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The Untold Story Of The Alleged Mass Rapes By The Indian Army In Kunan Poshpora

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By Anna:

I certainly did not know how to react when I read Salman Khurshid’s reaction on the Kunan and Poshpora rape case where he was rueful about the fact that the case had happened in his country that he couldn’t do anything about it, or in a finer meaning, that he simply knew yet chose not to do anything about it to save his power status.

In the meeting he had absurdly yet diligently asked the participants to read about the history and struggle of the former president of South Africa, Nelson Mandela, and stated giving his example about what forgiveness is, what struggle is and what building hope out of despair is. The minister said that it ‘was plain human nature to learn to move forward for which conditions need to be laid’.

After reading this, I was occupied by the thoughts that whether I should appreciate this person for at least being partially honest unlike other institutions who have continuously covered the truth relentlessly or should I resent him because the meaning behind his honest and straightforward words was- ‘It happened, we learned, now move on’. The battle is full of hurdles and justice has been delayed but ‘moving on’ can never be a solution and be accepted. We have had enough atrocities of the worst and unimaginable kind in once what was regarded to be ‘Paradise on Earth’ turning it into a ‘Burning Inferno’. Instead, I believe we should pause to consider the case again and again and will do so until justice is served in our pseudo-democratic country where justice is fast for the potent and opulent. I wish he had given us more than just hope instead of just casting examples to look for hope in a country where hope has been looked upon for the past 66 years.

Kunan Poshpora

The battle starts with a firm determination but with the flow of time we find ourselves in a web, a vicious circle where one won’t be given a choice to win but only to withdraw and where the days and years will pass until we become immune to our pain. The haunting memories are still there but hope falters. That’s the story of hundreds of innocent people of Kashmir, who are victims of atrocities done by the Indian army. These innocent people still have the faith and strength to look up to justice from the judiciary or government who have themselves given the ‘license to offence’ to the military via Armed Forces Special Powers Act / Public Safety Act and where the truth has been suffocated under the heavy sheet of hypocrisy prevalent in our system. One of the most heinous crimes perhaps for me is the Kunan-Poshpora rape case where women numbering anywhere between 53 to 100 were raped by the very men who had been appointed by the central government to protect them.

Kunan Poshpora3

On the night of 23/24 February 1991, Army personnel of 4 Rajputana Rifles entered Kunan Poshpora village with the mission to cordon off and to find grenades. Instead, they caught all the men of the village, interrogated them and severely tortured them physically and emotionally to the extent of barbarism while the women of the village were raped irrespective of their age, at gun point. One of them had even delivered a child a few days ago. All were raped in front of their small children who looked on crying in horror while their mother was raped by beasts. On March 19th, a UK based newspaper ‘The Independent’ carried a report titled, ‘Indian villages tell of mass rape by soldiers’, based on narratives the reporters had heard in Kunan Poshpora. Among them was the story of a woman who was assaulted by six soldiers. “One by one, they raped me, while my five year old son was forced to watch, weeping beside the bed,” she told the paper. Almost all the women of the village were raped. The next morning when the men were released, they were shocked to see that their daughters, mothers, sisters and female acquaintances had been raped by the men in uniform. The whole village froze on that morning of 24th February, not because it was cold but due to the nature of the heinous crime which infected villagers with dead silence yet loud mourning. They wandered like madmen, crying on top of their voice still shaken up by the jolt to think of anything about their next step. How are people supposed to react when they are stripped off their dignity, that they have nurtured for years leaving them haunted with their own bleeding flesh?

Kunan Poshpora1

On 25/26 February, villagers sent letter to DC of Kupawara and police authorities regarding the rape and torture. After receiving the letter dated 25/26 February and protest on the part of villagers of Kunan and Poshpora, DC Kupawara visited the village for enquiries and informed the Divisional Commissioner of Kashmir and other authorities, including the local police via a letter dated 7th march, 1991, regarding the incident. Upon receiving this letter, the Trehgam Police Station registered FIR under section 376, 452 and 342 RPC. It is to be noted here that the incident took place on 23/24 February 1991 but the FIR was registered some days later. The delay obviously happened because of the long course of ‘sending and receiving letters’ and the investigation followed by it. Moreover, the army personnel did leave the village but had surrounded the village for 3-4 days for obvious reasons. Unfortunately, this delay in filing the FIR was taken as an advantage by director of prosecution who said the delay was absurd as the police station was just a few kilometers away from the village. If the incident had happened then they could have registered the FIR the very next day and called all the accusations absurd and far fetched stories done by people who sympathize with militants. Before moving forward, it is necessary to read the investigation report of DC Kupawara, based on which the FIR was registered.

