even if they’re going to spiritually, emotionally and physically harm you.

    Thank you Ms. Rita Banerji for making this come to light!

  76. Reddy

    He was a fucking bastard because of him we are in this position today. Everyone voted for Sardar Vallabhai patel for PM but he used his position to install Fucking nehru as PM. just because of him crores of hindus died in partition, Gave land to pakistan based on muslim population but 50% muslim populatin didn’t goto pakistan so pakistan got more land less people and india end up with more people less land.

  77. Critical Dragon1177

    Rita Banerji,

    This is pretty messed up. I had no idea Gandhi was like this.

  78. SACHI, Bahrain

    I tend believe these, as I have very rarely seen Gandhi moving without holding on to women beside. Such practices have since been made illegal by the Govt.

  79. Hao Chic

    If a man sleeps with another man, is it sexual or just two individuals sleeping together?
    If a teenage girl sleeps with her grandmother, is it a sexual act?
    In many cultures, whole families sleep in the same bed…young and old. Is it a family issue or sexual?

    If a man sleeps in the same bed with a woman is it sexual or just two people sleeping in the same bed?

    I don’t know Ghandi’s mind, neither do you. I’d read of his sleeping with young women, but never did he consider it sexual and to my knowledge
    he never committed a sexual act with these girls. Who is to say this is wrong or improper if nothing improper occurred?

    People tend to project their own assessment of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ without consideration of others. I don’t know Ghandi’s mind but
    from his life and teaching, I tend to give him benefit of the doubt based on his life. I don’t believe Ghandi would support genocide of women and
    I don’t see the association between his actions and the atrocities of present Indian society.

    1. Ravi

      I wrote the word “nude”. A child can sleep with their parent. But I don’t know any parent who sleeps completely nude next to their child. Especially in conservative India.

    2. Nishu


  80. vidya

    Rita, could you please tell us where you got this letter and other info from? Would like to know about the sources…

    1. Rita Banerji

      N. K. Bose’s Collections. It’s also included in “Mahatama Gandhi’s Letters on Brahmacharya.” There are other detailed endnotes references in my book “Sex and Power: Defining History, Shaping Societies” (Penguin Books, India; Penguin Global).

    2. Mahmood Kooria

      Rita, where are these N.K. Bose’s Collections kept? In the National Archives or elsewhere? Could you please give the exact citation?
      By the way, really enjoyed reading the piece.

  81. Bishop

    “Even the greatest minds are only right 50% of the time”. I find it interesting that so many folks scrutinize the individual to destroy the idea… Every person even Gandhi deals with the duality of this world.

  82. JOhn

    Don’t forget, Gandhi also used to have a strange obsession with giving the girls daily enemas, and insisting the gave him one.

  83. lol

    hindus, what do u expect

  84. Ravish

    I am talking to the author, would you mind to share the references of this article. True original references from where you got the material to make this article and conclude what you think on such a delicate topic.

  85. GK

    I believe if such a letter exists then it should be publised in any leading news paper. Why is it only on the internet? Then it is hard to prove it’s authenticity? Secondly, by harping on such bygone things is a waste of time and we are beginning to look like Pakistan, where people are more interested in raking up the past and where character assasination is a common habit. If M. K. Gandhi did try these experiments then it was bad on his part but I believe we should let it rest as he is dead and gone and concentrate on present day rapists. We need to concentrate on bigger issues of rape, molestation, eve teasing and infanticide in present day India that have gotten worse in the past few decades. Picking on Gandhi is like picking on someone who cannot fight back. As I said earlier, let some leading newspaper or TV channel debate this topic so the truth be told than here on the net where facts can easily be twisted. Lastly, let us not forget he was instrumental in the freedom movemnent or we wouldn’t be here debating this.

  86. Indignant male

    Your research is shoddy at best, making generalized references to “various documents”. The letter does nothing to confirm what actions took place under the sheets or explain why Dr. Sushila-ben was crying. Allegations without substantiation are nothing more than conjecture based on rumor and innuendo! Were ashrams not voluntarily inhabited? Who said these women were forced into bed with him? If you’re going to attack a man’s character, at least have the decency to do proper research! Don’t be a whore of feminist extremism! Joseph Lelyveld at least made an effort! (

    1. Ravi

      You are confusing “women” with “child”. A teenager is not legally an adult. A teenager has to listen to their elders. Are you going to argue that teen girls kidnapped from villages and sold to brothels are voluntary adults who chose to engage in prostitution. Come on now. Also “whore of extremist feminism”? The majority of crimes on this planet are committed by men – they are the murderers, rapists, and the people who start war. Your safety is threatened by crazy, angry men, not “whores of feminism” (lol, really???). Also if Gandhi was here and he saw how angry and indignant you were I don’t think him as a calm yogi would be supportive of how quickly you lose your temper. If you support his mission of non-violence then you need to learn to calm the hell down and resorting to verbal violence 🙂

  87. Ashok

    Gandhi was a horrible father and perhaps one of the most cruel husbands a wife could have. But I still take objection to this article. To begin with, the so called strongest piece of evidence, the author uses is a letter from Gandhi’s alleged secretary. This secretary never had conversations with the said Manu or the said Dr. Sushila Ben. His entire basis for concluding Gandhi’s alleged indiscretions are the sounds of these women crying. Secondly, Parasuraman is the same man who feels that a man putting his hands over a woman’s shoulder involves sexual intentions. For all the efforts to normalize the relations between genders, if such opinions still find support in India, then I feel terrible about what our population has become.

    Even the correspondences referred to, save for the author’s word, appear to be highly suspect and I haven’t come across any actual letters or question and answer sessions of the nature described in the article. If I am expected to conclude Gandhi’s guilt on such serious allegations, based only on hearsay evidence and alleged correspondences between third parties (people not being victims of perpetrators), evidence of which doesn’t appear to exist, then, as a lawyer I find it highly difficult to accede to such a preposterous request. Heck, if Gandhi was alive and a trial court were to convict him on the evidence relied upon in the article, then it would have set the record for the fastest appeal ever!

    Having said that, even if I were to assume Gandhi’s guilt, forsaking the presumption of innocence (which doesn’t get refuted with such flimsy evidence), then there is no doubt that he ought to have paid his dues to society. Even a billion noble deeds could not have pardoned him, assuming of course, that was indeed guilty of these charges.

    However, I reiterate that the proof shown in the article lacks the necessary substance to ensure a conviction. Secondly, Gandhi’s actions in the freedom movement were not always great. In fact, for a man of his stature not to have intervened in matters concerning Bhagat Singh and other leaders like Subhash Chandra Bose, remains a gross betrayal of the noble spirit with which they fought for India. Yet, he did stand out for his actions in the Dandi March or for the way he attacked the laws of Sedition. I don’t discount the good and the bad that he did. But Gandhi critics often push the envelope too far when they decide to paint him as the most overrated individual mankind has seen. The biased folks love such critics even though they are second guessing opinions of Gandhi held by some of the greatest thinkers in human history like Einstein, Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela. Where is the balance in that?

    As much as the author advocates a balanced view of Gandhi, appreciative of the alleged indiscretions involving sexual abuse, I must also insist that the actions which he undertook with gusto and good intentions cannot be ignored. I am in fact disappointed and miffed at the author’s undermining of the reader’s intelligence by making the request to presume his guilt based on the flimsy evidence, which itself remains doubtful in credibility. At best it raises doubts about Gandhi, and if there is any evidence that actually surfaces which meet reasonable standards of proof, we can take up the matter seriously.

    But if we are to conclude Gandhi was a horrible evil sexual predator, especially in view of his background and credibility, I will certainly expect at least a statement from a victim herself which remains conspicuously absent in the article. Yes, I am a fan of Gandhi and I find his views on non violent struggle, truth and conscientious thinking and moral high ground inspiring and will continue to find so. I hope to God I don’t become the kind of husband or father he was. But I pray that the intelligence and strategies he could conceive of, will one day reappear in India. Perhaps I may not look up to him if these allegations are proved, but these ideals that I referred to don’t diminish in their compelling stature under any circumstance.

    1. Ram Chadalavada

      I simply did not find time to write a detailed rebuttal (although I also did comment) to Ritu Banerjee’s feminist extremism expressed by tarnishing Gandhi without sufficient objective evidence. So, a big thank you for your comment :). I’m an admirer of Gandhi myself but am not blind to his flaws and in general endorse your comment. Excellent point about presumption of guilt by Ritu Banerjee and besides her perspective is rather monomaniacal!! In my comment I’ve included views of other intellectuals on this same topic.

    2. Ravi

      Hi Ashok, many times victims don’t come forward because they end up getting blamed. THe woman raped in Delhi who eventually died was ridiculed by male politicians for being out late. Many other victims commit suicide because after letting people know they were molested or raped they recieve all kinds of threats and abuse. Look at the comments from Indignant male – he calls the author a “whore”. That’s probably what would happen if one of the minor teen girls came out and let everyone know she slept next to a nude old man (if these allegations are true)

    3. Nishu

      great !

  88. Col Subhash Kumar Bose (retd)

    Concept is completely irrelevant. Regardless of the purpose of his experiments, it did harm to the women around him. Harm that never bothered him. This is the complete degradation of the women as a canvas for his experiment in open forum. Whether it is to arouse with intimacy and withhold sex or to force sex against the will. Regardless, what the women wished was never a factor.His motives and intentions may have been to prove his own “Purity” and mastering of his sexuality, but he misused and exploited girls and women. Is this typpe of non violance being practiced by our leaders ? Is it practicable? Will present generation accept such great concept?………….

  89. Herman

    Gandhi was shrew politician not saint or yogi. I shiver when I see Gandhi’s picture on all Indian currency. Nehru dynasty is using his name to stay in power.for 5- years since freedom because Gandhi chose Nehru over Sardar as first leader as Nehru. if you go on reading his autobiography you will find the name is not right; he should have given it the name My Experiments With Food And Sex. Truth is nowhere to be found. He is continuously worried about food: what to eat, what not to eat. His whole worry seems to be about food, and then about sex: how to become a celibate — this runs as a theme, this is the undercurrent. Continuously, day and night, he is thinking about food and sex — one has to get free. Now he is not a materialist — he believes in soul, he believes in God. In fact, because he believes in God he is thinking so much about food — because if he eats something wrong and commits a sin, then he will be far away from God. the second idea arises, of sex — how to get rid of sex. For his whole life, to the very end, he was concerned about it — how to get rid of sex. In the last year of his life he was experimenting with nude girls and sleeping with them, just to test himself, because he was feeling that death was coming close, and he had to test himself to see whether there was still some lust in him. The country was burning, people were being killed: Mohammedans were killing Hindus, Hindus were killing Mohammedans — the whole country was on fire. And he was in the very middle of it, in Novakali — but his concern was sex. He was sleeping with girls, nude girls; he was testing himself, testing whether brahmacharya, his celibacy, was perfect yet or not. But why this suspicion? — Because of long repression. The whole life he had been repressing. Now, in the very end, he had become afraid — because at that age he was still dreaming about sex. So he was very suspicious: would he be able to face his God? Now he is a spiritualist, but I will call him a materialist, and a very primitive materialist. His concern is food and sex. He tried to become christian 3 times in his life and if someone slaps one one chick, offer him another one is Jesus Christ’s christian teaching so west awarded him Nobel prize and once west approves, Indians are happy followers.

  90. Sheila Witte

    “Apart from the question of any affect on you what about the effect on girls?”
    From the letter you quote–this, I believe, is what we should accept. Two people were involved. Did these females want to be a part of this? Further, were they old enough to make that decision?

  91. Monty

    Hey Guys calm the Fuck down! He was just a horny old man, like any other man on earth. Fuck, if I was as powerful as him, I would sleep with even more women! ( but not my niece eww!) You could even say Nehru was a horny bastard too! but these are personal things, and I think what happens inside one’s bedroom is no one else’s concern!

    1. Ravi

      Monty, being a horny old man around consenting adults is fine. Being a horny old man with a child or an underage girl who has no choice but to listen to their elders – even for sex, is a HUGE concern

  92. John

    Venus is the antidote to Saturn. Great men in power NEED the presence of the youthful feminine. This was the great story of Jane Eyre. The world weary Mr. Rochester NEEDED the youthful, optimistic Jane and not just for “sex”. Unfortunately most of the world just doesn’t get this.

    1. Ravi

      A man can get youthful feminine in their 20’s when they are consenting adults. Are you in support of child prostitution – because that is the same argument grown men use to have sex with kids. Or maybe most of the world just doesn’t get grown men having sex with girls who aren’t legally old enough to drive. What’s wrong with us?

    2. Sam sundar

      Ravi this is more than child prostitution. It also involves incest. And do we know the exact ages of these victims. If they are younger it is a case of child abuse and worse

  93. Wilmot mather

    What a disgrace this is. I had such a great respect for him– not anymore though. he is nothing but a sex abuser, a rapist & a sick indian bastard. May he rot in hell.

  94. Nirmalan Dhas

    I think that neither a moralistic nor legalistic approach to Gandhis “experiment’ with sexuality as manifest within his own life are of any use and there may in fact be much that we can learn from his motives and their outcome especially in relation to the asymmetries of the human reproductive process and the interface known as gender that mediates these asymmetries towards the sustenance of the reproductive process.

    There is a possibility that Gandhi realized that human awareness had become polarized around the genital organ and reproductive behaviors thereby generating what we call ‘sexuality’ that has deployed itself as one of the major economic drivers of the currently global civilization of the human species that is generated by the dynamic of an obsessive generation of desires and consequent compulsive search for their satisfaction through the consumption of all available resources at an increasing rate.

    It is possible that his “experiments” were in fact experiments at ridding himself of this polarization which would enable him to deconstruct sexuality and emerge as a being liberated from slavery to this configuration of human awareness.

    He was not however subject to oversight by any ethics committee and as a result the impact of his experimentation on the emotional configuration of his subjects, and the status of their consenting to become subjects of his experimentation if such participation could be justified on the basis of such consent alone, and if so the manner in which such consent was obtained, remain unknown so that the outcome of his experiments cannot be evaluated.

    The silence of his subjects is a great loss. The testimony of Dr. Sushila Behn in particular may have been enlightening. These people did not disappear at the end of Gandhis life and many of them may have left behind information as to the impact that Gandhis “experiments” had on them. The impact of Gandhis “experiments” may tell us a lot about sexuality and its responses to being manipulated.

    The other aspect worth investigating would be the writings of Gandhi in relation to these “experiments” especially since he was challenged to explain what he was doing on more than one occasion.

    1. Vivek

      There is one weekness in us is that we follow the things that might have been molded in another way. Great Man – means he did great thing beyond what a normal person can do.

      1. If you belived that gandhi did experiments with young girls – that was not the girls can boldly refuse\face any situation and they can’t even face british man if they did’nt come out of the femine fealings. as girls and womens were fighting for a cause and may be sexually asualted by british men and if any girl was being not prepaired may either do suicide or may put other’s fighter’s life in what you say is experiment was to prepare wemens for such incident and tell them thtat they should be not asamed of anything happens to you in any way for cause.

  95. Lasantha Pethiyagoda

    There seems to be an element of sensationalism in the article. You see, Gandhiji’s good far outweighs whatever faults he might have had, which probably affected a few close associates, whereas millions upon millions were elevated to positions of basic respect due to his efforts. His private life as a sexual predator may quite possibly be a common trait among great people. Let us see things in perspective here….

    1. Navin

      ‘You see, Gandhiji’s good far outweighs whatever faults he might have had,’

      Try telling that to one of his victims. If he was alive today and behaved like that would it be acceptable or would he be arrested?

    2. Sam sundar

      Well Done Lasantha Pethiyagoda (of Indian Link Mag in Australia I guess). Your comments tries to weigh the plight of handful of victims against that of the “millions upon millions were elevated to positions of basic respect”. That is precisely what many dictators and political manipulators did over centuries by subjugating a segment of society while elevating the groups they favoured. Your comment that “His private life as a sexual predator may quite possibly be a common trait among great people.” is all the more reason why one needs to be more aware of the actions of those in power. There are possibly more examples of such common traits one can find in such great people raging from corruption (many politicians the world over), perverting the cause of justice (as Justice Marcus Einfield of Australia did) to murder and more. If your argument is correct should we give credit to those women for sacrificing their lives to this predator in the name of elevating the lives of millions upon millions?. Shouldn’t they be afforded a rightful place in history or should we subject them to the same fate as the “comfort women” of WWII.

    3. Sam sundar

      why are you keep removing my comments. You do not like what I am saying loosers

  96. Arati Nair

    The only difference being that Asaram was a fraud masquerading as a saint (using religion as a foolproof shield); Gandhi at least had a vision of independence and worked incessantly for our freedom (and against the ill-treatment of Indians in South Africa). His contributions in those regards notwithstanding, I have no respect for sexual deviants or abusers. His experiments, lauded all over the country, were well and good, but the sexual connotations of the same need to be brought to light. An impartial analysis of both is possible in an informed and moral society. Sadly, Gandhi fanatics will only see this post and many others as vandalism unleashed against their great leader. There is a grain of truth in the voice here, but not many will have the sensitivity to hear/approve it.

    Our society has always looked at women as tools to be used and discarded. While we adorn numerous roles, the fact remains that we’re living in a delusional world of our own making. Men and women are different beings never meant to be in the same equation.

    1. Vivek

      There is one weekness in us is that we follow the things that might have been molded in another way. Great Man – means he did great thing beyond what a normal person can do.

      1. If you belived that gandhi did experiments with young girls – that was not the girls can boldly refuse\face any situation and they can’t even face british man if they did’nt come out of the femine fealings. as girls and womens were fighting for a cause and may be sexually asualted by british men and if any girl was being not prepaired may either do suicide or may put other’s fighter’s life in what you say is experiment was to prepare wemens for such incident and tell them thtat they should be not asamed of anything happens to you in any way for cause.

  97. Sena

    One thing is certain .He Is the father of the nation. There could have been some aspects of his life which did not merit printing and they should not be printed. Everyone has a private life.

    1. Sudarshan Kumar

      I find this whole process is cheap publicity stunt by writer for her cheap book “sex and power” which is also a full of shit. Please don’t read it

    2. Sam sundar

      Private affairs of a public man matters when it is wholly contrary to his preachings and public persona. To say that we should not air potential abuses of a person just because he is the father of the nation makes one wonder should the same be applied to others in power today because their good deeds outweigh the bad ones. To say that “some aspects of his life” are not worth knowing adds credence to the argument that some how power can be used to hide all sins no matter the impact of such sins on the victims. Now that is a damn shame!!

  98. Pt. Nehru

    Oh good lord, dear brother Gandhi. I briefly mentioned to you that the cat will be out of the bag one day, but you did not listen. Of course, you were too busy with the ladies and revolution. Nonetheless, times as they say, were worth exploring. Fret not Gandhi, the world will still not see our sexism as we are and will always be projected as the heroes in the books of history!

  99. Paskar

    A commendable article; when one reads his biography one tends to wonder about these things but there were never enough facts to dwell on. This was a long coming story that you have bravely brought to the front. I love Michael Jackson but even President Obama was careful about giving him unreserved praise. In view of the gang rape and what followed, it’s time India woke up to reality about its own sexual predators be it a monster or a mahatma. Even Martin Luther King had his flings but at least he did it openly with consenting adults. Exploiting minors is a crime beyond justification and full credit to you for providing facts. No one can say it was his private life; that was not the standard he purported to maintain and advocate. Thank you Ms Banerji.

  100. tharun

    Sex Maniac!!!

  101. Cat

    Sex is wonderful only when the people involved ALL like it. Not when one person imposes him/herself on another!

  102. Cat

    @ lasantha Pethiyagoda – “you see”??? Would you be willing to be used by a ‘great’ person in the same way,Mr P? Lie on the bed naked and let yourself be touched and massaged against your liking?

  103. Ajr

    Thank you, Rita Banerji, for being so brave and so relentless, in projecting the truth. You have raised important questions regarding our nation’s attitude towards sexual exploitation. Keep up the good work.

  104. Omnilord

    This isn’t anything new regarding Gandhi and it certainly isn’t the same as proving that Gandhi was a sexual molester. What we have here is possibly a victimless “crime.”

    Of course – usually I would readily conclude that such a practice was of a more nefarious nature, but for Mr. Gandhi I’m actually willing to give the benefit of doubt.

  105. Southbender

    “The Naked Fakir”

  106. Erni Julia Kok

    Rita Banerji, your article caught me in surprise. But just surprise like the other time I just learnt something new. I think this is because I have never idolized any man or woman. Instead of condeming the dead person, I feel irritated (or hopelessness) that people who witnesses any misconduct on women rights either now and then, prefered to keep their mouth shut. I hope your braveness to bring this up will spark a flame that we all need to join hands or we should be condemn for our ignorance. Congratulation and keep up good work.

  107. Anurag Pandey

    No idea, how to react since the person is not alive to defend himself………….

  108. Mousumi Saha Kumar

    I’m stunned and appalled. I can’t believed what I just read…read similar posts about Tagore and Indira Gandhi a while ago..rejected the allegations thinking they came as fabricated. Can you please substantiate the letters written to Mr. Gandhi by R. P. Parasuram?
    If your allegations are false, why have the government of India not taken any action against you?

  109. Nidhi Kapoor

    What you write might be true but IMO a person’s actions are always subject to mis-interpretation purely because no one knows the intention behind the action. The facts that you state might be true but how do you know what his intention was? Knowing about other aspects of Gandhi, he definitely comes across as a self-disciplinarian. So, if I try to visualize his personality attributes, would I be wrong in attributing his actions as a way of disciplining himself using rigorous measures? after all, epics say that one who can conquer his sexual nature is the only one who can be free from all sorts of material bondage. So, was having naked women in his bed Gandhi’s way of conquering his sexual urges?? Who knows?!

    I am no follower of Gandhi but just someone who likes to understand things better than they are at the surface :).

    1. Ravi

      Nidhi, one can discipline their sexual desire by lying naked next to their consenting wife or another consenting adult. Not sure why a child or teen needs to lie next to a nude old man? Maybe Michael Jackson made children sleep next to him b/c he was trying to test his sexuality? You use the word “women” but he wasn’t lying next to women. He was lying next to underage *girls*. Big difference

    2. Vivek

      There is one weekness in us is that we follow the things that might have been molded in another way. Great Man – means he did great thing beyond what a normal person can do.

      1. If you belived that gandhi did experiments with young girls – that was not the girls can boldly refuse\face any situation and they can’t even face british man if they did’nt come out of the femine fealings. as girls and womens were fighting for a cause and may be sexually asualted by british men and if any girl was being not prepaired may either do suicide or may put other’s fighter’s life in what you say is experiment was to prepare wemens for such incident and tell them thtat they should be not asamed of anything happens to you in any way for cause.

  110. Nicky

    People’s life is their own doing. That is something we have all accepted and fought for. A person is allowed to make conclusions and justifications about things. And I write with all the respect possible, for your opinion is your own.
    In today’s world there is so much that can still shock us, there are so many things that can still leave our jaw hanging. As a student and a person who still strives to learn I have realized that things that textbooks portray are bias towards the reality.
    Your accusation is that of no surprise to me; my jaw is still intact, in fact I am in awe that so many people are taken aback by this issue. Gandhi was a man with strong morals that is true. He was a man that stuck by his beliefs, but they were absurd. Nonetheless he lives today only in books, museums and in minds of people. The man cannot speak for him self and has no advocate to support his doings. Besides none of us were present to know the real truth.
    The man may have fought his urges though his own means, and doing things like he did are horrendous nonetheless he was also a major reason for India’s freedom; more importantly our freedom. He may receive a lot more credit than he reserves but he did lay his life for his country, and like many others lost it too.
    As a person studying psychology I still choose to see the humanity in a person. I rather people of the 21st century hold on to faith, knowing that there was once good; and there still is a possibility for today. Knowing that normal, common people (who make mistakes) did chose the just and fair path, instead of concluding to corruption and unjust laws. Us constantly going back to the past to find the wrong is not going to fix anything now.
    I hope I have not offended anyone by what I have to say, but it is my belief and no matter what Gandhi will always be one of the men who played a big role to fight for my country’s freedom. And nothing he did will change that, because truthfully a few unacceptable things should not change a legacy that a man holds.

  111. Kushal Azza

    Right now, while writing this comment, I am totally frustrated and damn angry on that a**hole(Gandhi). I started hating that a**hole and his shitty thoughts about non-violence. After reading this letter, tears rolled out of my eyes. How could a person considered as father of nation can do this all shit? Oh my God !! Help me. I can’t say anything more.

  112. UShankar

    there is a leader…. and there are followers…..and there are non followers…………………………leader bargains for the follower’s something of importance’ ( freedom,self governance….and power)….. and so his followers ignore his vices as their leader helps them get what they want………………… then the leader dies……and so dies the source that provided power…………….so the followers ( congress party) makes him god…and gets his photo printed on all notes….his picture on all government office….and even 66 years after his death … use his name to get them to power………..

    This is life…. all god were just leaders in their time…having both bright and dark sides….. after their deaths…. its the followers who make them god and censor any criticism about them….

    everything said…………….it is one of the track of thoughts…….that during the early part of 1940’s the power as well as control of congress had already changed hand from gandhiji to younger leaders like nehru……by the time gandhiji reached 75 years of age… specially after his wife’s death…… gandhiji was left with little control even on his own mental state

  113. Deb Mitra

    Makes me wonder about the similarities between Asaram Bapu and Bapu. One of them is being rightly prosecuted because of his indecent act , the other is regarded as the father of the nation.Both of them were hugely popular in their fields , and yes both of them have a huge ego , that what they say or do is always right.
    The fact isnt that Gandhi might have had a higher purpose for his so called’ enlightenment’ , but how he made other people an abject object of his experiments and scarring them for life.

  114. kumud

    A great article to motivate us to further slap Gandhi…it is but obvious but to not point out that some of these historical facts could have been gotten from Gandhi’s own writings than to depend on biographers. The concept of sexuality should not be simplicity in a text book like fashion be linked to the idea of women subjection. it does no justice to either the writer or to the content.
    there is no denying the fact on archaic thoughts of Gandhi on concept of sex, but to turn him into a lecherous, pervert man for what he believed in is equally absurd and ill-informed. what we lack in understanding, we express in veiled ink. to assume Gandhi’s apparent disrespect for women or to classify him as a sexual predator based on some recorded facts and self-interpretation suggests to the like.

  115. Rajeesh Nair

    There was a time when I admired Gandhi too but eventually it went as I believe in the principle of Non-Violence though not always… I firmly believe India would have got independence way before if we had chosen the path of Chandra Shekhar Azad, Bhagat Singh or Netaji and I think India would have been a great nation if Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel was declared the first Prime Minister instead of the rangeela Jawahar Lal Nehru..

    Also it came into my notice about his sexual exploits and stuff like that but I always believed them to be just rumors or negativity about him but with these solid facts given here I have no other options but to believe it.. There’s no smoke unless there’s fire.

  116. Piya Agarwal

    And now it’s Gandhi, the yet another double standard human 🙁

  117. Pushpendra Pal

    May be MK Gandhi did some controversial things in his personal life. But we should not forgot his contribution to unite the nation (peacefully) against British rule, which help us to become independent country. I never understood that why people always try to defame historical personalities by raising their personal life issues.

