A Unique Music Concert Featuring 7 Bands From 7 States. Something You Just Don’t Want To Miss

Posted on October 29, 2013 in Culture-Vulture, Society

Without doubt, the Northeast region of India often gets featured on news headlines of many major news channels and other platforms mostly for its conflicting stories and often for its affair with drugs and youth who are lost to its abuse. It’s time we create positive stories and share a journey of Hope.

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7×7 music project is an attempt to take a step towards bringing healing, and to try finding solutions to the issues together- a musical journey with 7 well-known and socially responsible artists from each state of Northeast India.

We have read too many news and articles and faced too many disturbing real life cases to be left unchallenged by the need to respond. So, let’s all take this journey together to find answers to the issues that ails our society and say boldly without regret that “we care, we tried and we did” something for our society, our family, our friends and our nation.


7×7 music project is a step towards bringing healing and finding solutions to the issues of Drug abuse together. Music, being a universal language and one of the most powerful tools to reach out to the youth, is a great empowering force for achieving it. As part of the project we have launched the first ever music album titled 7×7 featuring 7 bands from each states of Northeast India bringing out 7 songs on the theme of ‘Youth & Drug abuse’. All fund generated from the music album sale will go to help and support people affected by drug abuse with special focus on HIV+ orphans.

The album features the following bands from the seven states of Northeast India — The Vinyl Records from Arunachal Pradesh, Axis from Assam, Alien Conspiracy Theory from Manipur, Frisky Pints from Mizoram, Afflatus from Meghalaya, Abiogenesis from Nagaland and Borkung Hrangkhawl from Tripura.

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The 7×7 concert is planned to be organised in New Delhi on 2nd November 2013 as part of the 7×7 music project. First of its kind musical event, not only will it showcase the diverse musical talents, there will also be visual arts on a massive rental led display, but its primary emphasis is to sensitise the youth to the myriad drug abuse related problems that have devastating and far reaching effects.

Through this concert BASIC will also raise fund to support people affected by drug abuse with special focus on HIV+ orphans. From experience we know that the worst sufferer, long-term impact and victim of drug abuse are mostly not the drug users but people around them especially family. We have been supporting ‘Tabitha Home’ for more than two years now and helping the HIV+ orphans bring tremendous satisfaction knowing that not only are we supporting those suffering kids but amending for the past also. All the children had IDU fathers (and all HIV+).

About BASIC:

BASIC (Be Aware, Support, Inform & Care), a non-profit organisation is an answer to a quest a group of friends had that resulted from daily and casual discussions on various issues and problems that plague our society. Awakened to the need of people around us, they felt an impending need to do whatever they can to be agents of change. It desire to make people aware of the issues that society live with, garner support from people to tackle these issues, inform people of ways and means to tackle the issues whilst caring for all of God’s creation by serving with a heart of love and inculcating an attitude of stewardship.

BASIC’s Mission is ‘To create positive social change and build a just and equitable society’.

The first project BASIC took up was supporting ‘Tabitha Home’ through various ways. Tabitha Home is a home/shelter exclusively for HIV infected orphans, located at Raphei Valley, Imphal (Manipur) founded by NSCP and managed by Mr. Thanshok Kamkra and his wife Tammi.

Some of BASIC objectives include fund raising, networking & connectivity, capacity building, awareness campaigns & advocacy, youth empowerment, social & cultural promotions and advisory services to other struggling NGOs & support their works.

Contact us at:
E-mail — reachbasic@gmail.com
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Facebook – www.facebook.com/basicteampage
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