In his response report, the DC Kupwara wrote to the Divisional Commissioner, Kashmir under the subject- Atrocities committed by the Army Personnel in the Kunan and Poshpora Village of Kupawara district, Dated- 7th March, 1991. In this he wrote that after receiving the letter dated 5th March 1991 he carried out the necessary procedure and was shown evidence of the barbarism (torn clothes and the rooms). Moreover, the presence of alcohol bottles showed that the heinous crime had been carried out under the influence of alcohol. In order to justify their motives, the army forcefully procured a No Objection Certificate from locals. The nature of the crime and its magnitude as per the Kupwara DC had bought him to a level of shame to put the atrocity in descriptive words on the paper. However, he recommended a team to be formed and carry out the investigation and bring the culprits forward.

Kunan Poshpora2

After receiving this letter, Wajahat Habibullah (the then Divisional Commissioner of Kashmir), visited the villages along with ‘Lt. Col. Naeem Farooqi, Shri Tyagi Commdt 76 BSF’ on 18th March 1991 to look into the allegation but with a clear intention to do away with the charges and this can be seen in the analysis of the report as submitted by him which had the following conclusion:

1- The number of alleged victims has been continuously fluctuating.

2- It is intriguing that despite such major incident having taken place no one reported of crime the next day.

3- The jawans are not allowed to carry liquor during operations so villagers have planted alcohol bottles.

4- When almost every house in the village was allegedly a victim, it is inconceivable that there could have been no alarm raised and the men were ignorant till after the army had left.

5- It seems like they have acted under militant pressure as the people of the village are simple folk.

The second blow to hopes of the people of these twin villages came when a three member team as setup by the Press Council of India (on the indirect behest of the army) and headed by B.G. Varghese was formed and included K.Vikram Rao and Jamnadas Akhtar to investigate the allegations from Kunan and Poshpora. The controversial and baseless report as submitted by the Press Council of India termed the charges as fraud and a hoax which was bred by those who highly sympathize with the militants and their sympathizers and by those who stood against the nation of India. They further went out to state that the allegation were a part a psychological warfare that was being adopted to malign the image of the Indian army and to bring forward yet again the Kashmir issue in front of the world but as a human right issue.

In the book ‘Crisis and Credibility’, as published by the Press Council of India, they dismissed all the allegations against Armed forces made till date very sophistically yet absurdly. In their words - “The last two incidents (Dudhi Killing and Kunan Poshpora) have given rise to the gravest charges of all. Hence, it would perhaps be best to dispose of them first.”  This statement gives clear impression that the book has been written with the prime aim of clearing away all the allegations and shielding the Armed Forces with their illogical and absurd justifications. They did not shy away while claiming that the medical report was rubbish. In their words- ‘Abrasions on chest and abdomen’ are likely to be common among village folk in Kashmir as they hug ‘kangris’ or earthern pots and live coals to ward off the winter chill. As for torn hymen, this could be a result of natural factors, injury, pre-marital sex, or rape.”


A general argument, in the defense of the armed forces and to save them, in context to the incident given is that why was the incident reported ‘ten days’ later as the village is ‘not that remote’, and if it was a question of shame for the rape victims, then how come the women talked about it ‘tirelessly’ and brought the matter in the front. It is surprising how three veteran journalists simply questioned the very chastity and dignity of women which was snatched by force adding more gash into their wounds.

Consequently on 23rd September 1991, the Director Prosecution informed that the case was ‘un-fit’ for launching criminal prosecution. Therefore on October 21, 1991 the case was ‘’closed as untraced’’ by the police.

In 2004, the State Human Right Commission (recommending body) (SHRC) after hearing grievances from two people (one victim and one another) and later by others, recommended that the case be re-investigated. However, the DGP brushed aside the charges that were again brought forward. However, after pursuance from the SHRC, the DGP did admit to interrogation and torture and rape after consumption of liquor. Post this, the SHRC held the the Rajputana Rifle and the 68 Mountain Brigade accountable to the crime and ordered a re-probe and re-investigation to be headed by a Special Investigation Team [SIT] which was to be headed by an officer not below the rank of SSP but in a specific time period. However, the rigidity and stubbornness of the J&K government prevailed over the order and no action was taken. This went to such a great extent that not even an action report was filed.

This comes in complete contrast not only to the Section 19 (5) of the Jammu and Kashmir Protection of Human Rights but also to the Rights as defined under the fundamental rights of citizen in the Indian constitution as India does in all accord regard Jammu and Kashmir a part of the country and time and again has said that the ‘democratic’ voting done symbolizes that the citizens have accepted India as their nation. This also defies the preamble quoting and goes against the ethos as well as the ethics of the human right charter and finally against the humanity and it’s very moral and ethics.

The case was again re-opened in March 2013 when 50 women filed a Public Interest Litigation [PIL] in the court demanding justice. The shrewdness of the pillars of justice and the mechanisms involved to attain it yet again came forward when the J&K police filed a closure report immediately in the same month with the Kupwara Court of Sub-judge, Judicial Magistrate. Consequently, the PIL that had been filled was disposed of by the High court on the grounds that the judicial magistrate of Kupwara was capable enough to handle the investigation.

