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Dear Hrithik Roshan, Regarding Your Weepy Divorce Letter

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By Rita Banerji:

Dear Hrithik Roshan,

I have received your tear-soaked letter about your impending divorce. It was duly delivered at 6 a.m. on December 14, at my doorstep in both my weekend newspapers. In fact it was in the headlines, on the front page of both newspapers! At first I was angry. I thought these idiots are copying off each other, and just fooling me into paying for two different subscriptions. But then I thought, what if this is a matter of utmost national importance? And so I read your letter slowly and carefully, registering all the critical information it gave, in both newspapers.

Hrithik and Ssussane

I am proud to say that I’m now enlightened. You say that it was “Sussanne [who] has decided to separate from me and end our 17 year relationship.” Clearly, it was not you who decided to separate from her! In fact you lay emphasis on that by saying “I am a firm believer in this institution [of marriage] and respect and honour it at the highest level.” I get your drift Hrithik. You believed in your marriage, and you respected and honoured it, but Sussanne didn’t! For her it was just a piece of paper that she didn’t think twice about ripping up and throwing into the trash, right? Oh! What shallow values!

In fact I was shocked to hear you say that your “treatment is going well” and you “should be able to resume [your] life in every way very soon.” Should be able very soon? That means you are still not fully well after your ill-health and operation, and are struggling to recover! Awwh! Bad woman, Sussanne, leaving poor you in this state! Very mean! Very cold-hearted.

In fact I’d say, you are better rid of her Hrithik. You are such a warm, caring, man, you deserve better. In fact I wept to see how in the middle of the worst crises of your life, you weren’t thinking about yourself, you were more worried about your fans. I have to admit, I am one of your biggest fans (though I hurry to add — of your dancing, and not so much your acting). I wept, to see how much you care about us…me. You say, “I do not wish this news to dis-empower my fans and the people about the institution of marriage in any way.” That is super sweet! You are worried that because of your divorce your fans will all rush to the courts like herds of trampling elephants to get their divorce papers.

No worries there Hrithik! Most Indian wives are not like Sussanne. They are loyal to the core and won’t leave a marriage even if it kills them! I mean that both figuratively and also literally. They will allow their selves, their individualities, their hopes, their dreams, their desires, their needs, their self-esteem, in fact everything they have, to be killed — but they will not leave the marriage. They will tolerate physical, emotional and psychological abuse, but they will remain true to the institution, respecting and honouring it at the highest level, just like you! In fact they will stare death in the face, and still not leave. No one can convince them to leave, and if you try to make them, they fly right back, like the bird to its nest. Like true Bharatiya naris, which unfortunately Sussanne is not, they make sure that it is only their arthi, their dead bodies that leaves their husbands’ houses! I can testify to this personally Hrithik, from my work with Indian women, to assure you that your divorce is not going to inspire any of these women to leave their marriages.

So chin up Hrithik. Wipe your tears, and be brave and free like that Krrish character you play in your movies! And next time, I don’t want your tear-soaked letter on the front page of my newspaper. Let us be kind and give that space to people who really have something to cry about. For instance the 600 million people who go to bed hungry in India, who Sonia Gandhi fought so hard for with her blood and tears, to get them the food security bill. She was just like you. So unselfish, not even caring about her ill-health and her life, to fight and care for the public — in public. But the public is far more perceptive than she assumed. It left her in tears by not even rewarding her with its votes! See now, that’s another lesson to learn Hrithik.

Wishing you a brand new, and healthy perspective on life!

Your fan and well-wisher,

Rita Banerji

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  1. jeeka7

    Dear Rita Banerji,
    1) please unsubscribe your both newspapers because a journalist writes the headlines not Hrithik roshan
    2) Don’t worry..divorce will still happen in India as Divorce lawyers don’t want to go out of business.
    a hrithik fan

  2. anishinspace

    Did she have anything wrong put in her morning coffee?

    1. debo

      i think so too….how cn u comment on sumones personal life without knwin all d facts…its der life….its der right to decide wt n how they want…today baratia naris r much more independent n strong….stop being a jerk …and learn to respect all a true bharatia….

  3. Harleen Bedi

    Lol. What the hell is the purpose of this 500 word article?
    To mock 3 sentences long statement of Hrithik Roshan?
    YKW please publish articles that provide strong perspective like you guys always do, instead of publishing personal views on what an actor said about his private life!