    And the blog “YouthKiAwaaz” published this article for the sole purpose of easy publicity by being controversial. There is nothing to do with Social Cause …. Deep digging in issues like this can never help youth & nation to fight with really big problems of corruption, unemployment, poverty etc.

    P.S. I am not a blind Gandhi follower but value his contribution for the freedom of our nation. Bande ne samaaj ko kya diya is pr dhyan do na ki usne subah potty krte time kis company ki underwear pehni thi.


      “Controversial things in his personal life”…! Those “controversial things” are to make sick the other persons, only because they were the women…!

      Freedom” founded & structured on the dead of the body and soul of the other human…
      On death and disease of women, their sexual abuse… Great doing…!
      I can’t stand of that HYPOCRISY.

  118. Deepanker

    I am speechless. Although, I have heard these things. But this is the first time when i have clear proof of what our so called bapu used to do with girls.

  119. Vivek

    There is one weekness in us is that we follow the things that might have been molded in another way. Great Man – means he did great thing beyond what a normal person can do.

    1. If you belived that gandhi did experiments with young girls – that was not the girls can boldly refuse\face any situation and they can’t even face british man if they did’nt come out of the femine fealings. as girls and womens were fighting for a cause and may be sexually asualted by british men and if any girl was being not prepaired may either do suicide or may put other’s fighter’s life in what you say is experiment was to prepare wemens for such incident and tell them thtat they should be not asamed of anything happens to you in any way for cause.

    2. he was old and as you all aware that he was a son of a rich and did LAW from forign so if he has some intension like that either he accepted british offer to join them or miight never cam to india.

  120. Vivek

    before eccepting any thing ….always used your own brain twice to find out cause and considering all factor\facts and cause.

    either in terms of politics or in terms of relations….anything

  121. hrmehrotra

    from the beginning when i matured in life, i never liked him because the conflict in india between Hindu & Muslims was created by MK Gandhi, and after reading this he lost his rest values from my mind…

    i have no words to define a person like him….

    1. Jayantika

      The article might be true, but I highly doubt that Gandhi ever started conflict between Hindus and Muslims. The seeds of disunity were sowed in Mughal era, to which Jinnah’s two nation theory based on religion added the discomfort.
      Gandhi was not perfect, but this behavior of sexual exploitation is beyond forgiveness. Some women were never empowered, and still are not in many parts of the country. Or may be the reasons were reverence to the Mahatama. I am not so sure

  122. GB

    research?? hmmm u dont have to quote others books. he confessed most of the things himself and some of them find their way in his autobiography.. so.. kudos on the “research”

  123. Purushnath

    Dear Rita Banerjee,
    Firstly, your evidences are so much right, you should try to get them published in leading newspapers rather than simply blogging in the internet. The reason is that internet users represent a small sample in our country and you can never know the majority reaction of humans unless you make an attempt to publish it throughout the country.
    Secondly,you need to understand that there are several ways to tarnish images of public figures. I am not discounting your piece of evidence but let me remi nd you that just about 2.5 years back, there was a piece written by Joseph Llyod who called Gandhiji “gay” and said he had male lovers. Now, according to your own biological sciences of the west, people can either be “hetero” or “gay”.Which means either Jospeh’s version Gandhiji (a “gay man”) is right or your’s (a “hetero pervert”). So, you need to explain the inconsistency here.

    1. South Westerly

      Technically there is no inconsistency here because I am sure you must have heard of bisexuality.
      Meanwhile I must also admit that I do not have any qualms if what is written in this article turns out to be true. Because 1) this does not blur the fact that he led a nation as big as India towards achieving freedom and gave the world absolutely awe inspiring way of protest – ‘Satyagraha’ 2) For me he is an exceptionally intelligent strong willed personality but not more not less. He is not my God or an idol of worship for that matter. Therefore I am not emotionally connected to him. And I don’t think that makes me any less patriotic for my India.
      Disclaimer : my words here do not by any means suggest that Gandhiji was bisexual but the suggestion was simply the biological possibility.

    2. Purushnath

      When no other explanation comes out as possible, then you westerners and westernized folks start crying out “Oh! Bisexual!” Yet, there are studies in the west itself which show bisexuality in men is very rare. (by the way that particular text by Joseph even claimed that Gandhiji had said he absolutely loathed sex with women—so thats far away from “bisexual”.) There are infinite number of possible deductions that have been made by west, with several inconsistencies. Yet,you would blindly accept them as facts at the drop of a hat. Why? Because it is the EMPEROR speaking. That is called self-loathing at its best.

  124. Vinay Jaykumar

    I am a narrow minded person who strongly opposes such acts of immortality though the liberal minded person in me feels that most of the people would fall into these traps if they get an opportunity. But what disturbed me to the core was when i started visualizing all these. The person who is considered to be the face of India in the past, the present and in the future and who is revered across the globe for what he did and for what he was indulging in such activities and that too at the twilight of his age is indeed disturbing.

    Indians might forget to recollect the names of their relatives in their family tree when asked out of the blue. But ask a kid or ask a grandpa ” who the father of our nation is..??” Up comes the answer without a pause.. “Mahatma Gandhi” with a deep sense of pride and patriotism. And that’s how closely we Indians are associated and obsessed with that name and figure. And to visualize this person in such uncompromising situations is indeed a shame and curse.

    When i finished reading this article i just wished this website be an unrecognized one and the writer be a foreigner just to hope against hope that this article be a gossip. Sadly, it’s a NO. For a moment i felt that everything bows down to sexuality.

  125. Purushnath

    @Vinay Jaykumar,
    What opinion you have of the earlier sexual allegation made against Mahatma Gandhi by a foreigner about him having sex with a man? Now obviously both of these cannot be true at the same time.It is pathetic that you people who call yourselves patriots start believing in things like these just at the drop of a hat without attempting to delve further into the authenticity of such evidences.

  126. Vinay Jaykumar

    @Purushnath – I am not a historian. I didn’t live in the era of the Great Mahatma to have witnessed all these personally. When i went through the article i found all of the information genuine. Its not possible for me to dwell further into it and personally check the authenticity of the documents. What i expressed is what i felt. No hard feelings.

  127. Priya Agarwal

    Never even liked him… He could have stopped Pakistan from getting divided from India…. But no.. he had his own selfish reasons… He could have made Sardar Vallabhai Patel the Prime Minister and it would have stopped…!! He really was one of the worst Politicians one could have…!!

    1. Ronak

      Mahatma did his best to keep India undivided…. please go through this book..”FREEDOM AT MIDNIGHT” to know how we achieved Independence.
      #Blogger– Please use publications for your readings on Political Leaders… internet is a real democracy{one has right to freedom of speech& thoughts} tht does not mean tht u will make some anti-Gandhi campaign go viral on the net… Mahatma Gandhi is considered as one of the greatest human beings ever lived. I request you to be completely sure of wht you write and reply.. !!!!!!! JAI HIND!..

    2. bangalorebuoy

      Ronak… I don’t think the British would’ve given us ‘freedom’ if there was no WWII. They had to rebuild their own country & they were done looting India. So, looking after both India & their own country would’ve been a very difficult prospect for them. Ever wondered how Sri Lanka also got independence around the same time (Feb 1948)? Food for thought
      *wink wink*

  128. Purushnath

    Vinay Jaykumar,
    Every evidence resented by people with agendas appears genuine or else the concerned individual would never have the guts to present it to the public. Actually such people are well aware of how foolish and vulnerable many Indians are. This is the basic tactic used by westerners for generations to exploit Indians and today they continue to do the same. And I have absolutely no reason to assume this author herself is not a westernized sexual maniac crying for cheap publicity. Otherwise, why doesn’t she have the guts to present her “genuine” evidence to the newspapers and media?

  129. Purushnath

    And lastly, you should also know that such kinds of incidents against women that are prevalent to such an extent were very rare those days. That is what people of those generations still alive recall. Our blatant westernization of the nation has been responsible for the sexual debauchery of today and instead of doing something about that, whores like Rita Banerjee waste time on useless controversies. Probably because, deep from inside such sluts actually support the heterosexualization of Indian culture today.

    1. Jyoti

      She is reporting facts, If you have facts supporting your presumed “westernization being a problem” (yeah right! YAWN! Nothing is our fault its always someone else influencing us!lets just blame the west for our perverse repressed mentality! YAWN again!) you should go ahead & write.. oh wait you prolly dont have the wits about you to actually think and type out an essay.. so this witless, mudslinging comment will have to do. Please do grow up. You need to read more.. Get this – Whatever be the influence , in the end you are responsible for your actions. Neway Greatness does not belong to a doer of such reprehensible deeds. Excelling in one field does not absolve you of being sinful. Its like saying ohh! This Musician is a serial killer. let him go he has made such beautiful famous music. Just plain stupidity! Thats the sin here GEEZ!

    2. Jyoti

      & what the hell does ” heterosexualization of Indian culture” even mean? Anyone? Does anyone know what he is talking about? Not your fault i am sure you must have picked it up while watching some western movie. LOL! how could you be responsible?

    3. Purushnath

      I am not going to take any responsibility to teach you terms it is your duty to find that out by googling it.And westernization is definitely responsible for moral debauchery of today among youths. Starting from porns to cheap movies. Indians might be blameworthy for aping the west, but that is not the point I am mentioning here. My point is that you cannot compare today’s debauched young populace with yesterday’s at all. Those incidents were very rare those days.

    4. sentientbeingblogger

      So face it – you really cant explain it can you?Cause you just thought itwas fancy & decided to retype it to impress god only knows who! Oh & is that how you learnt everything? By “googling it?” Westernization is not the problem. I am going to reiterate – Go read a book . I suggest start with “The world is flat”.

    5. Purushnath

      Rest assured. If I start explaining it will take pages and go way off topic. And if you don’t like the view that westernization is a problem then you are most welcome to keep that opinion to yourself. I have read sufficient literature around gender and sexuality and I know who is the real enemy. India’s traditional patriarchy might have been oppressive but atleast it did not have the power to give a scientific validity to gender roles. Starting from Darwin’s theory of evolution to countless other so called scientific theories on gender and God knows how many so called differences between men and women they tend to bring about through those third grade universty studies everyday.

  130. ashwani rathore

    Please give a clear list of references at the end of your article. Where are you sourcing your claims from?? I must give it to you, you have successfully bashed Gandhi but unlike other people, I am not in a hurry to do so and don’t like my country’s idols’ image being tarnished on a public forum. Post your references madam.

    1. Babar

      So people are supposed to form negative opinions of great personalities by some manipulative article. The Independent is not a credible source of information. It is certainly a good way to garner attention though.

  131. HV

    I’m coming from europe and god knows how I love India and respect its cultures. Ive lived there and witness things by myself so before judging me as “an european bitch who don’t know what he is talking about and judge other countries habits and culture”, please know I’m not.
    Your country is certainly one of the biggest power economically, demographically, historicall and culturally speaking. Your economy is targeting one of the top position in the world, and you have the capacities to do so. However the gap between social classes is enormously huge. This translate into cultural gaps as well. Hence some people (like you probably) have a decent life and access to a lot kind of information; they can make their own opinion on what is acceptable and what is not; they can mix up information and construct their own opinion; they can dig further, discuss with others who have their own opinion,… to sum up those people can be more or less free-minded. But those people are far from being the majority and that is for me the Indian problem. Lots of people are just followers, attached to ancient beliefs, unable to make their own ideas of issues that go beyond their day-to-day life. I’m not saying that following ancient beliefs is not good, I’m saying that following “blindly” those beliefs, old or not, is always a barrier to any kind of development. Hence for one peop trying to questions well established figures, thousands of others are pushing to deny any questionning. If any civilization want to move forward, it has to be able to forge many opinions and to follow different paths in order to extend and diversify the scale of possibilities. Hence if Gandhi was effectively a sexual predator or not is not really the question here, as the author says. The question is how you will react to this statement: 1)denying as many people like to do by fear of change or just because they are afraid of standing out the mold; 2) digging up the information, discuss it and make your own opinion about it; 3) or simply directly believe it like it is because it looks like genuine or maybe because you are a kind of anarchist… Following my experience, the good behaviour is the second one. Questionning everything is the most sure way to get the right answer!

    1. South Westerly

      Point taken. However the problem of blind following is not specific to India. After all, isn’t that the vertebrae on which religions survive. The real problem here is that there is absolutely no room for freedom of expression against popularly supported beliefs or persons. It is a Taboo!!.. which may be the reason why our social fabric granted religious freedom to all known religions except for atheists. It does not even consider the existence of such group. And as you rightly pointed out “the real question that the author raised through this article is how we react to this statement more than whether it is true or not” and honestly mine is Nonchalance!

  132. Mainak Chattopaddhyay

    Hi Rita,
    Kindly do us a favor by showing a link to your sources. Post references or else you simply come across as just another cheap publicity creator. Besides, it is high time that you should look into your own follies before always criticizing men for every single injustice encountered.I am sure you are the kind of woman yourself who would go into the street and cry “Impotent” at a man who does not bother to respond to your sexual advances.

    1. Sam

      Awwwww, poor baby…looks like ‘impotent’ has been screamed out at you because you really are…since no sane woman would try her moves on a person like YOU, so there is no way that you ‘didn’t bother to respond’…there can be no other explanation 🙂 but, don’t be bitter, shit happens.

    2. Mainak Chattopaddhyay

      Do you even know what is an impotent? A woman is not some agency through which impotency of a man can be tested. Got that you shitty asshole?**Bastards abound**.

  133. Purushnath

    I am sure you are bitch author in disguise. But if there is even a 10% chance you aren’t, take note of the fact that I as well as several others here have already asked the author to present some credible references. Also get them published in leading newspaper agencies. Mere rumors on the net don’t qualify as facts. Maybe for uneducated uncouth trolls like you who only rely on cheap rumors to tarnish images of people at the slightest opportunity, but not for the general literati.

    1. Ravi

      Wow Purushnath, are you an undercover suppressed homosexual? You seem to really HATE women. Maybe you should admit you prefer men already and leave women alone?

    2. Purushnath

      That was really a big irony LOL. Infact, it is heterosexuals who are accused of being misogynists here. The thing is a kiddo like you doesn’t know a single thing about what hating women means or does not or what sexuality what someone is or is not. I have simply asked the bitch to come out and present references rather than simply bringing a handful of audiences on the net.

    3. Ravi

      LOL! If you don’t hate women you can ask her in an intelligent manner (Gandhi talked about using truthful and civilized speech, even fasting from talking one day a week) without using terms like bitch, slut, and whore. If a white man asked you a question and he disagreed with you would you like it if he called you racial slurs used against Indians? Here’s an easy way to do, kiddo: Rita, I disagree with you. Where are your references? I don’t believe anything you’ve said because your evidence is not credible.

      Was that so hard? 🙂 Take a lesson from Gandhi and listen to how he talked 🙂

    4. Purushnath

      The thing is that this is not the first women I am encountering who utters such cheap rants and yet when pleaded, will shirk from giving any references. Also,radical feminists are never the kinds of beings who can be talked with intelligently. They exploit the vulnerability and ignorance of people and present them with distorted facts.

    5. Purushnath

      And that is the hard plight of being honest. Just because I brought out an evidence which suggested Gandhi was “gay” I became labelled a “homosexual” (yet another western social construct BTW but thats a different issue not at hand here). I was simply pointing out that what the author has said can never e true if the other one was right. And if the other one was not right, then there is no reason why this one won’t be a ruumor either.

    6. Purushnath

      Also, I must say it is you molestors of the present generation corrupted by media who need to leave women alone. It is because of you youths that today, people are not sparing even a leader like Gandhi and are thinking him to be same as you pervert lot.

    7. Ravi

      Also if you hate the media go do something about it. Sitting behind a computer and talking about whores and sluts on the internet is a pretty cowardly and lazy way to deal with problems

    8. Purushnath

      You are right about that.However, the problem is that such wrong information are usually fed in the internet because it has become such a free-for-all platform. So they can only be confronted here.

    9. Purushnath

      You could say the same thing to the author as well. Why not go and present evidences to leading journalists and media barons rather than ranting against someone in the internet? Much of India’s populace cannot read this, so what is the point?

    10. Ravi

      She’s attacking a dead person. You are talking about perverts and media who are alive and present and can be handled with direct action. If she criticizes a dead person on the internet it has zero effect on a corpse.

    11. sentientbeingblogger

      Awww i made you angry so you had to regress into your mudslinging again. Its ok not your fault , prolly western influence again that taught you that “when you have no cogent arguments to make just abuse!” No wait it was your own silliness Sir . Also did you really flatter yourself by calling yourself “literati” ? LOL!! thats just so lame! Dude STOP already i think you have embarassed yourself enough.

    12. Purushnath

      Jyoti it is hardly my intention to engage in mudslinging. I am totally open to all forms of debates in an open manner.But references need to be clear. Until and unless they are made explicitly clear, you cannot simply call them as “facts”. Why is it that none of the people out in real world have ever heard of such a thing ever when I talked of this with them? Oh yes, you will say they are all living in a world of limited information right? So if that be so, why not just go out and publish this in a leading daily rather than keeping it in this internet world out of reach of billions? Simply because you don’t have the guts to do so because you know you are not sincere.

    13. bangalorebuoy

      dude! get a hold…seriously! So, u want leading newspaper agencies to publish this? Here you go…

      This article was published 3 years ago on a leading news website, The Independent. And you think our national dailies are brave enough to publish this? Hornet’s nest.. & I don’t have to mention you’d be one of those hornets (you already know it I’m sure!) 😉

    14. Purushnath

      Yawn! Which one of these western sources is genuine? Now I have to do the picking or you?

    15. Purushnath

      Hornet’s nests exist both ways. There are those that suppress information and there are those who present misleading evidences as “information” and “facts” due to having some nefarious agenda,often subconsciously.

  134. Practical Indian Youth

    “youth ki awaaz”? yeah right. The real youth should live in the present and worry more about real issues like corruption, development of the nation. Not sure you can substantiate the facts – but you forget that if it werent for Gandhi, you wouldnt be able to write a blog about him. We would probably be slaves to the British or had been slaughtered. So lets cut the crap and live a practical life.
    Why not write a sensational piece about the current Gandhis, and the other able politicians who are F***ing our nation as we debate if the father of the same nation exploited women?

    1. YouthKiAwaaz

      We’d be happy to publish if you decide to write one. You can know more here:

    2. Prakhar

      It’s not a “sensational’ piece… It’s the truth and it’s now spreading to many people.. I just hope that it finds it’s way into the notebooks of students who are taught to respect gandhi family.. The roots of this family belong to a sex predator…why would anyone surprise if the current generation is one step ahead of him.. Even sonia gandhi’s biological father is not known.. she is believed to be a sex worker in her native country..!

    3. Purushnath

      Oh now I get it. The Gandhi Family! So Mister, you want to malign the Gandhi family among the public so that it does not get to rule the next administration right? I have now got another piece of reason why this post has been put up at this crucial hour when the country is to go to the elections soon. Can you see everyone?
      But remember, even I support Narendra Modi more than I do Rahul Gandhi. That does not mean I want to tarnish someone usng such foul play. Let a fair competition prevail.

    4. bangalorebuoy

      Purushnath… what Gandhi family are you talkin about? I presume u meant the Nehru family But really, does it make a difference? Both of them, MK Gandhi & J Nehru, screwed up the country equally!

      & about you questioning the timing of this blog, this piece of info is not new… it is a known fact. Maybe you hadn’t read/heard this earlier.

    5. Purushnath

      What known fact? Why is it that only internet juntas know it and not a single person in the real world? I have asked atleast a dozen by now. And still doing more.

    6. another practical Indian

      I think u are absolutely right…. We Indians have lot to worry about than to keep debating on what these great men did!! Don’t look at past instead see what are we going to do with our future.. I totally agree with you dude!!

  135. John Doe

    Well, I had read a few of such articles before too, but i overlooked and i would, this time too. It does not affect me a bit, but seriously, I’ve started to think Gandhi would have been a nudist. I have no problems with that, cause of course i am one, but also because i don’t believe staying naked is at all wrong. We were born naked, so why not stay naked? Doesn’t mean I support any of his acts that were inhumane and unreported (like r*** or m*****), but if the people involved had no qualms regarding his nudity or his ways entirely, he had no need to give a thought to what the rest felt about it.

    Though referring his ways as ‘experiments’ is funny and sad at the same time, it also shows that he found a way to rationalize his ways among people.

    Finally, I would also like to add that never I have felt that his way of ‘non-violence’ has succeeded. 2 of his major movements, Civil Disobedience and Non-Cooperation Movement are based on the simple motive to be violent in terms of disagreement with the oppressors.

    So, its all just a LOL for me.

    1. Dioanjan

      To author surely would like to have references to support your article.

      However, disagreeing with some of the critics who commented on the post stating abuses such as “bitch” , etc. PLEASE DON’T because viewers reading this post have their views and are in full control what to believe and what not believe, but abusing a woman in public forum only shows your uncivilized behavior and try to have a constructive debate for generations to follow.

  136. John Doe

    And for God’s sake, stop assuming that he had sex with all the women he slept naked with, even his grand niece. He may have just slept with them. Nor is there any proof he raped any of them.

    And if seriously we have fallen to such an abyss where we believe that any man to sleep naked with women must necessarily have had sex with them, we need to flush our brains down the drain.


    1. Prakhar

      John doe.. I would kill you if you do the same with any girl apart from your gf or your wife and she is in pain because of it…. Even making the other sex sleep with you NAKED is wrong.. Yeah it’s not’s the downfall of humanity..and if you think that sleeping with naked opposite sex is good then i must say, you are as big psychopathic sexual predator as gandhi was… i don’t know what to call u..definitely not a human from any perspective..
      I would punch you a few times, in your face just for the smiley you used in the end of comment..

  137. Sam

    So, from what I gather (reading through some of the many comments below):

    1. Gandhi could have been homosexual – so says the joseph guy
    2. Gandhi slept naked with women – so says Rita
    3. Bisexuality in men is rare – Purushnath

    So! An interesting theory…maybe he was homosexual, and hated himself for it, and compensated by sleeping naked with women just to see if he was attracted to them; in a way, to console himself that he still was into women?

    Anyway, jokes apart, I think there is nothing wrong in opening up your narrow little brain towards a newer perspective, no matter how blasphemous it might seem in the beginning. Maybe what Rita is saying is true, maybe not. But she is right; what matters is how one reacts to this, which by the looks of it doesn’t seem to be too good.

    People commenting with ‘whore’, ‘slut’, ‘the kind of woman who would cry impotent if a man rejected her advances’ are uncalled for. If you can’t accept what she has written, click the red cross on the right of the page (and stay in your limited-information bubble). But she has every right to publish her opinion, true or not is up to you to decide. But attacking her character, getting personal just shows one’s insecurity regarding their own beliefs; deep down they think if what this lady is saying is true, what we have been believing in for so long is crap, Let’s just pull her down and silence the fuck out of her. 🙂 good going, people!

    1. Purushnath

      Please don’t quote me as any authority of any theory. I have never given any certificate to any of the finding I mentioned. All I did was to post the various findings by several people from all over the world in order to highlight inconsistencies in them to prove that all of these are baseless rumors with misrepresented or partial truths. And for every post that calls this author a slut here, there would be thousands in the real world who would not only call her a bimbo but also a good-for-nothing mediocre individual with absolutely nothing productive to do except creating cheap publicity online. Already experimented with that.

    2. Purushnath

      You must know that I have shown this post to some women too,it is other women themselves who have remarked her as a worthless maniac after reading this post-I can assure you that..
      The problem with you western folks is that you sympathize with women too much to the point that you forget that some of them can be absolute bitches. Probably the reason why men are second-class citizens in your country and you wimpy men are least ashamed of that when you pamper them day-long and are servile to them. But you should know that I and many others have already dealt with these kinds of women for years and know them inside-out. This one is just among several others I have met and I am very much sure she will never be able to produce any fruitful reference. Have you seen a single reply from her since the day I last posted and asked her to provide reference?
      And “silencing the fuck out of someone” is what you Christians and Muslims and westerners actually do and have done for ages. We are not silencing anyone. We are simply pointing out the truth we have observed for years- a pattern prevalent among people who post such trivia simply because the internet has become a free-for-all medium.

    3. Purushnath

      Joseph is also a westerner and hence has least credibility when it comes to these matters. Because every single theory regarding gender,sexuality and every other damned thing is baseless and unscientific as far as the west is concerned.

    4. Bobby

      “But she has every right to publish her opinion, true or not is up to you to decide.”
      This is a very illogical kind of view. We are not here to “decide” upon something. This is not about some kind of business proposal or scientific debate. This is not some kind of political meeting or group discussion. This is a sketch on someone.Either it is true or not true. Just because it is a democracy does not mean anyone can say just about anything by exploiting its fundamental tenets. One needs to officially prove it as well. Why did your own Church denounce the Da Vinci Code? Only because there was assumed to be a slander upon it with INACCURATE scientific and historical points of view.

  138. Roger Waters

    Haha,it tickles me when i read articles of this nature.Whilst it’s a fact that Gandhi did indeed sleep next to younger women(naked),his reasons for doing so are debatable.What makes me snicker is the hero worship that we so often find in this country,where we elevate someone to such a level that we expect him to be almost ‘godlike’ and soon as we find dirt on him we begin our process of bringing him down.Youth ki awaaz,what bollocks,more like give me some attention please i am writing controversial articles.Reminds of a dialogue in a move you either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain and although Gandhi is indeed dead we’ve kept him alive only so we can make him the villain.

  139. Harry

    You’re using WikiPedia as your source. . . That discredits any information you use in your assertion of Ghandi. If you could post citations from legitimate sources and provide a source for your letters I will be more opted to believe the topic of your article. As far as I can tell so far, this is all hear say until legit sources are presented. I suppose I could go search for myself, however I am *not* the one making a “controversial” claim, thus it is not my job to prove you wrong, it is your job to prove the status quo wrong; and your job hasn’t been done very well.

    1. anonymous

      Dude if you are trying to support Gandhi, at least spell his name correctly!!!

  140. Pratyasha

    This clearly proves that no one is a complete hero. We are all humans with our faults! Instead of worshiping idols and other humans, its better to worship the god within and do good deeds. One should always have the courage to stand up against wrong because one who supports wrong is worse than one who does wrong!

  141. Dinesh

    Whatever the guy did, it still would have been fine if it was consensual. On the contrary, it was not consensual as evidenced by the weeping women.

    1. SJM


  142. tufur

    wish to post this on my site

  143. Fungi

    Before we talk abt Gandhi’s morality,lets start with the morality of the whole INDIA: For centuries,the so called high class Indins in the name of religion and idiology mistreated lower cast Indians.(Untouchable)Thanks ppl.