This filing of the PIL was not only countered as mentioned above but to do away with it, the advocate general of the J&K government talked of a certain unclear ‘High Level Committee’ of the government which was to meet on the 8th of May, 2013 and that also the case no longer held grounds as a closure report had been filed with the Kupwara court as well. Moreover, it was also stated that no compensation had been paid. This was also a contributory factor for the High court to dispose the PIL.

This act of the state and its institution met with a protest petition on the 10th of June, 2013 requesting the court to order further investigation under Section 173 (8) CrPC headed by a SIT as the police investigation was incomplete and affected by mala fides. However, the Chief Prosecuting Officer [CPO] filed a counter petition (unclear) stating that it was on the grounds of monetary compensation. Following was the terminology used in the petition:

“Under the garb of said recommendation of SHRC, the de-facto complaints are being advised to prefer protest petition, so that the recommendation of SHRC could be made applicable to others also….That after a gap of 22 years, the de-facto complaints have awakened from the sleep and have smartly tried to get this Hon’ble court convinced, that they were having no knowledge and have recently known about the closure report…”

SHRC, Jammu and Kashmir

However, on 18th June 2013, the Judicial Magistrate reprimanded the police for its laxity to file a closure report in 1991 and why hadn’t the police disclosed the identity of the 125 perpetrators in spite of the fact that the court had acknowledged of the rape and a SIT team was to head investigation by a personal not below the rank of SSP. Consequently on the 2nd July 2013, Abdul Jabbar, SSP Kupwara was appointed as the lead officer.

The incidents of 3rd July 2013 (keeping the victims waiting for five hours) and that of 30th July 2013 (summoning of victims who were no longer alive) show the seriousness of the police in its attempt to carry out the investigation with the duty assigned to it with utmost trust by a court of high stature. Consequently, an extension was appealed by the police for six months to carry out investigation. Another reason stated by them was that the unit (68 Mountain brigade) involved was no longer under the Brigade command of the area and time was required. The Judicial Magistrate, without consultation of the petitioners, granted a three month extension which shows the stature of the common problem riddled man.

The irony comes to the fact that the letter to the army took about two months of time and the so called high level committee meeting scheduled on 14th May 2013 also had shown no advancement which yet again shows the relation between the state and the affected and the seriousness the state has for its subjects.

Even after twenty two years of the incident, B.G. Varghese and K.V. Rao, who mastered the craft of treachery in the report ‘Crisis and Credibility’ still believe that the allegations were ‘bogus’ and ‘over-blown’ and that the Army could not be ‘blackmailed’. They made the following statement:

“The militant’s idea was to put the Army in a position of public shame and make people feel that the Army was a dangerous element itself making the Army reluctant to go into areas. They (rape victims) are victims not because they were raped but portrayed as having been raped. They were promoted as rape victims, and the sentence of social stigma was passed onto them.”(B.G. Varghese) (Interview to The Hindu)

“Molestation may have happened. But charges of rape were definitely not true.” It was “bad luck” for 4 RR, which became a victim of “powerful Pakistani propaganda”. (K.V. Rao)

Why has the army enjoyed so much of impunity? What is it that has really failed our system and the state to charge the army and reprimand it into the court if we are to be considered for one moment a ‘secular-democratic nation’ where the government is ‘of the people, by the people and for the people’

While writing this, an incident kept disturbing me again and again where justice was given to the brave rape victim (16th December 2012) who unfortunately lost her life but her life did not go in vain and she did come out as an inspiration and hope when all her culprits (except one due to being juvenile) were sentenced to death. In the concerned incident, the entire nation stood together and voiced their support for the demand of justice for the girl. The honorable media covered and debated and aired everything possible to the extent that the defendant lawyer had to tell the judge that the decision had to be taken on intellect ground and not on emotional grounds by taking the media as an influential mode.

Delhi Anti rape protest

Where is the media now? Why have they failed to cover the incident in the same manner on grounds of humanity and as per the ethos and grounds on which the media should function? Why have the people, especially those residing outside the state of Jammu and Kashmir and working on human rights, have consistently failed to bring into light this rape incident? Why has there been a total black out created over the Indian state and its masses about such mass brutality and torture? Why has the government chosen to remain ignorant about the human rights violations that are taking place in Kashmir? Perhaps the truth is too costly to be told. Perhaps power is mighty and justice blind.

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  1. Gourav Jain

    Media is not what is seems like. Media Houses have become business hub only and they cover stories which can help them make profit. NEWS is just a commodity to them. NEWS channels are just a name, they are purely entertainment channels where news is a secondary concern.

    Thankfully Print Media isn’t dead and atleast we can know about some real NEWS. And thank to bloggers and webmasters like you Anshul bhai who have brought mediums like “Youth ki Awaaz” where we get to know about stuff which affect us all.

