Meet Pradyut Hande: Debater, Wannabe Photographer And YKA Opinion Leader Of The Week

Posted on November 21, 2013 in Inspiration

By Tanaya Singh:

Since 2008, Youth Ki Awaaz has had over 4,000 people write for it and over 10,000 people comment. Starting this week, we will highlight some of the most active contributors who have played a crucial role in shaping the opinions of many young people through Youth Ki Awaaz.

Pradyut Hande

Pradyut is an award-winning youth leader, writer, blogger, debater, activist and an emerging Entrepreneur. Currently pursuing his MBA at Symbiosis International University, Pune; he is the Co-founder and Programme Director, India of The Future Forum and the Chairperson of the International Youth Council, Mumbai Chapter. With over 250 publications to his credit in National and International dailies and magazines, he addresses wide ranging issues of both domestic and global consequence. He was a Finalist at the Hult Global Case Challenge, 2012 and the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) Global Business Challenge, 2012. He has been a Youth Ambassador for Youth for Change International, Youth Federation for World Peace and the Student World Assembly. He was also a Core Group Member of the Peace One Day Global Truce, 2013 Campaign. Along with all of these tremendous achievements in his life, he is also a columnist with Youth Ki Awaaz, and our Opinion Leader of the Week.

As a part of our Opinion Leader of the Week column, we highlight Pradyut’s personal journey with the Youth Ki Awaaz community and put him in the spotlight.


Q1: When and how did you get involved with Youth Ki Awaaz?

My association with Youth ki Awaaz began back in September, 2010 when I was chosen to be a part of its Work from Home Internship programme. The entire experience went a long way in shaping my writing sensibilities and provided me with an enriching platform inclusive of both exposure and experience. Given the encouraging response to my Articles and growing penchant to address wide ranging issues of relevance, I’ve been a regular contributor to Youth ki Awaaz. Suffice to say, my association with this incredible platform has only gone from strength to strength; even more so after becoming a Columnist on the same!

Q2: What are some of the topics you’ve loved writing about, and why?

I began by writing about realities pertaining to Business and Economics. But have over time strived to tackle multifarious issues ranging from Domestic Affairs, Geopolitics, Public Policy, Sports and Social Matters. These are domains I easily relate to, am passionate about and have a strong sense of comprehension regarding. I believe my insights and opinions add a certain value to readers across the board. I don’t claim to be an outright expert but I certainly strive to base my thoughts on a sound approach steeped in extensive research and cross questioning in order to arrive at a balanced and factually correct argument.

Q3: What is it that you see as the outcome of your writings at Youth Ki Awaaz, at present or how would you like the outcome to be in the future?

Over time I’ve witnessed the phenomenal increase in readership that Youth ki Awaaz has managed to achieve. Consequently it has been extremely heartening to realise that my Articles are reaching out to an increasingly discerning, aware, sensitised and erudite section of the society. If I can make even a single individual understand or take notice of the plight of a malnourished African child who’s nation remains in the throes of civil war, the severe global water scarcity that threatens our future existence or the manner in which vote bank politics can wreck a sound democratic setup; then I believe I’ve made a difference in my very own way at an individualistic level; no matter how minuscule that maybe. Moving forward, it would be fantastic to gain a more global reader base to spread these fantastic ideas and opinions to.

Q4: If you wanted to change one thing about Youth Ki Awaaz, what would it be?

I’ve always held Youth Ki Awaaz in immense esteem as not just a robust digital content platform but a start up bristling with potential. I do feel there is scope for you guys to take it to the next level and perhaps associate with various international youth summits or conferences as knowledge partners of note and substance. The organic growth in popularity and influence of the platform is a terrific lesson for all and truly highlights what one promising idea can eventually translate into. In essence, there’s not much more one can ask from Youth ki Awaaz! Progressing along the course you guys have thus far, will continue to see you make a dent in the universe, as my idol Steve Jobs would say 🙂

Q5: What do you like to do when you’re not writing, or thinking about pressing issues, or just working?

Working on new entrepreneurial ideas takes up some of my time, in addition to currently pursuing my MBA. I’m voracious reader and try to expand my knowledge and understanding of a wide range of subjects from time to time. Additionally, I’m an avid Debater, Quizzer and wannabe Photographer. My newly discovered love for EDM has seen me try my hand on the console a few times with reasonable success (or so I’d like to think!). A Beer connoisseur, an evening out with my close friends, watching a game of Football, goes some way in “taking my mind off” some of the world’s most pressing problems!

Q6: What one question would you like to pose to your audience?

What is that one thing that you believe you can do to make a positive difference to the life of even a single person?

If you sincerely believe you have it in you to drive change through your words, thoughts or actions; the world is your oasis and the sky your limit. Start today. Start right now.

For more on Pradyut’s life and on-going efforts, follow him on Twitter at @Hande_Pradyut

You can follow his work at Youth Ki Awaaz at his column, Hand(e)l With Care.