“It’s Never Her Fault”, I Took THIS Step To Protect Her And You Should Take It Too

Posted on December 16, 2013 in Specials, Video

By Shanthan Reddy:

Dec 16th, 2013. A year later. How much has changed? Even today, our newsfeeds are filled with stories — stories of violence and assault. A year ago, we were shocked by the enormity of what happened to a girl in a bus in New Delhi. I don’t want to write any more about the atrocity, the pain or the intense feeling of helplessness. I don’t want to change my Facebook profile picture anymore. I don’t want to post a status or tweet angrily.

I want change.

And while I might not be able to protect all the women in the country from becoming victims to sexual assault, I can take an oath that I will ensure that girls in a 2 km radius around me feel safer.


Joining community watchers in my area to ensure women around me are a little safer was my way of creating some “change.”

YOU are the only person who is capable of change.
You can sign up as a community watcher in your area by raising your voice on www.socialcops.org/safe or giving a missed called to +91 9212613131.

“I couldn’t protect you last year. But I shall try my level best to prevent what happened to you happening to anyone else. The nation weeps with you.”