The Urgent Need To Deconstruct The Popular Idea Of ‘Beauty’

Posted on October 3, 2013 in Society

By Hanima Nawaz:

To call someone, be it a girl or a guy, ‘beautiful inside‘ is an open insult nowadays. As it really makes the person believe that there is nothing beautiful about their body. Its disgusting how anyone can judge whether a person is beautiful or not.


This is the stupidest issue that mainly girls have been facing since a long time. Stupid, yet serious. Yes I am fat, short, my face is bigger than the rest of my body, the only ‘worldly’ beautiful part of me are my eyes that I inherit from my mother. But people call me beautiful when I smile. They love it when I dance or sing or crack jokes and they adore me when I am in my favorite clothes. But I never really let them any excuse to tell me I do not look pretty. They believe I am beautiful because I believe I am beautiful.

A friend of mine who is really close to me has been insulted by many other girls only because she is fatter than them. But when I look at her, I see a confident and smart girl with a broad forehead perfectly complimenting her long silk smooth hair with tiny black pearl eyes and rose colored lips and the final divine touch of a lovely egg shaped face cut. And hence, I see no reason to not call her pretty. She has been rejected for marriages just because she is fat.

A girl is not pretty just because a she is fat, dark complexioned or has any physical disability? Does she not deserve respect or love, like others?

Girls taunting girls, ages of well known torture. But men, well they really make an amazing case here. The list of my male friends is longer than that of my girlfriends’. My male buddies sometimes ask me to hook them up with any of my girlfriends and when asked what kind of girl would they like to meet? The only replies I get are good looking, smokin hot and not too boys friendly. They just want a fashion model to sit next to them. And that makes girls who do not fit the requirement, feel cheap and unworthy. Before rejecting someone, a girl or a boy, the person shall give valid reasons to it. And not insult them by saying they are not beautiful enough.

Breaking someone’s heart and insulting them only because of the outer beauty and physical problems is the sign of how shallow and superficial a person can be. And this needs to change.