Top 10 Most Important #unManifesto Promises Of This Week

Posted on December 24, 2013

By Mayank Jain: 

#unManifesto is an attempt to give the power back into the hands of citizens to govern themselves. The campaign has garnered huge support and response from far and wide. People are enthusiastically sharing their preferred promises that should be in the political manifestos and we have some politicians who are soon going to consider them too. Read on to know the most interesting ones we have received recently:

1. Inflation is still making huge holes in our pockets and a concerted effort from the political parties would be great in this regard.
“Control in rising prices of daily commodities”- Bharti Sharma

2. Digital literacy is a must for people getting ready for jobs in the real world when they go out of college.
“Laptop distribution to 3rd year students”- Brundaban Bhoi

3. Corruption reduces the impact of each and every policy decision.
“Change the separation of legislature, executive and judiciary body because in India our legislature and executive works together which is the cause of corruption because of the head of executive is setup in legislature.”- Muna Neti

4. Governance is indeed an important issue and we need more awareness.
“A new subject that teaches governance issues in India must be introduced to each degree level college”- Subhrant Kumar

5. Criminals entering politics is a disease we need to put an end to.
“Political party should allow or give ticket to only good persons for the election and not criminals.”– Golap Sahu

6. Villages do suffer from lax governance and lack of accountability and there should be proper audits for the performance of office holders.
A higher authority or politician or officer should checked the work of ward member, Sarpanch of villages.”- Ambika Suna

7. Most of the colleges focus on rote learning and students demand practical exposure to be integrated in the studies and hence, infrastructure is a must.
“Every college should provide practical equipment for students.”- Ajit Kumar

8. This is absolutely important because many students drop out of education just because they lack the money to study further and free books can go a long way in ensuring education.
“Free books should be provided to students from primary level to university level rather than bicycles for the development of education.”- Akash Bagarty

9. We do need more housing facilities to accommodate the rising population.
“Housing to all Indian homeless BPL families within 2 years.”- Mukesh Bhoi

10. One of the most important #unManifesto promise we need is to repeal section 377 which criminalizes people because of their personal choices.
Political Parties should include the review and repeal of Section 377 in their manifestos and give back the right to love between consenting adults.”- 5th Space

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