  2. Veer Subhash

    I never understand why Youth ki Awaaz is so Anti-India, Anti- Hindu, and Anti-Modi. Its even somewhat understandable that you overwhelmingly publish articles against Modi or even Hindu traditions, but why this disregard against the Indian Army ?
    That being said, I will never underestimate the dignity of any woman anywhere in India or in the world, but isolated incidents should not be used to tarnish the image of the state/
    Dear Activist, get up from your arm chair and see what wars leads to in conflict area and times such as LTTE/Jafana, US vs Iraq, Bangladesh 1971, WWII and so on.
    Indian Army has a much better track record of Human Rights than any army. India has restrained herself, inspite of being 3rd largest Army, to a far greater level than US, Israel, Sri Lanka, or even Pakistan.

    Lastly, I seriously doubt the authenticity of this writer ..

    1) Couple of the photoes here are from Pakistan run State TV Channel.
    2) Name Anna looks very fancy and incomplete. No link on his name, and is it just a co incidence that he chosed the most popular south Indian name ?
    3) No Indian, atleast one who read or writes columns, can forget that the Delhi Bus Gang Rape occured on 16th and not 12th of December.

    1. Varsha

      So what you mean to say, is that , because the Indian army has a better ‘track’ record than US, Israel and a boast able level of Human rights actions , they have a right to rape women in India and raping a whole village is JUST an isolated incident! We should surely applaud them for scoring low against the crimes that took place in LTTE/Bangladesh wars, right?

    2. saem hashmi

      Arguments based on total blindness and from well-fed bourgeois thriving for opinion on the instruments of state rather than visting and exploring are redundant. This argument was the best on measuring Indian army on how less of a brutality they have done in comparison to US army….. Perhaps I shall kill someone and say, “Look militants in Kashmir have killed more. So I am very in-existential then in regards to murders.”
      Its a shame to hear from our own county men to turn a blind eye on the issue of Kashmir but still stand tall for heinous crimes in the main land India. Humanity has seriously died down.

    3. KungFuPanda

      Saem, you lost everyone who make “arguments” with “proofs”, in your first line , the moment you used that many words. Next thing you, you’ll be accused of using big words to confuse people and questioned on why you are only comparing your killing to militants in Kashmir & not elsewhere. bam, you are now, also, a ‘sickularist’ & ‘anti-national’.
      All that said, when logic, evidence & plain-ol-humanity is not the sole requirement to convince someone, what would be?
      I stand with you on your view & I completely agree with you, what I am addressing here, is plain & simple. Why is that the more violent lie, with instability , gets across better than ground realities & facts? What , honestly, would get people to SEE, forget subscribe or agree?

    4. saem hashmi

      hats off to ur arguments. Couple of fotos by Pakistani news channel. reminds me of a comment on the facebook post of this article:
      Youth ki Awaaz taking neighbouring state funds….. Get real.

    5. saem hashmi

      You second point is pretty racist. generalization and stereotyped as the reply.

    6. KungFuPanda

      okay so I suppose you being the time traveller here, have seen all these wars and what they lead to, and not just read it somewhere online or through some tv channel(on another note, do flying skateboards ever get made in the future?? :O)
      The misquoted date, is something that can’t really be overlooked or made light of, agreed, it shows poor proof reading and fact checking. But the rest? oh yes, Pakistan run state TV channels have only photoshopped and morphed cgi shit ALL the time. Pakistan?? show actual PHOTOS?? haha, no way man!!!
      Okay, so a name that has a high probability of appearing, is suspicious when it appears. wow. what? Next time, try providing less embarrrassing things in your own arguments that show how poor they are.
      And yes, authenticity of writer, is what you would attack, instead of authenticity of the content.
      But then again, considering how you never understand so many imaginary things, I can sympathise with your inability to understand simple, real things 🙂

    7. Shadab

      I wish your relatives and your own mother, sister and daughter are part of such an isolated incidents (numerous though).
      Then we would love to see your nationalism and upholding army, war crimes and modi.

  3. Truth_will_prevail

    Respected Madam,

    1. How about if you focus on the bravery of our soldiers during the Kargil war or on their day-to-day bravery during the counter terrorism operations in Kashmir?

    2. Why don’t you write an article about how our soldiers rendered an excellent service to the nation and specifically to the State of Uttarakhand during the floods?

    3. Or at the least why don’t you research on how some of our very own villages bordering Pakistan, give tactical support to the terrorists (especially in the Kashmir, this is a well known fact). How about you write an article on those traitors?

    It’s easy to criticize and write some Bull-**** article sitting in your cozy home/office. Go to the field and try to know what it’s to be out there and to defend your country from the animal like terrorists and hostile neighbors. Then I am sure the truth of what ‘really goes on’ will dawn upon you.

    And most importantly SHAME on you ‘Youthkiawaaz’ for publishing articles like these. Shame on you.