  144. Naik Pahek

    He was a great man .. he is role model for all men

  145. Ishan Janbandhu

    “Gandhi behind the mask of divinity” is a good source of reading the true character of Mr. Gandhi. I would not wish to comment on Mr.Gandhi, Let only the seeker of truth find the real truth about Mr. Gandhi by his own efforts and understanding things logically without any personal bias. Reading “What Mr.Gandhi did to untouchables” adds more facts to his character,especially when majority of population in the nation are Bahujans . There are certain books on Mr. Gandhi banned In the nation,for obvious reasons, although they are available in many countries, but they are not necessary to read, even available data in the nation itself is good enough to reach the logical decision.

    As far as sexually exploiting young women is concerned, It cannot be a character of a Mahatma.As the topic is sensitive,one must avoid giving personal comments, unless it becomes important.

  146. coco

    I do not believe anything you write here.

  147. prabhakar wairkar

    5/6 years back this type of article appeared in Mid-Day, Mumbai news paper with names of women who ‘following’ Gandhiji. nothing new… one has objected…

  148. angela alvares

    Angeli Alvares such rubbish. He openly told people that he could lay in bed with young women without molesting or touching them. So when put up to the challenge he slept in the same bed and was watched and truly did not touch them. This is from his biography. He was against free sex or sex for any other reason than procreation. One of his famous sayings is “Sex for any other reason besides procreation is a crime (or sin) against humanity” Don’t belittle this great soul who did not ask but was given the title of “Maha Atma” which translates as GREAT SOUL.

  149. Gehna Malhotra

    This woman is just talking like our Indian paidmedia! No solid references and putting insane stories about great personalities…if u notice, its a HIndu at target again…that too of a saintly nature. On top of it, at such a time when people may fall for it due to the ongoing conspiracy on one of India’s saints.

    All these r tactics just to end Hinduism and the latest attack on us is clear through Prevention of Communal and Targeted Violence Bill (PCTV) – .

    Its high time the Hindus wake up & join the links to understand this!

    1. Purushnath

      @Gehna Malhotra,
      I would like to know if you are a woman, I would be immensely happy if you are. Staying unbiased and exposing lies and crookedness of online bloggers is immensely important at this hour.

    2. neuron

      Are you real ? Looks like you are a person who can not accept the truth. GO HOME BOT.

  150. where Is The Referenceasshole

    The British Propaganda still survices!

    1. p.k.ghosh


  151. shells

    This is for the person who wrote this blog post…The Brits raped more than 100 women and sexually exploited them. This is one of the many reason Gandhi wanted to free India. So do you really want to write about one thing he did wrong out of the hundred things he did right? And how do we know that you (who wrote this blogpost) may have done something morally wrong? You might want to think about it….

    1. fg

      @shells , if a person would have done hundred/thousand/lakh right (suppose) , does that mean it is wrong to point out to what he/she did wrong ?
      and if you start judging the author’s morality..well its the time to judge yourself too..same we can say about you ..isnt it ?

  152. -B

    Virtue does exist, but no one man is the embodiment of that virtue, and anyone who idolizes another human being is a fool who is setting himself up for disappointment.

  153. Somendra

    And thereafter he was know as the “father” of the nation……and his “John Snows” still in the Congress 😛

  154. sai

    can you please provide links for articles related to tagore and indira. Thanks.

  155. Krishna Pachegonker (@krishpachegonkr)

    your article is obnoxious and absolute fraud devoid of any substantial references and sources! Are you a RSS stooge! you should be tried for insulting the great Mhatma!

  156. Saba Prateeksha (@HansadhwaniP)

    Instead of acrimony and casting further aspersions on one another, let us be calm and understand the responsibility of writing a book. No author, who writes a book ever does that without substantial research and it is quite clear Rita has also done her own. Please try writing a journal article yourself and you will understand what it takes. Nobody can be happy to write things against a huge icon like Mahatma Gandhi- but all the more reason why we need to keep our minds open. IT is easy to get abusive, as I noticed in a few of these posts here, because something that you hold so dear is being challenged and your comfort zones are being threatened. After all everyone needs some heroes we can really believe in. So please, where your own loyalties are so clearly polarized, all the more reason to hear and verify whatever someone is saying- not to shout them down, but to examine their claims with due respect to their humanity, their struggles and their inquiry.

    I doubt that Rita’s writing is purely emotional hogwash- it is research and research is NOT borne out of flights of fancy, but thorough study which takes months and months, often years before someone can share it’s outcomes. I can hear all your anguish/anger in your comments, but please drop your unnecessarily violent language and abuse. It amounts to neither good argument, nor shows your loyalty to Gandhi-ji’s ideas of non-violence. So whose side are you on? If you are on Gandhi-ji’s side please start with the first thing he propagated- non-violence. If someone really thinks this writing is out there to slur Gandhi-ji’s reputation may be you could come up with an equally well researched piece?

    However on the aforementioned subject, I invite you to read this, for this is the easiest to share here- ( I have found these resources online though my own sources are not online ones)

  157. Ashwin

    Though I’m not a great fan of GANDHI and his principles, i mean of course the guy kept on singing RAGHUPATI RAGHAV RAJA RAM his whole life. i mean imagine RAM saying to RAWAN if you take away my wife, i will stop eating and sit on fast, remain patient and keep on pleading until you decide to return SITA to me yourself and stuff like that.. CMON!!!!
    but i feel you should consider the following:

    *Most of the reports you could ‘ve possibly read were written in pre independence era
    *The media under direct control of the english throne
    *censorship of the media at its peak by the british
    *willingness of the british to go to any extent to curtail any possible form of uprising or revolution
    *demeaning freedom fighters such as AZAD, BISMIL, BHAGAT SINGH by calling them TERRORISTS & TRAITORS
    *proven track record of the British having tweaked Indian history
    *British agenda and benefit from having indians doubt and malign their own leaders

    Yours Truly,
    A Pseudo Journalist
    (Just like you)

  158. Neha Raman

    Truly shocked to read few reactions like “so what if he did one wrong thing?”, “he might have ‘just’ slept naked with a girl, not necessarily had sex”
    and the same old tendencies to point fingers either at what the british did back then or what is the indian mentality etc etc..
    All this only depicts the inability see the author’s point of view..
    what i think the author is emphasizing at is the state of mind of the girls who had had to sleep naked with Gandhi ji.. it’s not easy to do that.. the kind of trauma they might have felt its too scary to even think of..

  159. Shailendra Semwal

    Most of the times a sceptic feeling occupies our minds specially when some people come with their overlooked half eyed or english soul mate remarks and writings, which underestimate the very Indian-ness.
    The same way has been followed by miss. Rita Banerji quoting some letters and statements regarding to Gandhi Ji. I have not been under the impression of Gandhi’s Working style and sure there may be some strong reasons but this was the time of crucial British empire when the Britishers played with poor exploited Indians. And the very strategy of Gandhi ji’s to fight against them without any violation/ offence was actually unique which brought the British empire under pressure. Because the whole world was witnessed of the barbaric offences of Britishers, so the anarchy could have happened atleast in British colonies in the world. Most of the brutal and hate conspiracies had been emerged/ played in Colonial Rule. Perfect Examples are as how englishmen entered in India and the most prevailed divide and rule policy etc. ( by which Indian people are still being governed and suffering by) .

    It’s really more foolish than shocking writing!! that still there are people in India who do carry and live English legacy and wagging their flag instead of working on ground level for most needy these are just spoiling the valued time of others like us. People like her have to work on their short sightedness and to imrove their unprudential thinking have to go further to study the practical approaches. She is allegating the dead man’s legacy isn’t any work remained for her? If she had to raise the British tempered question on Gandhi, were not any other issues there? So what about Nehru…!!! Why has she not researched on the most culprits of partition (for her convenience in this issue the people of the so called party defamed Gandhi instead of Nehru)? British conspiracy against Gandhi and so on and on.

    Either this is the just case of being highlited or the negive prevalent strategy to stay in the market by using these kind of foolish topics.

    I would like to mention that Mr. Ashwin the gentleman who commented on the same on Nov. 21st 2013 is very right.

    With Regards

    Yours sincerely
    (National integrity lover)

  160. Hassan Qureshi

    “Compared to our reactions and responses today, the people in Gandhi’s time seemed to be far more progressive!”…..That’s right for most of the big names: political or religious. Reason being that with passing of time we tern these figures into demi-gods and fill up the gaps with our fantasies painting a rosy picture. That makes really hard for later generations to analyse subject fairly and critically. I have experienced the same phenomenon in Pakistanis concerning most religious figure of Islam.


    Please at least do adequate research. The fact that Gandhi slept beside naked Hindu women is not a secret at all. He did it it full public view. It was part of his experiments to be able to completely purify his soul. There are enough biographies written by Indian and foreign authors on this topic, please read them before you write such stupid articles.

    1. Dani

      It may not be a secret to you who, I assume, come from India or from this background. It is obviously not a secret if the author of this article was able to search for this info but what she is saying is that many text books edit this part out. And regarding the “purification of souls” there is no such thing, at least is not scientifically verifiable, so it is completely wrong. Many people kill in the name if their god and believe that what they do is right, but, does it make it right? NO

    2. sid

      experimentation? are you fcking serious, the man is clearly not what we have been led to believe. A peadophile, and we were taught to call hime father of a nation, i am going to puke.

    3. Sugi Gobi

      @ Arjun Gupta. Would please suggest a few good books for me? Thanks

  162. hadikhan11

    Well that was brave …

  163. Krishna Kumar Rana

    I think your first hypothesis is that what Gandhi did was immoral and inhumane. All the people over the world, those who have read Gandhi, know that he slept with young girls in order to experiment and examine whether still exist Animal Mind in his Mind. Other things about celibacy, yes this is true that sexual intention brings violence and deviates people from their paths. There are multiple examples in the history and in day today life which talks about crime because of sex. I admire your work but in order to understand Gandhi and his experiments you have to first neutral and second you have to scientific. There are many research happen in the field of medical science which uses humans’ body. According to you this must be a crime?. And why you people symbolize Gandhije as a God. Read his autobiography, you will find that he was the most stupidest man in the Earth but by his devotion and humility he transformed himself. Please, before writing such articles go into more depth and yes without preconceived notions.

    1. Dani

      What Gandhi did was not scientific. As far as I’m concern, the guy was a lawyer not a doctor or other type of science man. Even if he was a scientist, I doubt that did type of “experiment” would ever be allowed in our current society. Furthermore, what he was doing was driven by delusion, by pure believe. I have never read a scientific study that proves that celibacy is better for your mental health; on the other hand, many studies show how beneficial sex and orgasm can be (granted you are doing it responsibly and avoiding STD’s ). So don’t justify Gandhi’s actions on his experiments!

    2. Naveen

      and to mention. No scientist will ever do Experiments on his self. He just covered it with that name.

    3. sriraghkarat

      Scientific??? LOL. So Asharam bapus raping young girls are experiments gone wrong? How do you people even justify these things? Unbelievable. Yes, Gandhi was a great man but no one is above law! Not even him. If he molested women then he is a criminal, anyone who thinks otherwise lack respect for women.

  164. akki

    It’s clearly a publicity stunt, author keeps mentioning her book’s name on comments and highlighting an aspect of Gandhi (who knows how true). It’s not wise to present a jaundiced picture of somebody you understand little of just to promote your book. I have high regards of youthkiawaaz articles, but this one’s slightly disturbing.

  165. SJM

    Intentional and unintentional Sexual transmutation was and is a common practice among history’s achievers to achieve extraordinary feats. Either gender can practice this (more commonly men as women are socially groomed to shun sexuality suppress and divert their energies towards domestic sphere). However, if we go by this article, it was questionable and jarring to practice it with these young women if they did not fully understand what was going on.

    Yes, they helped him to raise the physical (transmuted to mental) ‘charge” he needed for his exploits , however it should be a sharing, not a taking that would strip them of their own sense of power. Perhaps he should have been more sensitive to the shame these women may have felt in the eyes of a conservative society( they would not have the moral ‘immunity’ he could afford as a leader).

    One could argue that he was perfectly capable of doing these experiments secretly, but that would imply he felt shame for doing something wrong . He was totally convinced of the validity/sanctity of his actions which is why he didn’t try to hide them.

    If this article is to be believed, it seems He was insensitive to social shaming, basically, in pursuit of his ‘greater’ goals achieved for the nation at the expense of these womens well-being and reputations as members of a conservative society. They did not have such immunity.I do not deny his achievements but I feel compassion for the women if they did indeed suffer as this article states.

    1. Dani

      “Yes, they helped him to raise to the physical charge…” ?? He believed in that, BELIEVED! Nothing to do with reality. This is what is wrong with religion, people make claims and then act upon them and think it is ok because they have the right by their religion. Maybe he genuinely thought that what he was doing was the right thing to do, but that doesn’t make it ok. Many terrorists kill in the name of their god and genuinely believe to be doing right, is ti right though? ABSOLUTELY NOT

  166. NeHa MaYuri (@BeyondxHorizons)

    One of the best articles I came across recently, truly heartfelt and thought provoking.

  167. Diksha

    Okay guys, face it!!! Stop arguing and think what would your comments be if this article was about asaram bapu instead of bapu!! Any great deed doesn’t make a man less criminal of a wrong deed he commits!! I am a girl I would dislike sleeping naked besides a man as much as I would if i am raped! So just shut this f*ck up!! And think if “experiment” would be the word given to justify what Asaram bapu did… How would u feel?? Angry? Or would u react the same way you are reacting justifying now for what Gandhi did!! And i totally agree with Sam, you can’t judge anybody not even author… She lives in free India and she has right to speak up what she feels! As much you don’t know her so why r you guys talking about her character! If you disagree say it straight away than just bitching about her! Better stop it now… I disagree with purushnath! That’s it!

    1. Naveen

      rightly said

  168. AG Dolla

    I believe that any articles of this nature should have documented links as evidence so we know where this research has come from. A genuine copy of the letter written to Gandhi, if you (author) had read this original then you should make it available even via picture. The idea of such an icon carrying out these despicable acts would cause turmoil in a community that is already so confused by the media and people calling out wolf.

    We of asian/indian origin already find it difficult to have any real life role models. As stated in comment from Shailendra, there are many powers that would benefit from tarnishing these leaders image. During this period the ‘British Raj’ occupied india and partof their agenda was to push Kings to send their children to be educated in UK so that eventually the so called ‘Civilized’ way of life would be observed and practiced by the sons & daughters of Kings in India. Anyone who at this point were not sitting at the back of the bus(south africa) & on different carriages in India were punished and or tarnished by the elites of these countries.

    In terms of sexuality it is not unheard of to hear of concubines in India and see carvings of semi naked goddesses in temples. If Karma Sutra was originated in india how then can we condemn people from taking part in activities that have been in their country and their nature for hundreds of years. Im not saying what Gandhi did was right, if true and I see evidence then I am inclined to feel a pinch as this is someone i look up to, however without the proof, I see this article as another instrument to really let us of asian origin once again feel ashamed of our culture as we have done in the past. This is not the first time people will tarnish a great individuals efforts with a sideline story and wont be the last. Sometimes its better to remember someone for the greatness of their achievements for humanity rather than the experiments of their private life.

    Some stones are better left unturned!

  169. aknelkaiser

    I hope you put citation and source for this type of article… (not one or two.. but lot). It confusing. But still a good topic!!

  170. Parag Naik

    It is fortunate for all of us that Gandhi did not live through the age of the Internet. I address these remarks to the media in general and to reputable news-magazines like INDIA TODAY and its subsidiaries in particular. This great fighter for human rights, was simply attempting to make amends for his own excesses in the area of sex in early life; – as may be the case with most young couples with little or no knowledge of the science of sex. May be he did not do it the right way that is: by renunciation and seclusion – the familiar path. The reason for this was his dedication to the cause of India’s freedom. He was so engrossed and entangled in this national struggle that he had to step aside or delve deeper into himself to project his true self. It is a pity that driven by his personal history, he chose the ideal of celibacy to demonstrate his urge for morality. To think otherwise or to impute motives to his conduct seemingly unsavoury, is to misinterpret an honest attempt at self-realization. We have not yet seen Manu’s diary in full. A lot more may have been revealed. The question I have is: Why was there such intense rivalry among the women in his entourage for being part of his experimentation in celibacy? Was there ever a note of discomfort or disapproval struck by any of them?
    Gandhi named the story of his life: “Experiments in Truth”. He did not hide anything. We have to judge the state of his mind in the same context in the last few years of his life when Manu and Abha stayed with him to care for him and to help out in his daily routine. Gandhi was obsessed with the concept of Truth. To him, Truth had to be obvious, clear-cut and quite open. Experimentation was his preferred way to bring out the truth. What we have is Manu’s diary and Abha’s book on Gandhi. Nehru is said to have pointed to the word “prurient” to describe his state of mind although he did not lebel it as such. So what? He was experimenting with it so as to rise above its compulsion.
    What we think we know, stems from our experience of modern society. Gandhi worked and succeeded in this society when it was not so modern. His weapons of Truth and Non-violence in India and South Africa brought him unprecedented success and his achievements in the realm of political and social reform became the envy of the world. The intelligentia in the lower strata of society especially in the West launched a campaign of hatred and belittlement against Gandhi and his India. Heaven knows on what basis he was deprived of the Nobel Prize. His leadership quality was unique. Millions of Indians and others across the world came under the spell of his magic and the
    political map began to change all around. Parsis, Muslims, Christains, the white and black – all joined his band-vagon. The fact that he was assassinated by the member of a
    Hindu fundamentalist organization speaks volumes of his love for all sectors of human society. We simply can’t bring him down for the sake of a glimpse of human frailty that he attempted to overcome in an open manner. We have to have faith in both Manu and Abha who felt lonely and forsaken on his parting. Whatever we say, Einstein’s tribute namely, “Generations to come will scarce believe that such a one , ever in flesh and blood, walked on this earth”, will survive and with it, the name GANDHI.

    1. beaniegrl420

      Apologists for rapists are as bad as rapists. That, and you make no fucking sense for most of your rambling. Let’s hope it’s not a female in your family, not to protect your honor, but hers. Also, I hope it’s YOU that gets FORCED into a sexual situation with which you are uncomfortable, simply because someone with more power than you decides that you are their toy. To whatever end. YOU are the problem, so many people in these comments are the problem. A great man who commits atrocities is no longer a great man; there is no impunity simply because it’s about sex.

      It’s so absurd.

    2. ranker


      You could have got “numb” with my barrage of disclosures – BUT forgive me – Try reading this; not a conceit propaganda against the treacherous “soul”.

      Just before the partition, both Hindu and Sikh women were being raped by the Muslims in large numbers. Gandhi advised them that if a Muslim expressed his desire to rape a Hindu or a Sikh lady, she should never refuse him but cooperate with him. She should lie down like a dead with her tongue in between her teeth. Thus the rapist Muslim will be satisfied soon and sooner he leave her. (D Lapierre and L Collins, Freedom at Midnight, Vikas, 1997, p-479).

      *****Here is a adage “If history ignored – then it repeats itself in a more vicious manner”. Strangely so …………… our deliberately distorted history has no reference to the sordid, heart wrenching expose as stated herein.

      After the Mutiny of 1857, the incidence of Hindu-Muslim riots in India had come down sharply. By lending support to the Khilafat Movement of Ali Brothers in 1920, Mahatma Gandhi inaugurated a new era of a fresh wave of Hindu-Muslim riots

      This inherent impending danger was clearly foreseen by Sir.Sankaran Nair, a Member of the Viceroy’s Executive Council in 1922. In his book prophetically titled as “Gandhi and Anarchy” published by Tagore and Company, Madras in 1922 he wrote: “It is impossible to believe that Gandhi and his adherents are not aware that this claim of the Mahomedans to be judged only by the Law of the Koran, is a claim which is the fons et origo of all Khilafat claims of whatever kind. It is well to be clear about this, for not only does the acceptance of the claim mean the death knell of the British Empire or Indo-British Commonwealth, WHATEVER NAME WE MAY CARE TO GIVE TO THE GREAT FRATERNITY OF NATIONS TO WHICH WE BELONG, BUT SPECIFICALLY AS REGARDS INDIA IT MEANS A REAL DENIAL OF SWARAJ. FOR IT INVOLVES MAHOMEDAN RULE AND HINDU SUBJECTION.”

      During the Moplah rebellion in Kerala in 1921, thousands of Hindu men, women and children were killed by the Muslims. Hundreds of women were raped. And yet Gandhi supported the Moplahs and not the Hindu victims of Moplah violence and oppression. Mahatma Gandhi wrote in his “Young India”, “it is wrong to say that Islam has employed force. No religion in this world has spread through the use of force. No Musalman, to my knowledge, has ever approved of compulsion.”

      Sir.Sankaran Nair wrote: “For sheer brutality on women, I do not remember anything in history to match the Malabar rebellion. It broke out on 20 August, 1921. Even by the 6 September, the results were dreadful. There was complete breakdown of Civil Government resulting in widespread disorder, in political chaos, in anarchy and in ruin.” Mahatma Gandhi’s conclusion: “The Moplahs are among the bravest in the land. They are god-fearing.”

      Annie Besant wrote a series of articles in her journal “New India” on 29 November and 6 December 1921 under the caption Malabar’s Agony. She challenged the stand taken by Mahatma Gandhi on the peaceful and humanitarian overtures of the Moplah Muslims towards non-Muslims in Malabar. She further wrote; Their wanton and unprovoked attack on the Hindus, the all but wholesale looting of their houses.. Brutal murder of inoffensive Hindus, men, women and children in cold blood without the slightest reason except that they are Kafirs.. Their wholesale conversion through threat of death.”

      Gandhi’s wrote the following in “Young India” on 29September. “We have forgotten the divine out of dying for our faiths without retaliation… “Be the Moplahs be ever so bad, they deserve to be treated as human beings.”

      When thousands of women were raped and many of them killed by the Moplah Muslims during the Moplah rebellion in 1921, the brutalized women of Malabar led by the senior Rani of Nilambur gave a heart-rending petition to Lady Reading, the wife of the then Viceroy of India.

      But it is possible that your Ladyship is not fully appraised of all the horrors and atrocities perpetrated by the fiendish rebels -of the many wells and tanks filled up with the mutilated, but often only half dead bodies of our nearest and dearest ones who refused to abandon the faith of our fathers; of pregnant women cut to pieces and left on the roadsides and in the jungles, with the unborn babies protruding from the mangled corpses; of our innocent and helpless children torn from our arms and done to death before our eyes and of our husbands and fathers tortured, flayed and burnt alive; of our helpless sisters forcibly carried away from the midst of kith and kin and subjected to every shame and outrage which the vile and brutal imagination of these inhuman hellhounds could conceive of; of thousands of our homesteads reduced to circular mounds out of sheer savagery in a wanton spirit of destruction; of our places of worship desecrated and destroyed and of the images of the deity shamefully insulted by putting the entrails of slaughtered cows where flower garlands used to lie, or else smashed to pieces; of the wholesale looting of hard earned wealth of generations reducing many who were formerly rich and prosperous to publicly beg for a pie or two in the streets of Calicut, to buy salt or betal leaf -rice being mercifully provided by the various relief agencies of Government. These are not fables. The wells full of rotting skeletons, the ruins which once were our dear homes, the heaps of stones which once were our places of worship – these are still here to attest to the truth. The cries of our murdered children in their death agonies are still ringing in our ears and will continue to haunt our memory till our own death brings us peace.”

      Annie Bezant was a fearless and impartial woman quite unlike Mahatma Gandhi. She wrote – Annie Bezant exposed the atrocities committed by the Moplah rebels in Malabar as a fearless journalist. Let us hear her describe an act and scene of rape in Malabar: “Words fail to express my feelings of indignation and abhorrence which I experienced when I came to know of an instance of rape, committed by the rebels under Chembrasseri Thangal. A respectable Nair lady at Melathur was stripped naked by the rebels in the presence of her husband and brothers who were made to stand close by with their hands tied behind. When they shut their eyes in abhorrence, they were compelled at the point of a sword to open their eyes and witness the rape committed by the brute in their presence. I loathe even to write of such a mean action. This instance of rape was communicated to me by one of her brothers confidentially. There are several instances of such mean atrocities which are not revealed by people….”

      Gandhi’s wrote the following in Young India of 29 September, 1921: “The ending of the Moplah revolt is a matter not only of urgency, but of simple humanity. The Hindus must have the courage and the faith to feel that they can protect their religion in spite of such fanatical eruptions. … Be the Moplahs be ever so bad, they deserve to be treated as human beings.”

      The frenzy of Jehad generated by the inspiring Khilafat leadership of Mahatma Gandhi, ably guided by the Ali Brothers, soon spread like wild fire in different parts of India. Beginning with the Moplah rebellion in Malabar district in 1921, it spread to a few places in Punjab and Bengal in 1922 and by 1923 it enveloped many other provinces.

      In support Gandhi commented a public meeting in Allahabad on 10 May, 1921, with tears in his eyes, Mahatma Gandhi said: “I cannot understand why the Ali Brothers are going to be arrested as the rumor goes, and why I am to remain free. They had done nothing which I would not do. “Writing in Young India in May 1921, Mahatma Gandhi declared with Jehadic piety: “I would, in a sense certainly assist the Amir of Afghanistan if he waged a war against the British government.” Mohammed Ali was known for his decency and decorum and fidelity.

      A “short time fuse” has been lit by such for self destruction of Bharat.

      In fact – we would have been at least 25 years younger to independence!! Literally the gullible public were castrated and that too willingly!

      *****HERE IS WHAT OUR DEAREST FATHER OF THE NATION………… commented at Delhi; immediate after partition.

      “Hindus should never be angry against the Muslims even if the latter might make up their minds to undo their (Hindus’) existence. If they put all of us to the sword, we should court death bravely. … We are destined to be born and die, then why need we feel gloomy over it?” (recorded speech delivered on April 6, 1947)

      *****In another occasion when he was talking to a group of refugees, said, “If all the Punjabis were to die to the last man without killing (a single Muslim), Punjab will be immortal. Offer yourselves as nonviolent willing sacrifices.” (Collins and Lapierre, Freedom at Midnight, p-385).

      ***** Here is what I perceive as a true patriot.


      I believe that a nation held down by foreign bayonets is in a perpetual state of war. Since open battle is rendered impossible to a disarmed race, I attacked by surprise. Since guns were denied to me I drew forth my pistol and fired. Poor in wealth and intellect, a son like myself has nothing else to offer to the mother but his own blood. And so I have sacrificed the same on her altar. The only lesson required in India at present is to learn how to die, and the only way to teach it is by dying ourselves. My only prayer to God is that I may be re-born of the same mother and I may re-die in the same sacred cause till the cause is successful.

  171. Aakanksha

    Your topic is totally contradictory cause Daily mail news paper from UK claimed through Gandhi’s letters that he may be Gay. Obviously you cannot do anymore research than they did. So stop trying to get attention through your stupid articles.

    1. Neha Kataria

      you dumb shit. news are never genuine these days………….they are just “sold pieces of information”. anyone can do their own research if they have time and willpower for that. just because you are in Daily Mail doesn’t mean you are the only person can do research. get your heads straight please..

    2. Nimisha

      The articles say he was bisexual, not gay. This is the harsh truth; people just don’t accept it. However great he may be, he ain’t great in my eyes as he didn’t know how to respect women.

    3. vijay

      No one care what hell you are thinking about him……. because one thing is sure you are uneducated person .. because you are blinds….