  4. Sone Ki Chidiya

    Blame the journalists and a man is free to write whatever he wants to on his social media page. If were trying to be overly sarcastic and smart, I am sorry, it did not help. You write well, why not write about better issues? 🙂

  5. Zeeela (@Zeeela)

    Well being his well wisher i still feel his wife u should realise her mistake and get back to him he really needs her right now also they have got separated for time being not divorced so i m hopeful they will stick together.

  6. Parvathi

    Excuse me, but please address this highly enlightening letter of yours to the newspapers who chose to publish Hrithik’s letter on the front page! I’m no devout fan of Hrithik Roshan, but I definitely will back him on this one. The press were hounding him for a statement after the news of his divorce ( obviously, because well… accept it, in India people are obsessed about Celebrity Gossip) and the guy just gave out a statement. And I’m pretty sure he didn’t mean it in the chauvinistic light you have painted it with. Saying that it was Suzanne who wished for the divorce or that he hopes his fans won’t stop believing in the institution of marriage are perfectly normal/ rational statements.
    If anyone is to blame here, it is the media who give too much importance to these issues over socially relevant ones, but then again the media favours the news that garners the most public attention!

    It’s no use really, because everywhere celebrity scandal is regular journalism gold.

  7. desaianiruddha

    I do not approve of this piece on multiple levels..I am not a fan of Hrithik or Suzanne, but news of anyone’s divorce is bitter..! The reasons i feel that this piece is a tad off track is that
    1> Hrithik cannot be blamed for the letter being on the front page…He has more than enough money as well as clout and charm to get even his used underwear on the front page if necessary….It is the morale less editors of these papers who put in these news and letters on the front page to grab the attention of the so called million fans… which brings up point…
    2> That there will undoubtedly be hundreds and thousands of couples in distress, who would in fact want to take this divorce as a benchmark for placing down their own papers..
    If your eyes have been closed this long…Open them, and you will see that the actual Do-Die followers of these people are not so much in the cosmopolitan sector or the (logically educated, as I prefer to call them), as there are in the masses (People with limited access to education and free will)..They imitate everything that these actors do on stage and off it..! What makes you so confident that they will not imitate this divorce..!!
    I intend to offend no one…Just some thoughts…!!

  8. Thodaanga

    Dear Rita Banerji,

    The funniest part of your attempted piece was perhaps the title, which did catch my attention, but after that it sounded worse than the very letter you very talking about. Please, take a few lessons in humor writing before you put your struggle with the genre, in public domain. Read up Ashish Shakya or Tanmay Bhat, for starters.

    best wishes

  9. Jiggy:)

    As much as your views are respected, you should for instance consider the fact that he (Hrithik) did not ask the newspapers to put up this on the front page. It is solely the decision of the editor! If you are so smart and hold so much passion about the world and its issues, how is it that you’re writing an entire article being a satire?
    It shows nothing but the fact that you yourself are looking for nothing but mere gossip.
    I think their divorce is first of all a very personal thing, but him being a celebrity has to announce it formally to the court for various reasons. Don’t be such a hater.

  10. Sumedha Bharpilania

    I love whatever you write Ms Banerji, but for this particular piece, don’t you think you’ve taken things (read: sarcasm) a bit too far? This comes from someone who has a lot of respect for you. Let’s just cut these folks some slack? 🙂

  11. NOt_chauvinist_not_overly_feminist

    Seriously? Do you honestly think this rant of female submission had to be inserted here? At first I thought that this post will be aptly about the degradation of media, posting such trivial things on front page. But instead of not giving a f*** to the letter and bashing media, you decide to push your all time ready feminist rant in this mundane matter. Do you know why exactly they divorced?, what their relationship was like?, what freedom Hrithik and Susanne enjoyed? Was their ever some information shedding light on how misogynistic Hrithik mistreated Susanne, that I’m unaware of? Yes, that might be a possibility, but just because their is a possibility, one does not have to jump to conclusions and start crying about it. The letter might have been stupid as hell, but making assumptions about someones personal lives and declaiming and stereotyping them is equally if not more stupid. You are a journalist, you do good work by spreading awareness and bringing issues to light, please do it where it is needed rather than bellowing on these stupid issues that our crappy media brings.

  12. RB

    i think this is written in a really bad taste, why should we have a right to make some one of someones misery… Terrible.