    1. saem hashmi

      does it hurt you to know the other faces of brutality? Of course dere is no denial of the bravery of our soldiers which makes us proud. I have been on field works in Kashmir but I am sorry to disappoint you that this article matches to the problems of the people. The funny thing is why can’t one present the other side of the story? and I feel extremely sorry for your comments of calling rape of women by army men as bull shit which shows your understanding and respect for women in our society. You accept militancy arguments yet fail to accept the other side of the story. Please do not be disappointed but I am extremely sorry to say that a coin has two sides. The head was told by you and the tail by anna. cheers.

    2. Neha Jha

      Hey, soldiers do commit such atrocities. If you haven’t been there and faced all of that, you don’t have the right to mock her for speaking what is right! And, I have myself read an article about this issue in the newspaper. Yes, soldiers ought to be respected. But, its not like you start protecting them even when they commit crimes. They are to protect us, not devour our bodies!

    3. KungFuPanda

      Quote: “It’s easy to criticize and write some Bull-**** article sitting in your cozy home/office”

      Now would you kindly, apply that logic to your comment, please? wow, you just did the same thing, except, your inability to research or write an article, reduced your words to a bunch of points that have nothing to do with the issue being addressed(of course, now, you will insist that they do, so I might suggest you bother backing that up with a why, to spare you the question)

      And since you, are omnipresent & omnipotent, and know what ‘really goes on’, what are you doing on a website that isn’t even a leading daily or an instrumental body in anything(no offence to you guys :P), typing out comments on the internet? Why aren’t you, the most resourceful amongst us stupid naxalite left leaning swanky upper middle class pseudo intellectual filth, making yourself useful by telling people what ‘really goes on’ with evidence (that is not some ‘website’, but a proper report., for heavens sake. if the word evidence is lost on you, please, please do look it up)

    4. Kimmy

      I have heard that its Pakistani army dressed in other army costumes doing all this to put bad name on opposite country. I can also accept it as fact because there are evidences in Pakistan where such things happen. Indian army don’t have any such history. Its all planned politically by them I believe. Where ever whatever happen why Modi sir has to be involved. I am a Brit, no concern on whatever by a historian who collects evidences on all. I can surely suggest this isn’t true of Indian army. Atleast they are honest as compared to people who are sitting and commenting against some specific group

  4. varun

    Dear Writer and Management,

    Of late I am seeing Pro Naxalistic and anti national views by this mouthpiece. Interesting to Note that where were you when Kashmiri pandits were brutally raped? Where were you when Kashmiri pandits were cut into pieces by limb to limb, where were you when Pandits were tied in front of Masjids. Is this the one way secularism you preach?

    There are districts in Kerala where even today Hindu girls are raped and not even a heed is given by Liberal leftist westernized media!

    1. KungFuPanda

      Where were you when xyz article about crime abc appeared on newspaper pqr? Does it state anywhere that any of the lives you mention are less important than the ones in this article? Does this article, ever ASK ANYONE to ignore the rest of the crimes?
      Also, since you are human , why didn’t you mention of similiar crimes in Rwanda or Mexico? Are you being racist? If I go by your line of argument and extend it to other examples, that fall under terms set by YOUR argument, it still ends as an embarrassing failure. I suggest all you people who resort to diversion & escapism, to at least examine their arguments before posting them, IF & ONLY IF

      1) You want to be taken seriously by people who do not already subscribe to your views & would hence have no problem with your argument (in which case I don’t see why you bother saying it aloud any where else but within your yes-men peer group, so I suppose you are intelligent enough to want more than this.)

      2) You really want to hold a conversation, and learn from everyone & actually help improve things in an inclusive manner,

      If none of this got across to you, well, have a nice day I guess, nothing more to say here.

    2. Akshay

      Well said

    3. Kimmy

      This possibly tells what is truth. I have witnessed of this. On the name of religion who fights and than when counter attacked sits and cries. Stop acting as if you are true Indian and because you are tortured you became terrorists. The real fact is that: look at the conditions of Hindus, Sikh’s in pakistan. What they live is a hell. Any look at the condition of Muslims in India is. They are trying to do the same thing again. Want to kill all Hindus than claim its Islamic religion than becom part of so called Pakistan. This will continue till people like – the ones who are sitting and commenting here won’t stop. They are mo ones. See what they are doing to there own people in Baloch. All are killed because they want to live. Pakistan isnt letting there women learn. Literacy rate of Women in Baloch is 2%. Where as you are in India hence have more freedom and literacy rate. More effective democracy, more food to eat, more respect in world. Try for Visa with name of Pakistan and its rejected. Thats what Kashmiris are looking for I guess. Loosing all respect by cheating on there own country. PLEASE DONT REPLY TO THIS COMMENT BECAUSE I WILL NOT BOTHER TO READ IT. BECAUSE IT WILL NOT BE TRUE, IT WILL JUST BE ANTI INDIAN STATEMENT.

