When The Lion Mewed: A Look Into Narendra Modi’s Speech At The Rally In Delhi

Posted on October 1, 2013 in Politics

By Soumya Raj:

It is strange, how Narendra Modi has held the political scenario of the whole country by the grips. One is either a NaMo supporter, or isn’t. The whole polarity of the political set-up of our nation is either pro-Modi, or anti-Modi, and that has been working wonders for this man who is determined to take the 2014 elections by the storm.


As BJP’s prime ministerial candidate, Modi has shown a lot of potential. His strong worded speech for the rally was a mark of his conviction and his stand regarding the country. Also, what was very evident was the confidence, the mudslinging and brutal bashing undertaken by NaMo. He clearly has nothing to fear, nor anybody to answer to for his sharp opinions.

Arriving at the venue by a helicopter, Narendra Modi greeted the crowd accumulated for the rally, which was a really huge assembly of NaMo supporters. Narendra Modi hit the iron when it was hot, even made the iron hot a lot of times by striking it repeatedly. For example, he raised objection on Rahul Gandhi’s public rebuttal of the ordinance, saying that he represented the congress’s viewpoints and it clearly seems that the Congress is not in sync with the UPA’s decisions. He also called Gandhi a “shahzada”, and asked the crowd if they were ready to be governed by the whims and fancies of a prince.

A lot of his issues were very shallow, given that most of the things he mentioned were bygones, they had already happened. He also made digs at Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, exclaiming that Singh worshiped the US president Obama, and humiliated the country by portraying it as a “poor” country at an international level. He also showed his discomfort at Nawaz Sharif’s comment of “dehati aurat” for the PM, saying that Manmohan Singh is the prime minister of a country with a population of 125 crore people, and since he is a representative of India, every Indian should feel enraged at such a comment from a country which is inferior to India in every manner.

Narendra Modi’s rally at the Japanese Park of Rohini, New Delhi was adorned with crisp words promising a better future. But during the course of the rally, his speech, and all the controversial topics he toyed with, one could sense flexibility of his thoughts, also his conviction regarding leading people was strong. His stand against Manmohan Singh was spineless, and his frown for Gandhi clearly showed that he supported the very unpopular ordinance favoring convicted lawmakers by the root. However lofty his claims maybe, of India needing a “dream team” and not a “dirty team”, and however large the assembly was for the rally, however well-modulated his extempore was, it quite forgot to touch the issues that he should’ve touched, given his position.