  172. ramada luvsick

    but if he was trying to steal energy from those girls by not eyaculating, it obviously didnt work, because he was old, ugly and discousting as hell, good that he got murdered, I always thought he someone attracted that to himself, he knew he was bad inside

    1. Malcolm Rodrigues

      Those who live by the gun die by the gun.

  173. eagoodlife

    Even if we accept that he was trying to practise abstinence and self-control this is still exploitative and abusive.

  174. Rex

    Why is it that hard to say, yes Gandhi, the hero of India’s freedom movement had also used his power and position to sexually exploit/abuse girls and women who came under the mantle of his leadership?

    Because for 51 of the 67 years since we were granted independence, the country has been under the rule of the party that has exploited Gandhi’s messianic status to the hilt and whose continued rule depends on portraying him as the ‘father’ of the nation. People are brainwashed into hero worshipping him from an early age, thanks to school history textbooks which would give the impression that Independence was ‘won’ solely due to Gandhi and Nehru. (It was granted to us when colonialism was going out of fashion, but that’s another story). It’s a fair assumption that millions of rural voters still think that the current Italian dynasty has biological ties to St. Gandhi himself because of a cannily changed last name.

    1. Kshitiz

      Bang on buddy

  175. Uncensored Enlightment

    All things are subject to interpretation whichever interpretation prevails at a given time is a function of power and not truth.” – Friedrich Nietzsche.

    No women were forced to stay in his ashram! Gandhi just slept with them but he didn’t had sex with them. The perversion is in the mind of the onlookers and not in Gandhi’s actions. A true celibate would put him in a vulnerable position yet come out as strong than he was. The trouble with these crying women could arise from the fact that their sexuality had no value to Gandhi and they might’ve felt empty and unwanted by him. If you say how do I come to that conclusion, then by that same reasoning how did you came to the conclusion that they were crying out of victimization? If I became a celibate I would buy prostitutes to experiment the same!

    1. Neha Kataria

      oh really? tell me then why Gandhi asked all the inmates to themselves abstain from sexual acts yet he continued with them? and why didn’t he, like N.K. Bose suggested, made his “Respectable Acts” open in public? why he never replied to so many of the letters that he received daily? why did he hide away his doings? and most importantly, why did great and equally important men like Sardar Vallabhai Patel, his close associates, friends etc “who were in close quarters with him”, who knew very clearly what was happening, who knew whether Manu and other women were being “VICTIMISED” or did they simply “long for his approval”, openly criticized him and condemned this practice?

    2. Uncensored Enlightment

      ‘Besides this, some of the archival references lead me to believe that Gandhi may well have been practicing the traditional, historic form of Indian celibacy which hinges on one thing only – and that is control of ejaculation. Everything else is permitted’ << This was an assumption that the author made to make her case in order to slander Gandhi acts or experiment in celibacy'. If you could tarnish the term celibacy as something which can be sexual you build a case of perversion by perverting the terminology it self. Gandhi was practicing celibacy in the true sense of it. Do you understand what it is meant to be a celibate? There is no intercourse and no touch of any nature which is sexual. He practiced celibacy and he made the inmates to do the same. Like I said the perversion was only in the mind of the onlookers who look at the naked self as something sexual in nature, which is quiet understandable cause it is instinctual but Gandhi as was going beyond his instincts to a point he could sleep with young naked women and not be sexual at all? The public during that time was way more conservative than today and wouldn't able to understand knowing that people like you at this time view nakedness in par with that of sexual intimacy. He had no reason to explain himself from time to time when people view a simple act of him putting his hands on the shoulder of women as something sexual in nature, it showed how repressed others were. To put it simply for you..if you are a celibate you wouldn't mind sleeping naked with anyone, it is not an act which is of sexual nature to you.

      It is like you are artist and you drew a naked women and people are condemning you and criticizing you and calling you a pervert for it. You have no reason to explain any of them, you intend to draw naked women for it is art to you and it is all sexual to them.

    3. David

      Everybody knows this stuff. Whether the ladies were naked all the time isn’t clear. The primary reason he used Manu to sleep next to him was precisely to avoid complaints from the other women’s families or disrepute for himself, his ashram and the women themselves. Gandhi was using a technique to balance his yang or shakti energy. A nubile female would naturally generate such an aura which he would be able to harness while sleeping next to her. I know it probably sounds farfetch and grotesque to you but I assure you if in those days Gandhi wanted to have a polygamous household he could have done so openly without any problem, hell he could even have proclaimed himself a full-fledged tantric teacher. Gandhi practice extreme asceticism to the point of emaciation – he cannot have had the sex drive you’re imagining. And as for nakedness, you must know that to this day certain Jain monks and priests will abandon the world completely and live as naked mendicants and are known as “naked monks”. Even bathing naked in the polluted River Ganga is not unheard of to this day. Just because we don’t necessarily understand what he was up to doesn’t mean he was up to what you think he was.

    4. Dhairya

      OK… First of all.. Its a normal human psychology that if tomorrow you cheat on your husband or boyfriend .. Just an example… You friends won’t go out in public or reveal everything u did in public… As written above.. They knew and the opposed.. If this were any true.. And besides all this shit.. They had a very big, huge responsibility and a major task to handle.. If u forgot then what I am talking about is our freedom!! And secondly he never kept those women in chains or raped them or something… It was equally fun for those women too… To sleep with a guy like Gandhi.. God know they giggled together or cuddled and enjoyed…


    5. Dhairya

      OK… First of all.. Its a normal human psychology that if tomorrow you cheat on your husband or boyfriend .. Just an example… You friends won’t go out in public or reveal everything u did in public… As written above.. They knew and the opposed.. If this were any true.. And besides all this shit.. They had a very big, huge responsibility and a major task to handle.. If u forgot then what I am talking about is our freedom!! And secondly he never kept those women in chains or raped them or something… It was equally fun for those women too… To sleep with a guy like Gandhi.. God know they giggled together or cuddled and enjoyed…

      P.S. David sorry I by mistakely replied on ur comment!! :p

  176. Satya

    Yes, Rex. Asaram was another Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

  177. Satya

    To become a great personality in Modern India, like Asaram attempted, you must establish extra-marital relationship with women, just like Nehru did with Edwina, or his daughter Indira did before she was expelled by Tagore’s institurion.

  178. Indian

    I am not sure why there is so much fuss about this, the so called “Mahatma Gandhi” was always a pawn of the party which ruled and exploited India like slave for votes, just like they do it all the time by playing Muslim card. Isn’t it true that all quit India and bla bla movements from him was started because he was thrown out of pubs in South Africa and Britain being an Indian. Britishers didn’t leave India because of Nehru or Gandhi, they left because they knew that the land of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh is cursed and people here will never become human, they will fight for any reason be it religion, caste or language

  179. Ashok Sridharan

    Could we have the sources for this article please? Secondly, where did this part come from: “…the traditional, historic form of Indian celibacy which hinges on one thing only – and that is control of ejaculation…”? I’ve never heard of it.

  180. Sukhendu Mukherjee

    Excellent article! Thank you! Finally someone understands!

  181. beingritu

    Can we have a reply from Mahatama also …because otherwise it is just half a story (and what you read in other historic accounts by also say that sleeping with Manu was an experiment Manu wanted to do (to know if she has any feelings of eroticism towards an opposite sex) also are we forgetting keeping hand on shoulder of another woman was not an acceptable practise then, but might not be the same case now in the educated society. Hello !

    1. Bindu

      Have you read ‘My Experiments With Truth” by Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi? Would that count as his reply? I think so. He talks about his Bharamacharya experiments himself. What we had NOT heard so far is the voice of the girls. What was an experiment for him would be called exploitation today.

  182. vyshak

    i hate gandhi, he aint care his own family and he had a deep passion on his male african friend

  183. Dhairya

    Look I know u must have researched very much while writing this article!! And god knows exactly what happend… But at least we surely know this fact… The whole wide world knows… He did something no other guy did… And for that we should respect and honor him!!

    Thank you.

    1. Gogona

      That’s the same like saying we should respect people like Tarun Tejpal and Woody Allen who are great in their respective fields even though they committed rape.
      Of course Gandhi did us a great favour as Indians. But you can’t omit one very bad aspect of his life because he was ‘great’ in another.

    2. priya

      we should appriciate what has done but we couldnt be denied the right to voice our opinion and criticise his evil doings.

    3. manee

      Before ASSUMING we got independence due to Gandhi, get out of your box and read world history. The British left our country because they were no longer in a position to be able to sustain their rule here after World war II. The Axis powers were forced to give up their colonies in treaties that they signed at the end of the war. Britain faced pressure from Russia at the Yalta Conference to give up their colonial possessions, but Churchill refused. (This was one of the factors leading to the Cold War and the division of Germany.) Eventually, the British colonies, the last ones to survive, asked/fought for their independence. Britain could not keep her colonies unified under one crown (and government) and began to slough them off. Many European nations also lost the money to be able to support their colonies or their colonies ran out of valuable resources (diamonds, coal, etc.) and they decided to leave them.

      Independence of India was just the aftermath of the various happenings in the world. Gandhi had nothing to do with it.

    4. udit baxi

      simple and apt!

  184. Azar

    How strange we are wasting time analysing a charcter of person who is dead almost 66 years from now….Lets face it whether right or wrong he was been given the Title of Mahatma by the people who were with him and the people who lived with him.Now wether he was a devil monster or Mahatma hardly matters …as all we are now trying to prove is our fore fathers and people of India at that time were fools to have given him this title or making him farther of our nation….Wathever the fact may be the history cannot be changed …whatever he did cannot be changed… ….if it comes to changing the history than a lot of leaders and Kings who were considered as Heros will be the next devils….The lesson we need to learn from our pasts is that we have to act like professionals and be and think rational and watever may be the case should not make people Gods or give so much value unless we really know about that person…Lets appreciate the good deeds but not be blind followers… is always better to be a critique rather then been a blind follower

  185. Sumit Chikara

    This is a nice attempt to lower The Gandhi. But you cant lower his work, as he is dead. You can lower him to feel yourself uplifted. By doing this you will depart yourself getting some of the good qualities of him. You know the siphon principal- When connected by a pipe, water move from high level to low. So by defying him you will deprive of some good qualities he bear.
    The picture in the article shows the Gandhi’s inclination towards his own wife. The sex and romance cant remain in hiding.

  186. Sonali Agarwal

    Reading this article has not been a pleasant experience. And particularly so because I happen to have read a lot on this subject and it saddens me to see that some things that have been negatively portrayed in this piece have been done so without going into the deeper meanings of his actions.

    Mohandas Gandhi was a complex man and not all his actions were understood then, and clearly, are not understood now either.

    Before I make my point I would like to clarify that as much as I respect the work and life of Mahatma Gandhi, I do not believe he is God and therefore I am neither defending nor justifying his actions. I merely write this so that one part of the story, his own, which I have read about from reliable sources and which has obviously been left out of this piece might find light and that people may be able to judge for themselves whether it is about our inability ‘to say, yes Gandhi, the hero of India’s freedom movement had also used his power and position to sexually exploit/abuse girls and women who came under the mantle of his leadership?’ or is it our limited ‘soch’ that has prevented men and women alike, for over a century now, to even accept the possibility of there being a deeper meaning to the actions of the man who single handedly did more for the country than you me or anyone else will in ten lifetimes be able to do.

    For beginners, kindly refer to the book ‘Freedom at Midnight’ by Dominique Lapierre and Larry Collins.
    Because this book is taken as perhaps the only unbiased account of Indian History written by two Frenchmen who only wished to state and capture in words the truth in all its complexity, truth about the time of partition, about the time when India was not what we know it to be and of the time when the actions of those involved shaped, for good or for bad, the India that we know today. It captures the struggles that every leader went through, from Jinnah’s TB to Gandhi’s rumours, as well as what the nation went through that period from 1935-1950.
    Why is it to be believed?
    Because is has been written from actual interviews conducted with all leaders mentioned therein. It has pictures for proof.

    It is true that Gandhi shared a bed with his great grand niece, Manu. It is true that it irked the ire of many. It is also true that Gandhi was aware of the rumours flying around this aspect of his life. BUT, it is also true that Gandhi, despite the knowledge of all these things did not stop it. That is, he continued to share one bed with Manu (and that bed was nothing but the floor of a shanti, in the poorest neighbourhood in India) because it was not his sexual desires that he was gratifying behind closed doors. He was trying to curb them. For himself and for Manu. He was tutoring Manu in giving up all pleasures of life, including sexual desires, and not using her to satisfy his own. Yes he termed it as an experiment. But the purpose was to gain complete control of oneself. To be able to live life like a man who was aroused by nothing. To be able to live like a man who had given up all the pleasures of life in search of one goal: INDIAN INDEPENDENCE. It was not about ‘many girls who Gandhi shared his bed with, including his own great grand niece.’ It was about the ONLY girl who he shared a bed with (Manu) so that he might become a stoic man who had given up all worldly pleasures. In an India with mobiles in every house, such articles are still written (based on a some rumoured accounts of the actual truth), is proof that in an India where there were hardly any telephone lines, it was easy for such rumours to spread.

    Gandhi believed that a man could be strong, could be completely at peace with himself and could give himself up to a cause completely, only and only if he gave up all pleasures himself. He had to become strong himself first, to be able to lead 600 million people. Gandhi wanted to be an example to his countrymen that they could live a simple life, with washing their own toilets and making their own khadhi spun clothes, if they chose to be. Gandhi chose celibacy. And this action was a part of that choice. It was clearly not one many people understood. But then Gandhi was not known then and is not known now for being a simple man. Not many people know but he even suggested to the Viceroy of India, Loius Mountbatten, that he should give up his Vicerian Palace and live like a simple man without servants which Moutbatten correctly understood to mean that Gandhi was suggesting he wash his own toilet to set an example for the India that Gandhi envisioned, a self sufficient India that could grow and prosper for itself and by itself.

    And to make a logical conclusion out of this, if he could use his power to force women into submission, how was it that he was unable to prevent the word from getting out about it. It is so because he never wished to. He wished for his followers to understand him, not be scared of him. He was a complex man then and is a complex man now. He did not feel the need to depend his actions because they weren’t wrong. (The massage that Gandhi got from his niece every night – was with a stone)

    He had long ago taken the vow of celibacy, in front of his wife AND HE NEVER BROKE IT.

    Hearing the rumours, Manu herself was ashamed that people were mindless enough to suggest it and herself suggested to the Mahatma that they should stop sleeping in the same room so that people might not belittle Gandhi. But Gandhi was a stubborn man. All his life he did what his conscience told him to and not what the society said was right.

    In this respect the question to be asked should not be why we are unable to accept that Gandhi was guilty of misdeeds. The question is that why is it that we are unable to accept that a man and a woman can share a bed without having any sexual relations. Why is it that we find it so easy to debase individuals on the basis of rumours that were started nearly a century ago. Why can we not ‘modernise’ our thinking. Why can’t we be open minded to the thought that we were led by a man who was more open minded then than we are now.

    Articles like these prove more than anything that Gandhi was ahead of his times by more than a century. Had he been alive today, such rumours would still have spread because no matter how independent we become, we are still chained by our thoughts, mentalities and orthodox views that we fail to change and we can only truly become independent when we learn to try to understand people, to open our thoughts, to let ourselves believe in the innate goodness of individuals and not rumoured evil in them. I am not saying we haven’t come far from 1945, I am only saying that sticking to tradition, not letting go of the prejudices that we were born with, has never been easy for any human but it is perhaps time that we let them pass.

    1. Shuchi Gupta

      They were not just sharing a bed. They were sharing a bed without wearing any clothes. You cannot call people orthodox for raising objections if a man shares the same bed with his grand niece naked, be it for whatever purpose. Even if we accept that he was doing it for the greater good, why only her niece? He could have fulfilled his experiment with other girls as well!

    2. vijender

      fully agreed with ur thoughts and the article written. good work!! 🙂

    3. Faraz

      @Sonali Agarwal Couldn’t have put it any better. We’ve made it a habit to jump to conclusions without evidence. Refreshing to see comments like yours.

    4. Ritu

      Sonali Aggarwal, having read freedom at mighnight and other works of Domnique (what a wonderful writer he is!) I agree with you about what is written in Freedom at midnight.
      Yes it does explain the reasons behind Gandhi's experiment and also mentions about Manu's own confusion of not feeling anything for opposite gender.

      However, what is really the truth. the truth that we interpret or the truth that might have been but is not so or something else. And can we ever know it?

      While Gandhi and the women around him (and also the men) are long gone, would we actually ever know what really happened ?

      However, is it not astonishing that talking about sexuality was a tabboo then and is a tabboo now. Isnt taht astonishing that people who get sexually predate today are still unable to tell their stories and instead choose to give it some other color and I thought that was the point of the article (which probably it failed to conveyed as well)

    5. Nick

      @Sonali Agarwal. Spot on.

    6. Nick

      @Sonali, You were spot on.

    7. ganesh

      Great thinking, can we try what gandhi and Manu tried?

    8. Soumendra Nath Thakur

      @ganesh , you mean spiced up story? 🙂

    9. Soumendra Nath Thakur

      Apparently, it appears to be the author’s tendency to see the worst aspect of things than being hopeful and confident of things. I like to correlate this behaviour with the similar behaviour of the adolescent on finding his/her parent watching, so called, adult movies! Such finding angers an adolescent.

      It is an established fact, also known to the world that Gandhi or, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (1869–1948), was a Hindu leader, Indian nationalist, spiritual leader and social reformer but it is not established that Gandhi was a sexually exploiter of young women, as alleged by the author of the above article, Rita Banerji.

      In her research, the author might be surprised in knowing the unconventional and strange behaviour of Gandhi and that might have angered her. However, at the same time, she needs to reconsider the fact that why the people world over, instead of knowing the same fact the author recently known about Gandhi, did not bother to brand Him in the same way the author tried to brand Gandhi.

  187. mridhul

    he did something no other indians culd nt do.. and followed him and supported.. him… and thats what made him father of the nation..
    he is worshipped allover the world. i dont want to know his personal life because wen we do the people who are in chairs of powers today.. they dont deserve…. to be there..
    so i dnt think every1 is perfect in this world ……
    so i respect him for the sacrifices he did.. and what i enjoy today… and being a leader for others…..
    and he is one name the world recognises when we say im from india..
    so issues to disrespect him in the issues of politics.. and to make strong support to make him bad .. in public .. and
    i fear will lead to making what ghodse did to gandhi is rit..
    im sure gandhi would have forgiven him..
    he made us to learn the way of nonviolence..
    which is very relevant where responsible people and politicians shows short tempered towards criticisms
    so wen we dig his life we r making ourselves look bad in front of world..
    im sure legends like him wen we dig deep may not be beautiful…
    but these stories towards their legend wont be done by their own people.. may be done by other countries to look them bad in front of the world
    so better we avoid post-mortems like these which is very is nearly 60 years old..!!!!
    and njy this freedom he and all the our ancestors given to us 🙂
    i have nothing say about the article and im not saying it is authentic or not which is scrambled and old.. its nyc

  188. mridhul

    he did something no other indians culd nt do.. and followed people him and supported.. him… and thats what made him father of the nation..
    he is worshipped allover the world. i dont want to know his personnal life because wen we do the people who are in chairs of power dont deserve…. to be there..
    so i dnt think every1 is perfect in this world ……
    so i respect him for the sacrifices he did.. and what i enjoy today… and being a leader for others….
    he is one name the world recognises when we say im from india..
    so issues to disrespect him in the issues of politics.. and to make strong support to make him bad .. in public .. which
    i fear will lead to making what ghodse did to gandhi is rit..
    im sure gandhi would have forgiven him..
    he made us to learn the way of nonviolence..
    which is very relevant where responsible people and politicians shows short tempered towards criticisms
    so wen we dig his life we r making ourselves look bad in front of world..
    im sure legends like him wen we dig deep in their life may not be beautiful…
    but these stories towards their legend wont be done by their own people.. may be done by other countries to look them bad in front of the world
    so better we avoid post-mortems like these which is very is nearly 60 years old..!!!!
    and njy this freedom he and all the our ancestors given to us 🙂
    i have nothing say about the article and im not saying it is authentic or not which is scrambled and old..but its nyc

  189. Ashish Agarwal

    Seriously Rita! I don’t always read the whole article! Your research and writing skills are really good. I’d definitely like to read your book. 🙂 Best wishes!

  190. Sayantan Guha

    I see many people here arguing that Gandhi actually wanted to learn sexual self-control, and not sexually exploit little girls as this article claims he did. However, what he was TRYING to do does not count. What he ended up doing is what matters. If the girls he slept with were okay to be a part of Gandhi’s ‘experiments’, that would have been fine. If they had said, “Yes Gandhiji, you can sleep beside me, make me massage you naked, use my breasts as a pillow as I sing you a lullaby”, THEN it would have been an unobjectionable thing to do. But that wasn’t the case, was it? The girls ended up crying all night.

  191. nitin raj

    Very well written..Rita. I really appreciate it.
    U hv done a great job. Standing with u I am not afraid to say that Gandhi did nothing for freedom. It was only the martyrs those were hung then.

    I am not a writer but I need this to be kniwn by everybody. That a high positioned man canniy commit such unhonoured things.. what is the difference between Gandhi and other culprits doing such things. He has been a matter of shame.

    Well! What is wrong is wrong, no matter who has done it. He has been an idle to people of india.. but his works are not admirable..

    My words may be offensive but he was a stigma on our society and culture.

    I don’t know why people of india idealize him so much when he does not deserve it.

    At last….Nathuram Godse did a great great Job….

  192. Gaurav

    This is a brilliant article. I completely agree with what the writer has to say.
    on a different not Gandhi was, is and will always be the most irrelevant person for the indian nation. the quicker we take him down from the pedestal that we have put him on the better for all of us.
    I am sure some people still think high of him but he was not.
    he did not sacrifice anything. there were many others who sarificed for our nation who deserve a million times more respect than this impostor.

    1. Digvijay

      I have never been a very big Gandhi fan but this statement that he did not sacrifice anything is ludricious. What he did in South Africa alone was more sacrifice and courage than what most people do in their life time.You can continue to be ignorant about Gandhi’s life but commenting something without even researching the topic is plain wrong.You may say its your right to talk funny and write stuff which is totally false and has not even an iota of truth attached to it. Guess what ignorant people are able to write crap and no one blinks an eye because great thinkers with big ideals like Gandhi fought for you and me.They fought for principles and ideals which transcends generations and whose fruit is being borne even by us decades later.Thats the power of an idea.

    2. redviper

      ^Lovely resonse

  193. ketan sehgal

    Fuck you gandhi
    you were such a jerk
    teko hijra bna dena chahiye tha

  194. Rahul

    Maa kasam Dude thaa yaar INDIA kaa bapu sachme Baap ( Father ) thaa lolzzz …. chullu bhar paani mein doob maroo u people r his grandchildren generation ….. still tum log wo nahi kar sakein jo Gandhiji ney kar dikhayaa maine toh ye bhee sunaa hain kee Bhagat Singh , Sukhdev and rajguru were GAY ek doosre ko exploit karte theay zaraa pata lagaao

  195. Azar

    The letters u refering to are the views of the people who considered this act shamefull…but did u also check the refrences from the dairies of Manu ben ….I am sure u would also find some diffrentating facts….GandhI can no where be seen forcing women to sleep with him….yes he tried his experiments with his niece but she actively participated with him….he did not do so to get pleasure his intention was different…

    1. A Real Indian

      Azar, ya you would think like that…

    2. Ravikumar

      Bull shit.. How can he do such things even if it is accepted by the other.. Don’t try giving some bull shit explanations to make him feel great by people or whatever he has done is good…. It is because of you guys our nation is still like this…

    3. Azar

      Dude..Gandhi had still liberal and had unbiased thoughts for women..infact had same bath rooms for men and women as well…how free and equal in terms of gender equality…it was people with fucked up mentality like you who oppossed it and bequeathed the so called shitty culture that women have to be in bondages …wear this and do this and that…if he had been there today the place for women in the country was much higher …as he was asming all to practise celebacy….imagine the countries population would have been low…men like yoh would have focuses there energies to other things than gang raping and raping women

  196. manee

    Before ASSUMING we got independence due to Gandhi, get out of your box and read world history. The British left our country because they were no longer in a position to be able to sustain their rule here after World war II. The Axis powers were forced to give up their colonies in treaties that they signed at the end of the war. Britain faced pressure from Russia at the Yalta Conference to give up their colonial possessions, but Churchill refused. (This was one of the factors leading to the Cold War and the division of Germany.) Eventually, the British colonies, the last ones to survive, asked/fought for their independence. Britain could not keep her colonies unified under one crown (and government) and began to slough them off. Many European nations also lost the money to be able to support their colonies or their colonies ran out of valuable resources (diamonds, coal, etc.) and they decided to leave them.

    Independence of India was just the aftermath of the various happenings in the world. Gandhi had nothing to do with it.

    1. hopeful too…:)

      so true…:)

    2. Akshay Raorane

      Thank you for thinking logically. You just made me realize that there is still hope left in this world. : )

  197. Digvijay

    Lets all judge Gandhi today because we can, because our constitution allows for free expression and we will debate and judge this person and his morals with our own set of standards.There is no Gandhi to defend himself and even if he was we would never understand the moralitity and the reasoning he would be talking about.Its not that like we would give time to understand whether we are actually capable enough to judge a person who is known for his empathy to the needs of people.The cruel man who took an year and a half of his precious youth life to fight for peasants in Bihar and who went there just because a poor peasant wrote him to come with him.Ohh yes we are fit enough to judge him and his sense of morality when we look down on beggars and can’t give five minutes of our life to the needy but will compare the person who gave his life on our narrow moral scale.Let the rants begin and next we will discuss about our economy with absolute no knowledge about it.We will give our opinions on everything from the inflation to Apple products and they being not an innovation anymore.Next we will talk about policy without absolute any knowledge about it and will challenge the views of the planning comission with people who have worked in that field for years and still researching for years and comparing them again to our narrow field of knowledge which we gain by the first google search we get.

    Yes we all do that.It makes us feel enlightened and intellectual.But I thought the buck would stop somewhere. Sometime when we would rather think why would a person who is considered one of the greatest person to have walked this Earth would do such a thing.To try to reason beyond the obvious.I am not saying he did the right or the wrong thing. I am just saying its not my place to judge a person like Gandhiji and maybe no ones for that’s the legacy on morality and selflessness the person has left .

    We are looking and debating at the right direction to the problem.Its just that this answer is for us ,amateurs not for those who are so ahead of us that their ideas and ideals look mad and abstract to us.

    1. Eshan Sharma

      Is Gandhi the only historical figure we judge?

      It is us that have made Gandhi and every other historical figure what they are today. I completely agree with you in that fact that he probably sacrificed more for the country than any single person dead or alive. But then so did Hitler for his country! It is not untrue when people say that history is written by the victors. I am not taking anything away from Gandhi or not trying to undermine any of his contributions to the freedom struggle. I am just trying to prove my point – “A mistake is a mistake no matter who commits it.”