      Dear Varun – I truely feel someone has vision to see the world and judge. Thanks to have guts to speak the reality

  5. Abhijit

    I see a lot of “Where were you” and “Why don’t you concentrate more on” comments here. You disturb me more than the incident itself.

    I will answer this question, the same way I answered it to my friend’s “Why are you doing this now” question.

    Just because they did not talk about the Kashmiri Pandits being raped, does it make this issue any less important, any less painful and gruesome? Just because the Army has been brave in Kargil, should we give them the license to rape villages? Are they above the law?

    Come out of your twisted ideologies and accept the problems India is facing. Stop having this blind faith in the Army or India as a whole. You are doing the nation no good unless you accept it’s shortcomings. India is made up of it’s people, the army-men are humans too, and they can be criminals just as well. What happened here is CRIME, but just like the many committees that were set up to hide the truth and cheat the country, most people think the same way. It is SAD and ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING to see that we as citizens are so blind to our own problems.


    If you really love your country try to be less blind, all of you, and try then think about making it the best country ever. Cause as of now, it isn’t.

    1. Prabhat

      well said

    2. Kimmy

      Oh poor you. You are blind folded. I am not even an Indian still I know what is happening there. Do you even know whats the fact? If it is a prosecution by Indian army its always well planned. I don’t say they don’t do any crimes, but this can’t be true. Some one cannot commit a crime officially in uniforms. COMMON SENSE IS MISSING OF THIS STORY. PLEASE BE CARE FUL.

  6. Yashashwi Sharma

    If you understand the procedure how officer are selected from normal man & women and how much influence they have on there subordinates you would’ve blamed them.Army personal(jawans) they very well know there fundamental duties so I consider this blame half true and As per my views des must be the agonist in military dress who carried out this inhuman activitie.

    1. saem hashmi

      I think the highest institution in our country is to be blamed as in the end there is a line of command being followed which falls in accordance to ur arguments… Cheers 🙂

    2. KungFuPanda

      Oh nice, as per my view, you are an alien with a potato for a brain. Going by the level of evidence or backing we both have for our arguments, I’d say we make the same amount of sense.
      Accusing, needs something to back it up besides your views…You of course, have every right to express them, no issues regarding that. Just telling you what anyone would ask for, if they bothered to know instead of just subscribe without question. Of course, if what you are doing is trying to build your tribe of like minded individuals, this, would be an extremely efficient way to do so.

  7. Akhil Kumar

    Can’t thank you enough for this, a brilliant piece. This story of state terrorism and repression needs to be shared far and wide, lest we forget.

  8. Sam India

    I remember how devastated I felt when I read about this incident the first time. However, I must say that it was reassuring and pleasing to have scrolled down to the comments section to see people (in spite of being few) advocate enforcement of law against the criminal whosoever it may be.

  9. Vaibhav Jain

    What surprises me is the fact that there hasnt been a single mention of what happened prior to 1991. The mass exodus of kashmiri pandits is rarely spoken of. They were asked to leave their property and women behind. or convert or die. All of this just to establish a stupid sharia compliant state.

    I know of many anti india kashmiris, who not only hate India but also the hindus. staunch pakistan supporters and want to convert every non-muslim. The plight of the kashmiri pandits has gone unheard coz only those voices are heard who carry rdx along with them. The pandits have not pelted a single stone in past 20 years. And all of them support the Indian army. The army was not demonic before 1989. Only after an entire civilization was wiped out, did the army intervene and these unfortunate incidents took place.

    The condition of minorities in kashmir is similar to that of pak btw. and much worse the rest of indian states. God only knows what would have happened had the kashmiri muslims been given freedom and left the pandits at their mercy. condition similar to pakistan.

    1. KungFuPanda

      I completely agree with how Kashmiri Pandits/Hindus in Pakistan are not really spoken about or mentioned, when we bring back stories of how crimes of this magnitude occurred but went unnoticed. But that doesn’t necessarily, let you demonise and make little of a community that has also suffered abuse. This sickening thing of siding, immediately, with ppl of our religion/colour/caste/community, wherever they are the victims, & chastising the other, wherever they are the perpetrators, is a rather regressive outlook, I’d say. As unequal & selectively ignorant, as all the arguments you accuse of being so. If you want to keep quoting history, we can play at this forever. I suppose that should communicate to you, what I see as being recessive in your argument. Also, I would strongly suggest you read the history of Kashmir before making sweeping general statements. I know more than a few kashmiri pundits who are against what is going on and don’t support the army as well as kashimiri muslims who have sheltered kashmiri pundits. If you would rather have more disturbing instances where both were subjected to cruelty, please do look up what happened when tribal militia from Pakistan, at that point, were quite brutal when the aid of Pakistan was sought by a few when India was being created. It is a question of going beyond x, abusing, y. and trying to get people to see why abuse in itself is wrong. UNTIL we stop diverting every mention of an instance,. I doubt we will ever move forward. If you really, are intent on exposing the side of the story, that you have researched well & backed up, I suggest you upload it, I am serious. But if you, like the rest of us here, are only willing to sit and refer wikipedia or biased propaganda sources, as evidence, it’s a pity I bothered to even type all this out to someone who pretty much is immune to anything but his own views.

