DEBATE: Are Some Indian Traditions Responsible For Encouraging And Glorifying Patriarchy?

Posted on November 22, 2013 in Society

We live in an era where patriarchy shapes zillions of societal norms and it’s pervasiveness is visible in every single aspect. Ask a woman and you would get to know. However, nowadays we have become vigilant enough to understand and take a firm stand against the consequences of gender subjugation. Feminism has found a whole new meaning and head start. If we take a closer look, we might notice that Indian traditions and festivals to be precise are not completely benign. In fact, their celebration entails a blatant display of male dominance. Be it Raksha Bandhan, wherein sisters are made to believe that brothers are going to be their protectors or Karwa Chauth wherein women have to go on a fast for their husband’s long life. I mean aren’t these clearly discriminatory? Personally, I don’t even feel like being a part of Raksha Bandhan or the umpteen number of fasts that my mother goes on which includes Teej and the like. Don’t you think it would be a step ahead if we stop being a part of this culture if ever we feel subjugated? After all, charity begins at home.