      I am also NOT comparing Gandhi to Hitler (and I am stating this explicitly for the few out there who’ll miss the point of this entire post and try to drag the conversation in a completely different direction). The two had completely different ideologies and different set of morals and ethics. But they both did something which is considered wrong today.

      If we don’t question and debate (and i’m not talking about mindless rants and uninformed opinions) what goes on in our world, how are we any better than animals? In my opinion, it’s completely justified to talk about ‘economy’, ‘inflation’, ‘apple products and they being not an innovation anymore’ or ‘challenge the views of the planning commission’ if you do your homework.

      I am with you when you say that there are, and always have been, a few among us who think way ahead of our time and who will be considered mad by our and possibly a few future generations. But my narrow minded and selfish morals just don’t let me envision a world ever being there in which the exploitation of women and children will ever be considered right. And if there ever is, I hope I am not alive to see it.

      There will always be a lot who will ramble on in favour or against this thing. I am not justifying that. I am also not saying that I agree or disagree completely with what is being said about Gandhi. (In this day of paid journalism, can you blame me?) It’s just a mindset I am trying to correct. Let’s not brush this aside as one of the idiosyncrasies of the great man. Let’s debate about this and try to uncover more facts. But most importantly, let’s learn from this (even if it’s a false story) and make sure no such thing ever happens…no matter what the reason behind it.

    2. Not So Important

      ” But my narrow minded and selfish morals just don’t let me envision a world ever being there in which the exploitation of women and children will ever be considered right. And if there ever is, I hope I am not alive to see it.”

      Hey, I’ve got a thought for you to ponder over:

      A scenario:= First man & woman on earth gave birth to errm… say boys and girls – Hum do hamare do yojna waise bhi aaj ke zamane ki hai. And lets not forget : we have people like Lalu in today’s age as well.

      so these boys and girls who are brothers & sisters – until they had sex – you and I wouldn’t exist today to discuss all of this!
      Now, some pro-gandhi argument for you:

      “I am with you when you say that there are, and always have been, a few among us who think way ahead of our time and who will be considered mad by our and possibly a few future generations. ”

      why is it too difficult to accept this fact that something has been done already – was it wrong or right is not the question anymore. On top of it, you’re the one who understands that there are people who think way ahead of their time…. so i’m sure you’d understand that they’ll come to a conclusion or come up with new shit – by experimenting & failing!

      probably, you’re not thinking that may be he was looking back in the time (remember the first part where I gave you the food for thought) and wondering if he’d be able to challenge his celibacy while sleeping with Manu and various other women.

      When so many people knew about his experiments – then what was stopping those women to leave that ashram? Don’t you think, these women were wrong by giving up in front of his power & position. When a guy – R. P. Parasuram could voice against him – then why couldn’t these girls?

    3. A Real Indian

      A good comment, but a more emotional one…you are right. Gandhi did all those good things, but he also did all this bad things….i would say you are wrong at the fact that one should not or CAN NOT judge Gandhi…agreed he was great and would remain so in some aspects of life…but not questioning his bad or incorrect deeds would not make you a correct, conscious person. I am sure mr Gandhi would have said that you should always question the wrong, always fight the bad thing…so if you can not follow his rules you really are not following anything…Even Lord Ram said that “Even if i am a king and i do something wrong, people should follow their dharma and should not be afraid to question my wrong doing. Either i would satisfy them with my answer to their question or i would accept i am wrong, In any case WRONG things and deeds have no place in any great kingdom” All the yard sticks should be same. It should not be different for Mr Gandhi because he also did something good. He should be made aware if he is doing something wrong.

    4. udit baxi

      Cheers man!!
      that is awesome what you wrote.
      I second you!

  198. Roshan

    well its like i just realized that my childhood hero was not what society portrayed him to be a and yes, it’s a brilliant article with disturbing news..I really wish there were some factual error here.

  199. Hopeful

    Someone commented saying that despite what he may have done for his personal wants or needs, he did great things for the country. or that was the gist of what that someone said.

    However, if that is your logic, you should compare him to hitler. Hitler killed jews becuase of a personal issue, but he united Germany.

    I respect what Gandhi may have done for the country but does not absolve him of what he put those women through.

    And to all those who think otherwise and are justifying his bad deeds by saying no one would do what he did in Africa or wherever, understand that you are justifying ill treatment of women, you are encouraging the rape culture indirectly and directly and you are propagating the notion that doing bad is okay because he did good. you are telling your sisters, brothers, children and wives that if you do good somewhere, you can treat women however you want.

    No! he was a man, he did good and bad. he made mistakes. he will be remembered. he is not a god. and there will be lovers and haters to argue both sides.

    that being said, a person who abuses his authority to get women, is not worthy of my respect personally. But, he will be remembered, good and bad together.

    I suggest we learn from his mistakes, as he would want. let us not encourage this kind of treatment towards women. he wished for equality and maybe he got lost along the way. Let us respect what he professed and ignore his actions. let us be better.

    He is still teaching the world things, long after he is gone!

  200. A Real Hindu

    AA gayi bhai BJP ki sarkar, ab dheere dheere congress ke saare pillars ke bare mein aisi baatein hongi, aur ye bhi pata chalega ki ye desh sirf hindus ka hai..
    History books will be changed. BJP is a super funny party. Filled with all jokers. loll…
    Dear Author, i am no supporter of Mr Gandhi , nor against. Why do you even raise these things now…. ?
    Let me tell you. People can see through now. These campaigns that you do will take you nowhere.
    Whats past is GONE. Lets look at the future.
    itni mehnat for this campaign Ms Author. hahaha…. BJP jokers are feeding joker authors like you . MANN!! Where is this country going.
    Talk about communal violence, and talk about development.

    1. A Real Indian

      Mr Hindu (as you mentioned which everyone highly doubts), this is nothing to do with BJP or congress…but it means a lot for youth to know who the real BAPU was, the man they all revere. You as Muslim or congreessii would try to downplay it by trying to say its a BJP trick..but this is not something which has been brought up just now..try to google it, it has been opposed and said in hush hush tones all through the yearssss…You might also have noticed that the Youth or Younger generation does not worship or follow Gandhi’s ideals that much…so keep you congressi brain shut

  201. bani

    This is height i never knew this havent i hav read d article …. As a child i would always wonder that why in every pic of gandhi there were two women on which shoulders he put his hands …… The question arose manytime in my mind when dere were number of men surrounding him why women were there ….??? Why ??? U answered my questions
    Feeling very very ashamed of our system ….. Woman is always used …. Fr so called desires of man …. In different disguises …..

  202. sakina mohsin

    This is nothing but an act of defamation and let me tell you mates defamation its pretty much a criminal offence,well yes it is true that he used to visit brothels during his youth and yes he deeply did regret going there during his later years but its absolutely imbecilic to write such inappropriate stories about him where it states that he was a pedophile and used to practice incest when he himself disowned his son for raping his grand daughter, and well without any concrete proof or evidence i would strongly suggest if people could stop writing such horrendous articles just to provide mere entertainment to the youth of India,and well Mr.R. P. Parasuram letter could just be a hoax to ruin the reputation of one of the greatest man around that time.

  203. aditya lal

    ew gandhi was disgusting.

  204. gaurav chhibber

    IF we can respect this Bapu. whats wrong wtih Aasarm Bapu. Non violence breeds inner sexual violence ??

    Its better to be a wolf than a wolf disguised a sheep.

  205. deepak

    Just 2 hrs before i have completed “My experiments with truth”. My mind is in conflicting state whether Gandhi was bad, good or mixture like all human beings. It is now hard for me to believe both this article and book. What i can conclude 4m all this is that adopt good traits 4m other g8 personalities. My current state of mind says that if there exist Hell, then Gandhi has gone there.

  206. Loraine

    dont know wether is it true………..
    i cant believe this

    1. Sanjana Lisle

      This is 100% true. Accept the truth, people cannot hold Gandhi on a pedestal. He was a sick man who abused his power.

  207. sneha

    This is just half of the truth..dre is also d fault of the government who had given d title of father to him.. even after knowing all the horrendous crimes dat wre committed by Mr. Gandhi . dre was a book written by añ author which had all d crimes he committed. . nd every aspect of his life in which he used girls like mere objects. my great grand mother also supported him in d fight for freedom but after sometime she left him..coz of his actions and stuff.. He used to harass young women.. heard all this on my family also.. its up to people to belive wats written in d article and dis hard feelings. 🙂

  208. kumar saurav

    I have fSomething and yes i am writing in caps


    Okay now remove Gandhi and put Nagas sadhus(do u know who nagas are? my brothers of Aryavratha ) in place .Now all the moves are justified are they not? Or for you nagas are also most viscious,Immoral people on world and if they are you don’t know INDIA its history and tradition. Peace

    oops !No peace because Gandhi was Sick man!

  209. Babar

    I have lost all respect for the author, who, with her anecdotal evidence, is slandering a man who gave up everything for the freedom of our country. Mahatma Gandhi is a hero – he was, is, and will always be.

    1. Shambhavi

      There are merits and demerits to any and every historical figure. Surely we should be mature enough to view both impartially instead of idolising Gandhi? He was human and as prone to greatness as he was to mistakes. Let’s recognize this about human beings.

    2. Babar

      Sambhavi, your comment reeks of pessimism. Going with your philosophy of not idolizing someone just because they are not perfect (in your imaginary world) would mean that you neither have an idol, not do you look up to anyone in life, including your parents, as your mind tries to find something to demean everyone.

    3. Pri

      Every coin has two sides. I think you should use your Google skills and try and read up on the same matter to broaden your horizon.
      Gandhi did give us independence, but there is a dark side which is oblivion to people.

    4. Babar

      Your statement “every coin has two sides” in the context you have stated, means that everyone is evil in some way. Why don’t you tell me about the other side of the coin of the feminist movement, and all the female icons.

      The truth is, feminists are ungrateful people, and that is the way it is. They are ungrateful to their fathers, they are ungrateful to their husbands, and they are ungrateful to a man who gave them freedom, sacrificing his own.

      Google is not God. If tomorrow I found defamatory material against you, should I automatically assume it to be true?

      And it is Gandhiji, not Gandhi – show some respect.

    5. Anonymous

      You have a small, small mind my friend.

    6. Gaurang Bhatt

      Mr babar , you should get out of your blanket, read all the evidences and the facts about indian freedom and then only you can preach us your GANDHILOGY.
      Giving all the credits of indian independence is totally unacceptable and totally disrespecting to the ones like great Shubhash chandra bose, bhagat singh , chandrashekhar azad and many more who died for indian independence, it was people like gandhi and nehru who made all this possible, albeit nehru himself never supported gandhi

  210. Gaurav

    Kudos for the author, I have so much respect for Rita as a human and as a writer as she has the courage to show the hideous side of a immoral and criminal mind known as gandhi. many individuals believe that he fought for the freedom. he did nothing for freedom of india. infact he did everything to destroy india and indians. he was full or immorality and was indulging in anti national activities aimed at ensuring that hindus remain subservient to islamic radicals who can exploit us in all ways possible.

    1. Aditya Varma

      Than why was he in jail? Why did he do all those movements? what was all that non violent moments? Why in the world would he not accept the perks of British in all the meetings in London. What about his preaching man? NOT even god is 100 percent pure. what do you want to see in him? Good or evil that defines his and your glory. Ram’s few acts were so male chauvinistic, but he is still remained god. . Are you a virgin? Are you like the purest form of the mankind? how can you even qualify to question him? He is already dead. Let the positive Teachings live man. Don’t ruin the minds of the people. If the truth doesn’t help people what is the use of that truth…

  211. common man

    I am not in favour or against this article. What I read here is the story of suffering and distress of the women who were subjected to Gandhi’s experiments. The only question i have in mind is that; how come a person who shows the complete form of non violence be able to force the women in such acts if they were not willing to do so? If it is true that they cried during the night, what stopped them from leaving the ashram? I would be glad if someone can answer me.

    I would like to request that, let us all stop arguing with each other about our own views about what has already happened years ago, let us join our hands to stop the atrocities and rapes that are still happening in our society.

    1. Aayush pandey

      this is one of the most unbiased and resonable views i have found so far….(THE ABOVE-COMMENT)!! It is not the time to dig into the past and use them as a tool for learning. Learning comes from within…..we need to sort out our minds first and then focus on such articles…!! Nobody has proofs or nobody has seen it …people who saw it are gone and people who claim to have read or researched about it are living in a false ideology that they are making the people aware of the so-called facts and truth.

      The truth is that truth is “present”…the present world we are living in…!!! Make this world a better place to live …with our thoughts and not by posting such articles that bring immense tensions and promote “haters or lovers” groups.
      Why to post articles that can collide peoples’ opinions and thoughts.? Rather bring on the articles that promote unity of positive progressive thoughts!!

  212. Babar

    When a feminist writes an article, introspect deeply. It is the sexist attitude from females which prevails in society, which is why a man is ‘guilty until proven innocent’. This article is the exact same reason why innocent men rot in Indian jails over false cases of rape, dowry, and domestic abuse, because we readily believe every word that comes out of a woman’s mouth. Point fingers at a woman’s character, and you will be called a number of expletives that are too derogatory to even mention, but point fingers at a man’s character, and no one raises an eyebrow. What would have been the reaction if someone came up with a similar article about Mother Teresa? It is surprising, shocking rather, how quickly we change our standpoint against a man so great that he is referred to as the Mahatma, just on word of mouth. These days anyone can ‘research’ and come up with their own facts.

    1. Banished

      Do you know that number of guys rotting in jail for false charges is nowhere close to number of Indian girls getting sexually exploited. Having said that sexism can never be reasoned by any means. If I had read the similar things about mother Teresa, my respect would have decreased definitely. Stop being such a blind sighted moron and try to read up the history. You can cross verify the incidents described in this article by going a little beyond history books in the syllabus.

    2. Suffered

      Truth again is subjective according to our own individual universe.

      I have personally suffered at the hands of such a person.

      Walked in a club, made friends with a girl , without any commitments or false promises whatsoever , I had consensual sex with her that night and were in touch for about a week. Suddenly the demands of meeting , seeking more and more attention increased for which I said goodbye..

      The charge of rape was filed on me. It took 560,000 inr to get me out of this mess..

      Had it not been that I had money, the thought of my life now would be really scary… so yeah.. its not all black or white , with men or with women

  213. cmvt

    Highly misleading article
    Positives part:
    1.highlighting the truth(no doubt, he sleeped naked with manu), which is Gandhi’s life lesson, so he would support the right of the author to speak on it matter how venerated an individual is he is liable to reasoned criticism, a good sign for our hero-worship culture

    Ridiculous part:
    1. He was experimenting to test his resolve of celibacy. He slept beside her and not ‘with’ her, no sex involved. But the author conveniently misrepresents it as sexual assault or even rape. Ramakrishna paramahamsa and his wife treated each other as brother and sister, because of their beliefs in the virtues of celibacy, clearly Gandhi was inspired by them
    2. Some how by not speaking about it, we are supporting rape culture, ridiculous argument. No one condones these actions by him nor we think it is OK for persons in power to abuse women
    1. Gandhi’s main motto is constant pursuit of truth, he would be open to discussion on the issue and this may lead to change of his opinion- discovery of truth
    2. The author is cashing on the outrage over sexual assaults by attacking one of the most respected global icons
    3. Attacking his personal life only serves the agenda of some right wing nutbags overshadowing his other important teachings.

    1. Gaurav

      the comparison with ramakrishna pramahansa is invalid. pramahansa wanted to see if he could treat wife as sister whereas gandhi wanted to treat his own blood relatives as sex objects. and he failed by the way

    2. King Gandhi

      No one idiot have rights to speak about our Gandhi Ji. Why this hell of publish at present!! What is the necessary. People who share this post also in FB will be Idiot. You forgot all the good things which Gandhi Ji did for our nation.!

  214. sumasha

    there is always two gangs formed , when an controversial issue arises ,some SAY YES AND SOME SAY NO . these comments too depicts the same . but nobody finally comes to a solution to solve problems . just arguments , comments etc etc ..
    good and bad are two different things , digging past is waste , arguing in the present about the past is also a waste . learn the positives from the past , and find a way to eradicate negatives in the present and future.

    its Rita’s views on Gandhiji (respecting a person doesn’t mean i’m supporting or not respecting person doesn’t mean i’m against) . Its a democratic country , views are never wrong , its the way each and every distinct individual see another individual in his/her point of view.
    finally gandhiji is right or wrong ,the writer is feminist or not is not a problem. how the sexual abuse have to be stopped , how women have to be respected and how to stop the exploiting of laws which support women .

    sorry if i have hurted anybody’s thoughts or views.

    hoping for a better India “JAI HIND”

  215. Aditya Varma

    Hi Dear Author,

    Firstly, I am very sorry for my poor writing skills. secondly, I am a total feminist by nature. But this article is the most offensive misleading piece of disarray. You have today shown why this country’s biggest problem is people like you. who for their own selfishness, comment on anything and everything without knowing about the reality. Of-course, i have less knowledge about MK Gandhi and don’t I support him for anything bad he might have done or he had done. But I would never go to this extent for my personal benefit as you did. You have no right to judge any person not even your own parents. You are not professionally or any which way qualified to even say anything about mahatma Gandhi. And look at you man. the cause of non violence the good stuff he wanted to convey will all be trashed by the neutrals from today. Is it worth it? Is this whats your destiny? To ruin the good deeds that he had done to this country. Is your mother proud of you for this? Ask her. You will not be remembered after a day this is no more a news on FB. but the negative marks you leave on the people is just forever. I hate to target u man. I don’t want to hurt you personally. I want you to understand things in broader terms. Write in Indirect terms. May the world go in a right path. Not like this. women empowerment is not achieved by this. This is your sole Selfishness.. Live with it. If you are writing this off. Good for you…

  216. Himanshu

    I am not a great fan of so called ” MAHATAMA ” Gandhi g.!! But we couldn’t neglect the fact that without him India couldn’t get freedom. However I strongly opposed him what he had done with Shaheed Bhagat Singh but at some point he is also right..! We couldnt fight with Britishers as they were fully loaded with weapons. We cant defeat them on the basis of power and army. But guys if we Indians start criticizing our Gandhi g den how the fuck will world praise this guy.In the end I would like to conclude that this article doesn’t have any strong proof that Gandhi g had done sexual molestation with women living in ashram. So I think we should drop this discussion here by only.

  217. Nikhil Kaul

    I do not know whether there is any truth in whatever is written here or not. Or whether this is the real truth probably. However, my curiosity stems from the fact that if this is true, then why hasn’t it come out in the open, like it came out for “God Men” like Sathya Sai and Asaram Bapu? There is a faction of society that is still crazy about such personalities (trust me, I see them daily on my way to office) and here we are talking about M.K. Gandhi; the man is supposed to be popular in the whole country of millions!

    It is not only this article but I have read and heard many others who claim themselves to be a part of the Indian intelligentsia and aware of “the truth and realities”. And seriously, I respect them and I respect the ones on the other side too i.e. the side of the conventional truth. However, my question is, who decides what is the “ABSOLUTE TRUTH”? You can’t just read 5 books which offer a view which aligns to your ‘enlightment of the truth’ and claim that as the truth. Because, tomorrow I can read 5 books which are totally against your stance of ‘truth’.

    Both are based on facts. Both are based on evidences and proofs. But how to know what really is the truth? What really happened? And this is with every situation in our country, India. Be it Kashmir, Indo-Pak, the Indian epics of Mahabharata and Ramayana. Anything.

    What shall we trust?

    1. Brajesh Chauhan

      Yes,you are right.Due to appraisal no one can be great and no one can be bad mere due to abuse.One thing is important what he did gave us? His tory always has poisin for future.It is better to build present & future,rather than to amend history.How we treat a woman today? Either with a view of sexuality or a human which has same sociogical right as you. It is more important today.

  218. swap

    It has been a trend to bash Gandhi and question his way of life. Unlike this article I wouldn’t have judged anyone. Was the writer ever there during that period with Gandhi to know the truth on why he behaved in that manner. You can’t judge from those so called letters and prove that Gandhi used to exploit women. If Gandhi would have used power then he could have been too bad. He may not be perfect and hence I don’t patronize Gandhi but some how don’t feel this article is accurate in its entirety. Having said that the points she has mentioned might need some investigation.

  219. King Gandhi

    No one idiot have rights to speak about our Gandhi Ji. Why this hell of publish at present!! What is the necessary. People who share this post also in FB will be Idiot. You forgot all the good things which Gandhi Ji did for our nation.!

  220. Shweta Kamath

    This is a highly misleading article that clearly hasn’t been researched enough. He was a brahmachari and by taking this oath he had vowed to never buckle to sexual temptations. He believed that this vow had no meaning if he were to isolate himself completely from all women in his life. He was in effect removing temptation from his life rather than learning how to not give in to it. He believed that the best test of his celibacy would be if he lay next to a naked woman and was not aroused by her. Yes, Gandhiji did make women lie naked beside him but the fact that he “allowed everything except ejaculation” is completely incorrect.

    If I were to read this article with no prior information on the subject, I too would believe Gandhiji to be a sexual predator. You will find a number of people who try to tarnish the reputation of a man revered by thousands. And if you go to see the reaction to this experiment by Gandhiji did not suggest modernized thought but exactly the opposite of that. Two people lying naked next to each other does not always imply sexual exploitation. Are you saying that these women were not free to leave whenever they wished to? If yes, I’d like to see you cite the sources from where you got that piece of information from because an allegation like that is very strong.

  221. Surya M

    This is the same old story of the age old Indian hypocrisy. If you try to reveal something which is bitter but truth, some people will jump up and say “Have you seen it in your own eyes”? We have tolerated such sins for years which results to many of the sexual crimes in the ASHRAMs in our country and undoubtedly Gandhi is the pioneer of such a crime which is practiced for long time. But the most fortunate matter is all our countrymen are not hypocrite and so some of the so call great man like Gandhi is behind the bars now. Hope for a better India where the bad man like Gandhi will not be worshiped any more.

    1. B.V.IYER

      You are summarily convicting MrGandhi without any legal basis for your accusations . Ofcourse law requires proof or evidence on which accusations are based. What is wrong in asking whether there is any eye witness, in fact that is the best evidence based on the credibility of the witness. Or are you saying that convictions should be made based on hearsay evidences? Gandhi ji was never accused by any inmates of the Ashram of any sexual assault or even sexual harassment. Now after over fifty years you have decided that he was a sexual predator and should have been put behind the bars.You are treading a dangerous ground. You say had those alleged acts have been committed by Gandhi today he would have been behind bars but you seem to be blissfully ignorant of the fact that false or malicious accusations is tantamount to defamation of character these days and might be viewed seriously by Gandhi ‘s heir. What with the publication of Joseph Lelyveld’s book ” Great soul” people like Ms Bannerji have been running amuck writing all kinds of garbage about this great man who is the Father of our Nation and held in such a high esteem through out the world!

  222. akash deep

    Go die

  223. Udayan Chauhan

    Who so ever these cheap author is….souldnt you look and see the exposed nehru ?? had Gandhi ji been of it…he would had lost his image..u must understand what his thought was…Pls read..My Experiment with Truth by MK Gandhi…u’ll get all the answers…shame on you author for being o cheap…#ashamedofu#


    If the “allegations” were true, why wasn’t it brought to light back then? Was it because Gandhi was highly influential that he could evade any conviction, or was it because there was no element of truth in most of the criticism? The kind of political scrutiny that existed in that period is no secret and that gives us enough reason to believe that every hotshot walked a tightrope . Gandhi’s objectives for our nation have been accomplished. Yet, the author’s objective in bringing this up more than half a decade after Gandhi’s death is unknown. In these troubled times, the last thing our nation wants is defamatory allegations against the Father of the nation. If only someone could explain the the benefit of initiating and researching such pointless accusations against the very person who is credited with setting up an independent India, i would be obliged.

  225. B.V.IYER

    This article apparently refers to an experiment which Gandhi ji undertook in 1947 or thereabouts in a remote part of the then Bengal when challenged by some foreign journalists and critics who were doubtful about Bapuji’s claim to be celibate .It was a frivolty,a thoughtless act , childish and naive done in a sportive way though. Nevertheless Gandhi ji got lot of sticks for this act of boyish bravado.His friends chided and criticised him.But it was considered non news worthy and unimportant in the prevailing atmosphere then. Women’s freedom from exploitation by men was hardly the issue then when freedom from the foreign rule was the burning issue and it should not have taken much thought for an activist and a feminist of Ms Bannerji’s ilk.Ms Bannerji’s intrpretation of Brahmacharya (contol of ejaculation!) not only gives one an insight into the extent of her knowledge about Hindu philosophy but also her inimical attitude towards the male folk in general.

  226. Zubin

    I think here the author must also bring references to what Manu herself said about these experiments. In this small book (booklet?) Bapu – My Mother, she recalls that in his presence she always felt like she was with her mother, not traumtised.

    As for Gandhi, he was never shy of acknowledging his wrongdoings, even in sexual matters. For example, in his South Africa ashram, he would often send young boys and girls to bathe together so that they develop restraint. But later on he recalls in his History of Satyagraha in South Africa that he would never dare do it again.

    Unfortunately, Gandhi today is highly susceptible to misinterpretations based on half-facts and lies. Anyone reading this article who doen’t have deep understanding of Gandhi is bound to get misled (I can see that here in the comments, especially those from previous year.).

  227. concerned

    I’m sorry but he was a human being made of flesh not God! He could’ve been tempted at any point in his little “experiment.” Did anyone ask that poor little girl who was robbed of her innocence? If this is true…it’s a disgusting experiment. Who doesn’t have skeletons in their closet? I’m sure he did but what makes it worse is people justifying that it was alright for him to do it! How gross are you people?


    I would like to say whether girls were agreed for that experiment or not? Because I have read a part of autobiography of Manu, she said “I felt same feeling as I slept with my mother”. Gandhi’s experiment on Brahmcharya obviously can’t understand by anyone.Being a feminist I will also not support all that.But again I thought about Gandhi who told “A Woman actually goes in the intimate moment for the happiness of male,she doesn’t want to go willingly”.There is contradiction because of Patel said “Immoral” and Gandhi said “moral” for the same thing.
    The more important is that what he gave for the modern India, not what he did in personal life. Nevertheless, anyone’s personal life can’t violates anyone’s liberty to life willingly.

  229. ankit

    i am sure you are compeletly mad. Nobody in this world written a truly bad side of himself as much as gandhi. He written all about his relation with his wife from adolscent to last stage. he even depicted few cases when he was studying in delhi. But you believe in writing of that person who wasn’t even close to gandhi. First open your mind then read. Gandhi is not only known for his non violence view but his view on politics,religious,economics and on many things. even they are taught in world’s top varsity(for ex.oxford). in political view their view is always comapred with karl marx. (YOU ARE COWARD, KNOW WHY BECAUSE YOU CAN’T FOLLOW EVEN ONE PRINCIPLE OF THEIR LIFE). For your general information ONLY TWO PERSON PHOTOS ARE PLACED IN WHITE HOUSE ONE IS GANDHI AND OTHER ABRAHAM LINCOLN, now you will say american prsdnt are also full of shitt. ONE GREAT AMERICAN PHILOSPHER SAID IF GANDHI WERE IN AMERICAN,IT HAD BEEN A LONG RESEARCH ON THEIR VIEW. but you won’t understand gandhi because you can’t believe that a person can be so great.