  13. stootea

    People who are criticising this article should know that Hrithik Roshan has no right to act like Bambi after cheating on his wife at least TWICE, and also that, as public figures, their actions influence people in our, and I’m sorry about this, really gullible and idiotic society which easily believes any shit said against women. Also, I can understand why this article may seem to be in poor taste, as the writer never explains what is irking her, but if she did, it would be slanderous. Let me put it simply : information is never innocent or true OR false, it always serves to benefit certain people, and in this case, it could be a sympathy seeking adulterer.

    1. Aditi

      I don’t know anything about his cheating, simply because I don’t follow his life, but your comment is so beautifully spot on about not just this- bringing a private matter out into the public, in national dailies no less- but in general. You’re right, all communication is supposed to serve some purpose, and the letter writer’s purpose seems to have been blatant self indulgence, as well as public manipulation of people who do follow his life and work by subtly vilifying his partner.

    2. adya00

      you must be really close with him. So when did he confide in you about his extra marital affairs?

    3. adya00

      And you know he cheated her twice because he called you up and told you how good it was?

  14. Chithra Unni

    That is so true! Making the wife sound like the villan.. stupid hrithik

    1. Rohina

      Rightly said .. Hrithik is just trying to gain public sympathy by putting all the blame on his wife ..

  15. adya00

    This seems a bit too much. A man’s allowed to be sad. He never said a single word about wanting his wife to behave like ‘abla Sita’. He seems to respect her decision, and as far as I recall the news came out quite peacefully and without spite.

  16. dreamsofabillion

    Often writers, authors and commentators develop a sense of unflattering arrogance which spins their sarcasm out of the extent that even a conditioned reader cant see the difference between the point being made and the reflection pure egotism of the author. I dont care about Hrithik Roshan (except his exceptional work in Jodha Akbar) but to hold him, even if partially, responsible for “headlines on the front page of both newspapers” is not his fault but the deplorable state of media and tabloidization of main stream news. But to see it from another angel, actors hold an extremely important role in the Indian society, that can be separately debated and its not surprising or disappointing that something like this makes it to the front page.

    I dont want to hate on the author, she seems to be a very qualified lady in her field, but I would still caution her and the readers of the first point of this comment.

  17. Shreya

    Dear Ms. Banerjee, it was not as if Hritik was dying for you or anyone else for that matter to read his ‘tear-soaked letter’ in the paper. In fact, it was not even a ‘tear-soaked’ letter. It was just a plain statement issued to the press once and for all so that they for God’s sake stop invading his privacy on this issue and let him and his family be in peace. If you don’t want to read a particular piece in the paper, you are free to not read it. But lashing out at the person about whom the report is and blaming him for getting the report in the paper in the first place, is not a wise and mature behavior at display.

    Also, the way the article is written, is extremely mean, and certainly not in good taste. You don’t want to be sympathetic towards a man who is going through a broken marriage, it’s fine, but the least that you can do then is just not bother about it and let him be in peace. You certainly don’t go about being so insensitively sarcastic about it, when as you mentioned you are not even interested in what is happening in his life, and when it is none of your business either.

  18. Anirudh

    Interesting points raised regarding the language used in the letter. However, I interpreted some parts of the letter a bit differently, for example “Susanne has decided to separate from me” seemed a positive wording to me because it showed that she also has equal decision making powers in a relationship and it was she who made the decision. But, the rest of the analysis on the text is interesting and just shows how something written without much consideration can subliminally be interpreted in all the wrong ways. Nice work for that!

  19. Avi

    Dear Maam,

    What you wrote looks like yet another extract from the newspaper you ripped and threw early morning.. 😀 There was no need to grim on his short message, however self-centered it seemed to you. What best do you expect out of a person who has just fallen apart? Do you think he is looking forward to publicity in such a wretched state?
    ahhh..come on! get some air.. and let him be.. you have plenty of topics to check on than flare on this. PEACE.

