Can We Speak Logic Please? Love Is NOT A Crime!

Posted on December 12, 2013 in Gender & Sexuality, Society

By Ojaswini Srivastava:

I have never come across a homosexual person, so I probably cannot understand how, what and why are they awkward to our homophobic country, or what their struggle is all about. But all that I know about them with whatever little understanding I have, I am sure it is not something that needs to be deemed illegal.


I was just scrolling down my Facebook page when I read many posts on this most recent law. Some people sympathized, some criticized while I kept trying to figure out what shall I write about it. I talked to my brother, because he is the most liberal minded person I know. I read some articles on homosexuality. And I thought a little. All I could conclude is what I write here.

India is one of those countries which has the richest culture in terms of people, diversity, language, ethnicity, beliefs and traditions. When we hear the term ‘Indian Culture’ a lot of things comes to our mind. It is a vast phenomenon. If we give some time thinking about it, we figure out that actually most of it has its roots in the ancient past. We have inherited them in every epoch over and over without questions and disagreements. But now we have fortunately reached a stage when the youth, with its educations and awareness is developing a different school of thought. This is preparing to challenge all those social customs, rather ‘social evils’ that have been carried along over ages. The demand for legalizing homosexuality is one of them.

According to the society, the foremost reason why homosexuality is not fit for our society is the fact that it does not adhere to our culture. But is this culture really worth carrying forward? This culture is clearly discriminatory, just like the culture which prescribes women being inferior. Isn’t it? Homosexuality cannot fit the old societal norms so it should be illegal is what the new law says. Well, resuming section 377 isn’t a good idea then. Can we speak logic please? What old traditions are we talking about? People not being given the right to live as equals? It reminds me of the caste discrimination in our country. Like in the primitive Indian society, (that is still there in many small towns and villages), where the lower castes were not fit to live and mingle with the upper caste. The homosexuals are similarly not considered to be fit to live in our society that is a propagator of only the ‘superior caste of heterosexuals’.

But what difference does it make if I being a woman, by nature am sexually inclined to a man and another woman by nature is sexually inclined to a woman? This is a natural process. Every individual has the right to make such a choice. Marriage and sex are the most personal things and one must be free to choose a partner for it.

It may outrage more people to legalize homosexuality than it will to illegalize it, but what is right won’t change. The law must allow each and every individual to make an independent choice of choosing their partner. It is not a crime. A crime must involve things like killing, harassing, torturing, harming, offending, threatening, stealing, injuring etc. while being homosexual does not involve any of it. It only preaches love. I am sure no one can deny that love is not a crime. Or is it?