No Matter Which City You Are In, This Is The Most Beautiful Time Of The Day #PhotoNama

Posted on December 5, 2013 in PhotoNama

By Vasim Shaikh:

“The early bird catches the worm!” I realized the significance of this thought on a Sunday morning when I advertently went for a walk in early morning with a jacket and a digital camera in one hand. The majestic landscapes I saw filled me with joy and there was a long-lasting freshness intact throughout the day.

As I walked through the bridge I saw colors changing every 5 minutes. I chose the beautiful Bund Garden Area of Pune that is famous for beautiful landscapes and migratory birds!

The sky changed to a purple colour after 10 minutes. I came here looking for birds and I did see some! I also got to capture the Bund Garden bridges connecting Ahmadnagar and Lohgaon international airport to Pune.

As I came back from the mountain I had painstakingly climbed to observe this beautiful moment and met some travellers waiting for their bus.

I also met the sweeping lady. We really underestimate their contribution in keeping the environment clean. I really developed a lot of respect for these people in my mind.

I caught a lot of birds flying away from their homes in search of food and was also able to spot some beautiful ones along the river side. Indeed, these birds are so similar to humans leaving for their jobs early morning.

Morning seems to be one of the most pleasant times of the day. When I came back, I was more energetic and happy than usual. If you want to experience a beautiful 60 minute journey like this, just grab your jacket and a camera and go for an adventure and you will thoroughly enjoy what nature has to offer every morning!