  20. Pragya Pathak

    This really is uncalled for… just like you Im not all that crazy about Hritik Roshan except his dancing, hence i totally ignored his letter or any news about his imminent divorce, you should have done the same.
    Divorce is an ugly word ( I would know as Im going through one) but you know what is worse… the worse thing is bringing domestic violence victims into this article of yours! (im saying because im one too!) whatever be the reason of this divorce, i dont think Hritik Roshan was anywhere blamed for Domestic Violence, then why bring it up here?? Why put it here as if Suzzane is one of the poor victim who has taken measures and left her husband unlike the thousands others? you just brought it up to score a goal and ended up using/ abusing the domestic violence victims yourself… thats what you did!
    Stop bringing the poor women and how much they suffer into everything… Im glad you are working with Indian women… please work with some true Bharatiya naris like I… you might understand why we fly back to our husbands. I flew back myself because I loved him, the others however do that because of societal pressure and only when both these things end, we take the drastic measure and opt out of the marriage.
    I hope you never personally experience it but divorce is a curse. for both man and a true Bharatiya nari. Please stop bringing us up in every irrelevant article just to score a point. thank you.
    As for Hritik Roshan’s tear drenched letter… i have still not read it because i dont care… yes its that simple!

  21. krishnanena

    Some girl could say NO to such a handsome and respected man, I wonder… This proves, whomever he maybe, there will be a girl who will tear his life apart and how much ever girls maybe around him or how much famous he maybe, he would just give his paper of life only in her hands…. But coming to the point, this post totally speaks one sided towards Hrithik, we didn’t know what happened to them, what she went through, and what made her to take such a decision after 17 years…. I have read many articles about these couple, because I used to love this family… A handsome and respected husband, a beautiful and intelligent rose like wife and two apple like twin children, he always used to praise about her… he used to call her as his sunshine.. But considering the facts, even she was a rich and famous director’s daughter and maybe that she didn’t know his worth we know, or she does know the flaws in him, we didn’t know. But whatever maybe, if she didn’t love him enough now, it means she didn’t love him enough before also… So considering this, he wasn’t going to lose anything when she moves away… His life is not going to be wasted, just in case it was wasted for these 17 years with her, if she hadn’t loved him enough…

  22. Anon.

    Eh. What a strange piece. It has no direction whatsoever, and is the very definition of an uncontrolled rant. In fact, it even borders a bit on lucid writing, going from ridiculing the press to feminist propaganda, which I suppose is your life-work. I dislike feminists, because the very definition of the word implies a partiality to the feminine gender, which is basically nothing short of sexism, in a manner of speaking. But I am all for female empowerment and equality. What the author of this rant (it can’t be called an opinion piece, because it doesn’t offer any opinions, so to say) it all over the place, it’s not funny, and it’s not enlightening.

    1. Aditi Tripathi

      BRILLIANT. I love you for saying that. Finally something about the highly idiotic, directionless ‘feminist’ propaganda.

    2. adya00

      Agree with all that you said. Except: feminism does not mean partiality to a gender, it means fight for equal rights of women.

  23. jeeka7

    Nowadays anything is turned into a problem of Sexism.

  24. artemis1991

    Well Miss, guess what, I am a feminist and a diehard Hrithik Fan and in either scenario, I don’t see any justification in this article. No one asked you to read it. He certainly didn’t ask for the front page just so you could badger him about it. As for another opinion regarding his cheating, @Stootea unless he called you up and told you that or you have witnessed them frolicking around cheating, you have no right to say that. If you were really all that concerned for women, please fight for those that are actually suffering, not rich post divorcees who don’t really care. I swear, when celebs say something, it is blown out of proportion and if they don’t then people whine too. No where did he state that she wasn’t a bharatiya nari or whatev, simply made a statement which could have been understood as him being sad that she left him and that he wishes her well. He does fans to appease. So I feel sorry for you and this pointless article and the precious 3 minutes of my woeful life that I have lost by reading said article simply because I had nothing better to do at the moment. However, I found that trying to touch my nose with my tongue proved a to be a much better stand in. You have done nothing but give women a bad name for making themselves into victims over the most trivial things possible.
    Peace out

  25. Aditi

    This. Yes, this is exactly what I thought when I read that idiotic ‘letter’ on the front of Delhi Times. Without reading that I’d never have known they have broken up, so just dirty linen washing in public was so eye-opening, and then the sentence construction- that the lady has decided to finish up with him. Most adults would know, I would assume, that it takes two to end a marriage, or any other relationship, so he says she decided to end it- I wonder whether he thought about what led to that decision? And then speaking of his health- OMG, I’m so sick and look, she’s leaving me *Whaaaaaaaaa*. Self absorbed idiot.

  26. Egalitarian

    The satirist depiction of the media was completely missed by the comment section.

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