Delhi Is Headed For A Hung Assembly; Here’s What You Need To Know About It

Posted on December 9, 2013 in Politics

By Mahitha Kasireddy:

The elections results are out finally. It’s both celebration and speculation time. While some have expressed their relief from the long reign of traditional politics, today’s election verdict has sparked a serious debate on who would form the government. The lack of majority by every party has lead to an undesirable situation, a hung assembly.

hung assembly

The AAP’s strong rejection against associating with the Congress and BJP and the two traditional parties opting out of joining each other has lead to lot of guessing in the media on what would happen. As AAP is yet to get recognition from the Election Commission, with 31 seats, the BJP has very thin chances to form the government. Albeit chances of lobbying the independent candidate and the two seats of smaller parties, the BJP would still fall short of one seat. In case, AAP gets recognised at the sooner, BJP would have a clear option of lobbying some of their MLAs.

Failing this, the President rule shall be imposed and the Lt. Governor becomes the executive head, a re-election will be held in six months. The worry is that the re-election may totally alter the equations. Today’s results and exit polls would play an influencer in voter’s decision. The AAP party which has played a spoiler for the Congress and BJP would bag more seats and the smaller parties may lose.

Keeping the speculations aside we are yet to see what BJP can do about attaining majority. They might either opt out of forming the government or compromise with the Congress.