    2. Shadab

      kashmiri pandits were not driven out by other kashmiris but it was propaganda and design of the then governor Jagmohan, who wanted the Hindu Kahsmiris out, so that he can annihilate and subjugate the Muslim kashmiris. He had a fear kashmiri pundits could be used as hostage by the kashmiri muslims and render his annihilation design a failure.
      But despite all his heinous designs, it was more a loss for poor pundits, though the kashmiri muslim is still suffering from both the indian and pakistani side.

    3. Rushabh

      300,000 people left their homes just because a man called jagmohan said to do so?This is where the problem of kashmiri’s is.You,muslims,should accept that pandit’s exodus was due to islamic militancy(not targeting whole community).Also pandit’s should join fight against afspa,but till this jagmohan bullshit theory exists, I am afraid you need more more thing never try to malign Army for human right violence which are committed by disgraceful soldiers,We don,t blame whole religion for terrorist attacks,for people like me army is no less than a religion.

      All the best for peace.

    4. Raj

      100% Wright Rushabh. Britishers want to spoil India name. Kashmir was made by British so I don't trust on British news paper what they mentioned.

    5. Kimmy

      Oh yes. That the only thing these mad NUTS can do.

  10. Prabhat

    Being a part of this conversation maybe is not what i deserve considering the kind of knowledge i have. But still, commenting here is my right, and helping the cause of the discussion is my duty.
    This discussion has an essence, and the essence lies in the article written, which is not against the Indian army. Yes my so called patriot friends, this article is not against the Indian army. This article is for the people who have been on the receiving end of the atrocities of a part of the Indian army. And, the writer has done the homework well enough, and even to my low iq level brain, the essence of the article has been clear. And it is not anti Hindu, anti Modi, anti India or anti Indian army. It is really a pro India article which talks about the wrongdoings of a part of the system against people who are citizens of India.

    The crooked idea that anything done by the Indian army is to save India from Pakistan funded militancy, is not able to take me away from feeling the grave danger this article portrays. The danger that, the very ideals of India as a country, the Preamble, the Fundamental rights are failing in this particular case. And sorry for being personal, but as the Constitution of India is the only thing I actually believe in, this incidence is like a personal blow.

    This discussion took wrong turns when issues like Kargil war, Kashmiri pandits, Pakistan funding were brought forward, because they have nothing to do with the essence of discussion here.

    Now I will try to answer few questions still unanswered.
    The army personnel cannot be tried just like any other criminals in any court of India for one simple reason. They do not enjoy all the rights we people enjoy. I am not being emotional here, and not talking about rights of being with family and all. I have article 33 of the Indian Constitution to back my findings, even the fundamental rights of armed personnel can be abrogated by the State of India. Hence there has been different ways to proceed in case of army atrocities.

    But this simple fact, was not there to be used to hide hideous acts of the Indian army, it was to safeguard the nation as a whole, and in this context, the whole nation has suffered with the women brutally raped, and then their very right of impartial judicial proceeding taken away from them.
    And impartial judicial purview is another basic feature of the Indian Constitution (Supreme Court verdict in kesavananda bharti case).

    What was right at that time is very easy to judge for a clear mind who still believes in the system we are a part of. But what was right was not done from the very starting moment, and all the chances to correct on it were lost as the article concludes. The system if implicated in rightful manner, is the best possible answer to all the questions, but if corrupted bye corrupt ways, then is a problem in itself.

    This particular discussion seeks, and I seek, and I know the writer and every reader seeks one and very simply only one thing. And the one thing is that, if the Indian government truly believes Kashmir is a part of India, then by correcting the wrongdoings, by punishing the evil doers, by compensating the victims and by reinforcing the equal law for all in the state, it can still redefine the definition of Kashmir, and it still can give us a state, all can agree on.

  11. Abhimanyu Saxena

    I ashamed to be indian…..if at all army relly did this.

  12. sanidhya

    I dont believe a single pie of it, the rape incident happened around 2yrs back when the victim told that the kidnappers-so called “Army Men” were wid them for 48 hrs.
    Can U believe that an Army Personnel can stay away from his unit for such long time. Often militants flaunt the Army Uniform in Kashmir, one can’t identify them

  13. SGN

    BS with capitals, I dont believe a word written in this article, specially when you see photographs from paki media and an author name mystifying his origins …. sounds more like a Paki …

  14. Affan

    Indian army is a bunch of rapers, one day Kashmir will get justice. Very soon

    1. Kimmy

      Stop interferring in India’s business you Paki. Please go and save balochistan

  15. ishfaq u Rehman

    Comment *it is ashamed to b indians & his soldiers…i m a inhabitant of concerned
    kunan poshpora…But india is really failed to give justice fr us…..we will continue our struggle till justice…tnx

