AAP To Create History In The Delhi Assembly

Posted on December 23, 2013 in Politics

By Mayank Jain:

The games have just begun. Political chess in Delhi which was being played over the course of last year has finally taken a climaxing turn with Aam Aadmi Party deciding to form minority government in Delhi.

This comes as a surprise to many who thought the party is against BJP and Congress’ policies and would protest against those no matter what, but Congress’ unconditional support to AAP has just changed the game. It might prove to be a valuable backdoor entry for them while BJP still gets to sit on sidelines for now.

It will be interesting to see how far it gets in its motive to wipe off corruption and secure basic minimum necessities for every common man with congress on its side. BJP on the other hand, is calling this combination a farce to the public and a disservice on AAP’s part by aligning with the “corrupt Congress”.

AAP has released a video through its Facebook page where it drew a clear line between itself and keeping BJP and Congress as opposition. The party highlighted that Congress will get no ministries and they will still come after corrupt ministers from both BJP and Congress. The video is on its way to getting viral all over and people are becoming a party to this unprecedented charged up atmosphere.

For now BJP as well as Congress finds itself in a position of fix because AAP’s actions might reverberate through the country and it just might spoil their 2014 plans too. General elections are due in the first half of next year, all over the country and BJP would have liked to have re-elections in Delhi at that time, but this is a new possibility which no one had thought of.

The game will get interesting in the coming few weeks when we try to count AAP’s promises vs. delivery and it will get heated up as 2014 draws nearer. For now, nobody knows what the future holds and there is so much to be focused on. The only thing about democracy that’s certain is that it is always interesting!