    1. ankit


    2. Brajesh Chauhan

      you have to respect also about other’s opinipn before saying anyone mad.I am not saying that gandhi was really a good person,I have just talked about a particular experiment which has been performed by gandhi.Because history having itself a dilema and poison for future.He was a great person due to movement for independance & his principle of non – violence.A person can’t be great due to appraisal and can’t be bad due to abuse.Important is that how we treat women today? Aren’t we exploiting them with the aid of tradition & culture and seeing them as object of sexuality.Let us try to build our present rather than to amend history.

  230. Santosh K Mishra

    Well well!. Sure that the author has the wrong topics, baseless arguments about Gandhi. And she’s doing nothing towards her proclaimed Women advocacy by picking on controversy. Can’t believemail letter, surely there won’t be a manuscript. Gandhi may have experiments, and it may be considered immoral if at all, but please don’t be an overenthusiast to call it a game of power and sex!! This article is inaccurate and reflects bad taste.

  231. Akanksha Solanki

    So people out there we call him father of the nation. Alas! What an irony.
    This reading will give goosebumps to any reader who is against sexual abuse. Yes, only those who doest not believe women to be as an object anymore. One thing that i can assimilate from the reading is that, This man must be suffering from some sexuall disorder. I never really had much respect for Gandhi, as i read in one of my disiplinary classes about his views on sex and pleasure I strongly opposed it, N today when i read this, i feel happy that I am not a Gandhiwadi.
    Another thing i would like to add is that as the world that time everyone who knew him and his half-witted experiments was against him the same way was God. Whom Gandhi really worshiped. He got the perfect end by being killed or shooted. A hypocrite like him deserves this kind of end.

    1. B.V.IYER

      Gandhi ji was not called father of the nation for nothing.He was the man instrumental in ending the three hundred year old colonial rule in India without any bloodshed ,and by peaceful means like nonviolence and passive resistance or Satyagraha. We all owe him for the freedom we enjoy today . But for him you wouldn’t be enjoying the freedom of speech and the freedom of thought and expression you are enjoying today and many more freedoms including the freedom to live the way you like. The name Father of the Nation is what the world thought of him .The way you have “assimilated” the implications of the few letters Gandhi ‘s friends and critics shows you have completely missed the point.They are only saying that Gandhi’s experiments with Brahmacharya could be mistaken by the world or lead to unfavourable results, no where they implied that Gandhi was a sexual pervert who has sexually assaulted the Ashram girls. Instead of jumping into rash and dangerous conclusions you must read about Gandhi ji’s philosophy, his principles , his experiments with Ahimsa and truth. Then only you will be able to understand Gandhi ji , and who knows you may even regret for not being a “Gandhiwadi” thus far ,and kick yourself for being delighted in the way he met his end ,” being killed or shooted” ( please note that the correct past tense of the verb to shoot is ” shot” not shooted as you think).And further more you may even start believing that there is God.

    2. Brahman

      Why it’s always referred to as The Freedom ‘Struggle’? rather than just freedom or independence from The British Rule – in the name of peace ‘ignorant’ (illiterate) masses in hundreds, thousands were murdered, just for the reason they were ‘blind’ followers of his teachings or principles (put that indoctrination). In the name of non-violence rest suffered, faced untold misery & he remained unscathed (True Quality of The Leader).
      In my humble opinion he was spineless, deceitful, immoral & above all had ulterior motives.
      Bharata (Indian subcontinent), definitely would have got the freedom much before 1947 had it not been for his nonsensical & oblivious non-violence (Ahimsa) through Satyagraha.
      If, you still think, non-violence is mightier than any weapon, then, go preach his teachings, practices, principles to other nations where violence prevail unabated

    3. Madhan

      Mr. B. V. Iyer, excellent points!
      It is very important for people to not judge a man like Gandhi with an article like this.

    4. Sujith

      He was potryaed as father of the nation and the education system added his lessons and made him famous and sowed the poltical roots in our minds during our chool days so the polititians screaming his ideology will be voted by us. What a vote bank strategy.

  232. B.V. IYER

    One should not overlook the fact that all the allegations (including Mr Parasuram’s letter )are dated 1947. Gandhiji was nearly 78 years old then, physically weak, toothless, and hardly able to walk without the help of a stick in one hand while the other hand resting on the shoulder of somebody. It is highly unlikely to believe that any female member of his ashram found herself attracted to him or Gandhi ji himself had any sexual feeling towards any of them. He preached Brahmacharya or celibacy to his followers and the experiment he undertook was to prove that. Many did not like the idea but he was bent upon proving it like he did with his principle of nonviolence. So much so that he laid down his life experimenting .what he believed in. His methods to change people’s wrong ideology’s were very strange and unconventional hence some did not understand him at all. Has anyone seen anyone putting himself to hardship , undergoing punishment and torture to make a powerful Govt to come down on its knees before Gandhi?The methods he used were simple, going on fast unto death, passive resistance against lathi charges and volleys of bullets etc Gandhi ji himself regretted sometimes thinking whether all his efforts were in vain and has he failed in his mission. Defenitely it looks so , with the violence in the world increasing day by day and people like Rita Banerji even trying to shake the very foundation on which the tenets of universal peace is based by casting unfounded aspersions on the very embodiment of truth and nonviolence.

    1. Punkin

      Good job done Rita, with this type of work you will surely make money by selling much more copies of this book, but it can not ruin the image of a world class leader, though there wasn’t social media that time but such activities don’t require any media to travel, this fact may be know to most of the people of that time, still he managed to bring sufficient followers in order to achieve his vision for the country.

  233. Pooja

    Absolutely wrong!absurd! Gandhiji was much above all this! This is a creation of minds that never think of anything good,divine and sacred!
    Just invest Rs 30/-only and grab his autobioraphy “My experiments with the truth” and find out all bout him and shut mouth of such mindless rumour mongers whom don’t even leave likes of gandhiji aside? they don’t even leave the deceased! How cruel! Do such poeple respect their own parents?

    1. Aman

      Ignorance is a bliss!

    2. Shankar Narayan

      I agree with your views. Some people try to grab headlines by accusing the famous, even though it is baseless. God bless such people.

    3. Sujith

      Have you read it Pooja? There are several documents which portrays his hidden ugly truths. But the governement which came to power after independence which survive with Gandhi’s fame didn’t let it go but the truth is he was doing such activities in his ashram. Why he is always having his hands on women’ shoulders and why not men? There were men ready to serve him.

  234. peterparker

    the m k gandhi and his own caste male baniyas are impotent people. They take birth, either by niyog or IVF birth. gandhi thought that by becoming an apostle of india’s freedom fighting, which indians did to trade power from british, he will be revered as god and then can have his say and can get whatever he wants. Also, he wanted to sleep with upper caste hindu girls, so this experiment.

  235. Roy

    Well m’ kind of speechless from the moment i read the title. But anyway it tipped my interest and after going through it, i am in a state of shock. One part of my brain is literally going WTF! and the other half is arguing Why Not?. It’s scandalous for sure and i am still deciding whether to believe it or not. But for a moment lets say i pay more attention to the 2nd half.
    No matter what Gandhi did for the country, at the end of the day he was just a man of flesh, blood and bones. History has witnessed and especially in India, it’s hard to believe such kind of accusations against a popular public figure. Let alone a public figure, if the senior member of a family is accused of such a thing, it sounds unbelievable and people outrightly discard and ignore such accusations. Isn’t that the exact way such perpetrators get away with whatever they have done.
    Why is it so hard to believe that a public figure like Gandhi could succumb to such primal urges of a human being. In the recent past, the so called god man Asaram and his son was accused by a girl of taking undue advantage of their position in the society. The immediate result crores of people stood in support of Asaram because they had a veil of spirituality on their eyes. And in this case also its the same thing, many people have a veil of respect and admiration for the man who was instrumental in the fight for freedom. And it is the exact same reason why women are subjected to such treatment. Many people choose to support the accused coz of the respect and admiration he has gained in the society rather than looking at the perspectives of the accussee.
    And as far as not believing Parasuram and his letter is concerned why is it so hard to do that? He wasn’t declared insane or anything, he just opened up and talked about something that he felt and knew wasn’t right. Mahatma was just a title given to him out of respect, does it in anyway suggest that he was god incarnate? No!
    And even if he was god incarnate (let’s just say he was) take any book from our own Hindu Mythology you’ll see that they have had evidence of such acts of sexual assaults against women. It has been there since centuries, the simple fact is we have always overlooked it and we still choose to do so.

    1. XYZ

      Mr. Roy, I feel happy at your response. Yes, it’s the people who does not want to accept the fact that Gandhi has done this just because from the school level we have been given the knowledge about the goods and goods done by Gandhi. But recently I read in wikipedia also that Gandhi wanted his name and fame. I don’t know why people find it so hard to accept the fact that his title of “Mahatma” or “Father of the nation” does not make him Mahatma or Father of the nation. Because of him, our nation got separated; our martyrs were hanged(Bhagat Singh, Rajguru, Sukhdev). I think each and everyone should buy the book “Why I assassinated Gandhi?” and read it. But there’s no reason telling our insane public. They themselves are not ready to accept the fact.

  236. Not Modi Fan

    HA ha ha ha !! seriously people have so much time , there are over 100 volumes of works of Gandhi and 100+ books analyzing him in every way. People at the end will believe what they want, a lie told 1000 times will become truth one day in minds of people but not in reality . he is Dead and long gone , you trying to sell a few more books is no harm to his image.. all the best . long live feminism !!!

    1. Sujith

      It is not just feminism.. look at his all over ideology.. He said something but did entirely differrent thing. Also the same strategy used by Gandhi in his ashram is used by a lot of fake sadhus all over our country like curse, What about that? A person is entirely potrayed in a different way so his fame is held for the political party who survived with Gandhi’s fame.

  237. AQ

    Rita, how about we leave dead people alone like Gandhi, Michael Jackson etc, let’s try that for a change (coming from a Pakistani)

  238. Gurpreet

    gandhi was an asshole. Da reason he was killed is coz he was teaching wrong things to indians. He is da reason india n pakistan which again was made by him wil keep fightin wid each other till enternity. No wonder he was killed by an indian himself.

    1. B.V.IYER

      You are totally wrong Sir! Looks like you need to read about Gandhi and India’s struggle for Independence . Gandhiji was always for a united India,” Akhand Bharat” as he called it.It was Mr Nehru , Sardar Patel and others who were responsible for the partition. So you have completely gone hayway there. It is not because Gandhi that India and Pakistan fighting with each other , it is because of the British policy of ” Divide and rule” that we are fighting with each other. Gandhi always preached brotherhood, nonviolence and peaceful settlement of disputes. Gandhi never taught us to be coward and put up with injustice ,on the contrary he was trying to teach us to raise our voice against injustice but in a civilised and non violent way. It is because we have completely ignored his teachings, saying he was ” an asshole” that the world is in this state today and you can see for yourself in what state it is!

    2. Sathyajith

      Mr. Iyer,

      With all respect let me say that you are having only the elementary school level bookish knowledge about Gandhi and Indian Independence. He is the very soul reason for the partition and he is not the man what he is told to us as children.

      You may please read the book “Freedom at Midnight” written by Dominique Lapierre, Larry Collins, which was done after thorough study and investigation. Gandhi had his own thathwas which was recited to the people, but he was totally a different man himself.

    3. Kulsum Ansari

      Mr. Iyer
      you may have a lot of knowledge and regards for Mr. Gandhi but can these things be ignored. Such things downgrade and hurt the dignity of a woman and no man , no matter who he is or what position he has, has any right to do such things.
      And ours is a democratic country and everyone has right to expresstheir views freely. It’s upto others how they interpret it.

    4. Sujith

      Then why did he support partition? why was ho so biased and siad if muslims want to kill hindus, Hindus should bow their heads? Why he was so biased and one sided and acting like a moron? Why did he prevent Subash Chanra Bose being the leader of the congress although he was elected? Why didn’t he recognised the great sacrifice done by Bhagat SIngh, Shivram Rajguru, Sukhdev Thapar and Chandrasekar Azad? Why did he say that the partition will happen over his deadbody and still let that happen?

    5. XYZ

      No doubt Gandhi was a legend to all the Indians but we can not ignore his dark sides. And especially the ones given in this document. This is not fake because we all have heard about these news once in our lifetime. This is not the first time we are hearing it. The difference is that we were made to read only those things which were correct and hid the reasons. Gandhi can never be called as “Mahatma” or “Father of the Nation” because he never did anything for the nation but only to gain popularity. You can research about Gandhi and you will find out that the article is true. Moreover, we need to be aware of his bad intentions for the nation. He was never a good person. I don’t find any reason for calling him “Mahatma” or “Father of the Nation”. He was a bloody asshole. No doubt in that.

  239. Gaurang Bhatt

    for the people who abruptly dishonour the legends who sacrificed their life for indian independence like S.bose, Bhagat Singh, Chandrashekhar azad and many more martyrs , and supports and give all the credits to GANDHI , go through this document.-

  240. Mohan Das

    People, this is the truth and accept it. You are shocked to accept his other side, truth is truth and you can’t hide. Media is strong now a day and hence the truth can come out, no power can stop. People stop being sheeple and do your own research. Respect to the author who had courage to bring the truth out. You people have been fed so much bullshit. It was powerful people who hidden the truth because that would have changed Indian mentality at that time.

  241. Truth Prevails

    At the end of the day the guy was a Jimmy Saville. A dirty Paedophile hiding behind his fame.
    Forget all his philosophy, he was just dirty hypocrite.
    The evidence is plain and clear so all you Gandhu lovers get over it.

  242. Aravind Get

    oh god i hate being Indian

    1. Sharvi

      even i hate it… U being an Indian!
      Cant even respect ur country….
      every person cant be a superman!
      there has to be a negative the positive ones to be highlighted!

    2. Manu

      Never hate being Indian. There is much more to India than Gandhi!!

  243. Minal Chinchkar

    This is baseless article published probably with “specific” intention/agenda. The point is irrespective of how strong the media is now and how effectively information is flowing now, an important question is about the authenticity of the information. Unless proved every such allegation especially against the person whose life is like an open book is disgusting and completely false. One might say go and read so and so article/book etc. but unless I HEAR from the person/s related to this(i.e. the ones who were with Gandhi or in the ashram) this should be treated just as a sensational claim published with “specific” intention(similar to what we see on internet the naked and false/tricked/twisted images of celebrities claiming those to be true images). We live in democracy and in the era of information but we need to learn how to interpret, use and digest the information especially when the information can influence you. In a nut shell, don’t get influenced by sensational claims/information unless proved as it will destroy only YOU if used inappropriately.

    1. Sharvi

      these are the proofs dude!
      havent u read the entire article! -_-

  244. Dharshan

    It is hard for people to take any sort of assault at Gandhi’s image because he has been granted the status of a God-the Father of the Nation. People cannot see that he was human too. Power corrupts.He was an exceptional man with a strength will that all are aware of but his sexuality-its existence itself-suggested that he was fallible and this cannot be digested by people. Our country is known for putting people on a pedestal and then if any attempts are made at showing that the person is fallible-is know for dragging the person down in the mud-never having the capacity to view the person as a flawed human being.

  245. Indian Libtard

    Well, even though I personally never agreed with most of Mr. Gandhi’s ideologies and his handling of some great leaders such as Netaji Subash Chandra Bose ( I even currently favour a lot of Modi’s policies). Let us look into India’s situations so far.

    1. Patriarchal abuses including sexual abuses and gender inequality.
    2. BJP coming to power ‘Nationally’ with a strong majority.

    Any clue on what could be the possibility?

    Well, to me BJP is trying to imbibe Chinese emperors and leaders ways to remain to establish long-term rule. So, how? As you can see in Chinese history, Emperor Shih Huang Ti ( the one instrumental in building of the Great Wall of China) and Chairman Mao of the current Mainland China did their very best to wipe out history to establish their way of rule. So, BJP aka Hindu communists seem to practise the same trend, perhaps.

    So, what does a conservative party like BJP with fascist allies like RSS have to do with feminism? Well, very simple, it may be exploiting people’s current emotions against ‘current’ evil Indian patriarchy ( well, I firmly believe Indian society to be more gender neutral) to wipe out India’s secular tradition ( which persisted even ‘long’ before Independence) completely be it of Congress or any other organisations.

    Well, my views maybe very subjective but still has a lot of relevance.

    P.S: Apologies if I have offended BJP unintentionally.

  246. R Sharma

    Here are some of the quotes I give from Gandhi:
    “I call myself a Sanatany Hindu who has deep faith in the caste system.” [Gandhi, Dharem Manthau, p. 6]
    Gandhi said on September 26, 1896 about the African people:
    “Ours is one continued struggle sought to be inflicted upon us by the Europeans, who desire to degrade us to the level of the raw Kaffir (offensive term for Blacks, equivalent to the n-word), whose occupation is hunting and whose sole ambition is to collect a certain number of cattle to buy a wife, and then pass his life in indolence and nakedness.”
    In the Indian Opinion of September 24, 1903, Gandhi said: ”
    We believe as much in the purity of races as we think they (the Whites) do … by advocating the purity of all races.”

    Gandhi was a perverted person, who was not tolerant of others. In today’s times, Gandhi would have been declared a child molester and put behind bars for a long time for his crimes. He would not have been allowed to come near any child for his crimes. He was no different from other criminals, who dealt in child pornograph.
    80 years back there was no social media, otherwise he would have not remianed even one day free, for his crimes. Social structure was such, that people were afraid to tell even facts against a person of upper hierarchy.
    I admire Rita for taking up this explosive topic to bring it in open, so as to warn all future leaders, that they can’t hide their crimes under the guise of calling themselves as “Mahatma or Sant or Sadhu or Brahmchari etc”

    1. raju

      I am not saying it right but it is a mental condition and needs treatment. Will you do it , no because you are normal. A criminal is a mentally I’ll because such thoughts come to them naturally, they also lack empathy due to early child hood experiences or defective nervous system

    2. B.V. IYER

      When Gandhi landed in South Africa , he was a mere 23 year old Law clerk trying to launch his legal career by taking up the cases of indentured ” coolies” from India , yes that is what Indian workers were called then and the native black Africans were called “kaffirs” ,however derogatory that may be now. What Gandhi said then was just a genuine grievance a young ambitous England educated Lawyer felt in his heart then but his views became matured with advancement of age.One can see for himself that how a man who believed in caste system did so much to eradicate that social evil from the face of India and one can not deny the fact that the country is different from what it was then in this regard.Gandhi has made a clean breast of his weaknesses and drawbacks in his books, he has admitted to his beating his wife, eating meat and so on.It would be wrong to bring in his past weaknesses and drawbacks when he has not himself claimed to be whiter than white. After all we are not judging Rishi Valmiki( ex bandit Ratnakar) or Sant Tulsidas( a lecher who used to frequent prostitutes ) , are we? About the accusations of him being a pervert and child molester etc , there are so many things told by so many people . Joseph Lelyveld , in his book , Great Soul suggests Gandhi admired a male in South Africa and he was a homosexual. Now, Girija kumar on the evidence of certain letters has opened a can of worms and now the allegation is he was a paedophile . Rita Banerji is accusing Gandhi of being a bully and a chauvanist who used his power and position to exploit women. Perhaps in today’s context it is alright to argue in these lines but socitey changes, social norms change, what was moral those days may be regarded immoral now. After all slavery, corporal punishment meted out to children, sutee system, child marriage etc etc were all ben accepted as okay by our forefathers for a long time .So was certain acts done by some of the greatmen of yester years and it would appear to be just a wild goose chase or at his best ,of being only of academic interest today.

  247. vijayan

    Take what n all good Gandhi has done and advised… reject the rest of which are useless topics and controversies. Giving publicity to these discussions will help only if it somehow help the society or individuals in some or other way; else its waste of time.

  248. kulvanth kaur

    Gandhi is also known as being responsible for the hanging of Sikh freedom fighters for India s independence. If I recall correctly for hanging of Bhagat Singh and other two Raj guru, and third……He gave a signed consent for their hanging….this again reflects poorly…

    1. Vishwas Gokhale

      The third one is Rajguru. He was from Maharashtra.
      The British loved his non violence which was benificial from the British and against the freedom fighters. Gandhi was used to denigrate the freedom fighters like Savarakar who was sentenced for 2 life imprisonments for writing a book on 1857 when both Hindu and Muslims fought together against the British.

      Gandhis salt satyagraha was arranged by British which was to give him world wide publicity, with 2 reporters walking with him ( one British and one American).

      He never uttered a word against the Americans when they dropped 2 atom bombs on the humanity in the second world war and killed 184000 unarmed innocent citizens in Japan.
      And we consider him Mahatma who was just a tool of British empire.

  249. suman

    Well the truth comes out.this was told long back.this should be brought out on national newspapers and TV .this should be debated .Indians should know what the father of the nation was like and we are made fools by distorting history

  250. Shruti

    “Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it. Do not believe in anything simply because it is spoken and rumored by many. Do not believe in anything simply because it is found written in your religious books. Do not believe in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders. Do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations. But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it.”

    Iam not a gandhiwadhi and non- gandhiwadhi. I believe in my own observation and analysis. so Rita I’ll go through it because it was not easy to heard this thing, it made me shocked. And if it is right, we should not ignore this matter.

  251. aditya

    So if such a person existed in a society and used to do all the things mentioned above. I fail to believe that he will be held in such high esteem as he was. Hundred good deeds are forgotten , one mistake is always remembered (and this was almost criminal)
    There will always be people who will malign people who are doing things they cannot. Instead of uselessly introspecting everyting bad about his life, let us rise and do something worthwhile for nation building. I was not born then to understand everything he stood for, But i know that he along with hundreds of others was involved in making this nation one, And today under his guise we have spoilt the great dream.

    A movie dilogue said U either die a hero or live long enough to become a villian

  252. Amitava Mozumder

    all of those people who says this thing should be debated in public should watch “Batman -the dark night” yes i am serious ,
    india needed a father figure a man who could reunite the nation , now it could have been anything from bose to bhagat sing , but due to his political power he became the father, and the parties made him look like a ideal man suppressing his faults and glorifying his good deeds , so that people can have someone to look up to ..

    so to quote the movie “gandhi may not be the father india deserves but he was the father india needed back then”
    p.s. i am not a gandi-wadi, my idol is subhas chandra bose , 🙂

  253. B.V.IYER

    Mr Satyajith.
    I will not even try to convince you of my view point because ” the elementary school bookish knoweledge” you allege me of possessing you yourself,so badly lack , your mind being clouded by what you read from the foreign muck spewed out by some cheap pot boiler with his half baked knowledge about Indian History and Gandhi. I suggest you pay a visit to your local library and grab hold of Moulana Abul Kalam Azad’s much celebrated book entitled” India Wins Freedom” and there are other books as well written by Indian Authors who lived during Gandh ji’s time. Have you seen Sir Richard Attenborough’s much acclaimed film Gandhi atleast? If you have you will remember Gandhi suggesting Nehru to Make Jinnah the prime minister of the Undivided India to placate Jinnah but Nehru discards his suggestion saying ” Bapu , if we do that the entire Hindu population will be against us(sic). Further common sense would say that a man whose slogan was, ” Hindu muslim bhai bhai”, and ” Ishwar Allah tero naam sab ko sammati dey bhagwan ” could have hardly been a propagator of a divided India. Do you know Sir Cyril Radcliffe , an englishman , who had not even visited India once , drew the demarcation line between India and Pakistan ( known as Radcliffe line) sitting over a table with a map in his drawing room? Do you ever watch Indian TV serials like Pradhan Mantri ? These programmes gave a full and real account of what has happened so far in the Indian arena.

    1. Anonymous

      Can you even read what she is talking about? I’m afraid you know k=much less than you think you do. Try to understand what is being said before spewing out your ignorance. She has not mentioned anything about Gandhi’s greatness because that is a given, and this is about the lesser, more hushed up secrets of his life that we, people who live few generations after his time are unaware of. “Pradhan Mantri” is not going to teach you about this because it would cause outbursts from the general public, much like the way you reacted. The author has clearly done more research than watching a few soap operas on TV.

      Not everything is black and white in this world. There are many shades of grey, so learn to deal with it. Gandhi may not be the pure man you were made to believe. He was a great personality, with his own set of flaws, just like the rest of us. Fanatics may make him a demi-god one day, and if that happens, these small but significant details of his life will be censored. Be open-minded.

    2. V

      Pradhan mantri???? TV serials. Surely, you are joking Mr. Iyer!!!!

  254. Metal4Life

    Right. The thing is , Gandhi is not exactly a Shaolin Monk now, is he? He was a bloke , part activist , part politician and part whatever. I appreciate his enthusiasm for our freedom struggle and some of his tricks. While I cringe at the fact that he’s made into this demi-god like figure , I understand how symbolic he grew to be. He wasn’t perfect , no way , and if he were alive , I’m sure he’d admit to it (maybe he’d be honest , maybe it made more sense to serve his clean symbol) , but he should’ve known better. I mean , he’s a man , and he is biologically entitled to pursue arts of love , but pulling tricks like experimentation and emotional manipulation is rather a poor reflection on the legacy you so wish to establish. He must’ve gotten full of himself and thought he could do anything he so chooses. Well , he got shot , so I guess that didn’t work out for him now , did it?

    If you’re going to tell children to embrace the premise that Gandhi did some good things , yeah , that’s alright. If you’re going to tell ’em , he’s this perfect bloke – that is right bang out of order.

    That’s it. He was a bloke , treat him like one.

  255. Parth Garg

    Whatever, but we needed him at that time. He made everyone unite when needed. He is just living long, enough to become a villain.

    1. lola

      ummmm… you know he’s dead. yes?

  256. Latha

    I have heard about this from my father even as I was a school going kid. I have never had any great regards for him. The only regard I have for him setting aside all this is the power he had to draw people together to fight for freedom, which many could not have accomplished. Other than that there is nothing that demands our respect!

  257. Karishma Bansal

    Totally astonishing facts.

  258. Charu

    Wow and my husband and I thought we were the only ones that questioned this and never respected Gandhi for that. Great article and hope it is shared and opens the eyes of blind followers.

  259. Kunal

    Don’t know why Rita is doing this. It’s is well known fact how britishers used Divide&Rule Policy and we as Indians still paying for what they did. They are still trying to prove that Gandhi was not good & it’s not about Gandhi ji .What they are trying to prove how can an Indian be Great.
    And don’t be in misconcept media wasn’t strong that time .