    1. Kimmy

      Oh so Mr Citizen what have you done to get the result? Start commenting anti India. WOW, THATS SO MUCH OF YOU

  16. ishfaq u Rehman

    Comment *we will cntnue our struggle till justice

  17. MK

    I never knew much about this incident before, but I am guessing that since there were so many cover ups and there was no widespread internet back in 1991, the events didn't reach people's attention. Th recent Indian incident was widely reported globally, and through that lens India's reputation was trashed because although that was a heinous case, there is a problem of such violence in the country. Anyways, it was a sort of turning point, but these sorts of things do happen all over India, and justice is very difficult to attain, because the law and order system is a massive disappointment and some people's attitudes allow such backward things to happen. That one incident rightfully exposed this hidden rot in Indian society to the world, because women are at times badly treated by society, and by comparison, the people who inflict such atrocities are uncivilized. Justice is the Delhi case still has not really been served, but that is however another story. The Kashmir incident is very similar to what happened in Punjab in 1984, in fact it is sort of the same thing. There was a movie on this called “sadda haq” also. These people are obviously the lowest of the low. Sorry about what the Kashmiris suffered. I don't know about the civil conflict in the area but it must be called a war crime however. To top it off the conflict in Kashmir is still ongoing is it? It's always the innocent who suffer because of the violence of evil. Hopefully, your resilience will pull you through.
    This is a bit off topic but “Dil Se” was a movie that touched upon this tragedy. God bless the people of Kashmir. I hope there will be peace there and that you brave people confront this horrendous past and reach inner peace. As for a national apology, some sort of validation, I don't know when or if that will come, but I hope your scars will heal and you can move forward one day.
    Just did a quick fact check, and the Punjab insurgency which had similar atrocities actually happened around the same time, gruesomely.

  18. Naimish

    India me problem hai to chale jao yaha se traitors
    We dont need you,..

  19. nayan mipun

    feb 28, 2016, I hope the police and armed forces does not do the same to the parliamentarians,

  20. saim

    today it is kashmir tomorrow it will be jharkhand, bihar, chattisgarh, sikkim, assam, delhi, mumbai, karnataka, andhra, goa, kerela, rajasthan, gujrat, punjab, haryana, madhya pradesh and so on…. raise your voice for kashmir before it will be too late

  21. rocker

    i would like to enlighten all who believe this to be true.actually majority of villagers were militant sympathizers.and people of village including women helped militants giving wrong information to indian army which led to the killing of 8-10 army personnel.but for most of u soldiers join army to die.their lives mean nothing.hence this fact is completely order to teach them them lesson they abducted around 10 villagers including women who were directly involved in this.yes they were tortured and beaten but were not raped.what else one expects from someone who was betryed and 10-12 members of unit have lost their lives.militants took advantage of this scenario and came wearing military uniforms and raped women.villagers being pro militants accused indian army. now tell me are soldiiers sitting ducks that anyone can play with their lives.just because they hv joined army doesnt make their lives any cheaper.

  22. rocker

    my father at that time was posted in kashmir.thats y i know this

  23. FK

    My uncle was also posted in Kashmir at that time but after that incident he left BSF and joined teaching at village….shame on BSF

  24. Karan Raj Kapoor

    The villager who can pick ISIS, and Pakistani flags and shout Pro pakistan slogans, who will trust them that they do not hate India and just want to defame Indian army. It clearly shows that they are militant sympathizer and so frame charges after 10 days by their defaming plan. Army beat them because they give shelter to pakistani terrorist and then they play victim card. There was no rape by any indian army soldier but many find that terrorist disguised as indian army soldier torture kashmiri. Don’t spread half truth and propaganda. India gives freedom and liberty equally to all its citizens including kashmiri. They chose their government and itself govern kashmir.

  25. Anion Kaushal

    i am an amateur blogger and i am writing a blog on uri killings and in the blog am also focusing on the atrocities in the valley. sir all i ask is that is this info legitimate? because only then i will use the info because sir i hope you realise its a sensitive topic and the authencity of the info is important

  26. Ariba Zaidi

    The Indian army is the reason Kashmir and it’s people will never see this country as their own. By virtue of having power over them, the army has exploited people of the valley not only through rape but disappearances, torture and inhuman practices. This isn’t the first time it happened and given the morals of the Indian army, pretty sure it wasn’t the last. People respect the army for fighting to keep us safe while it is armed men like these who exploit their very worth and disgrace not only their very institution, but the people who ensure their existence and they are a huge let down for Indian today as they are a big part of what keeps Indians from being proud of their own ground. If there was a penny for every atrocity they have carried out in Kashmir, those people wouldn’t need a salary for as long as they love because that’s how much, how deep rooted and how traumatic the pain they have inflicted on Kashmir is.

    1. Ariba Zaidi

      * live
      *India today

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