You Should Stop Hating Your Body. NOW

Posted on December 18, 2013 in Health and Life, Society

By Kirti Joshi: 

Body hate is inculcated and accepted at a very young age; killing our sense of self-esteem and self-respect, teaching us that we must change in order to be okay but we do not acknowledge this mere fact that a certain kind of body type which is okay for me may not be okay for you so there is no such absolute perfection of body type. If body type defined the personality and character of a person then models and actor/actress would be the only humanitarians existing in this world.

body acceptance

Jes Baker a blogger form Tucson Arizona, United States of America says that internet is an open forum and the only media that doesn’t have a universal one sided skew. On December 2nd 2013, she wrote an article on her blog about hatred towards fat people and why it needs to be stopped and she has started a project about body shamming where a photo series was posted on the Facebook page named as Bodies Aren’t Ugly. Bullying Is‘, She believes that all body inequality has a lasting effect on every single person involved. She tells how we’ve learned to hate certain shapes and sizes and for that she says American history and the economic story are responsible. We have been given an idyllic body that is presented as a perfect body type and we are told that we must somehow achieve this impossible physique to please others but the day we start demoralizing ourselves for our own body type then we will never be accepted by the society in any shape/size.

The most shocking result that she got in the survey was that 81% of 10-year-olds were afraid of being fat and they were more afraid of fat than they are of cancer, war, or losing both of their parents. A person has rights and should be treated equally regardless of whether they are overweight or not so fat people didn’t feel the need to justify being fat. There is no truth in the lie that certain bodies are good and certain bodies are bad. All bodies just are, whatever that looks like.

She rightly points out in the article that every body type is a perfect body. There isn’t any wrong or “more right” way to be. I believe that you will love everything about this project as it stands for an amazing cause which is created online so just join in to a part of the social revolution and celebrate whatever your body type is and stop the hate, especially the self-hatred.

Join the project here.