  260. Bhagirath Joshi

    The shock comes from putting Gandhi on a pedestal. Once you accept that he was eccentric to begin with everything falls in place and you will understand why he did what he did. You will not find any sane person who is foreign educated to let go everything that he could have (Money, prestige and easy life) for simple cause of fighting for equality in British Raj in Africa and than to continue in India. only less than one percent of people joined him. Can you imagine his fanaticism , fasting for months to prove his point, even in the face of death or eating raw uncooked beans to test his digestive capabilities. Even today, you will not find a sane reasonable person to go to the extremes that Gandhi went on. Made his wife and children miserable. Imagine his simple lunatic idea that by producing and wearing Khadi (Cloth) you can bankrupt Manchester, England. It is a fact and he did it with his fanaticism and he did not go by anybody’s opinion. He did what he had to do. He was rude, self centered and lunatic when it came to his thinking. Under all odds he will stick to his idea once convinced and did not care what others thought.
    His sexual acts are one of his eccentricities and to top it off he wrote many such incidents in his own biography. If Gandhi did not succeed in his goal of achieving freedom for India, the history would have condemned him. The trouble is that we put every old person on a pedestal and forget that he or she is the same person inside when they were young, with unworldly desire and crooked minds. The fault is not of Gandhi that he is on pedestal. Gandhi was lunatic and eccentric and he tells you that over and over again, through his writing and his deeds. The fault lies with us, We have called him Mahatma (Great Soul) and put him on pedestal which he (Gandhi) despised greatly.

  261. Anna

    I knew this for a long time. It is a very common problem in India that we tend to
    idolise people who achieve one heroic activity. Gandhi is not a God. He got us to
    freedom but, to put it plainly, he was a pedophile. He used his power and position to use young girls. He destroyed the emotional psychology of the young girls. Women, then and now, are still often considered as cattle.

  262. rajeev

    total crap ……………….. wake up guys …………..

  263. indranil

    after read this article i have no respect left in my heart for Mr. Gandhi , as i always did not considered him as a hero of our country.

  264. rits

    is there any concrete evidence about gandhi being sex meniac?kindly prove gandhi to be a bad example for the younger generation of india

  265. edward pope

    I’m not a worshipper of Gandhi but i believe we should give him a fair chance. He justified his sleeping with naked girls as an experiment. I have seen no allegations that he touched them, only that he received massages from girls (presumably when they were clothed), put his hands on their shoulders and appeared naked in their presence. Yet the writer of the article fears that he practised celibacy only in so far as not ejaculating, implying he may have gone as far as penetrative intercourse, when there is no evidence or claim that he ever touched them with his body while they slept naked together. It’s true that even this practise may have been distressing both to the girls he slept with and to others in his ashram who knew of it. The distress caused to the girls appears to have consisted of unrestrained weeping and laughing, and Gandhi himself apparently sometimes made “dreadful sounds” (whatever they were). It all seems consistent to me with an exploration of the roots of violence which Gandhi saw as linked to sexual desire. To a westerner like me the distress would seem to have been caused by the repression of sexual desire at the same time as examining it openly. There may be and have been different links between sex and violence in different cultures and genders and at different historical periods. I note the erotic temples of Khajuraho, the devotional bhakti movement in medieval India, the effects of the sexual hypocrisy of the British Raj while it condemned suttee and thugee but the depth of Indian philosophy only dawned on the West slowly, the modern phenomenon of Osho and his followers in Poona, and the continued toleration and excusing of gang rape in India. I don’t think Gandhi should be put in the same bag as western showbiz celebrities and Christian priests who have been outed as paedophiles, unless clear evidence emerges. I approve of openness towards sexuality in so far as a culture can come to accept it, and i approve of the idea that people need to learn to go without sexual activity in order to come to terms with sexuality. I also think there may sometimes be a link between excessive devotion and violence. I don’t say Gandhi got all this right, but i see no reason to judge him. If India wants to reject him for this that’s their right but they may also be still rejecting their own sexuality. Gandhi said we all have a part of the truth and we should listen to each other.

    1. Janardhan Prasad

      Dear Edward, Glad to see such a letter from a Westerner. I trust Gandhiji when he said that he did not indulge in sexual intercourse even with his wife after 52 . I think he must have crazily experimented with young girls to test his capacity to control his senses. OK. I do not understand Why Gandhi only is subjected to such moral scrutiny. As an insider of the Indian society I say that soul is used to control body. That is animal instincts are made subservient to the greater soul. So Gandhi must have experimented this aspect and he conquered his bodily urges with the discipline of Soul. That is why he is called as Mahatma ( Great Soul ) ! Dear Edward please visit my Web sites: ” India – Bharatavarsha ” and ” Veda Samskruti ” eventhough these are related to the subject I hope you would appreciate my work.

  266. Priya

    He truly is the father of the nation. A nation full of men who take pride in sexually abusing the biologically weaker sex and by raping them, molesting them and sexually torturing them.
    “Baap jaisa, bachhe waise”

  267. Khwaish

    This was reli reli shocking…!!!! I cud nvr ever imagine this..!
    And yes this is unacceptable no matter how great Gandhi must hv been !!

  268. versus

    Fastidious answers in return of this matter with solid arguments and explaining all on the topic
    of that.

  269. S. Roy

    Not sure what way the knowledge M.K. Gandhi’s sex life – or perverted sex life as expounded by the article – will help. Sooner or later we get to know that just about all icons have flaws. So what? Should such a flaw, regardless of however large it may seem in someone’s moral eyes, be used to expunge much, MUCH greater achievement/s??

    Martin Luther King is known to have had many extra-marital relationships. Even Nelson Mandela in the eyes of orthodox Catholics will not be lily-white (of course no pun here!) because he was twice-divorced. Edward VIII was forced to abdicate because he wasn’t allowed to marry a twice-divorced woman!!

    History is full of fallen (?) angels!!

    What Gandhi apparently did – in some countries that will be a criminal offence – is a “morality” flaw. However, whose morality is it? There are wide ranging sexual practices that are considered “immoral” and MANY case ALSO “illegal” to the extent that they are punishable by death. Such practices include homosexuality, sex outside marriage, masochistic/sadistic relationship and even pederasty that was practiced in ancient Greece. It’s like “beauty in the eyes of beholder”.

    So, the author as well as those who are braying for Gandhi’s blood (virtual blood of course, since he is long dead) are suggested to take chill pills and focus attention to what that really matters. At the top will be what to do with the SAD SAD state of India.

  270. Ganesha’s Plastik Surrjhunn

    I don’t idolize Gandhi in any way, he was a bit of a nutter to be honest. The best thing about him is that he wasn’t Golwalkar/Hedgewar/Sawarkar.
    IF the authenticity of these letters is confirmed, it does indeed cast a shadow on the man. Big, big IF, though. There’s so much garbage spoken about the guy, by the Nazi-leaning saffron coalition that has been determined to discredit him over the decades, it’s near impossible to be sure.
    The ‘Himalayan Blunder’ phrase is good example. What ‘Himalayan Blunders’ had been committed during/before Gandhi’s lifetime? What is he referring to? Had to be something huge if the phrase entered popular parlance, right?
    On the other hand, its exactly the sort of poorly researched but excellently emoted argument, I’ve come to expect from the Saffrons. It’s all emotive nonsense with these people. Also if similar claims are made about, say, Sawarkar, it would result in book burnings and riots. The Asarams of the world do this all the time and nobody seems to care.
    Just saying.
    A man’s good actions cannot be used as an excuse for his bad actions. But we need objective proof. And, sadly, most of his detractors can’t even spell objective.

  271. findingfeminism

    Are there any other references to find more about this? This is a truly disturbing piece. We have been learning about the ‘greatness’ of Gandhi, but this has never been mentioned.. Please do provide further refrences.

  272. Babar

    If this demeaning article was written slandering a woman, we would question its authenticity, however, since a man is being slandered, even though he may be the Mahatma, we believe it on word of mouth – that of a desperate, attention seeking feminist.

    Women frame men in cases of rape, dowry, and domestic abuse all over the country, with their lies and deceit, so it is not surprising that someone will fall as low as this to shame a great man like Mahatma Gandhi.

  273. Sara

    I had read about Gandhi’s life in school but never once had the slightest idea that this too was a part of his life. Reading this makes me doubt the entire Indian education system, is there any truth left in the books now?!
    Known as ‘Mahatma’ and ‘Father of the nation’ is truly a very big deal and I don’t understand why leaders back then didn’t have a problem with giving him this title. Maybe back then too, power and position was everything.

    It is a shame on India and her so called ‘leaders’

    1. Nagz

      It’s very disturbing.. I came across this kind of article about Gandhiji for the first time and I am shocked. Moreover reading the comments made me crazy. Seriously want to know if all this is true then why its not known to all. Apart from this (cruelty), all his great deeds and great thoughts are highlighted in history then why not his cruel side. I am not here to debate, It’s just the confused state of mind makes me write this.

    2. Amarinder

      the name Gandhi became a brand after independence and is used even today to get the votes. Abb ye sabb batayenge logo ko to Vote kaun dega …….. Its all political game .

  274. ferreteria carabanchel

    Good answer back in return of this query with genuine arguments and describing everything on the topic
    of that.

  275. GhorMaanas

    If there’s truth to what’s written (and there seems to be) in the article, then in my view, it was grossly wrong on the part of Gandhi, but what the author thinks to be the ‘traditional, historic form of Indian Celibacy’ is also not correct at all. Blame it on Gandhi for (making people assume & think) that! One of the basic tenets of this most tough path is to ‘NEVER try to experiment or/and test yourself’, and the old man, instead of actively avoiding mixing with womenfolk & shunning their company, on the contrary, decided to proceed (totally) antagonistically to that principle to engage in some very abnormal & weird experiment(s), (perhaps) not even thinking about the women he involved, & what damage(s) it could do to them psychologically. He should’ve limited the REAL practice and discipline to himself if he had the conviction, instead of roping in other non-wary people who might not have either the knowledge of the path or the inclination towards it, using them as ‘experimental aids’, and then go on to publicise about his absurd experiments (though his intention about that may be otherwise instead of solely publicising his ‘findings’, but nevertheless, personal spiritual practices/revelations/realisations should not be discussed in public, though how much of it remained really spiritual in Gandhi’s case, is doubtful).

    But, in the end, am nobody to judge…

  276. wang

    Fuck u Gandhi !!

    if all this thing is true

  277. Tarun

    So India’s FATHER OF THE NATION slept with naked young women. He had 2 waling sticks, always female.
    And it was he who made JL Nehru India’s first PM instead of Patel

  278. Sokmadik


  279. Bill

    Gandhi was a vaishnava, one should never speak ill or criticise a vaishnava as it will cause terrible karmic consequences in the afterlife. If you wish to remove the offence follow the instructions on this website,_Disciple___Offenses.htm. From my perspective on things Gandhi himself was engaging in Brahmacharya to the extent that he would completely refrain from sex so he never had any sort of ill intent to actually begin with.


    Stance of people like Avdhesh Tanwar, no wonder, have made M. K. Gandhi “mahatma”. That should be
    so. Going by Avdhesh Tanwar’s logic if a “great man” performs even rape, it is not any crime! and Tanwar
    would repeat his defence statement: “You would never understand……..”; ” It was not for sexual satisfaction ……” etc. Shouldn’t educated human beings feel shame? And all this for justifying a man whom
    some people regard as “great”!

    Just imagine that somebody had approached the Sabarmati police station for filing an FIR against M.K.
    Gandhi for the sex crimes, and Mr Avdhesh Tanwar was the police officer in charge of that PS!

    Nice situation, isn’t it?

  281. ItsJustMe

    It is quite possible that Gandhi in fact used his position of power to sexually exploit people in his ashram. We believe what we are taught to believe and part of it can be true. But there will be some parts left out, especially when media was not as strong or investigative as it is today. Stalin was later proved to be a mass murderer and found to propagate genocide in parts of present day Ukraine and Georgia. Gandhi was famously adamant about not letting his wife take modern medicine when she was sick with him in jail. He insisted she be treated with traditional ayurvedic medicine, Eventually she died of it and Gandhi also got the same illness, but this time he said he would take the modern medicine. Our heroes are not infallible, they are just human. Does not mean that his greatness is by any measure reduced by this new knowledge. But yes it is hard to digest our Bapu could have done this


    The irony with human race is it is always eager to brand someone as great of his time period, but the basic thing is that except
    for some physical/mental variation in degree we all are bundles of rational and irrational mindset and we constantly need to
    interact with as many people to recognize irrational ones and suitably modify or give them up. But the problem with imposed
    greats is that under the delusion of greatness they consider that their irrational or illogical mindset is basically a greatness of
    character beyond the comprehension of ordinary folks. Bapu as I could understand by reading so much about him was a victim of this. beneath the weight of his greatness he could not realize it and created discomfort for people who could not
    oppose him and in the process all the controversies. the fundamental principal is a behavior unacceptable in one is so for all of us.

  283. mkalan

    All HUMANS.

  284. Journey of Consciousness

    Only Gandhiji will be able to explain his reasons for doing what he did. There are others who grew up with him and some of them are still alive. Hopefully someone can throw some light on his practice. Certainly, the article makes the practice out to be wrong.

  285. rebel4good

    why are we bragging about gandhi and his negatives, very one has done something negative in his / her life.shouldnt we all respect him for his good ideals.even if he abused women,which is certainly wrong,are we going to arrest him now.
    we still have men who claim to use their power to abuse women , shouldnt we debate about how to tackle that.well over the past few months we have started debating about things in the past that does not bring pretty much nothing fruitful for the society.i think we should try to promote people for the good they did rather than debate about USELESS controversies.

  286. Ravi

    I am not sure what Rita Banerji is trying to conclude here. She is trying to compare it with today exploitation of women.
    Gandhi did a lot of mistakes. He believed in Hindu ideology and its practice. His experiments were known to his associates.
    He was walking openly both hand on the young girls. He made mistake and tried to experiment with celibacy.
    It is not the first time someone tried to point and poke it. He was one with pure mind and took a experiment in the wrong way.

    He is certainly cannot be compared today rapist and Baba who exploits women with bad intention in mind.
    We do not need to inherit all things from him. He had certainly had god things in him.

  287. anon

    ” the abuse of power by men for sexual exploitation and abuse ” .There you lose my interest . The correct sentence would had been ” the abuse of power by people for all type of exploitation and abuse “.No doubt this magazine is a feminist shithole .

  288. Nikhil

    I personally never liked Gandhi as a person cuz in many ways.. He was self-centered and I won’t argue with any of the Gandhi followers… I liked some of his ideologies but I certainly don’t support this… Don’t give me this crap about him judging or calling other people with small brain or mind…you just cannot justify what he did as he didn’t have consent from the women and who knows that he didn’t have sex with them… Please people.. Grow up… There has not been a single male who could sleep naked with a naked girl and then practice the art of celibacy… And that too for years… If nothing happened then why would those women cry…
    He was an egomaniac with some good ideologies but definitely not an ideal person or a person who could be a role model.

  289. Subrato Mondal

    It is very easy to find faults in others, provided we all know no one is perfect in this world, and that includes the writer who wrote the article. So why spoil our mood and time to find fault in others when it is common in everyone. Rather why not we spend some quality time in finding Good in others which is rare to see. That will not only inspire us but also help us to pay respect to everyone around us, hence we can live a more harmonious life than a critical one.

  290. Samarth Singh

    I can’t believe anything that anyone preaches…. It may be anyone’s propoganda. Who knows if its the propoganda of some Godse fan?
    I haven’t seen anyone’s physical letter in person. I don’t know what happened…

    As far as Gandhi is concerned, I don’t wish to experiment or know more…. Its been 70 years. Let us go ahead and create our own moral values….

  291. Milind

    My mind fills up with anger when I see few foreign based writers of Indian origin pouring venom on our father of nation Mahatma Gandhi’s character and integrity. More unfortunate is the fact that few people who claim to be Indians dance to the tune of those literary foreign invaders. It is not surprising at all because pages of our history books are filled up with stories of traitors who stood up with foreign invaders and extended their full support when it came to humiliating India and Indians.
    He who killed Gandhi did not raise questions on purity of his character. But there are few Indians of low origin who take pride in humiliating Gandhi.
    According to those literary pimps;”Gandhi wanted to marry Tagore’s niece”. Okay! But where are evidence to prove this fact? Are those literary pimps using those photographs in which we see Gandhi’s hands resting upon Tagore’s niece’s shoulder as evidence to prove this fact? Is it evidence? Did Tagore say even a few words on this ever? No. Did Tagore’s niece say even a few words on this ever? No. Only few literary pimps are propagandizing such baseless and self cooked stories.
    These literary pimps are ultimate cowards because they target people who are harmless and helpless. They shut their mouth if it comes to humiliating dangerous people such as politicians. In such cases they fear for their life and their job. Our poor Gandhi cannot harm anyone.
    People throw stones at trees that are laden with fruits and leaves. Nobody throws stones at trees that are fruitless and leafless. Most of these literary pimps work in foreign universities and take hefty salaries. They make some extra income by lowering the dignity of their own countrymen.

  292. Harsh Shah

    Although it is quite odd that a man would do such things, but then again, was Gandhi just a man? Was Buddha just a man? He allowed himself to be seen naked. Gandhi did not have any sort of sexual desires arousing out of these so called experiments. Moreover, Manu and Sushila Nayar, both have later analogized Gandhi to their mothers. It kinda forces you to redefine the meanings of feminity and masculinity and perceive an alternate universal, which when balanced with the current one is probably ideal.

  293. Harsh Shah

    Like come on, at least use authentic information and research properly. Be a feminist, not an anti-masculinist.

  294. Ravi Milind

    My mind fills up with anger when I see few foreign based writers of Indian origin pouring venom on our father of nation Mahatma Gandhi’s character and integrity. More unfortunate is the fact that few people who claim to be Indians dance to the tune of those literary pimps. It is not surprising at all because pages of our history books are filled up with stories of traitors who stood up with foreign invaders and extended their full support when it came to humiliating India and Indians.
    He who killed Gandhi did not raise questions on purity of his character. But there are few Indians of low origin who take pride in humiliating Gandhi.
    According to those literary pimps;”Gandhi wanted to marry Sarla Devi, Tagore’s elder sister’s daughter”. Okay! But where are evidence to prove this fact? Are those literary pimps using those photographs in which we see Gandhi’s hands resting upon girls’ shoulders as evidence to prove this fact? Is it evidence? Did Tagore say even a few words on this ever? No. Did Sarla Devi say even a few words on this ever? No. Only few literary pimps are propagandizing such baseless and self cooked stories. These literary pimps are poisoning our youngsters’ minds in such a way that they may lose faith and respect in iconic figures of this land which may lead to degeneration of Indian Union. They are foreign agents of Indian origin whose mission is to weaken Indian union. They do not fear even God by portraying Gandhi as a womanizer. Why those girls were silent then? They belonged to families which were very powerful politically. Was Gandhi an underworld kingpin because of which those seemingly helpless girls could not gather courage to open up their mouths? Were they victims of sexual harassment?
    These literary pimps are ultimate cowards because they target people who are harmless and helpless. They shut their mouth if it comes to humiliating dangerous people such as politicians. In such cases they fear for their life and their job. Our poor Gandhi cannot harm anyone.
    People throw stones at trees that are laden with fruits and leaves. Nobody throws stones at trees that are fruitless and leafless. Most of these literary pimps work in foreign universities and take hefty salaries. They make some extra income by lowering the dignity of their own countrymen.

  295. Ravikimar

    thanks for providing am important subject..ya its 100% true ..

  296. Sam

    This article starts and proceeds and ends with accusation after accusation without giving much evidence.

    The primary accusation is this: Gandhi exploited the women that he experimented with.

    Define exploitation. Do you think that you yourself have never tested anyone or any concept in your lives? Does that make you an exploiter? What exactly is the big deal with testing how well you repress sexual desire by putting yourself in the face of sexual provocation and consciously avoiding acting upon the provocation? It’s a personal experiment the likes of which are performed all the time in scientific/psychological studies all around the world–except this one bothers many people because of its basis in testing sexual desire, and because it isn’t led by a group of people barring the handy “scientist” or “psychologist” card. If the women were truly FORCED to do what he said, and did not consent to his teachings or did not view themselves as gaining any moral or spiritual benefit from their participation, then that IS worth investigating and IS concerning. But how were they forced? What are the details of how the women got involved in the first place, why and when, and under what conditions did they remain? Were they chained down? Were they verbally and physically abused if they decided not to conform and to leave his vicinity? Why were some of the women found depressed and crying? Were they upset with themselves or were they mentally or physically in need or were they hateful of Gandhi or what? Did they fully understand what they were getting themselves into or were they tricked into consenting to something that they didn’t understand?

    I weep and feel depressed all the time, but you can’t blame that entirely on my family. I was raised under normal household conditions, yet I turned out extremely depressed. You can’t just point the finger at mom and dad and siblings and think, “Aha! The evil family caused her depression!” Don’t just make up reasons.

    I personally suspect that, oddly enough for “gender rights activists” and “modern morals,” some of the upset feelings about this come from traditional ideas about nakedness and the obligation of sexual conservatism in order to be properly honorable. The reason i think this is because the example letter that was provided and the explanation in the article give little substantive evidence for sexual abuse, and they don’t list any serious examples of harassment. Getting a massage is not harassment. Sleeping beside a naked woman is not harassment. These things in and of themselves don’t constitute harassment, but they are disturbing to someone who is of a more conservative leaning when it come to the body. And that’s interesting given the fact that Gandhi’s ideas achieve a much more extreme conservatism in the end, but in a different way than most are accustomed to.

  297. Indradumna Banerjee

    Gandhi was a pure man. Lets not doubt the chastity of his thoughts. Sleeping naked does not mean sexual exploitation. Its probably some backwardness in thought of the author who is living in the 21st century. Gandhi was a much more advanced man in his age.

  298. SuchindranathAiyerS

    Khilafat Gandhi and Jabberlal Neckscrew were both Moslems masquerading in Hindu garb. The Dalit Ambedkar was a better WOG than they.

  299. Ramachandran

    I have read the article fully. What is said about Gandhi might be true.

    But our spiritual belief has always been purity in thought and deed. All our religious books affirm that if a person thinks of doing an act, good or bad reaps its benefit similar to that of doing it. So indian form of celibacy has never been only about ejaculation.


    The true story of Gandhi is like the true story of Christopher Columbus. I was always taught that Gandhi slept with these women to strengthen himself against having sex and that he never had sex with them.

  301. PP

    Prove this. If you have the original letter please upload a scanned copy. Or else this is hearsay and bullshit. It is amazing that you would not back this allegation up without people asking for it.

  302. Hardeep Singh Mehra

    I feel sick of the author after reading this. I am a practical man generally but what you’ve written.. it makes me sad. I’m a CSE student and I understand how hard it is to get the audience, but this is outrageous. And if nothing works out I’ll always remember him as a great person. You can do whatever you want. Just if tomorrow you need someone who could be an ideal to your children .. good luck finding one.

  303. More Info

    Superb items once and for all, simply picked up a new viewer. What can you advise in relation to the send for you to built some . More Infodays in the past? Any sure?

  304. Shashi Sonawane

    This is bit too harsh to say that Gandhiji exploited women in his Ashram. One may agree or disagree with Gandhi ji about the so-called experiments regarding celibacy. But one thing is clear which even the above write up proves that Gandhiji was clear about his path, ideals. His every action was in public domain. In fact, he was very particular about sharing every experience with his friends, colleagues and public in general. On the celibacy issue, it is too harsh to say that he sexually exploited the inmates in the ashram by virtue of his position. Like many other aspects of Ashram life, on the issue of celibacy he convinced the women inmates including Manu. This is on record, there are many letters by his friends who have expressed their opinion quite frankly but no one has accused him of exploiting the women. Not even the women themselves have complained about it, though many have expressed their reservations. He has recorded every aspect of his brahmacharya experiment. I totally disagree with these kind of experiments but I do admire the fact that Gandhiji’s life was an open book which he consciously kept open for all of us to read, understand, criticize and make opinion.
    I think it is our problem. We are not able to digest the fact that a great freedom fighter, a great mass leader was equally interested in publicly exploring every other aspect of human life. There was nothing personal or private about Gandhiji’s life.
    For most of us this may be shocking because we read about Gandhiji, make opinion about Gandhiji through what others have said about him instead of reading and trying to understand Gandhiji himself.f. His autobiography, “My Experiements with Truth” is a classic example of how a person can be so transparent, humble about his life.

  305. Haku

    I think people are defensive because they revere him. As someone they revere, they are unable to accept that he wasn’t a perfect ideal, and any accusation against him is taken as an accusation against the entire group of people that revere him. It’s part of in-group out-group dynamics. By criticising the idol of the group they are part of (forget that the criticism might be justified) you are placing yourself in the “out-group” and thus should be condemned for attacking the “in-group”.
    Another part of this is that people in India have grown up believing that he was a great man. This knowledge is a small part of each of their own personal identities. It’s similar to how some people who have been brought up believing in God find it difficult to understand and empathise with Atheists. Similarly, people who have been brought up with scientific thought at the heart of their childhood, cannot understand how people can believe in something that cannot be proved conclusively to their satisfaction — they proceed to engage in arguments constantly.
    Further, as people today have not actually known him, they do not save him the brain space required for him to be more than a one-dimensional character. In Gandhi’s case, this means that he is completely good (in their minds) and any complexity or nuance in his character is not acknowledged because this well, this is more difficult to do than accepting him as a one-dimensional character.

  306. Cetacean

    This is my third attempt to post a comment on Youth Ki Awaaz. I hope this time the moderator clears it up. I hope Youth Ki Awaaz is liberal and believes in freedom. If they are objecting my name Cetacean – I would advice them – kindly see the content rather than asking name of the post-person.

    We all brothers slept with our Mom from childhood till we grew man. I in particular, whenever I used to go and visit her, even after my marriage slept in the same bed as my Mom till the day she passed away (I was 44 then). And let me be very clear – we all brothers loved our Mom a lot. Luckily we did not have anyone like you around thinking so deviously – otherwise – you won’t mind calling me mother names and we as perverts. I wonder – As a human race – Where are we heading to? Have we lost all sense of LOVE, humanity etc. etc. and from where are you learning all these crap to carry such satanic and evil thoughts in your mind? Is there no other better thing to do in life? May be – just guessing – I think there is a general lack of LOVE in people’s lives. Are all of you starving of LOVE? Please be at peace, live happily, let others live happily. Be in LOVE. Pure True LOVE. May be you will see some sense around. Talk and write les, See sunshine, flowers, nature and what else.. That’s my two cents…
    My wife requests me add a line on her behalf – She says “These people see SEX in everything is because either they only had mechanical SEX with multiple things (machines, toys, men, women, animals, XYZ) as expression of their freedom and never had REAL SEX in life by someone who LOVES them and stays with them for more than 2 years. These people who write like this on SEX – crave of SEX and see SEX in everything they encounter… I raised my eye-brows in disbelief, but I respect her to mention her point here…

  307. Mel

    I don’t get it, how were they exploited was it non-consensual? I think the author might just be an older woman angry that younger women get more attention.

  308. Ankh

    Bias for action…

  309. Janedoe

    So…. if I understood correctly, in other words, some of his disciples wanted him to be a saint, and not have sexual relationships or touch women of the opposite sex. They went as far as demanding it, although it is clearly NONE of their business. Now, the sexual predator thing…. from what I read, he liked to lay in bed with women to test himself if there was going to be any sexual arousal. No rapes, no forced sexual acts, no violence, no underage girls. Sometimes not even sex. Another accusation is that he liked to bathe naked. Such Horror! I think, people need to idolize and deprive their idols of their basic human rights and that s understandable in the 40. but your article, is pure prudish garbage. There is nothing predatory in what you described. And I don’t particularly care about Gandhi. But I am fond of actual, true information without the agenda, beliefs and moral restraints of the author.

