4 Big Reasons Why The India Non Fiction Festival Should Not Be Missed

Posted on November 28, 2013

By Annie Fraser:

Whether they be written or spoken, words are a powerful tool for change. From November 30th to December 1st, Delhi will welcome the India Non-Fiction festival. With the theme, “Be bold. Stay real”, the Non-Fiction festival aims to present facts over fiction while it creates a platform for eminent authors and leaders to share their bold views on the real economic, political, and socio-cultural challenges facing India. Here are 4 reasons you must not miss it:


1. It’s Free

That’s right! India’s Non-Fiction Festival is free and open to all! If you are an aspiring author, a passionate reader, or simply interested in becoming part of a discussion towards progress, then this Non-Fiction Festival will provide you with ample opportunity to network, build your knowledge, and become inspired to lead the change that India needs. Simply visit their site to register.

2. The Speakers Are Awesome!

Speakers include:

Dipankar Gupta (Renowned university professor and author of 17 books)

Pranay Gupte (International journalist, editor, author, and media consultant)

Rajmohan Gandhi (Author or A Tale of Two Revolts: India 1857 and the American Civil War, and university professor)

N K Singh (Politician, economist, and former Indian Administrative Service Officer)

Bharat Wakhlu (Resident Director, Tata Group)

Pavan Varma (Former Press Secretary to the President of India, Official Spokesman of the Foreign Office, Director General of the Indian Council for Cultural Relations, and India’s ambassador to Bhutan

Kiran Kamik (Former President of NASSCOM)

Gen V.P. Maik (Former Chief of the Army Staff of India)

Apurva Purohit (CEO of Radio City 91.1 FM

Ajay Memon (Journalist and sports writer)

And more! (Seriously, around 50 more!). The diversity of the speakers’ backgrounds ensures that a wide variety of perspectives will be included.

3. The Topics Are Relevant and Thought-Provoking

Topics will not only address major issues, but they will provide diverse knowledge on various issues

India: The Future is Now (Economy, Politics, Business, People)

Development and the People: Bold and Inclusive (Economic and Social Development Models-Policies and Inclusiveness)

Book Launch: Karma Kurry (Stories of people who have contributed towards building a more just, humane, and responsible society)

Internal Security and Foreign Policy: A Nation at Risk? (Countering terrorism, national security, international relations, and peace process)

India: The Past is Present (How we got here: politics and culture)

News = Non Fiction (Business of Media, the people, and the role of politics in society)

Book Pre Launch Sahara: The Untold Story (Sahara Group)

Public and Private Governance: No Choices (Corruption, ethics, and personal leadership)

Open Fest (A session of, for, and by the audience)

4. This festival is one-of-a-kind

Besides the recent Non-Fiction Festival that took place in Mumbai back in July, there has yet to be an event of this kind take place in India. This is your chance to become a part something different! Because really, “different” is what India needs most right now.

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