14 Reasons Why Being Below 30 Makes You More Influential And Productive At Work

Posted on November 27, 2013 in Specials

By Deepak Venkateswaran:

It always makes a fascinating sight to see a very young guy in a posh corporate attire address a press conference flanked by his bosses from the side to launch his company’s new product, or a young executive talk to a customer and make him feel his concerns are safe with him and landing business or a teacher probably close not much older than the students himself being surrounded by them and breaking the conventional protocol and learning with fun. It’s not one or two but literally in every workplace these scenes are a daily watch.

Indian youth

Often, I have wondered how recruiters always prefer young talent while looking for new recruits every year or how a producer like Karan Johar is able to find much more audience using an actor like Ranbir Kapoor to make a sensational Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani. It makes it really difficult for me me to figure out what the young guys really have that matches the years of experience and wisdom the senior employees have.

On a finer note and analysis, the following are some of the ways why one who is below 30 has an upper edge at work and make them more influential and a preferred choice:

1) It is a fact that a young employee is more dynamic and filled with enthusiasm at work, while in parallel they possess an attitude which is filled with more of a practical approach and learning from mistakes, which is a little risky approach but more predictive in the long run.

2) An employee below 30 possesses a much more creative outlook towards things as they are exposed to the recent innovative approaches towards work (right from college days), crisis solving and resource management and other domains. This helps them fare better as NGO volunteers, film directors and art directors or even in the corporate sector.

3) Connecting to people is something very important at work, collaborating with fellow employees, communicating with superiors, handling clients etc. are something that a young gun probably does much better with more enthusiasm, and people too tend to listen to a more dynamic representative.

4) It is an untold truth that young blood is more decisive and confident about taking risks which even though not always gives better output and results but gives them a more leader like image at work.

5) Often the younger people at work are more open minded and learn things faster than others which makes them a perfect must have for a company which needs a large workforce. This very trend is shown by the recruitment of large number of youngsters in the IT work-force and call center jobs, spot-boys in film sets or in organizing seminars and conferences at a mega scale.

6) Learning from others is one important aspect at work that takes anyone a step ahead in their professional growth and productivity at work, and young people as we all know possess a really niche ability to learn from others’ success and mistakes and imbibe upon them.

7) Often people below 30 possess better leadership qualities and have the moral fiber to stand for their team in times of crisis and own up for any drawback at the same time equally and liberally sharing the credit for the good work done, which make fellow workers look upon them as leaders. This trait in fact makes them indispensable for NGOs and organizing real life events such as book fairs and cultural events.

8) The ability to talk is again an X factor that works in favor of young guns, as they have a unique ability to talk according to the person or the audience they are speaking to sensing their mood and pulse. This often helps young employees generate new customers in the corporate world, bring in new sales for the firm or a NGO volunteer to raise funds for their programs and so on.

9) Entrepreneurial nature is something that plays a very important role for people who are more effective and productive at work, and the ones below 30 possess more of this trait. This enables them to see things from a different perspective, approach problems and go the extra mile at work to have things done as if it was their own dream.

10) Below 30 at work is a plus factor specially when it comes to an educational institution and a private coaching center, as one can really connect to students and experience their concerns on issues as they themselves might have gone through the same phase recently.

11) Young people have an ability to strike a rapport with whomever they are interacting and quickly create a relaxed environment for a conversation. This helps them a lot at work which involves customer relations as they very quickly strike a conversation and make a conducive environment for them.

12) As we all know, the younger generation is more tech savvy and knows how to harness technology to its benefit, this trait helps the group to wield more influence at work and give better outputs as often they find quicker solutions to problems.

13) For someone below 30 at work, ultimate aim would be to deliver on time and at the level they are expected to. This nature creates a situation that drives them to think out of the box, do the extra effort and often out of turn work and help others as well.

14) Last but a very significant factor that helps a young employee to be more influential at work is the acceptance level. A young employee often finds more acceptances among the workforce that actually executes ideas that come across at workplace.

However, all the above points that endorse the fact that young people are much more influential at work, I would like my readers to note the fact that valuable wisdom and experience in work from senior people in any organization must not be ignored and will never be ignored, as its from them these young guns learn how to climb the ladder of influence and success at work for once upon a time even they were under 30 at work.

It is a combination of both of these combined together that give the best output at work. Even though the young guns have advantage of time and energy combined with above factors, they are dependent on senior and experienced for guidance and both cannot exist without each other.