  310. Bryan Crasta

    Indian History being rewritten by BJP at the behest of RSS….. Bravo…..

  311. Varsha

    There are several parts I strongly object to in the above articel :
    1.”People at that time were more forthcoming and criticised the right and wrong than people in these days ” …
    People in those days had nothing to lose by coming forward- they were already in a war against British.These days, there are politicians ruling us and no war so we have everything to loose-like family education job etc.
    To fight such things you need two things – power and punishments. If you are in a position of power where you can enforce proper punishments to prevent such things then it is good.
    2.Alternatively – raise your children properly – a girl and a guy must both be able to voice what they feel and bboth must respect each being on the planet.
    3.Sleeping with grand -niece is not the problem–please dont bring blood ties in sexual areas. If you like a person and are attracted to them and they are also attracted to you then there is no problem. When the world first had humans there was only Adam and Eve and you can use your imagination to find out how their children and grandchildren might have been related to each other. God never introduced religion or blood ties, but it is us who did so to express the way we felt about each other. You can feel attracted to many people because of many reasons but there is only one person who could make you feel alie just by their thought. Try to find that person without embarassment or without shyness.

  312. SamratBee

    Has anyone here in the thread of arguments / comments ( for and against M.Gandhi ) read ANNIHILATION OF THE CASTE by Dr. BR AMBEDKAR ? Would be good to read valid evidence to the internal treachery and deep right wing ideas of M.K.Gandhi. The Book is brilliant for the providing very precise reasons : as to what and why M.k.Gandhi became such a ” Mahatma ” or ” Saint” Why rotten hindu legacy of India of India lived and thrived with Gandhi and his bigoted ways of righteousness. Why the so called Experiments with Truth were the seeds of caste based nation with supreme divisions and inequalities. Is No Mahatma, is a feudal father of the upper caste.


    Nadhuram Godse might be angry with Gandhi, only because of his relations with girls, as he used to see Gandhi with girls, and at the same time he is named as Mahathman. No other man can tolerate this contradiction. See, the very womanish sentiments are being questioned, at night, if it was a mere experiment to check his arousal, other wise girls would have enjoyed as Gandhi had, Feeling of pleasure and pain depends, how we create ; and not as what others think. The body of a man and woman would naturally react, if they are so close. We don’t know what happened to Gandhi; but we know, the women would have enjoyed at least on their fantasy that they are with a ”maha…man”

  314. Feminist bullshit

    I am tired of this shitty feminist bullshit. It does not matter hwo many women he had. I guess most men are just jeleous that they do not have this ability to attract women as easy. And feminists who are critizising men are just mentally sick men haters anyway. People with smale minds will alwaays critisize people with big minds, immaginations and goals, simply just because they wnat to push up their ego. There is nothing wrong with having women in bad anyway. If they all like it and enjoy it then it is great. If Gandhi has done it to proof himself controlling his sexual desires, it is fine as well. We should take care about our real problems: smker-criminals poisoning the air and poisoning even children to death, government criminals persecuting the good people, feminists men<haters are harming men and children and so on. Also even the greatest people ever lived on planet earth can make something not absolutely perfect, but it deos not matter, good people are intended to learn from their mistakes, and this is what matters..

  315. Snehadeep Bapat

    Gogo and all those who support gandhi on this forum – stop trying to justify this pathetic excuse of a human being. all the above mentioned facts are true. Ofcourse you would know it true if you researched it a bit rather than just plainly denying the facts. stop acting like ignorant cunts Gandhi’s been the face of hypocracy since he came to power and the exploits of his power are nothing short of legendary.

  316. jagannatharao

    Dear Useless writer,
    Why this nonsense after the demise of a freedom fighter. What if he didthat, that was accepted by those engaged in the activity planned and implemented by Gandhiji. After all, it is Gandhiji who won freedom for the country only with the habits he was carrying before attaining independence.

    Lord Krishna made so many acts like this and do you agitate against him. Yes,

    Upright now, I believe that to win propoganda only by any mean you are resorting to these kind of publications. If you have guts like Krejiwala, you please catch the throats of the present day rascals who are resorting to so many ill practices through their wicked activities and do something to this nation; atleast fight for getting black money into this country through which all and atleast some of the common men will be benefited. Otherwise shut your anus and keep quiet without provoking the people of this nation with useless topics which do not yield a square meal to the people who are habituated to accept any non sense.

  317. jagannatharao

    You, useless idiot. Why this nonsense these days? Can your research or publications on valueless subjects win anything?
    What way they are beneficial to anybody.

    Lord Krishna did so many things like the one you are bothered of. Can you comment on him?

    Foolish fellow, to win propoganda, select interesting and useful subjects like getting black money into this country
    as has been promised by many a leader of many parties. Collect the guts from people like Krejiwala and fight for a good
    cause instead of burning the times of others with unnecessary, trash and useless subjects.

    If you do not have guts to fight for a good cause, shut your anus and keep quiet and do not try to provoke others by which
    any unwanted and cripple agitations may flourish in this country.

    Do not spoil the dignity of a man who won Freedom to this country. What if he did sex with those who have accepted
    his offers and at what point of your body, you got burns? Do you really respect your mother, your wife and confirm
    yourself by questioning your heart whether your wife, children and neighbours are happy with you all through. If yes,
    behave like a gentlemen and if not practice to arrest your protruded tongue and pen.

    Do not be stupid once again in your life.

  318. RSSHunter

    This article reeks of RSS Sangh parivar conspiracy. First RSS terrorist killed Gandhiji and now they are trying to kill
    his character. If you look at RSS terrorists, the only thing they are good at is spreading lies, misinformation,
    hate mongering, fear mongering and character assassinations. They execute this with the help of brainwashed
    naive drones who fill the social media with their lies.

    Time to destroy RSS BJP before they destroy the nation.

  319. janardan

    writer is feminist as well..
    i dont understand if girls have no problem who r u to question….even if gandhi did have sex with all of them there is nothing wrong….rape is not rape unless woman force to have sex…..Gandhi was pure by his thought body & soul…. plz dont criticize him now becoz he is no more to answer u….

  320. Mayank

    I’ve heard of it before by one of my elder family member(he was a freedom fighter)!!! In any Possible Explanation, or reason , gandhi or anyone has no right to do anything like that !!! The People defending Gandhi are doing so because they just dont want to go against there deep-Rooted Conventional Belief that Gandhi was Great and Whatever he did was Great,,,,,, Imagine a Situation in which we are living in that time of the 40’s and we came to know about such experiments going on in Gandhi Ashram…..What Should have been our Thoughts then…..A very good example of such incident is Asharam Bapu Although he is not as famous as gandhi but we know that he was foud guitly with such Crimes and he’s in Jail for that . MK Gandhi’s case is the Same…

  321. Neha

    Gandhi was no saint we the people are bent to make him look… He did do some great work…. But he also got as much in return.
    If he were some ordinary man doing the same experiments, do you think anyone would have considered him the great mind he believed himself to be (still believed to be). He did use his powers in ways to exploit and ignore all who did try to stop him.
    I wonder if these letters were made public then, if his experiments were to be exposed then, would he be donning our currencies with so much grace?
    I as a woman, moreover as a human would be happy to be an individual of lesser mind and oppose such practices of then and now, by anyone, in name of whatever higher yogic practice or whatever.

  322. สอนพิเศษตามบ้าน

    Yes! Finally someone writes about rama gym norwood.

  323. Vid

    I am sure he is burning in hell for all his deeds and his double standards. I was never a fan of him, Indian people need to stop blindly following people.

  324. Nakul

    “Sexual stimulation of any sort, he preached, evoked violence in one’s thoughts and behaviour.”-Gandhi.Bullshit!!!This stimulation is the reason we humans are still not extinct.

  325. Nikitha Hingad

    Rhis article reminds me of Shabana Azmi movie Fire where her husband practised celibacy. He purposely experimented using his wife.Basically they are challenging themselves like fasting/ keeping food before you and refusing to it. keeping naked women in bed and refusing to youch them. What these men forget is that women are not objects to experiment or play with. I hope modern gandhi used porn than real naked women for their experiments..

  326. ياء كرازبي ميكم

    This is the first I’ve ever heard of these allegations. I am not very knowledgeable about Gandhi’s history but what I did know I looked and respected. Many things come to light in this age of information and sometimes it is difficult to know what is accurate. I believe you and I think it takes guts to forward these unpopular ideas.
    I do think it is important to retain awareness of the good he did for the many while not excusing the harm he may have done to the few. I’m of the opinion that there is no cure or solution to the problem of oversight and accountability of those in power. One of my favorite historical figures is Asoka. Ultimately we must constantly search for and support leaders who are going to provide the greatest good at the last cost. The Nazi regime was a very bad bargain but the results have a strong tendency to encourage us to overlook their attributes that attracted positive public support. This might help us to avoid repetition of being similarly misled because we need to remember that the German public was no more evil nor any less good than any other society.

    1. Rajan

      How and why these facts are not noticed which clearly gives an insight about gandhi
      1,Gandhi was a British soldier.

      2,He was friendly with Hitler and supported his killings in his letter to him.

      3,In his self written letter he stated that he was having sex when he knew his father is going to die.

      4.He convinced many Indian youth to fight for British in Africa but stoped them when it came to fighting with an army he was serving.

      5.No date or resignation document available about his leaving British army.

      6.He started his moment when no British personal were willing to come to India, being afraid of getting killed in India buy freedom fighters.

      7.Non of his revolution had a proper end.All abruptly ended .

      8.He published two newspapers Hindi and English. Both had daily news ironical to each other.

      9.His wife died because he didn’t let her take medican for malaria but had it when he felt I’ll due to same illness . Can this be called a murder.You do it with anybody you will get booked for murder .

      10 .Congress party was founded by British and they were made members by them.

      11 Gandhi and Nehru studied in Britain .

      So many others

  327. Masud

    Mr.Ghandi was an Intelligent Recruit of British King to inject A slowdown Anti – British movement that will give enough time to lute INDIA……… he is a Jems Bond 0069.

  328. Masud

    Mr.Ghandi was an Intelligent Recruit of British King to inject A slowdown Anti – British movement that will give enough time to lute INDIA……… he is a Jems Bond 0069………..

  329. David

    Well Mr. Gandhi was a highly ethical and highly efficient politician ( in his public life) who almost single handedly won India her freedom. But he was NOT a demigod or Mahatma. He was a pervert who exploited innocent women and a tyrant who made binding decisions about his follower's personal and sexual life…

  330. MTR

    Polygamy and Polyandry were practiced in India for several millenniums. In other words it WAS integral part of our culture. Marrying a minor girl and/or having sex with a minor girl was also considered acceptable norm at that time when Gandhiji lived. I believe that all the girls who were involved with Gandhiji were, did it with consent. Tandra a tradition and ritual that was practiced in India did not prohibit having sexual and other related acts even between brothers and sisters (excluding sexual relation with mother). Moreover almost all of the Hindu Gods practiced polygamy and there are reasons why it is so. Also, in Christianity the nuns and priests are considered to be married to Jesus and that is for the same reason they do not practice sex with other humans. Is it not polygamy? We idialize the Gods, follow Them and pray them. After all Gandhiji is a man not God. According to all the laws and the norms that existed at that time when Gandhiji lived he adhered to it. How and why in the world that we can cite that Gandhiji was not up to par in this matter?

  331. Neville

    This article was written in 2013 and still attracts comments. That shows how sensitive the subject is. No one is disputing what Gandhi did in his “experiments”. To all those who react adversely to this article, no one is denying his achievements in the field of politics, promoting communal harmony or gaining independence for India. All that the author is trying to point out here is that in his quest for achieving whatever he wanted to achieve, he did not have consideration for the views of others around him, even those near and dear to him. You will realise this if you read his published works, published by the Gandhi Foundation no less. For example, when he sold his wife's gold jewellery he did not care for her views (reference: The Story of My Experiments with Truth by MK Gandhi).

  332. Raj Kapoor

    Sonali, assuming you are a woman not a man, try one of the following after identify gandhi like person in current tims.
    1.Go yourself, sleep naked with such a man for few months.
    2.Else send your mother to join such experiment.
    3.If both are not possible, send your daughter to participate in such an experiment.
    Post the results after you experience it yourself, not just hammer the keyboard!

  333. Soumendra Nath Thakur

    @Rita Banerji , It is an established fact, also known to the world that Gandhi or, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (1869–1948), was a Hindu leader, Indian nationalist, spiritual leader and social reformer but it is not established that Gandhi was a sexually exploiter of young women, as alleged by the author of the above article, Rita Banerji.

    In her research, the author might be surprised in knowing the unconventional and strange behaviour of Gandhi and that might have angered her. However, at the same time, she needs to reconsider the fact that why the people world over, instead of knowing the same fact the author recently known about Gandhi, did not bother to brand Him in the same way the author tried to brand Gandhi.

    Apparently, it appears to be the author’s tendency to see the worst aspect of things than being hopeful and confident of things. I like to correlate this behaviour with the similar behaviour of the adolescent on finding his/her parent watching, so called, adult movies! Such finding angers an adolescent.

  334. Ashraf

    Thank God, the editor didn’t say that Ghandijis has acted in porn movie. In future we expecting that too from the vested interested groups…

  335. vasanth

    did he have sex or not?

  336. JYOTI

    thank God he never got the noble peace prize or I would have been even more disturbed.

  337. Waqqas Ur-Rahman

    How will we treat somebody else that did the same thing? What if it was your daughter he was doing it to?
    Just because a man did great things does not mean he is impervious to crime.

  338. amrit

    ok.. the sounds fake.. but ok

  339. Dr, Ananth Sundararajan

    I wish there were tiny hidden cameras when Gandhi was doing these “experiments’ with girls. Sex drive is normal and healthy as long as you respect the rights and feelings of the other partner. Curbing this natural tendency will result in odd and unsavory behavior. I am not surprised that catholic priests who are forced into practicing celibacy resort to molesting young boys. Practicing celibacy does not and cannot make one a spiritual person. I appreciate your courage to publish this information about Gandhi. By the bye, I saw him in 1945 when he stopped at Lalgudi railway station before going to Trichi. I was 8 then.

  340. Prof R P Misra

    Except for God, there is no human being who is always right, Gandhi included. Whether Gandhi’s intimate contacts with women was right or wrong can be judged from two perspectives: 1. cultural behaviors and norms accepted by a society, and 2. the values and norms of the evaluator. While a great majority of people the world over consider Gandhi, the greatest man world has produced in 20th century, there are also people who worship the man who shot him dead in 1948. Did Gandhi slept with the women for sex? those who cannot resist having sex with women sleeping with them would say: Yes. but a real saint like Gandhi who has vowed to be Brahmachari would say: No.

  341. sweekriti

    I totally agree that Gandhi is a highly idealized personality and this attitude towards him still exists today. This can be highlighted from the fact
    that the syllabi for schools (especially CBSE schools) portray him as a saint personality and god disguised as man for the India struggling for freedom.
    They don’t reveal every aspect of him his as a human being and especially his negativities . Often the contribution of other freedom fighters is quelled
    and subdued about which one can only feel sorry and sometimes even furious. Needless to mention, the pictures of Gandhi on Indian currencies where
    his glorified image overshadows the struggle of other martyrs.

  342. Sheshu

    Long before our freedom struggle, Swami Vivekananda stated “India will develop and progress, only when it starts
    respecting its women”, no doubt we are still being regarded a third world nation. Whose so-called father of nation helped in
    achieve freedom but, still made no difference. Father with such ugly character, then how would children turn out to be.

  343. Avinash m s

    I am not a Gandhi fan. But I have read a lot about him. Both sides of it,the haters and the fans.
    The more I read about the things like you have posted,the more I realise that its pure bull shit.
    The haters of him couldn’t bring him down through politics or by other means. So its like “hey we
    have this ultimate weapon lets hit him with that”. I am all against women harassment and sexual violence.
    But hey come on such accusation on someone like him? you are trying for getting more readers to your post is all.
    on the whole you couldn’t have posted a more stupid post than this.
    #Cheapo #CheapPublicity

  344. kavita

    how could u all justify gandhi’ s experiment ,if he done these types of experiments which mentioned above it is not exceptable . how could some one use a teenager like an object ,apart from all these just think only about those girls what was their mental status when……
    i also have a big faith on him ,i dint think this report is true .
    but i have a question if your sis or yr daughter was there then what u did?

  345. Ankit Ashok Rungta

    The problem is the image created in people’s mind right from their childhood. Even I respect him at the highest level but if what you have written is the fact, then there is no harm in saying it. He may have undoubtedly led India’s freedom struggle but if this is also one of his sides, then be it. What is the harm in saying it and writing about it. There have been people of different types in all eras. It is us who have inhibitions about accepting these things.

  346. shruti narayan

    Well, I never liked Gandhi but after reading this I feel disgust for him. First of all who says that celibecy is pure and sex is impure, only thing pure and pious in this whole world is humanity, the compassion one has for another. But Gandhi seem to have breached all of the boundaries of basic sensitivities. He was a haughty leader who wanted everything according to his own way. Controlling your basic love instincts doesn’t make u great or anything like that so y teaching ny1 smthing so stupid n claiming ur act of rubbishness a greatness. This is exactly the height of hipocracy… What a rubbish set of ppl have actually managed to rule us… Well makes me rethink about how ppl judge. Lol… Funny humans

  347. Reshma Suresh

    Sexual desires are not something which needs to be hidden or shamed and practicing celibacy is your personal choice (call it the strength of your mind or whatever). However, if it involves an other individual in fulfilling your needs or let it be an experiment of a saintly person, the consent of the other individual is required. Well, we only know what has been documented in history, none of us have been with Gandhi so if we cannot brand him a pervert then neither should we brand him a saint. The problem lies in our primary education where we are taught to idealise him as a demi god. He is a mere human and we can respect him for what he did (or say what he didn’t) for the elite nationalist movement but need not hold him as a modern god. And we are talking about mid 1900’s not 2000’s, those young girls who might have held very different notion about virginity, revealing their body to another man; if in case they were not able to fathom the saintliness of Gandhi and his experiments they would have fallen into a trauma.

    1. Ankur Dutt

      If he wanted to test his “celibacy”, then he could have done that with a prostitute. Why would he choose young girls? Maybe, he felt in his mind that young girls are more arousing than the old ones. Then again, when he failed the first time, did he take the remedial steps? I mean, why would he do it again and again if he knew that this is not working anymore?

      “if in case they were not able to fathom the saintliness of Gandhi and his experiments they would have fallen into a trauma.”

      Then how is Asa ram any different? Why is he being prosecuted? He could come up with the same argument. No?

  348. Sagar Ashtakoula

    Frankly speaking, i never liked gandhi to the fullest. The reason for the dislike is that I hate someone who snatches the entire credit . I personally believe that the extremists of our freedom struggle are our real heroes. Coming to this story, i must appreciate you for your efforts and your constant research on the subject. I too heard of those sex stories of the so called father of the nation, exploiting women under the wraps of his position and fame, that was too disgusting. Even his own son used to hate him. The story that I wanted to read about gandhi with proof. Hats off to you for the effort

  349. Karthik Sana

    The experiments of mahatma I believe.. Shouldn’t be judged by present day views & notions.. yes Gandhi has viewed world only through his beliefs.. Very few of which of have proved improper over time but do we dare to forget the independence movement he lead on when world is baying for blood of each other & Heros are created based number of humans they killed.. At the end we all need to know the fact it was GANDHI himself who has preserved all the sources & records from being destroyed or locked of the above experiments

  350. Pearl Vora

    I just don’t understand what is everyone’s problem here why they are after a dead person. This thing has been going on for so long since we were kids whether he exploited or not we dont have hard evidence or actual proof and the witnesses might just be there for namesake to get popularity i didnt even read anything what you have written because its soo annoying that people don’t have other work to do except remove faults in other people and make it as there profession. I don’t know if this is true or not but can everyone just stop the photo of gandhi is not going to be removed from the money. And first think before you say anything i mean he was a major force behind our country’s independence atleast he did something for our country he for our future he is the true son of our matrabhumi and what are we doing nothing can everyone focus on the future and developing our country rather than pin pointing the faults of dead people. You yourself must be having thousands of faults nobody is pin pointing at that. First concentrate on your life rather than sitting and commenting about others. Im not a bhakkt of gandhi ji or something but I really don’t like people talking bad about him. I respect him for only one thing that is he did something for his country and we are doing absolutely nothing.

  351. Renu Singh

    I am shocked after reading this. Yes I know by the end of his life Gandhi has done many things I consider wrong. I have heard some vague rumors about his relationship with many n Abha but can never accept it. We were taught so many good things since childhood that it’s really difficult coming in terms with this new information. This proves one thing beyond doubt that we need our history books rewritten n this time by some unbiased historians. Its high time govt should stop interfering with history books.

  352. James Bond

    Another feminist article filled with lies

  353. Pratibha Jamuar

    We obviously put questions on those who are right. Why don’t you put any questions on the character of anti-nationals, those who did every attempt to ruin our society our culture and our nation? There is no benefit on writing such haggish words. If something is to be questioned, it is our present. What are we doing with our independence? Gandhi did a lot for us and our country. If he would be so wrong he wouldn’t have got such major support and the love of all the Indians as well as the world. And also if in case he is wrong, he is dead now. Try to improvise present than to reveal the idiotic assumptions of past!

  354. Apurva Reddy

    That person has gone long back. Unless And unless until u have the inevitable proof to judge somebody u shouldn’t be talking abt it. I appreciate what u r doing . But remember that we are in a society where the people can’t tolerate if the person is recognized positively. And we try to demean the person somehow bcuz according to psychology for any person the negative things are most attractive and no one cares abt non violence concept they only care abt the vague articles saying the negative side of a person . And accept the thing that any person would have the positive and negative characteristics . I hope u use u r knowledge for better purposes . Talk abt the present scenario just don’t be a slacker come out And do better job by helping women who are suffering from various things if u r a feminist and pls stop talking abt pointless past when the person is gone,he is gone forever And u should be teaching people only abt the positive things he has done. What’s the whole point when u write such articles do u want people to learn bad things from u r articles. HISTORY SHOULD BE READ LIKE HISTORY. They are just the characters in the story. If u r really a social worker try doing something for people who are around u ryt now..

    1. Donna L Conway

      If you do not think that this topic of subject is worthy of a great article such as this one that has been written, then it shows a great deal of how narrow-minded and careless you are as a person. The facts have been merely presented, and absolutely worthy of telling! Considering the enormity of Ghandi’s influence, this article goes on to expose, yet again, how “great men in power” use and abuse their position to exploit young women for their own sick gratification. It is not ok! This article brings light to such dark happenings, that are occurring behind closed doors. Those closest to him were not comfortable with it and were very emotional about it in their writings. This is the ‘big problem’ with large parts of society, in their way of thinking.. ‘because “great men in power” do “great things”, it should ‘excuse’ them from the sick, and depraved things that they do! No. It does not. I’m in appreciation for this article being written, and shedding light on the ‘true’ Mahatma Gandhi.. in ‘all’ his glory! Great insight. Thank you.

    2. Satish Ruke

      @Apurva Reddy. I think you dont like truth.

  355. Kumar Ranganathan

    We have to remember that Congress made him the ‘Father’ of the nation for this attribute only. At the same time Chacha was busy ‘playing’ and enjoying smoking, swimming, et el. They wanted to get out of the ‘hangover’ from the killings of more than 20 Lakh persons in the worst communal partition in the world. They just remained mute spectators and for this reason only, we do not have any respect for law and order.

  356. SACH SA

    Completely agree with the article above. Blind gandhi bhakts will disagree but that doesn’t matter. Gandhi’s sexual antics have been confirmed from a wide range of independent sources.
    I have attempted to psychologically analyze the reasons behind such a despicable behaviour in the blog below:

  357. Pratpriyadarshi

    Ms Rita,
    Your article might be voice of your inner soul. Although you are writing a book on “Sex and Power”. But your response seems to be an obvious response of a person who grown up in society where talk on Sex and Sexuality is Taboo.
    Reaction is emphasising upon the response of other persons around Gandhiji at that point of time. Apparently those responses were but obvious, as people considered them as taboo. People do study the personalities ignoring their sexual orientations & behaviours.
    But the thing which is churning my mind is as under:-
    1. Gandhiji was not a fool who could not understand the obvious response of the people on that experiment. At the same time, you can’t say it firmly that he was a person who was either careless or ignorant about his public image. He was a person who specifically stated that “My life is My Message”.
    2. It is evident from your and other person’s writing that inmates of Ashram were fully aware with his experiments. Surely, it was not centred in and/or around a Coterie of people. Whatever wrong or right (only God can determine) he was doing, said thing was duly supported by Truth.
    3. Intricacies of his life were open to all. It could be ascertained easily that he has given deep thought to all dogmas and principles prevalent in those days. Once his mind has accepted them, he tried to follow them in letter & spirit. He has acted upon those principles to check their veracity.
    4. His early writing and thought process as available to us for study, clearly elaborate his opinion about human sexuality. He has accepted it and worked upon it. It was not a taboo for him. It might be taboo for others who look into it with different angle.
    5. It is really absurd to compare him with any person like Asharam or Baba Ram Rahim. Gandhiji and his actions were open to all. Truthfulness was altogether with all deeds. Can anybody show any evidence describing Gandhiji ashamed of his actions? He might be wrong but he was truthful in his acts. Hence his mind was clear and away from any guilt. You see last two points of extract of letter of Mr R P Parshuram (as shared in your article); it proves that Gandhiji was not having any dual face. He was one and same for everybody.
    6. People raised objection on his experiment. They should have. But can’t you think that he was trying to unearth vibrations of human mind. Whether he was wrong or right, it is debatable. But this could not deny his greatness as human being who entered into those difficult battle fields of human minds which in all probability invite indignation.

    I agree with one aspect which I think ignored by Gandhiji. That aspect is effect of his experiment on those young minds which had not yet experienced life. It could be said that those young ladies were an object in that experiment. Even in such circumstances, intention of Gandhiji was beyond any doubt due to following:-
    1. Truthfulness involved in Experiments;
    2. Public discussion of the same with important personalities of the time and his request to Navjivan to made his letters public;
    3. His approach towards life and inquisitiveness to its mysteries.

  358. Nayla Muzaffar

    Being Pakistani, I never knew much about Gandhi, but I knew everyone in my country and in india, respects him and I never heard any such thing about him, until today when i watched a video on youtube by “keshu films” where an 86 years old Indian Gulab singh said , Gandhi was a womenizer.. it was shocking for me and I told myself not to believe it until i further investigate, so I started researching. And I came across this. I have lost my appetite. Its so shocking , yet true as confirmed by many researchers. To be honest, I have lost all respect for him.

  359. Google


    Always a big fan of linking to bloggers that I enjoy but do not get a good deal of link like from.

  360. Google


    Check beneath, are some completely unrelated web-sites to ours, nevertheless, they are most trustworthy sources that we use.

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