An Event That Brings All South Asian Youth Leaders Together Like Nowhere Else

Posted on November 29, 2013 in Specials


The South Asian Youth Conference is an annual event initiated by The Blue Ribbon Movement, India. It aims to bring South Asian youth leaders to connect, collaborate and create a strong youth- led movement to empower such change makers and enable joint capacity- building.

“We are creating a bold new vision for South Asia – of a region that is held together by deep ties between its leaders and a shared vision of peace and prosperity. Over the next few decades, we will create a closely-knit network of leaders that will become a powerful force for transformation in our subcontinent.

SAYC is the coming together of various organizations and platforms to create a selfless, youth-led and on-going series of conferences that convene each year to reflect on our progress, build joint capacity and give birth to new projects and relationships.” – Abhishek Thakore, Co-Founder, The Blue Ribbon Movement

The first SAYC was held in Bangalore, India at The Indian Institute of Management, and the second was held in Islamabad, Pakistan in association with HILA. This year, SAYC will be held in Bhaktapur, Nepal from 15th December to 20th December jointly with the Association of Youth Organizations Nepal (AYON). It will bring together 70 young South Asian leaders to discuss the themes of Livelihood Development, Meaningful Participation, and Sustainability.

“We are excited at the prospect of collectively developing empowered youth leaders.”- Vedika Lal, Program Lead- International Programs, The Blue Ribbon Movement

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